This Core i3 Laptop can Run GTA 5 without any problem.hp pavilion notebook 15

This Core i3 Laptop can Run GTA 5 without any problem.hp pavilion notebook 15

so in this video i will show you how smoothly can my core i3 laptop run gta 5 on high resolution with out graphics card as you can see the specs on my screen and you can see that there is no dedicated graphics memory now let’s play the game and i will record a little bit of my gameplay with my phone so that you can see that it is not fake and then i will switch back to screen recorder so that you can see that how crispy the video quality is as you can see that the video on my phone is not good so i will switch back to screen recorder i have switch to screen recorder and let me show you the settings of the game graphics is on maximum not every thing is on high only the graphics are but still the quality is good you can see that how good the video is and it’s not lagging and the best thing is that i am recording it with in internel software not like capture card or anything so this is amazing because it processes two tasks at the same time and does not lag.

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  1. I have i5 processor and 4gb ram and Intel graphic.
    If it work press like if not press dislike
    If more like I will buy gta5

  2. Bhai mera laptop intal core i3 hai aur 8gb ram hai fhir bhi gta 5 laptop me nhi chal rahi change your divais bol raha hai

  3. am core i7 …. ram 8gb …… strange 2 tb memory …….. gtx 970 2gb…….. window 10
    Can i play it or not and wich fbs i can play without lag if it work …
    and thanks

  4. You're laptop have 4057 mb integrated intel hd 5500 graphics memory. Intel hd 5500 can handle gta 5 in normal settings. So there's no magic here.

  5. On my Lenovo will run the first part then all it do is load that’s all I cant get online or Finish the first part of Robbing the bank I gusse it’s the laptop I have a 8GB 1TB

  6. I have
    Intel core i3 4005u (1.7GHz 3mb cache)
    intel @hd graphics 4400
    4gb ddr 3 L memory and 500 gb hdd
    Can i run gta 5 in my laptop
    Plz reply

  7. I dont belive in this i wasted 30 eur for gta 5 (go to cheap games) My uncle made it the lowest graphcis and guess what my is i3 5500 and it runs just 10 or 5 fps
    I wanted to walk one foot gues how many minutes it took.. fricking 20 sec
    You maybe putted just a sticker on it

  8. you call that NOT lag lmfao DUDE its obviously LAGGING! looks like 10-15 FPS I would say, so its not smooth my friend

  9. Bhai mere laptop me koi bhi game thik se nahi chalta i3 he aur 4gb graphics with 8gb ram

  10. I have an hp omen 15 with a 1060 and play on ultra with mods and get 110fps that’s what I call no lag not what he calls “NO LAG”

  11. Ok, let's get something straight. First you can play GTA V on core i3, but for best performance you should max out your ram period. Anything under 8gb of ram is always gonna be laggy regardless of the situation. I advised at 16gb and you'll be able to play GTA V at medium graphics level. And if you know how to hack your BIOS or flash your BIOS, you'll be able to control your shared memory in your laptop. Sorry, but regardless of Windows settings, you can not control BIOS through Windows p period. Page filing config does help a little but not much. And also you can down load software like the experience project that can disable some of Windows and the game features to help run the game better.

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