The ROI of Social Media

The ROI of Social Media

more businesses than ever are devoting an increasing amount of resources to social media marketing but how do companies know if these efforts are effective almost 3/4 of chief marketing officers believe their social media efforts will generate hard ROI this year and almost all of them are starting to look beyond sales goals and web metrics to identify social medias value social media is now used to achieve business objectives by 76% of companies and 64% of marketers are integrating social media into their strategies CMOS are using a variety of metrics to measure their social media marketing activities more than half of them pay close attention to the number of positive customer mentions fans and page contributors and nearly half track the number of pageviews impressions customer posts and brand mentions over the long term social media prompts significant drops in marketing costs nearly 3/4 of marketers close new business with the aid of social media and more than half realized gains and search engine ranking when investing a minimum of 6 hours per week current experiences reveal the platforms that deliver the most significant are alive CMOS say Facebook is the most valuable platform while ratings and reviews Twitter Linkedin and YouTube were also ranked as delivering significant ROI more companies plan on increasing their presence on YouTube than any other platform still a comparable number of businesses plan to increase their presence on Facebook blogs Twitter and LinkedIn because every business has different objectives ROI will be different for everyone before adding social media to any marketing campaign companies should clearly define their objectives in addition to identifying your objectives Forrester recommends four factors to consider the impact to your bottom line your brand your ability to manage your reputation and your digital assets by defining the goals and metrics that are right for your social media campaign you'll be able to measure your results and ultimately determine your return on investment you

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  2. Although most businesses have traditionally looked to ROI in order to indicate whether specific goals are being met, there are certain aspects of social media that may not fit into the traditional ROI models. For example, when a company positively interacts with a customer or a prospective customer through social media, there are more people than just the principals who are privy to that interaction. Those people will be affected either positively or negatively.

  3. Great video guys, looking to share this on my social media website – don't worry will add in the mention aswell MDGadvertising 🙂

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