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  1. Join me on my other channel for LIVE meditation. Sunday-Friday at 8am Eastern. https://www.youtube.com/nimminati

  2. Hello, great video as always. Could you recommend any specific resources for learning graphic design? I’ve searched online as you recommended, just wondering if there were any that you found particularly helpful. Thanks for all you do!

  3. I have an idea be a good idea for a base line to do list for either vlog or gaming at least we would have some starting point like it doesn't have to be specific vague one so and be great if you put in the description.

  4. It's awesome to get more ideas than I had for creating new video ideas for my channel! Another informative and interesting video. Keep it up!

  5. Well the best Idea is do fun stuff which we normally don't do like some challanges but not in games in irl while staying at home and publish two vids 1. what we normally do
    2. What I just wrote about
    Also give this small series fun names like quarantine fun time
    just like DP did aka quarantine classic this could help the people get relieved ang have more vids to watch so it's a win win.

  6. I started using B roll footage in my TWC series. I need to start using it a little more in other videos. I use PowerPoint for graphics and I take the YouTube classes. I take the Camtasia classes when I can. I have been working on the social media. Finally, I've been networking and growing the channel. I'm stuck inside but I work from home and still have work to do. My Clients are VERY stressed. I was stressed helping them but I cranked up my workouts at home and that has helped a lot. As always, good information Nick.

  7. Nick,

    Great video and I hope that you and your family are all well. Thanks for sharing with us all your knowledge and passion for creating.
    Stay safe and I look forward to seeing your next video..

  8. My channel has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to Nick! Started watching you @ 300 subs…now have close to 4k!

  9. My brain is exploding from all this information…. I don’t have enough minutes even during lockdown😬😬😬😬thanks Danica Resells

  10. Nick, I love the fact that you do meditation. My friend, Jen, has a new channel called Pop Up Prana Yoga that you should check out. I take classes from her in person and she is a wonderful Yoga teacher.

  11. Love how you're encouraging us to look for the opportunities during this time. I've definitely been thinking of upgrading from Filmora to Adobe Premiere Pro and didn't realize they were offering some free options now. Thanks for always sharing such helpful and practical tips brother. And AMEN on meditation… I've been doing the exact same thing and use the Insight Timer app (free). Very cool to hear that you'll be livestreaming your daily meditation. I sincerely appreciate your words of encouragement.

  12. Great 👍 advice like always Nick. Thanks 🙏 for sharing those thoughts n feelings with us in these difficult times. It’s hard to stay positive with all the crazy 😜 stuff that’s going around but together we’ll get through this. Stay safe everyone and let’s all do our part to get through this. HAPPY 😃 CREATING.

  13. I have been doing all you said without even knowing I was supposed to do them. But hay thank you for telling me am doing the right thing. I bought a new camera, new lighting and a Mac to aid editing. Am improving daily thanks to your videos. Thank you Nick

  14. Things which we couldn't do before now is the time to finish it off, don't think too much this is not the first time

  15. I'm not full lockdown since my offline job is an essential business since I work at a gas station. But what you said I'm sure will help me when I'm not at work. Thanks! Great video!

  16. Good work Nick. Being an outdoor channel I wish I had more adventure footage to keep me going but I'm going to turn my attention to 'how to' videos that are related to what I do to keep the content flowing. Re-think. Re-energize Re-focus. Repeat. Result.

  17. Thanks nick for some really good ideas for my channel I need to organize my channel but I don’t have a computer to do that but great video

  18. Hello, It is defiantly a hard time. but you gave some channels to help with audio. Do you have some channels for graphic design? And I have a little problem my views are going up but my watch time is going down is that normal?

  19. Great tips Nick! During this time I've been doing live streams each night called "Virtual Dinner Party" and have subscribers join me live and we cook dinner together and I share cooking tips. It's a great way to connect when everyone is at home these days.

  20. Thanks so much for this Nick! On my channel I discuss meditation and the historical/practice background behind it. Lots of related ideas and practices! I'm also doing a weekly series on practices related to the Coronavirus.

  21. amazing and helpful vid… Btw somewhere around 9:04 the camera seemed to have gone out of focus for like a second!!

  22. how can i live stream on youtube because i dont have 1000 subs and im not partnerd with youtube because i cant yet do you have any other advice or anything thank you love the vids btw they help alot

  23. I have just set a reminder to whach later tonight first thing when i get home.🤝🤝.I cant miss important topics from Nick Nimmin

  24. Hi nick! Very interesting like always👏 Do you know why my videos don't reach the american people ? But only my native language people…

  25. It’s really tough to overcome my fears to upload more videos. I don’t have much equipment and my Autism just makes it harder to grow on YouTube

  26. Cool beans. I already mediate works great. Might even be the answer to prescription drugs. Thank you for your fantastic videos!

  27. Thanks for your help nick. I have a football channel and am nearly at 7k subscribers, everyone stay safe.

  28. I've just been working on consistent uploads, working on bettering my thumbnails, and learning the ins and outs of Youtube Chrome extensions.

  29. Nick any idea on how i can screen record my iphone or macbook which includes audio? it's driving me mad all these apps don't work

  30. I clicked this so fast! 😂 Been binge watching your videos on how to make my videos better for days now!! Lol Just started filming my new vid today! 🙂

  31. Nick I changed my channel name after your name advice . I mixed the contents I do , in a creative way . Wrestling + Gaming + Entertainment (Football , Board Games , Challenges , Application Advices) = WrestleGamingEnt

  32. Nice tips. Thinking to learn some foreign languages. I have no problem if people leave a comment in English, French, German, Dutch on my videos but sometimes I cannot recognize the language.

  33. Great minds think alike! I've been making videos on how to lose weight/build muscle while stuck in the house.

  34. Hi Nick, just wanted to thank you for all the amazing content you’ve made available. I’ve recently started getting my YouTube channel going during this quarantine time. You are helping so much. And wanted to thank you for your sincerity in this post. Stay strong and healthy!

  35. My channel focuses mainly on sketching astronomical objects. Unfortunately B Roll isn't something I think I can use for it. I'm dependent on clear skies and the ability to get out and make use of them. I might see if there are some things I can pre record. I know I need to get better at posting more regularly.

  36. You always have great ideas that inspire me for my channel…..your my favorite person for this kind of information….Thanks

  37. Beautiful, perfect and simple explanation about how to meditate. I just started watching your channel a week or so ago, and have learned so much from you, and have changed a lot of stuff on my channel to get those subscribers. Just wanted to let you know you have really helped me. Thanks! – Charlie

  38. This was a great video, some great ideas and advice. Defo be sharing this video with friends. Thank you again. Love your work. 🙂 🙂

  39. My usual M.O. is to shoot my videos while the husband is out and the kids are at school. Now that everyone is home all the time, it’s near-impossible to find a quiet time and place to shoot. I don’t have a studio with a closed door where I can hide, and one of my kids is an incredibly sweet-natured but high-needs autistic teenager. I guess at a time like this that audiences are generally understanding when the content they’re seeing is not quite the same as what they’re used to. I’m hoping anyway…

  40. Hey Nick…I wanted to again thank you for reaching out to me during my time of need for help. Although you didn't really have an answer either, I did appreciate your feedback. I wanted to let you know that somehow…my channel homepage is back in YT Search and that my new videos are again showing up in subscribers' recommendations. Another great video by you. Thanks, Kim

  41. Hi nick I bought a new mic the sound quality is really good but the mic is kind of echoe so are there any sound editors that I can use to adjust that

  42. My first channel ahmadboots wasn't getting any views so I deleted it and starting again this channel is getting views fast really fast

  43. Great tips! I too have been posting content to keep people in the loop during this quarantine about tax updates for the self-employed community.

  44. For the last 2 weeks I have been learning Kinemaster. Today I published my first green (blue screen) video. I spent this afternoon learning to clone.

  45. Love the tip about meditation! Been meditating for the past 5 years and it's been one of the best decisions I've ever made.

  46. Thank you for all these ideas and ressources. I've start my second channel a week before the confinement was announced in my country, so I will be looking at what you mentioned for sure! I was really surprised that you talked about meditation but that's great, we should all be doing this!

  47. I would like to use the time to become more proficient with Photoshop. I don't have a lot to invest, but donyou have a channel you would recommend with lots of good Photoshop tutorials?

  48. I wanted to learn Tik Tok so finally during this time made one for my dog. Shes got more views and followers in 1 week vs me in 3 years.

  49. Hey Nick Nimmin is there any free software in 2020 for free for editing overlays for your youtube channel sorry if I haven't been keeping up

  50. Woah you mentioned DaVinci Resolve! I found that a long time ago after jumping through different programs, nice to know I'm not crazy for using it!

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