This Man Needs To Get Off The Internet..

This Man Needs To Get Off The Internet..

Now I’ve seen some pretty weird shit back in my day, you know I’ve seen some stuff That would actually make a person reevaluate their whole entire life wait What the hell am I even talking about back in the day? I’m not even that old my god But anyways man what I’m about to show you guys right now is something that I never thought I’d see before I mean this shit Is like a science project gone to very very wrong and like I literally cannot describe it any further without showing you guys first So without further ado So yeah what you guys just saw is a grown man making some weird-ass sounds and doing all kinds Of weird facial expressions like I honestly don’t even know what he’s trying to accomplish right here sides acting like the retarded version of James Charles hi girls, but I’m gonna have this hop to you off my kind of meta a Stopper. That’s you you already know this guy had to take some kind of illegal street drug before recording this video like goddamn this guy’s Over here twisting his neck around like he has some kind of Uncontrollable muscle spasm or something like I honestly Believe this man needs to get some medical attention to get his shit figured out why it’s my darling Fred if I find an impact Oh god. No. Yeah. He obviously doesn’t speak English, but even though I don’t speak his language I have a strong feeling of that whatever is coming out of his mouth is probably crazy Things Ivan Patna has tech Faustian current been an icon Bach effect opted perfect. Thank that man I don’t know what the hell this guy’s problem is like is it really necessary To make all those goddamn head movements with every single word I mean my god this man’s damn near about to break his own neck just trying to complete a sentence I Perceive that state I wanted them to Torian has taken too far. Oh shit It’s always too Scott deepest fuck you see I’m telling you man. This is why I have trust issues Wandy them video bro he really needs to chop whatever that thing is on top of his head straight off like Seriously that thing is looking pretty lonely up there they stuff yeah, my batter, and yo Do you see this guy’s eyebrows like goddamn that shit looks like an upside-down? Nike check mark and I know I used that joke in my last video But I just had to pull it out again for this guy alright. That’s not it kind of gift. That’s my manly That’s being psycho gets me that get this we don’t hl5 ended by part of hm. Here. We go again. It’s like mr. Nike check mark over here can’t seem to keep that long ass neck of his still and then this man has the Audacity to use duck lips in 2018 like please leave that crap in 2016 where it belongs What the hell is going on here this shit sounds like a goddamn mating call or something oh I have a feeling that this is some new type of Hipster breathing exercise like I swear to god these people are always coming up with something new about the entire mr. Aiona not undone All right um yeah, what the hell was that oh? Okay, clearly There’s something stuck in this man’s throat it’ll be cut in the typed up on idea just I agree of the atomizer than any smart 12:28 on any of Mattia two side slit, okay? I’m telling you man sooner or later This guy’s gonna snap that long-ass neck of his right off if he keeps whippin it back and forth like that between every single word Holy crap this man’s voice Just got deepest fuck right there like I’m actually starting to believe that that’s his actual real voice And he’s just been talking like a complete dickhead for some unknown reason Oh, oh god, please no Please make it stop oh Lord have mercy on my soul Someone, please The VI gets Cathy not my darling Papa gets mine one complet of Gihon Jesus stood at have heart, so he break Tamaki Dude Why does this man look like he had a full dose of Botox? Injected right into his forehead like I can’t be the only one distracted by the fact that this man looks like he had his whole face reconstructed probably following in the footsteps of Miss Kylie Jenner Like seriously is all that really necessary like if he’s talking to us like this I can only imagine how he talks to his friends family. Even his fucking co-workers Mike yard Oh, oh god, please not again. Oh Someone make it stop This is what the weird side of YouTube looks like oh I Know most of you must have clicked off this video by now because the amount of cringe in this video is just unbearable This man needs some serious help like honestly this guy literally looks like he took something that he wasn’t supposed to take and now he’s Acting like a coked-up crackhead who’s at the peak of their high until they finally slow down crash and burn Madness needs an exorcism right now like immediately We need to call up Pope Francis right now and get a Catholic priest up in this bitch. Oh my goodness Lloyd admired cut off fall and strength on Wait what the fuck did I just hear a little bit of English in that sentence wait? Don’t tell me this guy was actually speaking English this whole time. Oh my god

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  1. my god just destiny calm down he just starts roasting the shit out of someone in not even the first minute LMAO😂

  2. The german dude explains how to fake an orgasm
    Maybe we should build a wall, too. Seperating him from the rest of the world. And cutting his internet.

  3. This "language" is really,really bad German……He needs an exorcism 👍And he talks about Types to moan while the orgasm…..As I said exorcism 👍

  4. In the middle of this video I thought he got pusesed(sorry I’m in my vacation and I don’t feel like learning how to spell).-.

  5. 5:05 I'm fluent in English AND German (which he was speaking for the greater part in the video – I think) and have some serious troubles trying to decipher what he is trying to say… It took me a minute to even realise that he is speaking German…

  6. I’m learning German. He’s saying some odd ass shit. I can’t pick up all of it, but I definitely got some things. I wish I hadn’t though.

  7. oh no, he's speaking german … I dunno about how far germans have gone to come to this … They literally still feel ashamed about every Hitler and Nazi joke but they feel fine with that? omg

  8. He is speaking german I know that because, I was born in germany even though my race is turkey but anyways he is trying to teach people how to moan in different ways

  9. Srsly when I watched this I thought it would only be a "Normal" dude doing some weird thing sooo yeah…I didnt hear what he was saying so I raised my volume and the worst part I was on speakers too..Then when he starts to moan…Holy Jesus everyone was looking at me. Luckily someone said "Yeah I dont blame you for watching that vid" but…SOMEONE GRABBED A LIL HOLY WATER AND DUNKED IT IN MY EY—

    To be continued

  10. I’m sitting on my back porch in south Florida watching this as golfers not 30 feet away on the golf course behind my home stroll by eyeing me curiously. Ha ha ha! Yep I’m a freak boys!

  11. just because one guy in german is acting like a drunk homeless guy, doesnt mean germany needs help. its one guy. chill.

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