Top 10 Biggest Sony Fails

Top 10 Biggest Sony Fails

What’s up gaming wizards welcome back to
top 10 gaming, I’m your host Connor Munro and you may still not know me, but I’m sure
you will. In my first video on the channel I covered
the top 10 biggest Nintendo fails, but in light of recent events were moving on to the
company sony ended up creating. This is our list of the Top 10 Biggest Sony
Fails .
. 10 PS3 Home
Playstation home was launched on December 11th 2008 and the launch was a disaster. The servers were inaccessible to players for
a while until the PSN shut down entirely for an hour. When it came back you could finally get on
to the PS home servers. This was only the beginning of the issues. A slew of connection issues, sony removing
voice chat from the game to bring it back 4 days later. While connection continued to be a slight
issue, they seemed to have it under control. They then added games along with things you
could purchase for your character. Think Garry’s Mod Hotel if you know what
that is at least. Even though they claimed the service was quite
profitable there seemed to be no version for the PS4 that had been announced. No matter how good they claimed it was for
their business they shut it down on march 31st 2015 and made way for bigger and better
screw ups. .
. 9 The PlayStation Move
The PlayStation move is essentially turning the PlayStation into a wii, and with very
limited games on the system for play station move they didn’t really sell like hotcakes. However, sony did step up their game with
the ps4. The play station Vr has a wide variety of
vr games to play. From Five Nights At Freddy’s help wanted
to Skyrim and many more. This is a mistake that sony learnt from that
they decided to redo and improve on in the later years rather then just scrapping the
thing and giving up. So, thank you sony, even if it may not be
as smooth as other vr systems (as I’ve read multiple reviews when I was considering getting
one myself) it’s a step in the right direction. So, when the next set of consoles comes out
and elder Scrolls 6 VR is announced. I hope you’ll improve on it even more. .
. 8 Polygon Man
Polygon man is the former mascot for the playstation in north America from 1995. He appeared in pre-launch ads, commenting
on various games but was dropped before the release of the first console. Phil Harrison, the head of Sony’s European
game publishing business was talking about Ken Kutaragi, the Global head of the playstation
brand’s first moments seeing polygon man=I remember walking onto the E3 booth with
ken and seeing the Polygon man design on the side of the booth. Ken just went absolutely insane=he said. Ken, was upset that they were spending their
limited budget on this, and his biggest complaint is that the shading was so flat. So after this they took polygon man out into
the parking lot and quickly shot him. But I remembered him more recently you might
be saying, as I was when I saw a picture. Why is that? Well, its because in 2012 Polygon man returned
as the main antagonist and final boss in the smash bro’s rip off game Playstation All-Stars
Battle Royale. And I actually have this game and played all
the way through the story. Kratos was my main! Love being able to hit people as a bird. But they hated this character so much they
literally made him the antagonist to all of playstations biggest hits. And parrapa the rappa. .
. 7 The Xperia Play (PlayStation phone)
The Xperia Play was playstations attempt to close the gap between phone and console, and
let the two connect and converse. It was essentially a smartphone with the capabilities
of some handheld gaming consoles. This was running on the android operating
system and was the opposite to the playstation vita, which was a handheld gaming console
with some smart phone capabilities. The games planned for this device was vast
with games like God of War and LittleBigPlanet, however it would also include some older playstation
games as well. The games were expected to be under 10 bucks
a pop which is pretty cheap. Especially considering how the PSP games were
40 bucks and under. The phone failed because it wasn’t what
people were expecting, the controls on the slide out controller weren’t synced and
was just playing second fiddle to the psp. Speaking of the psp
6 UMD The UMD was the type of game that came with
the PlayStation Portable. I believe it stands for Universal Mini Disk,
and came in an odd case that you would insert into your psp. Case and all. The psp had both games and actually tv shows
and movies. I had a family guy UMD when I still used the
psp and that was nice. Being able to have that on you whenever you
were bored, and when you had it charged. The UMD had its advantages over cds. Though they were minimal advantages. It’s like the Nintendo cartridges, people
didn’t want to adapt to the new medium so they didn’t put out any games on the system. I only saw a few games and like no movies
or tv shows. But the psp quickly dies and was replaced
later on with the ps vita which seems to have a slightly better rep.
. .
5 Rootkit in 2005 sony started leaning in hard to copyright
protection onto Cd’s (if you’re too young and don’t know what those are they’re
essentially dvds for music). When you would load a cd (from sony) into
your computer it would automatically install software to prevent you from pirating the
music. It would also install a rootkit which would
make windows very vulnerable to hackers. Not only that, but sony STOLE THE ENCRYPTION
CODE THEY USED TO MAKE IT. This whole thing became a huge PR disaster
for Sony and even after recalling all of the cd’s what were infected, they were still
on thin ice with consumers. Come on sony, stay in your lane. .
. 4 The SixAxis Rumble
The Wii and the PlayStation 3 came out around the same time, and so it was inevitable that
they would be compared to one another. The ps3 was advertising new six axis technology
with its controllers. Unfortunately, the SixAxis controllers didn’t
have vibration, like the DualShock 2’s did. They claimed it would “interfere with the
motion sensing technology. And since the Wii controllers had both motion
sensing tech and vibration, the community was quick to call Bs. Sony even ended up proving themselves wrong
when they released the DualShock 3 controllers, which had both motion sensing technology and
vibrations, all functioning perfectly fine. They need to realize that lying to consumers
isn’t a good idea, especially when you prove to that consumer base that you were lying. When you come out of the exact thing you said
couldn’t be done. Years after your competitor did. .
. 3 The Great PSN Outage
In 2011 the Sony PSN or Playstation network, lost all functionality due to an “external
intrusion”. The servers were hacked and approx. 77 million accounts were compromised and it
prevented all users of the PS3 and PSP from accessing online services. That means Youtube, Web browser and online
gameplay were all shot. We were left in the dark. It even beat out the 2007 TJX hack which affected
45 million customers. Various government officials is several countries
voiced their concern over the theft and Sony’s one week delay before warning users their
data might have been stolen. They said on April 26th they were hoping to
get things running within the week. They released an update on may 14th that required
users to change their passwords before logging in but the online services weren’t fixed! On may first sony announced a welcome back
program for customers affected by the outage that involved restoring gameplay accessing
account management, access to playstation home, your friends list and chat functionality
but not everything was back. According to sony the services were taken
down intentionally for maintenance due to potentially related activities during the
initial attack. None of this makes up for people knowing my
password is I love Ysolda Sony. .
. 2 The 600 Dollar Debacle
After the huge success of the Play Station 2, Sony thought they could do whatever they
wanted and fans would be happy. HA NOPE! With a hefty $600 price tag at launch the
Play Station 3 was beaten out by the Xbox 360 easily. The internet was flooded with video clips,
images and more showing Kaz Hirai delivering his infamous 599 US quote. But at least they corrected themselves with
the ps4 by cutting their price to be below the Xbox one by about 100 dollars. So, they saved face there. But that’s still 200 dollars less than what
the ps3 was selling for at launch. The original price is also the same price
as the Xperia Play. Let me know which one you think is more worth
it in the comments below. .
. 1 Disney
This is more recent news and doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with gaming or games. But its by far the biggest screw up sony has
had for a while. Disney and Sony have been re-negotiating the
terms of the MCU spider man films. They reached an impass about negotiations
and their partnership as a whole. The original story is that they wanted to
split the funding for the movie 50/50 but that seems to maybe no longer be the case. Kevin Feige is the head of marvel studios
and has been overseeing the recent spiderman MCU movies. Disney has since pulled him from the next
project for reasons sony would not explain. Sony claimed that the many new responsibilities
that Disney has given him—including all their newly added Marvel properties do not
allow him the time to work on movies to which they do not own the rights too. Maybe this means that Disney wanted to buy
spiderman back from sony and they refused? As of recording we don’t have many other
details but hopefully those will come our way soon. Maybe along with the announcement of another
spiderman ps4 game, since recently Sony has bought Insomniac games, the developers of
the last one. .
So, there we have it, out list of the top 10 biggest sony fails, what did you think
about this list? Is there a sony fail I forgot? Let me know in the comments section and be
sure to like and subscribe for daily gamer content. We have everything from gameplay videos to
lists like this. So, don’t miss out. Thank you so much for watching, I’m Connor
Munro and I’ll see you in another video!

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  1. You should add, "Thinking they can finish Tom Holland's Spider-Man's story arc without the MCU" to the list

  2. I swear this "Conrad" fellow killed everyone at this channel to replace them & is looking for more victims to take their place…

  3. PSP sold over 80 million how is that a "quickly died out" failure also how is being hacked a fail by Sony when it was done by outside parties not to mention Sony owns spidey film wise & being asked to split profits 50/50 when they foot the entire bill just screams greed by disney not sony

  4. I've always liked that Sony will at least admit to their mistakes. They even have a bit of a sense of humor about most of them.

  5. Sony's most recent fail and why i'm not getting a PS5 at release, is their insane censorship policies on japanese games. Literally no one asked for it and even Nintendo took the stance of letting the ESRB rate games and not enforce censorship from a platform standard.

  6. A couple of odd statements in this one, like “Nintendo creating Sony” and the “ps vita being a handheld with smartphone capabilities.” The vita doesn’t really do anything smartphone related other than having the ability to have a SIM card which is used solely for data. I had to edit this but the UMD is also not “universal mini disk” but “Universal Media Disk.” Do a little more research, But other than that good stuff, as usual.

  7. Welcome to the channel Connor, glad to see you here and I look forward to seeing what you have to offer. Maybe the hosts should do a video of what games they play regularly.

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