The World’s Most Powerful Laptop!

The World’s Most Powerful Laptop!

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here! This is something very special from Acer, it’s the Predator 21X. So this box has a laptop in it. It’s huge. It’s the biggest, it’s the heaviest, it’s the most expensive laptop in the world. And I normally don’t unbox things, but because this one’s kinda special, I’d though I’d share the experience with you. [Sick gainz] This is so big. I don’t know why they needed such a large box. *Wow.* Okay. Oh my f***… this is so heavy! *Laughing.* Oh my god. Okay. I gotta see this, I gotta see what it looks like. Okay, this is surprisingly heavy. I knew it would be heavy, but this heavier than I thought it would be. Okay. Now I’m going to put this aside for just two seconds, while I look at the inside. Let’s see what else is in here. This looks like a weapons case, like if I like, went to a weapons dealer, and he showed me what I was going to buy, this is what it would look like. What is this?! Cool. We have a trackpad. Oh, it’s got a numberpad on the bottom. But it’s like a trackpad/numberpad. Okay, you must be able to switch that in and out. You get… …pamphlets. Oh no, it’s keys. Aghh, this is so cool! Okay, I’m assuming this has removable WASD keys. And a removable space bar, maybe for, like, I don’t know, we’ll see. That’s pretty cool. I should take this stuff out, ’cause what I’m going to–plug it up in a minute. We get two very large AC adapters to power this thing. I want to see what this looks like on the inside. ‘Cause this is special. Holy smokes, you could get a serious workout just lifting this thing… …all the time. Ohh… kay. I love the blue keys. This keyboard– it’s so weird! Seeing this type of keyboard in a laptop. Like this is like your regular desktop keyboard. And it’s a mechanical– I think it’s mechanical. Feels… It could be like a… a Cherry Brown, or like a Brown switch? This feels like a really nice keyboard, and it’s weird to have this kind of key travel and this type of tactility. In a laptop? Are you kidding me?! Okay, this is cool. I though this would be a sticker, but it’s not. This looks like it’s, like, painted right in. Okay, look at this. Limited edition, 17 out of 300. That’s pretty cool. Okay, this shows you how you can use… …this thing. So you can… okay I get it. So you just plug it up. Oh it’s magnetic! Ohh! That satisfying click. Does it come out? Okay, and you can just flip it. When you want numberpad, and when you want… …trackpad. Okay, I need to boot this up. Now I didn’t go through the exterior features while I opened this, because quite frankly, I was, like, super excited to just boot it up and see it. But now that I’ve looked at this for a second, the build quality is so good, there’s no play or flex on any parts of this laptop. The screen is probably one of the most unique features on this thing, and it’s a curved screen, and I’ve never actually used a gaming laptop that had a curved screen. This might be the first one of its existence. The whole reason why you have curved screens is to give you that extra level of immersion in games. But the color accuracy and brightness on this thing are fantastic. The other thing that’s really cool is that it’s a refresh rate of 120Hz. Games are going to look really good on this thing. My only suggestion if you happen to be one of the 300 people that get one of these, is to do this to your keys. It’s perfect, now it’s, like, customized to the way that your hand naturally rests. There’s an eye tracking thing down here, I’ve never been a user of Tobii eye tracking. I’ve seen people, like, play games directly off of this, but I’ve never tried it myself. So… it says caution over here, but I’m going to crack it open. I should power this down. Okay, we’re going in. I’m curious to see what’s inside this thing. Uhhhhhhhh, am I giving this too much pressure? I mean, it’s *only* $9,000. Aghh, it’s coming apart, yes! We’re in. Hard drive. 2 RAM sticks. I’m going to see the underside now. Four M2 slots, two more sticks of RAM, WiFi card. So the inside’s pretty simple to access, if you need to get in there. So you’re able to run a lot of storage on this thing. 5 drive bays, you probably won’t need any kind of external storage. The Predator 21X uses two AC adapters, each one of these is 330 watts, it’s a lot of juice going through here. And they both connect into this rubber housing, which kinda keeps it in one package. I’m going to port some specs, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but this is as loaded as a laptop gets. It’s beyond impressive. In terms of the speakers, they don’t sound bad, but I think for a laptop this size, I had unrealistic expectations, I kinda thought it would sound amazing. They do get louder than your average laptop, though. The SLI GTX 1080s are incredibly powerful. This is the stuff that dream desktops are made of, and then when you put it into a laptop form, it becomes even crazier. I ran some benchmarks, just to see how it would compare, it performs like a crazy powerful desktop, it’s insane how much horsepower this thing has. Alright, I want to play some games. Let’s put this thing to the test. The framerate on this thing is fricking amazing. One thing I just noticed, the fan noise when you’re idling is surprisingly quiet. I thought this thing would be significantly louder, because it’s a pretty powerful processor. But even when you’re playing games, if you’re on the default mode, it’s pretty quiet. ah The external temperatures are very comfortable, even when you’re playing games. When I’m running benchmarks, there is some thermal throttling on the default mode. But if you crank up the fans, that throttling disappears, and you can overclock it pretty generously. I don’t know if the mic will pick it up, but the fans are on full tilt right now, and it’s loud. Obviously this is a very powerful laptop, but whether or not it’s worth it, chances are, if you’re watching this video, and you’re kinda wondering whether or not you should buy it, this is not for you. But, if you want to live the dream, and you have the money for this thing, this thing is incredible. Amazing performance, amazing device, limited edition, pretty cool. Hope you guys enjoyed this video. Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it! I’ll see you guys next time.

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  1. I went a bit off the books for this video. Hope you guys still enjoyed it =) Thanks for the support 2D fam!
    If you’re wondering why I played Overwatch and not some other more graphically demanding game. It’s because I’ve been trying to get into top 500 in Overwatch this season and I straight up find my aim being thrown off when I switch games. I’ve become an Overwatch snob. I’m such a loser. LULZ.

  2. This thing is like heaven to me , lol my laptop has 2gb ram and crap, specs from like 15 years ago

  3. no sé qué madres dicen pancho pero parece que disen que me cruzo la frontera y que ponga tacos allá tú qu dices juan

  4. асер это же гавно редчайшее еще и как квартира стоит. друг тебя наебали

  5. There’s really no point in buying this when you can build a more powerful PC for the same price. It’s not like you’ll be moving around with this 18 pound computer much anyways.

  6. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW i dont really need it tho my brother has a gtx 1060
    i have a gtx 880 or 970 i dont really know which one i have

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  8. A laptop with a computing capability for a Mars landing or finding the cure to some type of cancer.
    Used to play first person shooter games. Sigh.

  9. Why the fuck is this video's title and description in my mother tongue? BTW Linus had it some time ago, I guess it's an Acer's campaign.

  10. $6k for the laptop and $3k for the fancy military grade weapon case I get it.. 4 empty slots for this price? So I have to spend more $$ for extra storage? Hmmm. I guess I need more kidneys.

  11. si je prend ma tour avec mon ecran dehors avec une batterie de voiture pour alimenter ce st moins lourd que ce pc de merde

  12. And this expensive, heavy laptop will be falling apart within 2 years under its own weight and from the heat it puts out.. Then it will be a heavy paperweight.

  13. Honestly like whats the point of a laptop anymore after you get that. If you carry that in public people are gonna be thinking you are carrying Nuclear Launch Codes…

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