The Truth Behind Yandere Simulator

The Truth Behind Yandere Simulator

Game development is not an easy task to undergo. There’s a reason why you see many cases
of former game developers on the news because they’ve become tired of the whole game creating
gig and quit their jobs to live in peace in the mountains until the game publishers knock
on their door with an arrest warrant, it’s back to your PC it is, sunshine. The task of developing a game from beginning
to end is very time consuming and tedious, especially if you’re the only one who’s
working on the game. Throughout the past few years, many solo created
games have gone on to spawn massive fan bases and turn into sizeable franchises, you’ve
got Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy’s, Red Dead Redemption and FIFA 19. These games have turned paupers to princes
and NEETs to NNEETs, if your game blows up, you’ve basically got yourself set for life,
there’s no need to move into another career, just quit your current job and live the rest
of your life responding to negative Steam reviews calling the person who left the review
a brainlet who doesn’t appreciate the amount of work that goes into such a mundane, heart
wrenchingly difficult task. All of the games that I stated before are
highly profitable franchises that have become hellspawn for some of the worst that the internet
has to offer, but there is one game that is in the shadows, a game that has been in development
for longer than Grand Theft Auto and is still not released. You’d think that a game that has been in
development for that long would surely be contender for game of the year, and you’d
be absolutely right. This game is a solid 100/10, Excellent out
of 4 stars, so good that my PC excreted a liquid from the power supply and is dripping
absolutely everywhere, that is just my cup that I’ve spilled, ah. Before I get sidetracked for the umpteenth
time, the game that I’m talking about today is another one of those anime games, but this
time instead of being the recipient of a cute anime girl’s love, you are the dealer of
the love to your supposed boyfriend, only you’re making absolute sure that no one
can actually talk or interact with him whatsoever. I am of course talking about Yandere Simulator. A yandere is described as a term for a person
who is initially loving and caring to someone that they like a lot until their romantic
love and devotion becomes feisty and mentally destructive in nature through either overprotectiveness,
violence, brutality or all three. Yandere characters in anime tend to be ones
that are extremely overprotective of their senpai to the point that they will go to extreme
lengths to make sure that they are the only ones who are actually in love with the intended
victim. I’m going to be using victim instead of
senpai because in this case that’s pretty much what the character is. Yandere characters have been seemingly popular
over the past few years, you have Yuno Gasai from Future Diary, Shion Sonozaki and Rena
Ryuugu from Higurashi (to be honest though, all the girls qualify in that franchise, they’re
all fucking nutters, I tell you) and you got Sayaka Miki from Madoka Magica. These characters in their respective series
show obsessive levels of love towards a specific character and will go to mental lengths in
order to ensure that their love is the only love that they need, sometimes ending up killing
other characters in order to get their way. Someone looks in the general direction of
my boyfriend, DEAD. Someone sends a text message to a group chat
that my boyfriend is in, DEAD. Someone falls over a balcony trying to reach
their house and the place that they had slipped had been scraped by my boyfriend when he tripped
over at the same place 16 decades ago, DEAD. It’s the obsessive nature of these characters
that cause them to be quite popular with audiences. No matter how many people try to claim that
they prefer Dojikko girls or Cat girls, it’s the unhinged violent yandere girls that tend
to be exceedingly popular with weeb audiences because they provided (or used to provide)
a different type of personality to the type of girls that are normally seen in anime,
with Tsundere and Yandere characters from all forms of japanese media constantly polling
at the top of the “Best Girl” charts. It’s not just anime and manga that these
types of girls are popularised. In some cases, actual real life incidents
occur with yanderes and these are told on websites such as 2chan and 8chan. These stories tend to be popular on YouTube
with creepypasta YouTubers making videos highlighting the scariest and the best stories involving
this character type from 2chan. The moral of the story as a wise man once
enunciated, do not stick your dick in crazy. Now seeing just how popular yanderes are,
and in a society where YouTube was gaining traction extremely fast and people really
seemed to love those simulator type games (Can’t wait to load up my copy of Farming
Simulator 2018, (death metal plays)) One person who went by the name of YandereDev, going
down the same route as PlayerUnknown and his game Unkgrounds Playown Bat, decided to mix
the genres together and create Yandere Simulator, a game where you played a yandere girl as
she tried to win her senpai’s love but there are pesky opponents that are hindering your
progress so you gotta eliminate them in the most ambiguous way possible. When the game loads up you are treated to
a nice looking, pleasant menu screen with the titular character, Yandere-chan, staring
blankly into the distance and idling like any normal person would do- oh, Oh my. The objective of the game is made absolutely
clear from the very beginning, and that is to win the love of your victim, how you actually
accomplish this is completely unknown to me, to you or to anyone really, not least the
dev, but in this school of witchcraft and wizardry there are many rivals you must overcome
in order to successfully win the love of your victim… well there’s only one but she’s
a very formidable rival and one that you have to use all of your intellect in order to overcome
this looming threat (clip of character getting electrocuted). When you load into the game for the first
time you’re given a deadline. This deadline is one that you have to be extremely
wary of as once that deadline is hit, you have lost your victim forever as he has gone
out with your rival instead of you. Game over. Now in your well modeled and highly optimised
room you have a shrine dedicated to your vic- I’m tired of saying victim i’m just gonna
call him Bill. You have a shrine that is dedicated to Bill,
with various items of paraphernalia either belonging to you or belonging to Bill, for
example an apple that you spend copious amounts of hours licking the tooth marks off of like
a normal functioning human being. You also have your wardrobe. Seeing as Unity and MMD don’t seem to mix
as well as people like to think they do everyone is relegated to the same schoolwear and not
a single thing is changed about them but you know what you can change? Your underwear, your tighty-whitie- can’t
say that. Your multi-coloured and multi-cultural pants. These give you special abilities or they up
your abilities by a fair bit depending on what type of underwear you end up donning. But all this talking has made you late for
school you naughty girl get out of the house right now. Now you can choose the healthier option which
is cycling to school with bike handling that would make Insomniac games seethe in their
seats or you can just teleport right in front of your school gates. For the sake of time we’ll choose the teleport
option and look at that the school’s right there. It’s super early in the morning but this
is the optimum time for you to watch everyone walk in from their daily commute from the
abyss. Watch as your classmates walk past you with
a blank expression on their face and slowed down walk cycle animation as the pleasant
music plays in the background and look who’s there! It’s Bill! You try and go within 2 metres of him though
and you can’t, you have a panic attack right then and there and if you linger for too long
he starts to notice that you’re near him. In the school there are different classes
and clubs and classrooms you can join, all of them headed by a ghost like figure who
you have to consult before joining a club. You go into your daily class routine and you
take your classes. With each lesson you learn you can up your
stats in a specific area, how you use these stats to your advantage is not made clear
because the game makes you a brainlet from the beginning. At the end of the school day you can choose
to linger outside school for a little longer before you go home and have a good night’s
sleep. The End. Now comes the part where you start yandere-ing..? Your mission is to win Bill’s affection
and ensure that you, my friend you are the only one that Bill can fall for. How do you do that? Eliminating the opposition. When you walk into the school there are a
couple of weapons on the floor. You’d think that people would notice that
there are chainsaws and syringes and swords on the floor in front of them but the AI is
too stupid to notice until you pick it up and all of a sudden you’re on five stars
and there are police running after you. You have 1 main rival you have to battle with
in order to make Bill fall in love with you before the dreaded deadline hits and you’ve
got a plethora of ways you can eliminate her using the entire school to your potential:
you can trick her into electrocuting herself, you can drop a weight on her and give her
permanent brain damage, you can set her on fire, you can push her off a building, you
can get her to push herself off her building or you can play it straight and run her through
and through but make sure NOT to do it when a teacher is watching you or else you get
apprehended or worse… expelled. One scenario has you play out a Yakuza style
kidnapping and brainwash her or your other victim into following your orders and doing
obscene things such as killing other classmates and then killing themselves. You can gain supernatural powers and dismember
your rivals all in the name of true love. Yandere Simulator initially came to light
at around 2013 when the developer, Alex, pitched the idea of a game making fun of the yandere
trope seen in anime to the /v/ board. Now /v/ is full to the brim with contrarians
who hate everything and anything if it isn’t made by Sony Computer Entertainment, but the
people on that thread in particular seemed to unanimously agree that this was a cool
idea and could work really well if made into a full game. Boy do they regret ever giving Alex the idea
to pursue that game idea. Alex then got to work on Yandere Simulator,
a simulator for all the thirsty neckbeards around the world to live out their school
life as a yandere character and win the love of their Bill. The game hit the big time in an extremely
short amount of time thanks to YouTubers like Markiplier and PewDiePie making extensive
playthroughs of the game in its extremely early access state. And people ate it up (snippet from Markiplier
and PewDiePie’s playthroughs). Everyone saw the video and the game and went:
“Anime girls killing each other! Boy does that sound like a snack!” And saw that the game is available for free! And you can donate for faster work done and
more features to be added down the line! So the internet did what the internet does
and threw money at a stupid concept once again. Now that I’ve given you some extensive context
to the game and what made it so popular, this is the part of the video where I break down
the dev’s fall from grace (not that he had much grace to fall down on). The first downside to the game is the fact
that the dev is too ambitious and pretentious. I won’t go into detail about his backstory
because there are already a ton of videos about this, but I will summarise his backstory
in one quick segment headed by a glass of ale. (segment) But one clear thing you
should take away from him is the fact that he has a massive, massive ego. Before Yandere Simulator there was a game
called “Lunar Scythe”, which was a game about a girl who thinks that some people who
are living in the world don’t deserve to live because they are sinners so instead of
seeing a psychiatrist or a therapist to diagnose her complete and utter batshit ideals she
kills everybody she sees because Death the boogeyman told her to do it. TRIPLE A GAMEPLAY. He sends this proof of concept? To the programmer of Skullgirls, known as
Mike Z. And he criticises his game, he’s not too
impressed by the edge-fest that’s been handed to him. Now he doesn’t take criticism of this game
too well, but okay, that’s cool, he’s young and inexperienced, he’ll mature as
he gets older. Yandere Simulator is way too bloated. It’s gotten to the point that I don’t
even think Alex knows what the hell the genre of the game is meant to be. It’s a hack and slash stealth combat based
psychological thriller steam tag bait game. There’s no beginning middle end to the game. It’s just load in. Walk around for a bit. Kill someone and run. Walk around for a bit. Join a club. Notice Bill loitering around the main area
of the building. Look all shifty… then kill someone and run. It’s essentially a Hitman game with Yakuza
sprinkled in and Alex said himself he even wanted more combat based mechanics in the
game with 10 fully fleshed out opponents preventing you from ever winning Bill’s love. The developer lacks focus on what his game
is trying to be which makes the experience vapid and unenjoyable. It’s like he wanted GTA levels of interaction
but only managed to make a cheap knock-off that you find on the 5th page of the Google
Play store. I understand trying to make your game as long
as possible but it doesn’t really work when the type of things you’re adding are so
wildly different to the base game that it’s not even a Yandere Simulator and it’s just
a Garry’s Mod anime girl server. It doesn’t help that he’s not actually
focusing on fixing the game, he’s literally just adding bullshit game modes that have
nothing to do with the outer story of the game, which just adds to the amount of time
taken developing this game. This game has been in development for well
over 5 years at this point and it is not looking like it is finishing anytime soon and this
is despite Alex receiving well over 100,000 dollars from Patreon, YouTube and Twitch that
could easily have gone to hiring some people or some one to help with the game’s development. Oh wait, he did do that! So a couple of years ago, Alex was approached
by a company called tinyBuild. If you’ve watched my old videos you’ll
note that TinyBuild are a moderately sizeable company and they are notable for financing
and publishing indie games that have seen varying degrees of success but they are a
company and do you know what companies bring to a project? They bring a lot of bread. You just need to be able to supply the butter
or else your bread would become burnt toast. With shit on it. TinyBuild approached Alex and saw the game
in its current state, all weird and MMD looking. So they gave a stunning suggestion to Alex:
how about we give you one of our minions to help you develop the game. And we’ll help finance it so that it is
actually released this century! Deal? So they kicked out one of their developers
and handed them over to Alex for him to do as he pleases… which was of course to help
him work on the code for his game. The dev was probably fine with working on
the game… until he actually saw the code. (screaming) The code was a nightmare. It looked like the work of someone who had
taken one beginner lesson on codecademy and declared himself the next PlayerUnknown. Summarised on Reddit, some of the functions
that he had put in the code were unnecessary and just helped to bloat the game into oblivion. He stated that the Update function has nearly
2000 lines of code. Each character has that function running in
their code. Multiply 2000 with the number of students
that are in the game and you have the amount of lines in code being executed per frame. For each character that’s been added an
extra 2000 lines are added. The most recent update to the game added 30,000
more lines of code that it has to run EVERY SINGLE FRAME. Consider yourselves lucky that your computer
hasn’t nuked your neighbourhood into Morrowind. This was what the tinybuild guy, had to deal
with. Despite this he took on the challenge of developing
the game properly so that the code wasn’t spaghetti, no ifs, no else’s, no buts. Seemed to be going well THEN SUDDENLY. Alex posts to his Patrons that he’s been
dropped by tinyBuild in this statement. So now let us quickly dissect some of this
statement. For a long time, I was extremely reluctant
to consider the possibility of bringing another programmer onboard the project. (Oh gee, I wonder why!). I didn’t want to risk losing weeks or months
of my time teaching someone how the systems work, how to modify various aspects of the
game, where important files are located, et cetera. (Honestly you’d be losing a little more
than a few weeks or months of your time with the code you had going, you’d probably need
a few generations in order to walk someone through where all the magic is supposed to
happen. And considering how slow the development of
the game is, I honestly don’t see the point in not bringing in another programmer because
you could’ve had a cleaner build of the game released in a much shorter time period
than this asset flipped piece of sh- I didn’t want to risk the programmer modifying my code
in ways that make it alien and foreign to me, impeding my ability to make progress on
the game. (Well of course hiring a programmer who is
better than you in design would make it seem a little phhhorin to you, he’d be teaching
you more than you’d be teaching him) He tends to repeat himself regularly during
the statement so I’ll summarise the events that happened according to him. The programmer who was sent by tinyBuild rewrote
the entire code of the game from scratch. He saw firsthand just how spaghetti the codetti
was and fixed the issue to make the code actually useable. This did not go down well with the YandereDev
as he couldn’t read the code. It looked clean it’s not meant to look clean
it’s meant to look dark and gritty and messy, that’s more like it! Long story short tinyBuild dropped him. Even though he likes to claim that he was
the one who dropped them, they dropped him. (Yandere Simulator heartbroken screen). It is now approaching 5 years since word of
Yandere Simulator has spread across the internet and what you’re seeing is the game in its
current state. Now does this look like a game that has been
five years in the making? In a video and a subsequent Patreon post,
Alex made references to other games that have been in development for a long time, such
as Cuphead and cited those as an excuse as to why his game is taking so long to be made. Now I don’t know about you but this game
is certainly no Cuphead. It has been 5 years and the game still looks
like an MMD animation mixed in with Miniclip free online flash game. It doesn’t look good. Granted it looks better than how it did when
it first came out this just isn’t passable. Alex stated himself, multiple times that the
models that they are using for the game are not final and they will be replaced with other
models that have been made from the ground up down the line. It doesn’t really seem like these models
are going to be made anytime soon if you’re continuing to make animations on your model
that is just an edited version of this asset you can find on the Unity store. And wait, you can also find the entire model
of the school that they’re using on the Unity store as well! I wouldn’t be too vexed by this at all if
there was at least some progress being made into making independent assets and models. Like take PUBG for example. That game was a 100% bona fide asset flip. It’s like loading into Unreal Engine the
first time and finding out there’s a store full of items and then copying and pasting
them everywhere 10/10 game design Kotaku will be proud. But as the game got very very large in a short
period of time Bluehole Entertainment focused their energies on making their own original
assets for the game, with maps being created from scratch without them buying anything
from the Unreal store. This on the other hand… has been five years
in the making, thousands of dollars in the bank and not one asset of the game is 100%
original and built from the ground up. Yandere-chan’s living room is stolen, and
the pool in the school was literally stolen from a porn game. Each of the “rivals”, which funnily enough,
only one has been not complete complete but complete enough to be in the game, are literally
the default model but with a wacky hairstyle to make it like the animes you’ve been watching
on the TV. When developing a game, it is paramount that
you maintain some sort of professionality when in the public eye, no matter how much
of a meme your game is supposed to be. From the turbulent development of Yandere
Simulator, this is a prime example of how not to develop your game. The image of your game is shaped mostly by
the people behind it. If it is a single developer or a small team
whose leader is front and centre of the game, like again PUBG and even Undertale, you’ve
got to make sure that your own image is squeaky clean because if your image is bad, your game
is bad. Even if your game is good. The image that Alex has given himself has
been a less than stellar image, with the people who have volunteered to help work on the game
documenting a bad experience with Alex. According to this anecdote there was another
instance where a friend of his wanted to join as a volunteer to work on Yandere Simulator. He wanted to extend his services and Alex
seemed ‘incredibly interested’ and asked him to draw a portrait of one of the rivals. The artist then sent his work the same night
to Alex and was met with an ‘unprofessional and incredibly rude response; with Alex telling
him that his art ‘looks awful’ and something he’d never want to have put anywhere near
his game. That’s something that you shouldn’t say
about someone’s art: I’m not trying to go for a gamers, rise up union, but there’s
no criticism of the art in that statement, he just told him it looks crap and told him
to beat it. The issue continues with Alex responding to
a person wanting to volunteer as a voice actor, stating that he is very very tired of hearing
from inexperienced amateurs who waste his time and the fact that they are all 12-13
year olds with crappy microphones. With a reputation like yours at this moment
in time why would anyone even consider going for a voice acting gig with your game? Look at her face and tell me that she wants
to be there at this moment in time. This is an official merchandise photo. For the record, the current voice actors and
actresses in the game however are pretty decent and do a good job with the stuff that they
are given: with the amount of money that is being pocketed each month on Patreon, you’d
think they get paid. Well… I don’t actually know maybe they do maybe
they don’t but that doesn’t take away from the fact that Alex’s attitude is horribly
toxic and bitter and one that shouldn’t be allowed in this kind of environment. But wait there’s more. This is going off on a bit of a tangent, but
an artist who works or worked for Alex was called out for tracing a lot of her art and
she has vehemently denied that she has traced them, deciding to flag all of the comments
trying to expose her. Some examples have been recovered and I’ll
leave you to decide… After multiple posts calling him out in the
comments for slacking off his game, slagging of his fans and slapping a big fat L on his
reputation, he made the decision to PewDiePie 2014 his comments. No more were people allowed to send messages
or comment on his video because if you tried to you’d be banned extremely quickly. He cited the reasons of the comment section
closing as “Too many edgy teenage kids”. And here we have a comment that you have made
quite recently that appears to be an edgy childish comment. Really gets the noggin jogging, really initialises
my cranium. He also cites “Constant spreading of misinformation
/ outright lies”. Well, he had made a statement about how he
is not actively moderating his Discord and subreddit, he is merely acting as an owner
by name. And here you have him actively moderating
his Discord and subreddit. Heavily. Really gets your gish galloping. His paranoid banning habits on Discord and
Reddit aren’t really a good look especially if it’s over completely mundane things like
asking for a new update to the game. All of Alex’s wrongdoings must have been
enough for some websites to handle as his official blog on WordPress where he posts
his game updates got suspended very recently. I guess they got tired of waiting for the
game to come out so they decided to terminate it before it became terminal. It’s gotten to the point that the modding
community is better than the game itself. I used to be sceptical of all the new videos
being posted about Yandere Simulator on YouTube then I looked into it and realised that they’re
all modded. The modding community is doing a much better
job at fleshing out the game than the actual developer, how has this even happened? He goes onto denounce the fans, the very people
that gave his game the popularity it needed to rake in $6000 in revenue. I promised myself I wouldn’t write myself
to the end of the world and back in the making of this video, but here we are. The turbulent tale of Yandere Simulator and
it’s flawed beginnings, middles and ends. Who knows, maybe the game will be complete
sometime this generation but I wouldn’t hold your breath with the horrid reputation
that the developer has and the aura around the game being extremely negative. It’s weird being in the camp of people who
used to look forward to what the game has to offer several years ago but it doesn’t
seem like the developer is growing up and maturing with his game. He is notorious for not taking criticism too
well and resorts to deleting videos about him so if you’re watching this, yay, I’m
still alive! Before I wrap up this video, I’d like to
thank all the lovely voice actors who have helped contribute their vocal chords to this
video and all the body actors who’ve contributed their body chords to this video. I do have a Patreon if you want more frequent
videos and higher budgeted edits, and I also have a Discord server where you can chat with
me and get work in progress of new videos. Make sure to leave a like and subscribe if
you’re new and comment what kind of features you wanted in the game. Links to all the sources and information will
be found in the description, and I thank thee for taking the time to feast your eyes on
this video. I’ll now leave you with some good old controversial
Yandere Simulator posts.

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    It’s a indie game with some volunteers, what do you expect from a independent game developer and this is his first big game ,Also in my point of Veiw, I would understand of it was told from the perspective of a professional game developer, or someone involved in the development since the begging.

  14. From watching this video, it seems the YandereDev himself is a Yandere.

    Lets go over some things.

    Yandere: someone who loves something or someone so much that they become extremely possessive of it and protective of it, to the point were they may act very aggressive towards people they see as a threat to what they love.

    YandereDev: Is extremely protective over his game and will NOT let anybody step in and make undesired changes to it. also noted that he has acted very aggressive towards people who have criticized his game.

    Conclusion: YandereDev is a Yandere for his own game. he loves it to the point in which he will never let others touch it, or criticize it.

  15. Did you call Sayaka Miki a Yandere, my guy did you even watch a show, I think she was more concerned about losing her soul

  16. This game was in development since I was in Middle School. I'm in my final year of Highschool now and the Game still isn't even half way there…
    It took less time to make Cuphead where Each Frame was Hand Drawn. That's a Bruh moment if I ever saw one.
    And Yandere Dev's attitude is a problem of its own. How do you mess up so bad?

  17. Gave up on Yandry Dev. He will never finish the game, and doesn't know how to code and doesn't seem like he wants to learn. He is just eating money from those that want to toss money at a hopeless quest to get to even when the game is a "demo" yeah, sure. Its not going to happen.

  18. Lol this was recommended. I remember back in 2016ish when the dev said in a month he'd add Osana (1st rival) It's been 3 years and he's done nothing but add bugs lol

  19. I think hytale had around the same development time as Yandere sim but like its almost out the difference in quality is 👀

    (Edit: This guy sounds like the guy version of garnet from SU lolol)

  20. Im sorry im very late but he was mad at lunar scythe for its plot?have you seen hate?its like the same thing this plot is not common but it still happens.

  21. Ya know…I forgot half of these were features/kill methods since they were thrown in willy-nilly at every opportunity to the point they just blended together or became utterly useless since THE FIRST RIVAL HAS AN UNBEATABLE BODYGUARD AT ALL TIMES!!! Like…there's too much to the game now and it's failing to distinguish itself between complex and bloated. Too many features, three years for the FIRST rival (a key element of the game) with nine more still to go, multiple endings depending on every single choice, a fucking bodyguard, unrealistic time limits and restrictions that cripple the player, and much more. Alright, I'm done…for now.

  22. 22:08 this bitch tryna play to the anti-sj shit to /v/ of all people. No Cunty McGee you don't need to do SJW shit in your game to be a sellout, you just have to pull a Tim Schafer and eat up everybody's fucking money and make little to no progress in your game.

  23. Lol apparently he won't finish it he needs someone to take over it'll probably take till like 2028 to finish the game. Like I'd pay him 1k$ to take over it.

  24. I have seen Devs make so much better games in a shorter amount of time who were single developers. The godly shooter DUSK for example was made in between the time Yandre Simulator was announced and the game has become critical success and was also made by a single dev. This is proof that Alex has no excuse for the game being in this state, clearly this game is just a useless side project for him and he's just taking the money and running with it.

  25. god it’s such a shame yandev is a shithead. i thought yandere simulator was funny first time i saw it, but hearing this is an absolute disappointment

  26. Okay, let me just get started by saying that I have just spent the last ten minutes looking through comments talking shit about YS and Yandere Dev. Of course, there were about a handfull of people who defended Yandere Dev. So, I'm gonna make a guess here and say that most of the people here in the comments section have never coded a game from start to finish by themselves before.
    Now, I always get mad when people do this. In fact I've told my friends multiple times that if you didn't do the this you're judging the you have no room to judge.
    I know that this is a long comment but I just had to say something before I exploded. Sorry if I offended anyone I just had to get this message out. I know nobody will probaby read this but even typing out this message has helped me vent, and to whoever read this comment from start to finish, thank you. Bye!!! ❤

  27. It’s impossible to make a game that’s truly within your vision all by yourself. No matter who you are, I can tell you for a fact that you do not have a talent for coding, modeling, art, voice acting, animating, and so on. You will struggle with at least three of the things necessary to make a good game. That’s why you need a team to help you.
    But here’s the thing: If it’s your game, and you’re paying the people helping you, then they don’t really have to impede on “your vision” unless you want them to. So long as you pay them, and aren’t rude to them, they’ll redo and remake whatever they have to, until you view it as perfect. But again, you need to PAY them, and be RESPECTFUL to them.
    Now the “pay them” aspect will be difficult for a lot of people, but in Yandere Dev’s case, he could afford to pay a team of six for 5 years, and probably barely put a dent on the pile of money he’s amassed.

  28. I used to have this friend who had the retarded mindset that in programming, functions and classes are allways bad and that you should use as little of them as possible. He did the same dumb shit that this guy does; putting a shit-ton of code all in a single function, no matter how unrelated it is to each other. The funny thing is that he, apparently coincidentally, used to play alot of Yandere simulator between breaks.

  29. honestly though yandere dev isn't a good dev the reason he's not finishing this is the same reason why so many wannabe game devs never finish their games

    because they start off too big trying to make a magnum opus that will feed them for their entire life and gain them praise and attention

  30. I believe that this game has potential, however the developer must focus on the main target and not adding additional content. An example would be clubs. Sure it is a good idea of finding multiple ways to end a rival with the use of clubs, but it makes more sense to focus on developing primary tasks that is a necessity to the game

  31. Yeah, building a game isn't too difficult but directing a game and bringing a creative vision to it is another story. Hire a group of people, don't succumb to the ego.

  32. Yeah, as someone who programs and also does 3D modeling in maya taking people's models and having spaghetti code is very cringe, he must be screaming inside. Although, to save time it's better to buy an actual model. Maybe he's one of those geniuses who didn't take the knowledge aspect into consideration and just breezed through a quick course. Accumulated knowledge is just as important as inherent ability, this is a good example why.

  33. not to be That Guy, but… its kinda fucked up that Alex is perfectly fine with talking about a teenager's underwear and using it as a currency :/

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