This Amazing Speaker Blends Into Its Surroundings

This Amazing Speaker Blends Into Its Surroundings

What’s up guys, Lou here back with another video! And today we are checking out what I think might be… The only one of these in existence. What are these, you say? It’s a speaker, that’s transparent. See through, a see through speaker. Designed and developed by People People Products. Stockholm, Sweden. It’s gotta be good! You know anybody who’s Swedish, Jack? Anybody? A box… Likely accessories. I’m going to put that down for a moment. Alright that’s it, we’re done, thanks for watching, see you guys later… Yes! There we go. Transparent speaker. When you’re looking at audio equipment, and they include the frequency chart… You know you’re in business. Uh-oh Jack we got your favorite snack! Silica Gel! Hello… That is too cool! Are you seeing that? It’s heavy, too. That is completely transparent, you can see all the components here. Line in, USB power, to charge up your device a line out as well, interesting.. Speaker mode, you could do L, Stereo, or R left, right, I suppose that’s for depending on how much volume you’re looking for. The one large unit down here, two smaller units. Highs, lows, they got you covered. And a tinker tool. Through the corners you’ll be able to disassemble your transparent speaker. Why would you want to – Oh! Maybe I’ll put like a little plant in there like it’s some kind of an aquarium. You see that Jack? Pick that up. They said unboxing was not a hard job. Oh, cool red cables! A mini jack cable, nice. Power cable, two different European options. Now I’m gonna have to put an adapter on here obviously, no big deal. Some mounting hardware, maybe we’ll mount this baby up! And then a short mini jack as well if you prefer. I love how useful these are, I love short cables. This is kind of odd, maybe I should read the manual. There’s like, this cable already sticking out. Oh, wow! Wireless music, so if you have an AirPort Express… Or some kind of streamer to wirelessly connect to this over Wi-Fi or whatever you use this to power it up and slide it right in there. So if you wanted to turn it into a wireless speaker you could. You don’t need to use this, you could just tuck this away and just go USB and use a USB dongle. Cool, well we’re not going to do that, we’re just going to go old-school analog right now. It’s amazing I’m being like so gentle with it. Nice tactile volume, bass, and treble controls. Power switch, obviously. We probably have another mini jack yeah, bingo. And an LED light. Now, we talked all about the aesthetics, wtalked all about how pretty it is But what good is a speaker if it doesn’t sound good, right? Where’s my phone? I like it! It’s not the loudest speaker I’ve ever had on the desk alright, but like it’s tight, you could tell they gave it some thought. You’re gonna have a line-up of ladies out the door. Ladies get in for free. Before 7. Dudes can stay at home.

100 thoughts to “This Amazing Speaker Blends Into Its Surroundings”

  1. On some real shit, please use better music Atleast an actual song, just random tunes you not jamming to, even when it's offbeat you'll be headbanging lol. I know you choosing random stuff on soundcloud lol. I'll give you a good list for future videos. That shit has way more bass you just didn't put effort into this one. Also depends on the track. Stop it. And keep it up love the content.

  2. Even if it is a transperant speaker its ugly only a noob that pays 800$ for that becouse you can buy a tv sound system from bose for 600$ and gives you more quality and x2 bass

  3. Hussd que bosina tan potentes
    Y me gustan mucho el diseño de el parlante te y más el de las bosinas y el del

    Amplificador de sonido y de cuántos (w)y de cuántos homios hrs se ve potenye

  4. I would only like this for using with my TV. Mounted on the wall below (or above) the TV would look cool. Most movies I watch are old so no need for a huge sound system with my BR player.

  5. god talk to an audio person sometime broski
    i love ya
    but idk how L R and stereo means anything else left, right, or stereo config
    so u would use the LINEout to link speaker, put one on L, one on R
    blah blah blah
    your a veteran in the game
    that was a rookie mistake
    all love

  6. You would think that they wouldn't have to put transparent speaker on the transparent speaker kind of redundant don't you think?

  7. Current price is $1100 for the newer model. For one. If you want to run these in full stereo mode, you will need two. That's $2200.

  8. lmao, id recommend buying some speakers, and a transparent PC case and build this urself instead, probably will cost you 20% of this ripoff.

  9. Strange speaker! Two midrange drivers, no tweeter and no acoustic damping in a sealed-box configuration! It is anything but quality design.

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