The Real Estate Social Media Strategy That Pays for Itself | Sandra Pike | Success Summit 2017

The Real Estate Social Media Strategy That Pays for Itself | Sandra Pike | Success Summit 2017

so did you know that 47% of us fail at social media and we earn less than 1% of our Commission's from social media so if there was a way today that I can show you how I built my business and I grew it by 26% each year would that be an interest already let's go so back in 2010 I decided to become a realtor and I can tell you before I started I had the most amazing database it was full of Realtors I sold advertising to Realtors before I actually became one so Halifax is all about who you know who you like who you trust and I knew zero people in Halifax I wasn't from there so in 2010 I decided to become a realtor so of course you know we all work the open houses and my market sucks typically we're in a 12-month inventory we are now at 9.8 3 so I was working all of these open houses lucky if I got to buyers in and it was dead so mama needs new shoes and you know I thought what in the heck am I going to do to build my database so what I did I bought my notepad to bed with me every night and this Facebook thing and I started adding people from Ottawa I started adding people who were in Newfoundland and then as soon as we became friends I stalked your friend list and I just kept in a dead add every realtor in Halifax I put them all on my facebook when it came to LinkedIn and Twitter didn't care who you were I just added you because I needed some how to not be a secret agent so again I just kept building my database online so what did I do when I had about 3000 people I started some of us like to call them bragging I like to call it celebrating and for me a buyer could equate to about 12 different posts so what I did I'm going out to show homes today to a buyer so excited I wrote an offer fingers crossed that my offer get gets accepted and then if I was on a home inspection I took a picture of myself in the home inspector of the electrical fuse box whatever I just wanted people to know that I was a realtor because we're all broke right when we first started in the industry and this was my only way of getting the message out there that I was an agent so what happened was as this progressed I started getting referrals and people from home would email me on Facebook hey Sandra so-and-so's moon for Mary's town to move into Halifax you need to help them and I remember there was one chap that we went to college back in 1994 and he emails me on Facebook he said Sandra I'm so proud of all the work that you're doing he said the boys are here we're out to sea and you need to help them buy a house so can you mail me all your business cards and I'll give them out so when they get back them their wives they can contact you and help you buy a house so social media for me was cheap it was free and it was the way I grew my business online and I can tell you so this is now 2012 because I kept celebrating everything that I was doing and then I get this Sandra can you come into the office we need to have a chat and so this was my broker at the time and I go in God love her she goes Sandra you are doing so good I am so proud of you and you know it's only been two years that you've been a realtor you're just kicking ass like I love you just keep up the good work but I need you to know something the Realtors yeah they hate you and I'm like okay and so you know what it's like when you're involved in a conversation and there's things that you want to say but you never say it and so we said okay and I went home that night and I thought you know if I succeed in real estate it truly doesn't affect you if I fail it really doesn't affect you either so what do you care what I'm doing and what do I care what they think of me right so that night I love you but I took all the realtors off my facebook who weren't friends and for me I needed to remain positive because you know this industry can be negative and I just needed to remain positive and because social media for me worked we all have the same opportunity to use social media I just chose to do it and it was free so let's fast forward now to 2014 so I joined coaching and I decided well you know what I need to go down to the sales edge to see who Tom Farias and I go down to sales edge by myself in Florida and he's going on okay everybody you need to do video and I want everybody right now to take out your phone and let's do a video so it's probably gonna happen here this week and I looked at him and I'm like not so much and I didn't take out my phone I'm watching the other people do it and you know you know – cool right – take out my phone to do it so I get back home I get back home and the first thing that happens to me was that I get a listing so it's on Roslyn Road and I remember it so I'm standing outside and I'm thinking okay I'm gonna do a video so I got my phone no you have to hold it like this hey it's Sandra Pike from rola page Atlantic oh my god look at the wrinkles delete and so I didn't have a selfie stick back then right so I'm holding the phone out like this hi there it's even a plague from roll the page Atlantic in a pike group oh my god I sound like a new feet and we don't we talk differently than most people in Halifax so okay delete I gotta do it again okay hi Darion seem to play the role of agent lighting in the PI crew welcome to look at my hair and I can tell you that day I was my own worst enemy and I must did about 14 different takes of like hey it's Sandra and you know what at the end of the day I thought okay this is how I am in person this is what I sound like in person with my Newfie accent so I only need two get a hundred people to like me and to do business with me so screw it and do it and I did and now 300 videos later you know it's just I'm here today by the way pretending I'm doing a video so Halifax Nova Scotia you know I'm started real estate in 2010 there was an eleven hundred agents in Halifax we're sitting at nine point eight three months of inventory the average house price is three hundred thousand there were thirty two homes last year that sold over a million I wasn't one of them so last year with perseverance and with consistency which I can't tell you enough how important that is I am the number one listing agent in Halifax here today thank you and year-to-date I got my stats to my broker the other day I ranked number one and again not being from Nova Scotia I knew there again just a few years ago and I've built my business all on social media and everything was free so this week you're going to be here and it's going to be I just got to back up here now it's going to be so confusing so overwhelming and you're gonna get home and you're going to be like oh my god where do I start so what I'd like to talk to you about is how I layered my business so how I grew it and what I'm doing now so this is called canva so see am so is a place where I go to make ads so after I sell a house I'm all excited I'm pumped and I'm thinking like I do happy dances in my head and so let's say another one bites the dust by Queen and that song will come in my head and then I google the image and so with that image I download it on my desktop and from there I upload it to canvas stick my logo on put the company logo on it and boom it's done and then I send it out if you're spending more than 3 minutes on canva you're truly taking too long to do it don't overthink it just do it it's that easy so now once I have the ad post it you know where do I put it like oh sorry create it where do I put it so I use a program called HootSuite and HootSuite back in the day I used it it was free but now I go to about seven different platforms where I post you know from facebook business LinkedIn etc and that's where I post my ads that I create now again keep your post simple and you'll be able to do well and keep them authentic so let's talk about Facebook personal so back in the day again when I had no money my little profile picture what I did was I had the company logo and I had my phone number so passively people knew that I was a real estate agent so when it was your birthday I'm like happy birthday people saw that I was a realtor and so did their friends see that I was a realtor or if there's some other comment that I could have made I certainly put that up there as well and I don't do it now but for about five years my little profile picture always had the company logo and my phone number so again simple stuff folks that don't cost any money so now when it comes to my business page I didn't really harness that probably to 2012 and after that so a client can call me on the phone I'll say you know what are you on Facebook why don't you go to our Facebook business page have a look at that look at the quality of our pictures or video and see what we're doing just before I get to meet you now the next thing that I'm gonna talk about this goes from Facebook into Google so those of you who don't have your business registered with Google do it today because I can tell you back when I bought my house years ago I didn't know what was I didn't know what MLS was you know what the people here from the states some may be your clients don't know what Zillow is so they're sitting at home they're googling real estate in your community so why not register your business on Google and you'll get a letter in the mail saying that you now are registered with Google so with this when it comes to your facebook business page anybody who gives you a review on your business page well now automatically transfer over to Google and so here I just have some of the testimonials every time I do a deal I send the Kleins a link love to have a testimonial in order to have a kick-butt Google page you need to have at least 12 pictures and at least six testimonials now there a couple of weeks ago Google made made a new new thing called you can pulse now on your Google business page so I just started doing that every time I'm making an ad unfortunately doesn't get over to my Google business page so I just automatically put it up there as well and the next thing we have is your YouTube and I can't stress to you enough how video is going to be so important so with your YouTube page it has to be the same name as your business that you have registered on Google in order for the tube connect so let's talk about Instagram so I didn't start this till 2015 everybody came back from elite and they're talking about this guy Gary Vee and you know we should do Instagram so I thought okay I'll do it so Instagram is a different kettle of fish it's all about like no touch people want to just you've got to show something different Realtors just don't have all real estate on your pages and if your page is locked make it public people just want to follow you right so don't have it locked so on Instagram it was my way of connecting with Millennials and I developed a persona deals and heels so every time I sell a house it's a picture of a new pair shoes every time I list a house it's a pair of shoes and obviously there's real estate in there and there's some personal stuff in there I go out in Halifax now and I get people coming up to me oh my god you're that deals and heels girl and again it's just another way it's another venue that's free that I get to do business on and last year I had this lady from Ontario with Keller Williams hey Sandra I love what you do on Instagram and my sister's getting ready to sell her home in Sackville can you list it for a deal right from Instagram that didn't cost me a penny and now we have Twitter I'll be honest I just post up there I haven't been that good on Twitter but for those of you who are on Twitter I recommend that you harness because you can get leads from there and then we have LinkedIn so a lot of you don't use LinkedIn last year here at Summit I get a call Sandra I want you to list my house and I'm like well I'm in Vegas right now I'm at a conference I don't care I see what you do on LinkedIn I love your post I love your videos I want you to list my house when you get back the year before that I had a mortgage broker in the city and you know he called me up he said I don't know how to give my business to because I deal with all these Realtors but I like what you do on LinkedIn and I want you to sell my property I sold for for him and again all I did was post my success I was celebrating I posted my listings and folks I'm getting listings for free just off social media and then of course we have Yelp and Yelp is not that big in Canada yet for a real estate but it's there it's another venue that I just upload on my ads to to Yelp so folks you're here for a couple days and I can't stress to you enough that when you get home you're gonna again you're gonna be so overwhelmed it's to write down on a little tiny post-it notes one idea per note and if it's things that you want to do like I need to do Instagram I need to do LinkedIn or whatever that you're gonna learn here today put your do doing and done board the stuff that Tom talks about and just pick one idea off at a time don't try to do everything because you won't do anything ok so just one idea at a time so if it's Instagram okay let's do it you're going to – you're doing board and then after a month gets laid it and now you're over and it's done so thank you so much for your time today you know what folks screw it and do it get it done and there's no reason why you all can't be successful thank you hey it's coach tom ferry have you been considering hiring a coach if so click the link below and check out what we do

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