Top 10 Burger King Items You Should NEVER ORDER According To The Internet! (Part 2)

Top 10 Burger King Items You Should NEVER ORDER According To The Internet! (Part 2)

Sometimes the internet can be right about
certain things; you can’t stop the crowd and what they have to say, especially if they
are right. So, let’s listen and heed the advice of the masses and never order these
items from Burger King. Here are our Top 10 Burger King Items You Should NEVER ORDER According
To The Internet – Part 2 Tomatoes Okay. Tomatoes. What’s the deal with tomatoes?
How should we be storing them at home and even more importantly how should restaurants
we buy food from be storing them? First of all, are we supposed to be keeping them in
the fridge or on the counter? Technically the answer is on the counter at room temperature
and away from sunlight. According to a few past employees who have spoken out about the
tomatoes at Burger King through forums on the internet, the tomatoes are kept at room
temperature in most locations. While this seems fine there is one little detail about
these tomatoes being kept at room temperature that makes it not fine at all. They are cut.
Cut tomatoes should not actually be kept at room temperature. Technically, the best thing
to do if you cut tomatoes in advance is to store them in the fridge and take them out
half an hour or so before eating. Though this may be a daunting task for a fast food chain
such as Burger King, it really isn’t. If the tomatoes are cut and then stored in smaller
bins they can be taken out of the fridge as needed. Meaning, when a bin empties they get
another from the fridge and so forth. This would keep the tomatoes way fresher than having
all of them sit out all day long! No one likes a soggy tomato, that’s for sure! So be cautious
about the tomatoes you eat in fast food joints. Make sure they have not been out all day long!
Though early eaters are probably okay, late night eaters should be wary! Tacos So, apparently, tacos are not the best item
from Burger King. But, who is surprised? Burger King does not specialize in the making of
delicious tacos. Just take a look at their name; Burger King makes burgers! This is not
Taco King!  It’s not even Taco Bell! At Burger King you should probably be ordering a burger,
and should you want a taco, then you should make the effort to go somewhere else. The
fact that Burger King has failed to make and sell a quality taco isn’t really their fault,
the taco is outside of their wheelhouse. They make them because people will buy them and
it’s just extra revenue in their pocket. The joke really is on the consumer who thought
Burger King was a good spot to get a taco. So, do not get trapped in the fast food consumer
whirlpool of trickery. Just look to the names of the restaurants. Burger King equals burgers
and Taco Bell equals tacos. We all love a great taco but as many internet users will
assure us, Burger King is not the place for that. Onion Rings You know when you go for breakfast or brunch
and it seems like there are a million questions you have to answer; how would you like your
eggs? Do you want bacon, sausage, or ham? Do you want white, brown, whole wheat, or
rye toast? So on and so forth. Questions are great, and it is so nice to have options.
Having options makes eating similar to a ‘choose your own adventure’ kind of experience.
Customizing also makes us all feel special and tingly on the inside. Having a choice
can only help a restaurant, or so you would think! One of the biggest choices you have
to make when at a fast-food place is if you want to eat the fries or the onion rings with
your burger. Very small parts of the world will add a third choice to this, and that
is poutine. If you do not know what a poutine is then you clearly have never been to Quebec,
Canada and you are missing out on something magnificent. But, poutines aside… in most
places you pick between fries and onion rings. So what should you do when at Burger King?
According to the crowd on the web, you obviously need to pick the fries. Burger King fries
are popular and people love them. People rave about them. Many people think that the fries
are the only thing Burger King does right. So, do not order the onion rings. Sonic Drive-In
seems to be an agreed upon spot that serves good onion rings. But Burger King certainly
is not. So when you are given the choice at Burger King for fries or onion rings – just
know that it really isn’t a choice. There is only one right answer and you now know
what that is. Lettuce Lettuce is supposed to be crisp and fresh.
Now, take a little moment and close your eyes to think about fresh, sort of crunchy, rich,
green lettuce. Think about what a head of lettuce looks like when it’s pulled from
the dirt in the garden. It is vibrant. It is healthy. It is a showstopper. Now, unfortunately,
we must move away from this beautiful thought and think about the lettuce given to us at
fast food restaurants. Does it look like the lettuce from a garden? No! Not many fast food
joints have perfected their lettuce and we think it’s because they do not store lettuce
properly. It often sits out at room temperature, pulled apart into ‘ready to stack onto a
burger’ pieces, and consequently, it becomes limp. A limp lettuce is a sad lettuce. Burger
King is not the only place that has this problem. We need to up our lettuce quality requirements
and maybe, just maybe, fast food restaurants will adjust. If we all speak out, they will
have to listen! The Burgers – Once Upon a Time in Ireland Get ready for a scandal because here it comes…
Not all of the beef in the burgers coming out of the Burger Kings in Ireland were made
from actual beef. Say what!? This can’t be good! Allegedly, Ireland’s Food Safety
Authority found… wait for it… Horse DNA in the burgers. Yes! If you’ve ever eaten
a burger at a Burger King in Ireland you may have ingested horse unbeknownst to you. Some
people may not have an issue with this at all, while others may be not so happy with
this news. The issue here is that even though Burger King promised to serve one hundred
percent beef patties, they did not. The meat suppliers in the regions responsible for this
issue have apparently been changed. However, who is to say that everything is not up to
code? If you really get to thinking about it, who is to say that any of the meat you
eat anywhere is actually as advertised? It is a horrible thing to think that we are all
being conned – it is cynical and perhaps a little bit over the top. But the fact of
the matter is that problems like this are brought forth all the time. It would not be
a stretch to think that this is happening in your neighborhood. Blind trust is, unfortunately,
a thing of the past. So be cautious when eating meat in fast food restaurants, particularly
Burger King. Apologies for putting these images into your head. Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce Next up on our list of Burger King Items you
should NEVER ORDER, according to the internet, is their Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce. Now,
there is nothing actually wrong with this sauce. It is not made with a secret ingredient
that will make you want to crawl into a garbage bin and hide. It will not make you want to
boycott the restaurant; this dipping sauce won’t even make you that mad. It is actually
pretty tasty. The issue with this sauce and the real reason why you do not want to order
it is because it isn’t actually a sweet and sour dipping sauce. It is named incorrectly.
It is a pineapple sauce. So this is about expectations. If you expect some sour you
just are not going to get it. Sweet – yes – you will get the tropical sweetness of
a pineapple. Great! We love that. Who doesn’t love pineapple, when we are expecting pineapple,
that is. But, when we order a Sweet and Sour Dipping Sauce, sweet AND sour is what we want
to get! Large Hash Browns Do you want to live a long and healthy life?
“Yes,” we hear everyone cry. Then do not eat the Large Hash Browns at Burger King.
People on the internet have spoken out against the Large Hash browns because of all of the
fat that comes in them. They are less potato and more fatty, oily, grease sheets and that
is just not what we want. We may well love Grease lightning, but the Large Hash Browns
are far from lightning and the people of the internet have spoken out about these golden
slabs of grease. So sing Grease all you want, just don’t ingest it when you eat at Burger
King. There are way better things you could order. The Large Hash Browns give us chills
and they certainly are multiplying. The Halloween Whopper In the past, some of the Burger King chains
have offered a Halloween Whopper. The idea of having a Halloween special is exciting
and clearly a good idea! Who doesn’t love feeling festive? The Halloween Whopper is
Halloween-y because it features a black hamburger bun. Ooooo – spooky! The big issue with
the bun being black is that it was dyed to get there. Adding dye into foods is not necessarily
super-duper bad or life threatening. In fact, there is no scientific evidence as of yet
that states conclusively that food coloring or dye is harmful. So yes, the Halloween Whopper
was a good idea… in theory. In the advertisement Burger King boasted, “A1 flavor baked into
the bun” and while they may have added a little bit of A1 sauce to the dough it was
not the A1 that made the bun black. People on the internet have complained about this
bun, saying that in went in black and came out super green. Not a pretty thought, we
know. So next time you see something like this – whether it be at Burger King or somewhere
else, know that it is likely packed with artificial coloring that is not meant to be in your system. Real Meals This next item on the list of top ten Burger
King items you should NEVER ORDER according to the internet is one of hot debate. Burger
King has launched a campaign that is clearly targeted at sticking it to McDonald’s. The
new Burger King Real Meals are the antithesis to a Happy Meal from McDonald’s. They are
“Un-Happy Meals” if you will. The issue here is that some may say Burger King just
can’t do anything original. While this may seem true, others may argue that Burger King
is just really good at poking fun at their competition. That being said, the Burger King
slogan “Have it your way” should actually read “Have it the McDonald’s way” because
they have based the Real Meals directly on Happy Meals. Now, it is clear that Burger
King was trying something new with this campaign. They teamed up with Mental Health America
for Mental Health Awareness Month (May) to… to what? To highlight the fact that people
are not happy all the time? Well, yeah. Un-happiness is a part of life. And so is happiness. Right?
Although the Real Meals are debatably a good idea they are on the NEVER ORDER list because
they defy so many things. They copy the Happy Meals from McDonald’s, they insist that real
is unhappy, and they parade as being something new and for the people when really it doesn’t
feel like they are. Come on, get it right Burger King. We don’t need that cynicism!
Furthermore, customers do not necessarily want to be pitted against McDonald’s in a
battle between fast food joints, especially during a month that celebrates awareness of
mental health. Capitalist competition does not scream mental health awareness, nor does
the bleak message that something happy isn’t “real”. This is an issue that has many
internet users up in arms. Ice What? Ice? It’s true. Do not have the ice
from any fountain drink station anywhere. According to an article in Forbes, the machines
which produce the ice are very rarely cleaned. Often there are times they are never cleaned
or washed until they break. But what does this mean for the ice in the machine? Well,
when the machines are not cleaned there is a buildup of calcium. There can also be a
coating of the machinery in a slime or algae-like substance. That is pretty icky. So, when the
ice is being made it is freezing in the machinery that is coated in dirty caked on deposits.
When you then get your ice, the coating is brought into your beverage along with the
ice itself. The nozzles on the machines are also rarely cleaned and collect dust, dirt,
and hard syrupy-like buildups. So, if you think your soda is flowing out of the machine
and into your cup by magic, well, it’s actually running through a disgusting dirty nozzle
before it hits your cup and it’s very likely bringing something along for the ride. We
know how gross this is, but it is also the truth. If you are ever in any doubt about
the cleanliness of the ice machines, ask the manager at your local Burger King when they
last cleaned their soda machines. Maybe there are one or two lucky Burger Kings out there
that have beautifully cleaned machines. But the people on the internet, as well as employees,
will tell you that this unfortunately, is usually not the case. You’ll find more great videos right here.
Just tap on that screen. And if you haven’t joined our notification squad yet, show us
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  2. I totally agree with everything said in this video 😇. Also the Whopper used to be so good 20 years ago. Today it is horrible. The meat doesn’t taste real 😞 I had In n Out yesterday ❤️ my other favorite Burgers Are The Big Mac & Five Guys Jack n The Box is Also Disgusting Thank You For This Video 😇

  3. Tomatoes lettuce and no tater tots? Who the hell goes to a fast food place and expects to actually eat healthy?!? (That’s like going to the Golden Arches and getting apple slices instead of fries)

  4. I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ why in. The world 🌎 would someone buy a taco 🌮 from burger 🍔 king 👑, 😐 um no thank you …😂😂😂😂😂😂!!!!!!

  5. The last time I ate there years ago, I was surprised to find I could barely taste my Whopper. It tastes of nothing. I’m not sure if it’s even real food as in physically part of reality.

  6. These are the type of food related video that needs to be shown more often, helping the Public to be aware of the possible hazards that is out there when we visit one of those fast food establishments which we all do on occasion, hazards that we must be made aware of, for our health and safety and mostly our sanity 🤪😜😝🤪🤪

  7. i worked for burger king in the 80s. things that where good they no longer have. and i always have loved burger king but over the last couple of years nothing taste good there anymore. the nuggets taste awful . and even the whopper dont taste the same. its sad cause it use to be my favorite fast food

  8. I actually order the onion rings from Burger King. And I know a lot of other people who also ordered the onion rings from Burger King as well

  9. Next Youtube trend: eat all 10 items from Burger King in this video in one day. It'll be far better than the trend about buying clothes without looking at the prices…by the way I dunno if I've had tomatoes from Burger King, at least not since Kid's Meal days I dunno. I used to get fish sandwiches from there though. Well at Bruger King Express at my university.

  10. i usually order no tomatoes from every fast food place because in my experience you always get a tomato slice (or two) that is still hard and white in the middle (gross) or you often get those nasty end slices that should frankly be thrown in the trash and never put on a sandwich!

  11. I actually worked at a Burger King and yes, the tomatoes were cut during morning prep, then stored in the cooler and pulled out as needed. A tray of tomatoes was usually gone in 10 minutes or less. It was standard practice to slice more tomatoes as needed throughout the day. NEVER did tomatoes set out all day.

  12. See my comment about tomatoes. Same goes for lettuce. any restaurant leaving produce out all day would probably be shut down for health code violations. Stop with the smear job, Babble Top!

  13. I tried a Pretzel Bacon King yesterday and it was fairly good. With that said pretty much everything else at Burger King is disgusting.

  14. That's why I'm glad that I dont like tomatoes because of how much they sit out. I also never get lettuce on my burgers because it's usually all white. I just get cheese on my burgers, I know that sounds wierd but I dont like any lettuce or tomato on my burgers. If I get lettuce on any of my burgers than it has to be crisp, green lettuce, which is a low possibility.

  15. Broad literally gave no legitimate reason as to why not not choose Burger King Onion Rings other than "because fries"… What a joke.

  16. Haven't been to BK in many many years. Last time was shortly after they changed their fries and they became lumpy sticks of nasty potato. Unless they've changed to something much better tasting I'll order the rings next time I go.
    I will never understand why people make a big deal about eating horse. We eat cows. We eat pigs. We eat chickens. We eat lamb. We eat alligator. We eat all sorts of animals. Why stop at horses? I'd happily eat horse just to see what it tastes like.
    For a while I used to have green poop a couple times a year. Never had the spooky Whopper. Never figured out why either.
    Pretty much all fast food dumps copy each other. If one comes out with a tasty looking sammich so does another one a few months later. Then another. Then another. It's what they do.
    I only get a few pieces of ice anyway. The Coke comes out cold enough and doesn't last very long anyway.

  17. The ice part is false. Although there may be scenarios where it isnt cleaned in a while. I used to work at BK and we were required to clean them every night and on busy days after lunch rush

  18. When I order from Burger King I always order a small order of fries and a small order of onion rings mix them together

  19. I love Burger King's onion rings and have for decades. There, I've said it. Come @ me if you must. I can take it. Just know I'll be reading the carnage while eating some onion rings from Burger King.

  20. Couple, couple and couples years ago Burgers King, put cheesy hashbrowns for about 6 months and took it back off the menu. What happen big hit. Everybody in my area bought them all the time. I would like Burgers King bring them back.
    Do I have any other taker.

  21. Agree with most but the onion rings are smack as hell at BK . I used to work there and the onion rings were good . Granted I always had my cooks make me a fresh batch

  22. Paying horse meat as cow meat… That is dumb since, at least here in Italy, horse meat is realy expensive.

    And why won't you use coal to dye stuff black it is flavourless and eat it not ofthen has no harm to a person health.

  23. Also I hate the burgers from Burger King they make me gag. I get the fake processed weird long chicken sandwich 😂 it’s so bad but I love it.

  24. This should be titled "Top 10 items you should never order according to babbletop" cause honestly these are all opinions and where is your proof cause I'm not seeing a single lick of proof in your description or comments of where you got this info

  25. I Worked for a Burger King in SoCa in 1986. We ALWAYS "Cleaned our Soda Fountains and Ice Maker daily!" Also, the Lettuce and Sliced Tomatoes were kept in a Ice Table. I don't know "Where? " this Burger King is but I wouldn't go there!

  26. What the black bun hamburger, it just doesn't sound to appetizing to me. But I just love them dam cheesy tater tots that they had on there menu for six months and they took it off, now, if anybody else can't agree with that, there's something wrong with you, go to McDonald's and get your hamburgers. BK makes dam good onions ring,and I would buy them at BK.

  27. I literally only go to BK for their Whoppers.. but now I’m second guessing those. At least without the toppings on them. And you have to be a bit looney to put ice in your drinks from any fast food joint. Those things are never cleaned!! Along with the ice cream machines!!

    Who remembers that Mr Potato Head fry commercial at 4:15 from the 90’s.. ?? I feel so old seeing that..

  28. I don't care what people say, I don't care about their opinions, but I've ordered Onion Rings from Burger King 5 times, and I LOVE them.

  29. The BK tacos are flat and kinda sorry-looking, but at $1 they are a good deal and probably higher quality than Taco Bell's 88% real meat filling. BUT – take them home, cut up a nice, ripe, flavorful tomato and chop some onion to add on top. Those Don Sonora taco sauce packets taste much better than Taco Bell's sauce. Put on at least two along with some Tabasco green or original sauce and now you have a great-tasting, juicy taco! Honestly, give it a try.

  30. Its best to not get tomatoes on your burger at fast food places—-when I worked at one the tomatoes that were delivered had the "Best Before" date one week past!

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