Thunderbolt 3 Display Adapters: Gaming & 4K Video Performance

Thunderbolt 3 Display Adapters: Gaming & 4K Video Performance

Hi! I’m Bernie Thompson, the founder of Plugable
Technologies. So, we’ve been able to do multi-monitor setups like this for quite a while. If you
have one like this, you’ve probably been using something like our USB graphics adapters based
on DisplayLink technology, that work back with USB A, the USB connector we’re all familiar
with. If you’re using these adapters, you know that they’re great for web and application
use, but if you’re going to try to do something like this, where you have every pixel on the
screen changing at every moment. Gaming is another scenario. You need that kind of capability.
DisplayLink is not the right solution for you. Here we have a Thunderbolt 3 Graphics
Adapter with two video outputs. It also works in a slightly different way. The USB graphics
adapters involves a driver, and it involves only the pixels that are changing are going
over the USB wire and then the graphics hardware is refreshing the screen from that. Here with
the Thunderbolt 3 Adapter, we actually have native DisplayPort piped straight from the
GPU of the laptop, straight over the Thunderbolt 3 cable, and out to the monitor: DisplayPort
the whole way. And we also have a HDMI adapter that then, at the last hop (right before the
monitor), converts that DisplayPort signal to HDMI. And as you can see, we’re showing
two videos, full quality. This one’s a 4K at perfect frame rate. The same as you would
have with any kind of monitor that is directly connected to your system from a video port
straight off the laptop. So really this is the first time in many cases, that you’re
able to have, with just a single cable, two monitors at full performance of the GPU. If
you want to add additional monitors after this, you have to now switch over to adding
in some DisplayLink monitors, which are extremely flexible. You can add a lot of them, up to
6. But they’re lower performance. If you have one of the latest six generation Intel CPUs
or later, and a system that supports Thunderbolt 3, and it’s a system that has been updated
to the latest Thunderbolt 3 firmware. Because, there are some Thunderbolt 3 systems that
will not work until they’re updated. But if those things are true, and you’re really excited
about having the highest end, the highest performance graphics technology. Our new Plugable
Thunderbolt 3 Dual Head Adapters are among the first to take advantage of this new capability,
this greater throughput, this 40 gigbits per second performance, and you’re able to do
amazing things like this. We would always have gamers ask us “I want to do multiple
monitors with gaming” and we always had to tell them “No”. Well, now we’re able to say
“yes”, with this solution, through just a single USB-C cable, you’re able to get your
extra monitors. And you’ll notice no frame rate difference from any other external monitor
connected through a dedicated video connector on your laptop. So, there you go! If you want
to drive two 4K displays at full 60 hertz performance, and the full performance of your
GPU, able to do video, able to do gaming, this is a solution that was never possible
before. And is possible now with the Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Dual Display Adapters. We’ve
got the DisplayPort version. We’ve got the HDMI version. And if you have a Thunderbolt
3 capable system, these are an awesome solution for you. If you have any questions at all,
we’d love to hear from you. We’ll try to answer them. Just comment below. And thanks for watching!

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  1. HI

    I have an alienware 17 R3 with a thunderbolt 3 enabled usbc. I would like to have 3-4 monitors 2K monitors connected to it. Is this possible given this laptop has the GTX 980M GPU with 8GB vram. If so what adapters would I need to purchase. Thanks

  2. Can thunderbolt 3 support a single 144hz monitor?? I would love to play counter-strike with a monitor like that from my laptop.

  3. Can thunderbolt 3 increase my performance in my HP laptop without using any other monitor.My laptop has intel core i5 6200u,8 gb of ram and intel hd 520 graphic card 4 gb.

  4. planning on buying the the hdmi output model. I have a 35 foot 4k hdmi cable running inside the wall from 1st floor to 2nd floor to watch/play with my laptop. can I use this to mirror my pc from laptop to tv on 2nd floor or this just adds extra monitor support? I have an alien ware r3 with thunderbolt plug.

  5. I'm a bit confused. I have an Asus thunderboltex 3 card. Can I use the displayport port to power my monitor? It's not linked to my graphics card though, surely?

  6. I am waiting for the PLUGABLE THUNDERBOLT 3 *****TRIPLE*** DISPLAYPORT ADAPTER OR DOCK FOR WINDOWS via USB-C. Many people I know (my UNI friends) with triple monitor displays, want to have USB-C with thunderbolt 3 support as standard and wish to connect to their triple screen setups mostly for productivity (study time) as engineers and IT guys. The ability to take my hybrid-Tablet or small Laptop to work, then to University for studies and then home to then connect one cable to my triple monitor display is the dream we are all waiting for. Currently, it officially supports dual monitors but in the near future, I hope this changes especially when we don't really use the onboard laptop/tablet screen (we usually turn that off to support a triple external monitor setup).

  7. Good information, but too wordy. This video could have been less than a minute. Show the performance next to other adapters next time.

  8. – i have " MSI GT72S 6QE laptop " how many external screen can i connect them with my thunderbolt port ?
    – additional to how many external screen can i connect them with HDMI port ?
    GPU : GTX 980M ( vram 8GB )

  9. Will this display adapter work with the Intel NUC6i7KYK? I'm looking to add an additional HD 27" Monitor to this system.

  10. Hello. i have an i7, 1TB, 12 GB ram pavilion 15-au063nr. and want a way to increase this amazing laptop to at least run a couple of games like overwatch or paragon and wanted to know if my laptop is compatible with the thunderbolt 3 or is there any other options I can resort too. Thank you!

  11. What laptop is that? I have the XPS 15 9550, do you know if it supports 4k at 60Hz over USB-C via one of your products? If so, I'll buy one right now! You guys rock btw!

  12. I've upgraded my graphic card recently and given that I can only have a HDTV for my PC gaming (PAL UK) going to OLED later this year I'm looking for something that is close to a DP to DP but also wondering if your going to do a DP to HDMI 2.0b with the 4K at 60htz+ capability?

    Also with the thunderbolt three you plug the cable into the back of your PC then hook one cable from your GPU into the double socket converter and the other cable straight into your Display?

  13. can i connect 4 27 inch AOC acc displays? they are not 4k . to a dell xps 13 inch like in your video?

  14. I'd like to connect two external high-res (maybe both 4K) to my new Macbook Pro 2017 (15"). It appears your dual head Displayport adapter will allow me to do this. I have a couple of questions. First, how do I set up my Macbook Pro to let it know I'm driving two monitors but intend to use them for different graphics (i.e. monitor 2 is not just a mirror of monitor 1). Second, can I simply use one of the outputs of the Displayport adapter you provide and then daisy chain the second monitor to the first using a Displayport IN/OUT caple?

  15. I want to connect from a usb type c on my laptop to two external screens both with hdmi inputs. I want to be able to use all 3 screens and slide one page from one screen to the others. which product should i buy?

  16. I am trying to connect my XPS 13 9343 FHD to a UHD tv. I can get FHD display but it doesn't output at 4k. What am I doing wrong?

  17. Do you know whether your Thunderbolt 3 to HDMI connector will output [email protected] from a Dell Precision 5520 to a 4k television?
    I have tried another adapter which advertised that it was [email protected] with HDMI 2.0, but the laptop will not output higher than 30 with this. I suspect this is because it was just routing the laptop's HDMI 1.4 signal through TB3 rather than using DP1.2 and then actively converting to HDMI.

  18. I know this is an old video but will this dongle support 1080p at 144hz if I only use 1 of the display ports? I have a razer blade 2016 and want to connect to a 144hz monitor to game on through the thunderbolt 3 port

  19. I just received the newest Macbook Air for a Christmas present. I have 4 Dell 22" external monitors I would like to connect it to.. 2 of the monitors have an HDMI port and a VGA port and the other 2 monitors only have VGA ports. The only thing I use these external monitors for is watching the stock market screens. No gaming and anything heavy duty. Just basic internet applications. Can you help me with what equipment I would need to hook up this new macbook air to run these external monitors? What is my best solution with your product line. Here is a link to the specs of the MacBook Air.,loc:2 Thank you for your help.

  20. Is it possible to connect two different 4K monitors into a computer via usb-c. But I want dispays to be extended not duplicated.

  21. Hi I have two 4k monitors and a Lenovo ThinkPad P51s with an USB-C port. Will this adapter be able to output two 4k signals with 60hz rate?

  22. Is it posible to connect HDMI cable from the laptop to the HDMI adapter port and then connect the thunderbolt 3 cable to an external graphic amplifier (for example hp omen accelerator)? I was wandering if that works. My laptop doesn't have usb c port and thunderbolt 3 port.

  23. Can i use this adapter along with the HDMI ouput built into the laptop for something of a surround gaming setup? (not using the laptop screen) i currently run 2 monitors straight off the outputs on the laptop and my third off a USBC, non thunderbolt adapter and my third display doesn't even show up in the nvidia control panel. Fantastic product great video!

  24. my lap top has type-c and HDMI port. right now I connect with one external monitor with HDMI cable.
    can I connect to up to 3 external monitors, with the Type c hub + HDMI cable I currently use?

  25. I know I am a bit late for the show but I just noticed that new macOS seems to drop the DisplayLink support, is it with DisplayLink technology? Is it still supported for macOS 10.13 system?

  26. I have a MacBook Air (11-inch, Mid 2012), and 2 monitors, 1 has HDMI and the other has VGA or DVI only. Can I use this, hook 1 monitor up via HDMI and then use a HDMI to DVI adaptor to hook up the other?

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