100 thoughts to “These Eerie Videos Have Left Internet Users Spooked”

  1. aNd ThAt'S iT FrOm Meeee, I'lL SeE YoU aLl NeXt tImE — P E W !

  2. AWESOME content once again!!! Just wondering if anyone happened to notice the orbs flying around the ventriloquist head?!
    Hope everyone in the HAMFAM is doing great!!! Thanks Kallen!!

  3. The girls at Crybaby Bridge were being assholes. If that was indeed the ghost of the mother, they deserved anything the mother dished out to them after yelling, "I killed your baby, lady!"

  4. Do you not see the shadows first on the right of the monkey with the yellow hat that moves and then a shadow is to the left and then an orb of some kind is back on right again. First of all…I don’t care about orbs until I saw this minuscule thing during this video. I’m not sure if I saw what I think I saw but someone else, please let me know. Thank you.

  5. Manbearpig or Pigbearwoman you decide Slappers, don’t forget to tickle my buttons. πŸ‘‚πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘ƒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ‘‚πŸ»


  7. This is SLAPPED HEEEMMM..But these videos are faked only gullible people would believe them.. Lols πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

  8. Here's what I don't get slapped hammy… we are living in an era where our phones have awesome cameras. But these videos look like they were filmed in the 80's. Hard to believe.. still love the channel though..

  9. I think the dummy one was real. Did anyone else notice the orb fly out of the case right after it opened? Then a few more times throughout the video?? Is no one gonna talk about this?

  10. on the first one he said "anjing ngejar, anjing ngejar" means "fck it chasing". It can't be translated with literal meanings

  11. The "under the bridge" video looks like you can see the "shadow" get into the car setting there at the very end of it. The "couple in the woods" looks like when the crouched figure leaps, they are being restrained (leash?) by the one standing & just flailing their arms(human) or front legs(animal). I didn't really see it move forward much. As far as them being in the dark they could still have a light that's not turned on. (maybe saw the other lights & shut theirs down to see what the other people were up to?) Just some random thoughts. πŸ™‚

  12. In #4 I noticed a a barely visible orb passing through. It slowly comes in from the right makes a big circle and exits similar to the way it floated in. 🧐

  13. In the clip of the stuffed animals right before the monkey moves there a light mass from bottom right that passes by n after a smaller mass passes mid screen back across left to right.In the Mr.fritz right after the cab door opens 2 small orbs pass by right to left n another small orb from top to bottom passes

  14. What’s Shakin’ Bacon πŸ₯“? Lol πŸ˜‚
    I think πŸ€” you might have β€œSlapped One Too Many Hams” Bruh. Haha 🀣 πŸ‘ Jkjk. Idk, is it possible to slap too many Hams? 🐽 πŸ– 🐷 ✌🏼 πŸ’œ

  15. When the door opened to the dolls case, two orbs can be spotted flying past in addition to another orb flying past when it's mouth and eyes mouth.

    Also in the clip of the moving monkey something floats past prior and after but it's not a clear sphere, so I can't say it's an orb but definitely something paranormal. All creepy regardless.

    Am I seeing things or did other people see it too?

  16. And Yeuuuup, Had to stop by and get my weekly dose of Ghosts πŸ‘» Spooks πŸŽƒ werewolves 🐺 and Demon shadow people 😈✌🏼and Ahhhhhhh ok, All Better now. As you were. 😜 πŸ™ƒ 😘 Ty Bro πŸ‘

  17. Just a fun fact: in Malaysia we are not supposed to whistle at night because it catches the attention of spirits, which is why the boy in the first clip does so in the video.

  18. Watching the last video, as the door opened there was a white orb floating behind the cabinet. Clearly the original owner didn't like the dolls head in a cabinet. Good view though. Thanks xx

  19. Kallen, nice to see you back doing what you're soooo good at doing. I have seen a couple of these, but I can always count on you to bring clips I haven't seen before!
    Great job as always Ham Boy! 🐷 πŸ‘¦ Lol
    I will be anxiously awaiting each and every video!!!

  20. The witch video is fake, and I am a believer in paranormal. When she β€˜flies up’ it literally looks like a doll being pulled up by string.

  21. I want to believe that the witch clip was real, but idk… How can gravity defying flight like that be possible in REAL life tho?? I know that witches are evil (basically demons) and they use dark evil magic/dark spells, aka bad luck/bad omens, but does that include how to actually fly (without wings) using magic?? I mean the comic book superhero flying is a part of the COMICS ONLY! It's virtually impossible to fly without any powerful source to get you off the ground. You CANNOT fly just by thinking it or willing it.

  22. #5 real or fake..? How does a little girl run uphill on all fours that fast and the giant creepy thing next to her had an abnormally small head for his body!

  23. If you do a quick pause play at 4:56–4:57 you see 2 piercing white glowing eyes to the right. You can't see an outline of a face, but they do pop up out of thin air when they see the ghostly woman! Check it out

  24. On the #1 video about a ventriloquist dummy's head in a glass case, right before the door swings open the dummies eyes more a little bit

  25. Why would they yell out "I killed your baby?"… like, wtf? We used to go ghost hunting all the time when younger, and probably did a lot of idiotic things, but I think there was always a level of respect there. For sure never yelled out, "I killed your baby btch!" at a spot claimed to be haunted by dead children.

    I'm just saying, if the ghosts got those two girls, they deserved it.

  26. Your vids are old..the 1st video i have seen months ago from Nuke's top 5.. nuke's Top 5 is still waaay better and scarier and has waay better video quality…

  27. The first clip in the woods looked like 2 people, one of average height and the other has a disability like Osteogenesis Imperfecta, where the person is born with underdeveloped lower limbs that are often amputated, these people can move quite quickly using their hands, check it out!

  28. 10:10
    Yes, a witch is a very good guess as it isn't the first time they are spotted in mexico during recent years.
    Unlike spritis that just faint away in the blink of an eye this one is not transparent and she is clearly flying away.
    She is hunched forward and is wearing a black rob with a claok that covers her or him up entirely.
    Maybe these ruins are used for some of their rituals.
    There was no other signs of witch activity in the ruins to suggest that it's their home.

  29. In the stuffed animal scene where the monkey in the yellow hat moves there is a strange circle of light that passes through right be4 the monkey moves. What is that?

  30. The last one has orbs if you slow it down a lil bit. Just about 3 orbs in total. As it opens there were 2 at the last mouth movement you can see the last orb going up from the right side

  31. The First Video When Cameramen Run he Said Indonesian Language: Anjing ngejar! Anjing ngejar! Simmilar to = Sh*t! Hell noooo!!

  32. Hold on hold on, the first clip has already been posted . The guy was previously taking the piss and mocking then this scary thing went for him. Am I wrong or is this not just a re hash. Slapped ham am about ready to unsubscribe

  33. Take a look to the right of the couch.
    you will see a slight dark ghost figure looks like a child.
    most likely it's a child who is attached to the stuff animals?
    The couple should investigate the background of the apartment and see if a child died.
    You could see a whitish ghostly small figure whisp by

  34. #4. Bahaha seriously who has 25 stuffed animals sitting on their couch or bed on a regular basis..and then they go to bed and they get up the next day and they recognize that just one of them has moved an inch? seriously who can remember the placement of each and every stuffed animal and recognize that one has moved that little bit..it is interesting how all these videos are always so out of focus and so poorly lit yet this one is so clearly lit and very easy to see it looks like these people are definitely wanting you to think that they have something going on. And what could be more terrifying than a stuffed animal being moved by a string a half inch? Lol….so scary. Epic fail

  35. I find it odd (though terrifying) that when the eyes on the dummy move no strings or anything else around it moves, yet when the mouth moves, strings and mechanism underneath are also moving. The eyes also look kinda fake when they are moving, almost like a digital effect. Still a pretty creepy doll.

  36. In the vid of the stuffed animals I see a faint, light, white, shimmering, orb move from right to left across the front of the couch just before the stuffed animal moves and then shortly after it moves from top left to right, over the animals. Anyone else see this?

  37. In the video with the dummy head their were two orbs, one just after the door opens the second just before the mouth moves.

  38. And with today's phone technology and great cameras, why in the hell is the footage always blurred and out of focus ?? Come on !!!

  39. Number 1 actually made me laugh. I think they disturbed two guys doing something naughty, the one in front clearly being on his knees. I can't actually see anything else.

  40. Sigh Too many Asian vids and teenagers with cameras, two of the most unreliable sources you can find. It's a shame, used to be a great channel.

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