Thursday, December 5

Thursday, December 5

Live from New York City, it’s the “Wendy Williams Show”. ♪ Oh, yeah ♪ ♪ Feel, feel, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel, feel it, it, feel it ♪ ♪ Feel it, feel it, feel it ♪ ♪ Let’s go, come on, you need it ♪ ♪ How you doin’ ♪ How you doin’? Now here’s Wendy! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! ♪ How you doin’ ♪ Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers) Hi. Thank you for watching our show. (audience cheers) Say hello to my cohost, my studio audience. (audience cheers)
Yeah. How you doin’? How you doin’? I’m doin’ okay, let’s get started. It’s time for Hot Topics. (audience cheers)
(upbeat rhythmic music) Welcome, it’s Christmas in New York. The tree was lit last night. I missed Mariah Carey. (audience cheers) I mean, tree-shmee. Where was Mariah Carey? The queen of Christmas. I watched, then I changed the channel. Anyway, the tree comes from a place called Florida, New York. (audience member cheers)
70. (audience laughs) That’s where you’re from? Right near there.
Oh, near there. (audience laughs) Well, you know, 9,000 pounds, a Swarovski crystal star. Where was Mariah Carey? (audience laughs) I’m done. Look, the tree goes back to the woods on January 17th, where it’ll be cut up and the wood will be used for Habitat for Humanity, which is, yeah, yeah. (audience applauds) Making homes. Here’s the thing, Justin Timberlake. And we do Hot Topics, that’s our business. I forgot all about you and Jessica Biel and your costar and the whole bit. Until now you’re publicly apologizing? It must be hell at home, honey. (audience exclaims)
Okay? She probably grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and said, you better get out there and say something. (audience laughs) Which is only making it a bigger situation than it was. I had forgotten, clap if you forgot. (audience applauds) Anyway, so he’s making this movie in Louisiana, he’s got this costar, they were handsy-feely at the place. I said there’s nothing wrong with a hand on a knee sometimes. He was drinking a lot and clearly full. And she might’ve been saying, slow down, or it’s so fun being here, or thank you for this opportunity. I don’t know this girl, but she is somebody on some sort of show. “Raising Dion” on Netflix. Netflix, “Raising Dion”, okay. Well, that’s who she is. In the meantime, he released a statement, which to me, is bringing more light to the fact that your marriage must be in scramble right now, sir. (audience laughs) I had these before Ray J, I don’t know what he was doing yesterday. (audience laughs) And by the way, I still have love for Ray J. (audience applauds) He is messy boots, he was a good guest though. Did you all see? Okay? (audience applauds)
Okay? Here’s Justin Timberlake. “A few weeks ago, I displayed a strong lapse in judgment, “but let me be clear, nothing happened “between me and my costar. “I drank way too much that night and I regret my behavior. “This is not an example I want to set for my son. “I apologize to my amazing wife and family “for putting them through such an embarrassing situation.” (audience exclaims) Sir, please. (audience applauds) Which to me, Suzanne, only indicates that Jessica Biel, who I never thought they were a great couple as far as chemistry. They look good together, but I don’t really understand the appeal of Biel beyond a look. There’s certain women, you see a look, but then you don’t wanna, eh. I don’t picture her being able to dance to his music or drink all night with him. No, she’s very serious.
Yes, yeah, yeah. Maybe too serious. Mm-hmm.
For him, for him. A lovely girl. Yes, lovely.
Lovely girl, very beautiful. But I just picture him with somebody who has a little swivel in her hip. Yes, a little bit.
A little glide in her slide. Dip it and do it.
yeah. Yes.
Yeah. (audience cheers) Dip it and do it. (audience applauds) I stopped by yesterday, thanks for the apple juice. Oh, you’re welcome. You were still here at the plant working.
Yes, Pete was very happy to see you.
Yeah, well, okay. And by the way. Uh-huh. Me and your husband and the Anderson boys, we had a great time after the show. I know, Brendan was talking and telling me all about it. It took us an hour and a half to get out to Glen Cove. Uh-huh.
Long Island. So nice that you went though. No, ’cause you know John. John Anderson, I tell you about him. John makes sure the media wall’s not gonna fall. He makes sure the floor’s always smooth. Oh, there we are!
Aw! Oh, oh.
Aw. (audience applauds) Yeah, bigger than that. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, thanks Brendan. So, we stopped at the Burger King ’cause I was like, what am I gonna bring John? He’s a man’s man, he doesn’t care about flowers, balloons, nothing like that. John will be back though with us right after the first of the year, but we’ve all been together for 11 years. And we’ve all– (audience applauds) Here at “Wendy”, when we’re together for 11 years, every other person has had something wrong with them. Yup.
Me. We’re growing old together. Yeah.
Things are gonna happen. But it’s fun, but it’s weird. It’s weird.
But it’s fun. Exactly, we have each other to help each other get through it. Yeah.
And it is, it’s really nice. So I’m like, John’s been here since one day, six-week sneak-peek. All the way until now. And now his son works here, his nephew works here. His daughter, Emily, worked here, but now she’s working with, Emily is high-class, darling. (audience laughs) Better than this mess. So I’m like, what do I do for John? We all ate salami sandwiches. Now some of us can’t eat that kind of food, it’s like a thing, right? So we stop at the Burger King, ’cause they got the Beyond burger. And it’s me and the guys in the car. Your husband, his nephew, the other John. Every day John is the main one, “Here’s Wendy”, he pulls the cord. But he does way more than that here, but we have a connection. So we stop and we get the Beyond burger. I’m like, John can probably eat this, it’s plant-based and stuff. And we’ll check it out ourselves. We bought a whole bunch of ’em. John did not know I was coming. I told the boys don’t tell him, right? Ding-dong. I’m like, please don’t let him come to the door in his drawers. (audience laughs) But he was dressed in sweats. Good morning, John. I know you’re watching in your La-Z-Boy, I know. Look, look, right, he’s got his cat with the one eye. Yeah, yeah, no, no. No, we share that in common, he’s got a cat, like a whole thing. I come in, I got the burgers, but I also have Dots. He’s like, “Wendy, that jar right there “used to be filled with Dots”. I’m like, another connection. Then I notice he’s got a flamingo on top of the china cabinet. Now you know I love a flamingo. There’s one in my office, I have one at home, people say I’m like a flamingo, all breast and leg. (audience laughs) Yeah, yeah, like a flamingo. (audience applauds) Anywho, so Mrs. Anderson was working and John was there with his daughter, Emily, and I ding-dong and then we come in. He caught a tear, I hid a tear. (audience laughs) We’re eating and talking and chatting and stuff. And John, love you, man. Aw.
Love you, man. (audience applauds) (whines) Brendan, here, here you go. Brendan wouldn’t stop talking. I’m trying to listen to music, he’s talking. There you go. Brendan caught a tear. I’m sure.
It was all weird. I’m sure, he talks incessantly. A lot! So much.
He wouldn’t shut up. (audience laughs) He starts from 5:15 in the morning when we get up. Talks to me all the way here. Then I see him here. And then when it’s over, he calls me. Oh!
Uh-huh! (audience laughs) He called me three times last night. I wouldn’t answer the phone. Once I got home I’m like, I’m done.
That’s him, that’s him. And he’s sending pictures on the phone and everything. I’m like, I’m done, I’m done. Oh, yeah, tell me about it, I know. Then I get another phone call, it’s DJ Boof. Oh!
Oh yes, oh please. Well my buttons need to be reset. And that’s what Boof is for. Oh, oh.
Yes. (audience exclaims)
(DJ Boof laughs) Calm down.
Oh. (all laughing) Calm down. No, I had this computer, ’cause I’m tired of squinting at my phone. And the laptop, that thing, that iPad, it’s slippery. I’m trying to I.M. pad, I’m like, I need a computer.
(audience laughs) So I got the computer like a month ago and he comes over and I said, well look, you don’t eat chicken, but he likes to watch me eat, right? ‘Cause I’m sloppy with it, I’m digging. He eats a Jolly Rancher, but I’m eating the chicken and we’re watching the TV, we’re watching “Central Ave” and some other stuff, right, Boof? And he’s like, I gotta be able to leave though, ’cause I gotta go to another DJ thing. He was DJing, the life of a DJ, so stupid. (DJ Boof and audience laugh) So stupid. Anyway, so he’s over, he sets up the computer and then he leaves. And then I went to bed like, nine o’clock. And the last person, I talked to NeNe last night through the text and then through the phone. Oh, Boof, you were there through the phone. Yeah, just chit-chatting. Oh, and my cats, he’s the only guest that they really love. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
(audience applauds) They come around, he picks ’em up, he pets ’em. And then the last person that I was in communication with was Nelly. Don’t ask me. (audience exclaims) Very random, don’t ask, don’t tell. (audience laughs) So, (laughs). I got a life out here. (audience applauds)
(Wendy laughs) So, Jason Derulo, the thing that you went bad with is, you’re making too many, no, he’ll be here December 18th. (audience applauds) So Jason claims that Instagram is discriminating against him. Now no, this is not a color thing. This is a size queen thing. (laughs) Right.
Right? Right?
Right. (laughs) Now look, we’re a very loose show, but even we had to blur what was very obvious that he posted. (audience exclaims) It goes all the way to his thumb right here. (audience laughs)
Right there. You saw it, Suzanne, right?
I saw it, mm-hmm. They call it an anaconda. Yeah, he called it an anaconda. Yes, mm-hmm. You would probably call it the same, right, Norman? (laughs) It was. (laughs)
(audience laughs) (audience cheers) I was like, huh, what? (laughs) He looks very attractive, but Instagram took down the picture because it’s against the community guidelines. And then Jason posted a rant, take a look. Instagram took my down my Bali pic. They took down my Bali pic! Hey listen, (laughs) all these girls be on Instagram showing they ass and all kinda crazy (bleep). I got underwear on (laughs) in Bali, and they took my pic down. It’s discrimination. (audience applauds) I don’t see it as discrimination. The only thing that women expose that people are so offended by, not me, is nipple, you know what I mean? There’s some people who are offended by our nipple, but we don’t have pop-outs, we only have nipple. No, no, and even a lot of women are offended by nipple, which I don’t understand it. Whatever. (audience laughs) I like it as long as they’re even, you know what I mean? (audience laughs) When you got the boop boop, uh-huh, nope, nope, girl, lift up, pull up. You know? (laughs)
(audience laughs) Here’s the thing, Jason. Your anaconda is not acceptable for social media. But, no, because you knew what you were doing when you posted it, you look really, really hot. It’s good for off social media. As a matter of fact, when you come here on December 8th, 18th rather, you can wear this. (audience cheers) And now, because it’s become a story, that’s the only thing I’ll be looking at the entire time I’m talking to him. (audience laughs)
Oh, oh, oh. (laughs) Okay, all right, everybody. The Billy Dee Williams story yesterday was something that apparently he was watching on Hot Topics too, because he felt the need now to say about his sexuality. Do you remember yesterday? Yes.
Oh, okay. And a lot of you all were like, what? And oh my gosh. Well now today he’s saying that he’s not gender fluid. Hold on, at 82 years old, he says he doesn’t even know what that means. (audience exclaims) Now I told you that there was an interview in “Esquire” magazine where he talked about embracing his masculine and feminine side. Well, it’s a brand-new interview and he said, “I asked last night”. Hmm, last night. “I said what the hell is gender fluid? “That’s a whole new term. “I was talking about men getting in touch “with their feminine side of themselves. “I wasn’t talking about sex. “I wasn’t talking about being gay or straight.” Yeah, poor old man. (audience laughs)
He’s confused. (laughs) Ooh. So when asked if he was gay. This is what he says, he says, “Not that I have anything against gay people. “But personally, I’m not gay.” All right, so he cleared that up, okay, all right. (audience applauds)
Yeah, he’s back. Now you all with this Peloton bike ad. I don’t know. I am so confused as to what is a good gift and what is not a good gift. Like, personally speaking, if I got moisturizer as a gift, that wouldn’t mean that I’m wrinkling. It would mean that people understand I love. Look, if you give me like a $2,000 moisturizer, I am putting it everywhere. And I’m not offended. If I got a Peloton bike as a gift, I wouldn’t be offended like the fat. I would be accepting because now I don’t have to go to the gym with those sweaty people. I can just do it in my house.
(audience applauds) I’m not offended, I’m not offended. Let me just warm you up, okay? So people are offended because the woman in the ad, they’re saying she’s already skinny and she looks under duress ’cause her husband gave her this $2,400 Peloton bike, which by the way, they’re very beautiful. I’ve stayed in a hotel before where the Peloton, the same brand, was in the hotel suite, right? Oh, please, new life, new life, new life. (audience cheers) Look, look, I walk in and I see the bike and what do you think I did with it? I threw my clothes on it. (audience laughs)
Get outta here with that. But it’s cute, but okay, it makes a good coat rack. Anyway, let’s take a look at the ad of this woman at her house and then we’ll discuss. Okay, you ready?
Yes! Now! (gasps) A Peloton? Give it up for our first-time riders.
All right, first ride. I’m a little nervous, but excited. Let’s do this. Five days in a row. Are you surprised? I am. 6:00 a.m., yay. Rising with the sun. That was totally worth it. Let’s go Grace in Boston, 50 rides. She just said my name. A year ago, I didn’t realize how much this would change me. ♪ High above me ♪ Thank you. This holiday, give the gift of Peloton. Now people are saying that the woman looks pain in the eye, like she’s like, oh. (audience laughs) Thank you, I think. And people are really offended that he gave her this Peloton bike. So much so that the company, Peloton, lost 942 million dollars yesterday, yesterday. (audience exclaims)
Uh-huh. Okay, be honest, cohost. Clap if you’re offended by this gift. Norman, you’re the only one? I’m the only, I cannot believe it, I cannot believe it. No, I find it sexist. (audience exclaims) I do, I do, sorry, cohost, but I do. (audience laughs) Why? Because a man is giving–
Because he’s buying something for her, it’s like buying your wife a washing machine for Christmas. That’s not right.
(audience exclaims) Okay, you’re so wrong. I would love a washing machine for a gift. (audience laughs)
Okay, okay, okay, okay? I am not offended.
(audience applauds) Okay, so say you like girls, and you and I are married. And say I give you a Peloton. Would you be offended? Yes, because you’re– That’s not sexist then. Well, that’s just insensitive. But I think for the man to give it to the woman is like– But what if I give it to you, we’re married five years? I give it to you. Then it’s just insensitive. It’s not sexist. You’d be offended? Yes! You’re calling me fat. (laughs) I’m not calling you fat. I’m saying I don’t want you to have a heart attack and I want you to live forever. And you know what, instead of going to the gym with that expensive membership, now you can workout in our own beautiful home. (audience applauds)
Fair enough, fair enough. And on that note, we’ve got more great show, everybody. (audience cheers) Christian Siriano is here. So grab a snack and come on back. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! Please welcome Christian Siriano. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Look at you, you look amazing. Welcome back. Thank you. I mean.
Thank you. (audience cheers) You look fabulous. I felt really good, ’cause this is a sample size from your studio and I had to have it taken in three inches. Damn. Look at you, you look amazing. You make girls feel really good, of all sizes. Christian dresses from size zero to size 28? Yeah. All inclusive. (audience applauds)
Yes, yes. Thank you for that.
You look amazing. Thank you.
This looks so good on you. The shoes, everything. I’m into it.
Well, I’m almost divorced. (Christian laughs)
It feels good. You know the saga, right? Last time I saw you, you were married. It was very contentious. We talked about it on Hot Topics. But now you’re onto new life, new love. Two years you’ve been with your boyfriend? Yeah, a little under, yeah. Having fun, cute. (audience applauds) He’s really sweet.
What’s he do? P.R. Is he P.R. for you? Is he team?
No. You can’t work with your person, it doesn’t work. I’ve learned that.
Let me tell ya. Every now and then it works, but for the most part it doesn’t. (laughs) You know. Is he here today with you? No, he has to work. Work.
(audience laughs) Your hair looks really cute. Thank you. (audience applauds)
I dressed up for you. Well the interesting thing about Christian is that it’s been told that while you dress everyone else, you prefer simple. Yeah, like, oh God. I was saying like, I look at clothes all day long and I get so sick of clothes. I’m like, oh God, if I see another dress, I’m done. So I just try to be like, simple and easy, and I let my beautiful muses shine. Yeah, and you dress some of the best muses in Hollywood. I gotta tell you something. And by the way, that Grande dress. Oh yeah, Ariana. And that Lopez skirt. And then the eye wink on Monae. Janelle, yeah.
Right, remember when she pulled the string and then it winked at us? No, it’s animatronic, you don’t have to pull anything. It blinked all night, 12 hours. (audience cheers) (Wendy laughs)
(laughs) It did. It was so much work. It seems to me like you’re commissioned by celebrities, but where do people actually buy your stuff? Everywhere. I have a big, beautiful store in New York, it’s called The Curated, it’s off 5th Avenue. And that’s all your stuff in that store?
All my stuff, yeah. The rent must be expensive. It is. (laughs)
(audience laughs) Oh my God, literally, it’s so crazy. Yeah, no, no, no, no, no, because when I turned on the news the other day, I saw Manolo Blahnik, their boutique closed in Manhattan. And we’re right next door. Really?
Yes. And all the girls wear Blahniks. For them to be closing, I’m like, well what is next? Barney’s and the whole bit.
I know. Fashion is having a hard time. That’s why I think it’s very important for people to make sure that they’re celebrating all these different types of people, because you never know who your customer is gonna be. Because I remember–
(audience applauds) You had a line at Payless with the shoes, and you also have very affordable clothing. But you also go up to a blinking eye, it was up, like thousands.
Yes. (laughs) No, but that was important. We just launched my collection for J. Jill, which is very affordable, we wanted things– That’s like, for the mom.
Yeah, literally. Like, under $100. I wanted my mom to go into a store and be like, I love this dress. Yeah.
They’re cute. Yeah.
(audience applauds) Maye Musk.
Yeah. Elon’s mother, fabulous. Oh, really?
Yes. That looks knitty and stretchy. Yeah, everything is like, comfortable, knit, stretch. I wanted people like, for the holiday, to be glamorous but comfortable. I think people are like, I don’t know, they’re too shoved up in what they’re wearing. Mm-hmm, mm-hmm. (laughs) You know. So you dressed Lizzo, and I love this right here. (audience cheers)
Amazing. Lizzo is, she’s a powerhouse. I have been actually working with her since like, 2016. She performed at one of my after-parties during Fashion Week, I’ve known her a long time. This is before a lot of us even knew her. Literally, like her album had just come out and nobody had even heard of her. And I just was like, she is unbelievable. And obviously now she is. Still texts me back, so that’s nice. Nice.
(laughs) Yeah. So you’re building these relationships while still, ’cause I can’t, you’re only 34. Yeah. And by the way, you look 24. Yes. (audience applauds) You have a dream career. Because you came out of nowhere by winning a reality show about fashion and now you’re this powerhouse. I compare you to Marc Bouwer and Isaac Mizrahi because they too have affordable things, but really plush fabulous things. But they’re elder statesmen. You’re a young man just dipping it and doing it. Doing it. (audience cheers) I like making people feel good in what they, I don’t know, how they live their life. It’s kind of like the best part of being a designer. You get to transform people every day. So our friend, Leslie Jones, you know her, Leslie Jones. She was about to go to a big award show. And she put on social media, I can’t believe I can’t find anybody to dress me. Now she’s not overweight or underweight. Like, why was it that you’re the designer who saw this on social media and reached out to her and whipped up this number? I just was like, I thought it was crazy. I’m like, why, she has a huge premier, why, and she’s so amazing, why can’t she get a dress? And funny.
And funny as hell. The fittings are next level. She screams the entire time. But this was like, I wanted to give her a “Pretty Woman” moment ’cause I think that’s what she deserved, so that’s why we picked red. (audience applauds)
And she looks amazing. That is a beautiful dress, but I said it when I did this story, ’cause I did this story. I would open up the hem, just maybe three more inches. You want more?
Yes. Oh, up, up the leg?
Yes. Listen, this was her first time, come on. This was hard enough to get her in this. She had really not done a major carpet really ever. She’s been on “SNL”, this is her first big movie. She looks very comfortable in your dress.
Right, she did good. Okay, and you don’t just dress women. You dress men with a sense of humor. And a daring disposition. Look at Billy Porter. (audience cheers) I mean, this was amazing because it was really like the first– I like it. Right?
It’s really beautiful. Listen, the first time a man had ever worn anything like this on a red carpet, kind of ever, and it was the Oscars, and Billy is, he wanted to be himself. And I think that that’s what’s cool about fashion right now. You be who you wanna be, wear whatever you wanna wear. And so who are you wearing now? Nothing.
What are you? Oh, wait, let me give you Shoe Cam. Oh, yeah. They’re not interesting. Your shoes are amazing. (dreamy harp music)
(audience cheers) I forgot there was a Shoe Cam. No, but everything blends. So who do you wear when you’re not? Open up your shirt.
This is Sandro? Atelier, what? Oh, this is, I got this in Paris, so that’s kinda chic. This is Sandro, these are probably from ZARA. My shoes are Common Projects, those are expensive. So you know, I change it up, I try. I buy bags and furniture, that’s about it. I like a bag and a furniture too. Yeah, right? What’s the last bag you bought? Oh my God, what’d I buy? What’s your favorite in your whole collection? Oh, it’s a mix. Actually, I have an old, old vintage Gucci bag that I really love. Yeah, yeah, I like an old bag. And I love a good chair. Yeah, have several seats, I love a chair too. See?
I do. Here’s my question to you, because there are a lot of people watching, including moi. I always had a sewing kit from a little girl, I still have one now. I sew.
I love it. I buy something, no matter how expensive it is, there’s always some sort of flaw. I wanna rip it, take it, and do like that. And I do it myself and it’s very soothing. But I don’t wanna be a fashion designer, I’m just an armchair seamstress. But what about to people who want to be where you are right now? “Project Runway” and ruling the world. What advice, where do they go to school, do they have to go to school? Where do they intern, do they have to intern? I think it’s like, now, I think that’s what’s kinda great about our world. Because we’re so all socially connected and social media and anything, you can launch a brand now and have an instant customer, which didn’t exist before. And I think that’s kind of the best thing. I mean, yes, you can go on “Project Runway” and we are excited for our new contestants, and hopefully they are successful afterwards.
He replaced Tim Gunn, who hasn’t had sex in 55 years. (audience laughs)
Aw. I don’t know.
Yeah. But yes, I don’t, we don’t do that on the show. (audience laughs) But we definitely, I definitely try to encourage the designers, because I’m a real working designer, so I mentor them like real life. They have red carpet challenge. And they’re like, oh, this is inspired by Beyonce. I’m like, well, I just dressed her, she’s not wearing that. (audience laughs)
So that’s how I treat it. Right, you give them the straight talk. Yeah. (audience applauds) All right, in other words, keep sewing. And good luck with your dreams. Thank you.
Christian, you are living the dream. (audience cheers) “Project Runway” premiers tonight at 9:30 on Bravo. Up next, we’ve got the hottest gifts for the holidays. Don’t go far. (upbeat music)
(audience cheers) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! It’s not mine. (laughs) It’s a good dress, right? Okay, happy holidays, everybody. We’re shopping today. We’ve got the hottest gifts at unbelievable discounts. And this is our very fashionable friend from “Good Housekeeping”. She’s the style director, her name, Lori Bergamotto. (audience cheers) Happy holidays, right?
Welcome back. Thank you, you like this?
I’m dead. Okay, we’ll talk about it after. Okay, let’s go.
But we have some great gifts to talk about.
Okay, lovely. So everybody knows Michael Kors, right? We all know and love. This is the Ciara tote, feel this. This is 100% genuine Italian leather. And very sturdy.
And very sturdy. It comes, as you can see, in a variety of colors. And also it has a zip-top closure. It has my favorite feature, which is this is where you put your cellphone or something.
That’s right, the front. And Wendy, there’s one in the front and the back, pockets. There’s pockets on the inside. And, as you can see, it comes with the hardware in silver or gold. Has everything and it’s Michael Kors, so people know the name, they know that designer. This is my favorite though, right here. I know, it’s so good.
Like, separate your phone from the rest of the junk in your bag.
It’s the best. But Wendy, it can be expensive, right?
How much is this? So these, you guys, can retail for up to $398. All right, well no.
‘Cause it’s designer. But not for Wendy-watchers. You guys are getting 63% off, just $149. Perfect. (audience cheers) And I feel like you’re gonna love these.
Ooh! I know.
You can’t have a bag unless you have tassels. I love the tassels.
That’s right, they go hand-in-hand, we thought about everything, Wendy. These are from Rebecca Minkoff. This is the power key chain. Wait, what’s this? So I’m gonna show you.
It’s a plug? So not only is it a charm, it’s a phone charger. So it comes with a USB and a little phone charger. It works for iPhone and android. You should’ve used this yesterday when Brendan was calling you and sending you all those texts. (audience laughs)
Right, you could’ve used this. Uh-huh. It’s Rebecca Minkoff, she’s super trendy. Wow, all of these have the charger inside. This is the deal of the century, you guys, because these retail for up to $65. But Wendy-watchers are getting up to 77% off.
Even $65 is a good deal. $15, just $15.
(audience cheers) This is like buy one for everyone you know.
Get to shopping. I like the hearts. I love the heart too.
This is my favorite. It’s so cute.
Yeah, this is my favorite. I knew you’d like that one.
Okay, okay. Okay, so this the Marc New York–
Hey ya, Francesca. Packable puffer jacket.
Hey, Wendy. Francesca’s one of our interns. (audience cheers) And she’s modeling it so beautifully. So what’s so great about this jacket, it comes in a variety of colors.
You’re lying! Wait until I show you. Let me show you the jacket first.
I can’t breathe. So it comes with a hood. Francesca, if you’ll model the hood for us. Or it comes in a snap-top closure here. So you can either forego the hat or forego the scarf. And then, as Wendy pointed out, it packs into this, you guys.
I can’t. Can everybody see that? It’s like a little travel pillow. It’s great for somebody who’s on the go. (audience cheers)
We love this, love this, love this, okay, so this retails for up to $99. And that’s not bad. That’s not bad, right?
For a tuck and roll jacket. Tell me about it, but wait ’til you hear the real price. You guys are getting 71% off, just $29. (audience cheers)
So this is buy one for yourself and buy one for somebody you love. Okay, Wendy, you’re gonna love this. Cashmere, do I smell cashmere? You smell cashmere. Who doesn’t want cashmere for the holidays?
Oh, luxurious. Don’t we love this? This is the Fraas cashmere scarf. It’s perfect for men or women, because it comes in a variety of patterns and styles. How long is it? It’s long, open it up.
All right I’ll be the judge. Okay, well.
All right. But it also comes in a variety.
I’m five feet 11. So for real 100% genuine cashmere, I mean, amazing, this retails for up to $248. You guys are getting up to 80% off. Wait ’til you hear this deal, $39 to $49. (audience cheers)
For cashmere? For cashmere. I mean, you can’t beat that price. All right, so far, so good, Lori.
Let’s keep talking. But I got a sneak-peek at this and this is my favorite thing on the entire table.
Oh, this is amazing, right? The Aimee Kestenberg–
This is all good stuff, but this right here– It’s so good.
Oh my God. Okay, so at “Good Housekeeping”, we’re all about organizing, so we particularly love this. Aimee Kestenberg leather organizer travel set. And it’s pebbled leather, which is like rich people leather. Yes, I know, I know.
It just looks so fancy and expensive, and it comes with four pieces. Here, I’m gonna show you. Yeah, no, I see.
You get this, you get this. This.
I can’t even hold them all. Exactly, this and this.
You get this, and you get this.
And then you get the bag. And it keeps everything nice and tidy.
And you can put your rings on this, you unsnap this and you put your rings there. And you put your earrings.
Bracelets. Look how the earrings stay.
And the earrings. Everything stays nice and secure. Mm, diamonds.
This retails for up to $98. But you guys are getting 70% off, so just $29. (audience cheers)
Incredible. I know, I’m telling you, I love it. I’m taking this one with me. Okay, you take that one, I want the black one.
I have the perfect thing that’s gonna go in it, I’m gonna show you, Wendy. Let me show you one more thing. We have the smartwatch with multi-function. What, are you gonna give me, a Peloton next?
We love a blinged-out watch. (audience laughs) We’re not giving that away today. But this is a smartwatch. And it can show you, not only the time–
I go crazy with this. Yeah.
It paces and stuff. It paces, it has a health tracker. It has a heart rate monitor, blood pressure. It has music control, it has an alarm clock. It can do everything.
All right. Retails for up to $150.
Okay. You guys are getting 74% off. This is a good deal.
So just $39. It comes in black or white.
(audience cheers) There you go.
It’s a really good deal for a smartwatch.
Thank you, Lori. And thank you–
Wait, I have one more thing. What?
The giveaway. Oh, right, tell ’em! They’re getting everything!
You’re getting everything! (audience cheers)
Oh God, oh God. Here we go, here we go, here we go. Thank you, Morning Save, thank you, Lori. For these amazing deals for you at home, go to, we’ll be right back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Welcome back. It is time for the almost legendary, Ask Wendy. And away we go. Uh-oh, come on over. (audience laughs) All right, who’s yous? I’m Shannon.
And I’m Heather. How you doin’? Sisters?
Sisters, yes. I love you guys’ freckles. Aw.
Thank you. Okay, come over more. So what’s the problem, girls? All right, so our parents, they’ve been divorced 15 years. We’ve recently started to rekindle our relationship with our father. This past Thanksgiving, we spent the holidays with him and not our mom and– Well, why were you fighting with your father? Well we weren’t necessarily fighting with him. After the divorce, it was just kind of an estranged relationship.
How old were girls about that time?
I was in high school, so I would say 13.
I was probably junior high. Very hard for both of you girls. Yes.
Yeah. And mom pulled you to her side? Yeah, she’s always been there. Everything, been there, thick and thin for every event. And he didn’t do his part at that time? No. No.
So your mother didn’t turn you against him– No, absolutely not.
You girls observed his lackadaisical relationship with you. Yes.
Right. Okay, so now you’re back together. Yes.
Thanksgiving was good. We spent the holidays with him. We feel that our mom felt hurt and neglected. We have Christmas coming up.
Is mom dating? Is mom remarried?
She’s remarried, yes. Okay, does she have other children? No. Okay, so what is your question? So how do we share our time equally between the two without making her feel bad or hurting her feelings? Appetizers and half a meal with your mom. (audience laughs) The other half of the meal and dessert with your dad. Okay.
This is so easy. Okay.
It’s so easy. (audience applauds)
All right, girls. Thank you. We’ll be right back. Hey listen. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! Ooh-ooh! Come here for a second. You need to give her Shoe Cam. Come here for a second, yeah, we’re gonna give you. I know, we’re back. We’re about to do Name That Show, but look. Your shoes are the best shoes in the audience. (audience cheers) They’re crocodile, pointy, and expensive. Thank you.
Thank you for dressing the part.
Thank you. All right, go back. (audience laughs)
Okay. Now look, you’re our contestant, we’re doing Name That Show. What’s your name, where are you from, what do you do? Hey Wendy, I’m Sherry, I’m originally from New York, but I’m living my best life in Kansas City. Okay, what about–
I’m a marketing executive. Okay, there you go. All right, look Sherry, I’m gonna show you a picture of a show. I got this right away, you will too. And you have to name the show and then we give you a nice prize and then, okay, good, go. Oh, come on, now. Wait, now, don’t tell her. Are you serious? Fancy at the desk. Oh, oh, right. Gimme a hint. No, no.
(audience laughs) “The Jamie Foxx Show”. (bell dings)
(Sherry laughs) Come on, now, here. A 60 minute massage at Spa Heaven. We’ll be right back. Nice job. (upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! My gosh, there’s screaming, we’re dancing. I can’t deal with the behind the scenes, and the tickets are free. Okay, so Dorsey is from Cincinnati, Ohio, correct? Yes, but I live in New York City now. And you’re a nanny?
Yes. How you doin’? How you doin’?
Okay. You’re my Eye Candy. Now I’m gonna give you the diva fan, but don’t turn it on ’cause it’ll get caught in my mermaid. (audience laughs) Well, be careful when we hug. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Okay. The mustard is everything. Okay, I like to call it spicy brown mustard. Okay, oh, all right now.
So it’s a spicy brown mustard dress, got some buttons here. Black tights, because it’s very, very cold out. And then–
The booties. Some booties that I stole from my mom. She’s right there. (laughs) Well she’s fashionable with her own booties. As a matter of fact– She’s queen of the booties. (audience laughs) As a matter of fact, mom, she’s got good taste. Congratulations.
Thanks. You get the diva fan, and we’ll be right back. (audience cheers)
(upbeat music) Ooh-ooh! I met this girl when she was in fifth grade, she tells me in the audience. She’s now 38 years old. (audience exclaims) I’m raising these children. Sandra Bernhard is next tomorrow. I love you for watching today. And I’ll see you next time on “Wendy”, buh-bye. (audience cheers) Nice! (jaguar growls)

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