These Are Keyboards You NEED To Know About!

These Are Keyboards You NEED To Know About!

Haggar people oh my god this is so
satisfying it’s actually it will relieve all the stress in the world tapping away
the quality mechanical switch and now my friends a magic trick nice
alright good people so before we get them to really cool keyboard content at
Computex I would like to thank fantex and SteelSeries for making our visit
possum so our desire to explore really cool keyboard contact at Computex really
started with still series and their introduction of a new switch called omni
point they’re using the whole effect technology in which you can customize
the actuation point from point four millimeters to three point six and that
is a cool concept but it is not a new concept because the Hall effect switch
is been out I think for like thirty years or so so let’s start with Wooting
keyboards the winning one was my first analog keyboard and you could customize
the actuation point as well just like with Omni point switches and now Wooting
is releasing a new lacquer switch so it is using the same Hall effect technology
as SteelSeries does so there’s a magnet at the bottom there’s magnet in the
actual switch and they’re measuring the signal between the two magnets to
calculate or calibrate the actuation point so the licker switches will be
linear of course that is needed when you have the customization of the actuation
point but one cool thing is they’re introducing this dynamic reset point and
that is if you bypass the actuation point and you still do not reset the key
anytime you go slightly up the key will reset so you could theoretically
activate the key and then perform these minor up-and-down movements and the key
will again activate to granting you much faster actuation so you don’t have to
bottom out and reset the key every time all the way to the top because the
dynamic reset point will already be active beyond that first actual
actuation point I don’t know that makes sense
they will be introducing a special-edition keyboard from Wooting so
this is the booting – so a full-size keyboard with a really cool graphical
and vibrant layout and obviously using pvt key gaps quality lacquer switches
nice body and they’re trying to shift away from the gaming demographic and
move into and enthusiast and serious crowd for
keyboards I’m really excited to have more Hall effect switches on the market
now and by far the most visually impressive keyboard we saw the show was
the ducky one two SF s f stands for sixty-five percent this is the year of
the pig edition from ducky which has an incredibly unique font it has this dark
rich red key caps really cool body additional special key caps both for the
escape and for your right key caps both of which have meaning and they describe
to you exactly what it means in in the culture we have a little bit of golden
accents behind a type c connection and the overall keyboard is just it’s so
unique that you most likely will not be able to buy it because it’s not that
expensive either only like it’s under $200 and for that type of special
edition TV tiki apps like a really fantastic build quality the space bar
also has this really unique Pig graphic and they are using PBT keycaps with dye
sublimation technique and what’s really cool is the new one to SF keyboard is
also available in your standard edition white or black ranges from $89 to $119
and it really removes that stigma surrounding ducky being like a really
expensive brand because of their quality it’s not like that they deliver really
good quality keyboards but are actually not that expensive
moving on to cooler master we finally have a properly low profile keyboard the
sk851 it will use Imran’s newbie 3kl switches which are incredibly low
profile it will come in both linear and tactile formats and just from our typing
experience alone the switches felt much better than the linear low profile Reds
that they have currently on their SK850 line of keyboards and I’m really really
excited for this type of the SK851 keyboard to come out because it will be
fully wireless right now it’s only full size but it’ll be both PC and Mac
compatible and hopefully the battery life will last forever and the switches
themselves feel really awesome and so do the key caps and then we found very low
and this is something that I’m really excited to share because they’re this
boutique slash enthusiast slash almost budget-friendly
keyboard manufacturer and where you customize
absolutely everything from your switch type to your key cap color to your font
to your spacebar design to the actual body of the keyboard TK l versus full
size everything about the whole customization process is up to you they
use p bt key caps which are super high quality and dye sublimation techniques
in which the actual font or whatever is written on the actual key cap is
imprinted throughout the entire body so if you were to have a cross-section of
the key cap you will actually see that dye of the font or whatever else so it
will never wear off it’s not laser printed it’s not a sticker
it’s literally imprinted inside the key cap and the most impressive part with
Varmilo keyboards is the price so II broke ustym eyes himself at ek a layout
with different switch types throughout the board so the walls area was
something else he got himself additional key caps a wrist rest and that price was
a hundred and fifty dollars and that is usually the price point of a your
regular traditional gaming keyboard that is very mainstream yet here you have
something that there’s literally tailored by you in your color
customization and I’m really just wanted to pass that information to you because
I feel like they deserve some attention and then the wooden guy’s tipped us over
into direction of Leopold as supposedly a company that makes really high-quality
keyboards but their pricing tops at one hundred and twenty-five dollars but from
what we saw in terms of the customization of the different layouts
and different color options different wrist rest it was all really really high
quality for example the PCB underneath all the soldiering points were really
well done and this is coming from wooden guys that make keyboards themselves they
said it’s a fantastic job on the actual soldiering points so for all silent
enthusiasts this is something really cool they had this silent focused
keyboard that had felt underneath the PCB and the frame the frame was aluminum
and this is to minimize any vibration noise they had felt underneath the key
cap itself and the little rubber piece on the body so when the key cap bottoms
out that sound is being absorbed they had additional stabilizers on the
space bar and simply typing on the keyboard
not only did the felt and additional materials kind of dampen the sound but
it also gave the the keyboard a little bit of a different feel and that is so
unique and that keyboard was a hundred and nine dollars and then we got to try
their new switch that aims to compete with opera and that is one most unique
switches that I’ve ever typed on and that after the actuation point the
switch becomes heavy and that descent advises you from bottoming out it was so
enjoyable to type on and so that my friends concludes our little keyboard
exploration and Computex this is something that I never expected to see
here and the fact that we were able to just see these five companies in the
span of like 30 minutes just is incredible and I’m really looking
forward to doing more exploration at next Computex because I’m sure we’ll
find some gems in the future but if you guys have any experience with duckie or
very low or leopold let us know in the comments because i would definitely want
to branch out into that target that premium and niche keyboard market that
isn’t so expensive as it turns out I’m a Dimitri
thanks much for watching and check out this other relic content as usual I’ll
see you guys in next

100 thoughts to “These Are Keyboards You NEED To Know About!”

  1. Nice to see a more "mainstream" coverage of mechanical keyboards. This has been an open secret in the pcmr crowd, even Kyle bitwit has a varmilo kb video from 4-5 years ago.

  2. I own a Ducky Shine 5 and it’s my absolute favorite!! It’s built like a tank as well!! Annnnnnd, has survived a water spill!! Just took the caps off and put in front of a fan, and it still works like new!!!

  3. lololollol 0:15 right when you snapped the program that was updating in the back ground asked for my password

  4. You haven't felt satisfying until you've played with a perfectly lubricated blue Alps switch without the contacts in, OR a four-tab clone with curled, clicky leaf spring… I used to play with Cherry switches, but then I found… the perfect switch. Also, try Matias if you can't find any good Alps boards.

  5. i am looking for a keyb with good switches but i have only two requirements or better which is another layer of duplicate f1-f6 button of the left side of wasd , like how the logitech g105 has, and i need lights too, as well as the button on the logitech g105 that you can press that prevents the magical windows button inbetween ctrl and alt being pressed during a fullscreen game and ruining the moment. so unlesss i can find a perfect or better keyboard i will still stick with the g105 🙂

  6. i think i'm one of the few people who actually didn't like the feels and clickyness of mechanical keyboard.

  7. you can have my code cherry mx white keyboard, when you pry it from my old dead hands….
    ive tried heaps of different keyboards, even made my own from scratch, and the code keyboard is by far the best keyboard i have ever used

  8. I know I'm late to this, but I wanted to say that I this was a great video to show people that mechanical keyboards don't just exist in the gaming scene. Although, I really want to point out that as much as everybody recommended Ducky to me, I had a frustrating experience after purchasing the one 2 mini. They let their One 2 mini model have a key chattering issue that went on for over 6 months while barely addressing it. Pretty frustrating to have your keyboard double or triple typing a key after one press. I had to spend more money RMA'ing the product and Duckys delayed response to the whole thing has left a bad taste in my mouth. This was a widespread issue but they were still banking on all the streamer clout they were getting for it.

  9. I want to find the silent Leopold keyboard, which is the model number? Also, tried to buy a Varmilo from their website, but shipping is way too high, is there somewhere else that it can be bought in the US?

  10. Like the thinner keyboard shown except the key caps are perfectly flat, so a no go right off the bat. When will these companies realize how bad the ergonomics are of these super thick keyboards?

  11. How does one type on non-ergonomic keyboards and not destroy one's wrists? This is not the future. I wish wearable kbs like twiddler 3 would get cheaper.

  12. keyboards the most important output that help the mind Go the extra mile invoking computations, is it worth the money to spend on finger candy I think it is not priority my personal favorite the panda.

  13. wonder if a laptop manufacturer could try to implement those low profile omron switches into a laptop

  14. Depends on what you're looking for guess but I typed on a Ducky Legend for a couple of years. Great switches (Cherry MX) but the frame of the keyboard scratched easily even though I am not wearing a watch or anything and it was just sitting at my desk I never moved it or took it with me. Also the lighting effects were really poor. If you'd choose the breathing effect the keyboard would miss some of your key presses making it unusable and unreliable in that lighting mode. The USB cord was really stiff and way to short (a pet peeve of mine with many peripherals I must say). My current keyboard is a Drevo Tryfyng v2 and I am very pleased with it. I enjoy it far more than I did that Ducky.

  15. i love ducky my only problem with them is their still no hot swappable switch keyboard , i hope their gonna make one

  16. it's not only the soldering points. i have 6 keyboards and two of them are the FC660M with mx-clears and FC660C topre edition.. and these days i only use way more expensive full alu boards with brass ascents way more expensive then Leopold .. but Two things i'm sure of.. the plastic used by Leopold is the best in the market.. no reverb strange creaking noises.. and the stabelizers used are the best in the market for ready to use boards.. i can de-solder and replace them as i have all the tools and i don't that's how good they are.. Wooting should now as he has one himself .hahahaha..great guys btw.. And the tech Wooting uses will give you the smoothest switches as there is nothing to grind against. ahhaha.. still i would lube.. because i'm mad.. but be carful when lubing other technology..

  17. Oh my god, I'm in love with Varmilo designs. I'd been thinking of getting a DasKeyboard 4q, but how can that compete with a keyboard that has motherfucking whales on it!? I think I'll be getting it for my home computer. The Cooler Master one seems awesome too. I wonder when it will come out, as I'm looking for a new mac keyboard for the office.

  18. I wanna see a combination of that super silent keyboard with that low profile keyboard, that would be the perfect keyboard for me. Those 2 features in 75% form factor would just be amazing.

  19. just got a varmilo Koi, nicest keyboard i have ever seen in my life, so excited for it

    also what you may have mentioned but if you did i missed it, varmilo generally make better quality keyboards than ducky, which is even more great.

  20. I pre-ordered my Ducky YOTP earlier this week. Glad to see you guys covering this! There is so much more to keyboards than traditional gaming brands put out

  21. What is the Leopold keyboard with the felt? Is that a new version of the FC750R, because that model has been around for a while, but I've not seen it with the felt before. From the image @6:29, it seems to have the 'OE' OEM prefix, so I'm guessing this isn't the final name? Really keen to know more about this model, does anyone know when it will be out? Really liking the purple on black keys also.

  22. @3:18 you show a Ducky One 2 SF (65%)all white but they only released a black version of it.. or am i missing something ?

  23. What are the chances of us getting a link to the Runes keyboard. Or the files he used to make it because I would buy that in a heartbeat.

  24. Leopold, Varmilo, and Ducky are all great keyboard makers. Leopold especially deserves some recognition as the other two have slowly but surely gaining some sort of recognition. Leopold always seemed to be the kid in the back that got no attention until now. Great to see!

  25. Ive got a ducky one 2 tkl with red switches and was thinking about getting another keyboard in blues this time what should i get?, also it needs to have rgb.

  26. when ur not some big shot enthusiast who would buy multiple keyboards when they have a perfectly functional one but u watch this video anyway

  27. I hope some changes will be made for the standard keyboard for the future.
    Smaller spacebar (all 1.5u modifiers), split spacebar…
    Then parting from the staggered layout toward columnar stagger, split keyboard, different keyboard layout (maybe, maybe not).
    Xah Lee's shortcut/keybinding ideas and concepts should be known, Xah Fly Keys, and all the various articles on keybinding.

  28. The custom keyboard community is so messed up… paying over 3k for keyboards and what not…. like seriously 3k for a keyboard just amazes me lol

  29. The moment Ducky slapped their own branding on Varmilo keeb, like the ducky miya pro series keeb, you know their quality is bad compared to Varmilo.

    To anyone wanna get a new pre built, but very well done keeb, just go for Varmilo, Leopold, Poker or Filco.

    These brands pride themselves with thick PBT dye-sublimated keycaps, pre-lubed stabilizers and fantastic build quality.

  30. hall effect switches have been around for over 30 years actually. they were first implemented in a Honeywell keyboard back in the 80s iirc

  31. The switch mentioned near the end sounds like the Halo True switches I'm using on my CTRL keyboard (they also have very high bottom out weight). I really like them a lot.

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