The pregnancy test was negative… then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱 – BBC

The pregnancy test was negative… then I gave birth in a hotel toilet! 😱 – BBC

Caller: Hiya, can I have an ambulance at the Brittania hotel at Portland street please? Dispatcher: Is the patient breathing? Caller: Yeah.
Dispatcher: Tell me exactly what happened. Erm, my friend, well, she’s not been well all day and then she’s literally just had a baby. Dispatcher: So she actually had a baby? Yeah. When? About two, three minutes ago? How many weeks pregnant was she? Erm, actually I don’t know. Because she didn’t actually know she was pregnant. Right, is baby fine? It seems fine, erm It’s crying and it’s screaming and everything. [baby’s cries overheard] Narrator: An ambulance is dispatched immediately. They’re ten minutes away, but we’ll also need a clinician with additional skills. John, an advanced paramedic, is three minutes from the hotel. Yes, 498. Dispatch: 498, just getting details of a female giving birth at the Brittania Hotel. We have got alpha 578 running also. Am I alright to put you on this job, please? Over. Yeah, absolutely. No problem. If I get any further details, I will let you know. Thanks. Roger received, thanks Dispatch: So make sure the cord is not too wrapped around the baby’s neck. The baby between the mother’s legs? Yeah. – Yeah
– Yeah, okay, so we’re gonna watch the baby closely for three minutes, then tie the cord with a string or shoelace. Do you know how long they’re gonna be? We’re coming as quickly as we can. Don’t worry, okay? I know it feels like a lifetime, but you’re both doin’ so well. Tie the string tightly around the umbilical cord about six inches from the baby but do not pu- tie it now and tell me when it’s done. Okay? Right, I’ve tied it. Okay, well done, you are doing so well. What’s your name? – It’s Rebecca.
– Pardon? Rebecca. Rebecca, you’re doing absolutely brilliantly, okay? So do not pull the cord, okay? It’s important for you to watch the baby and the mother to make sure that they’re both okay. Okay? If anything changes, tell me immediately, okay? Yeah, erm, are they coming upstairs
or do I need to go out? No, I have told him that you’re in room 442. [dramatic music] Dispatch: How are they both doing? Caller: You’ve got a ginger. Caller: Right, they’re here. Hullo, Hiya. – Hello
– Hiya Yeah, they’re just here now. Thank you. Crikey, what’s going on Stacey? I’ve had, like, really bad back pain. The next thing I know, I’m pushing and then I can feel like a head on me. And you had no idea you were pregnant? Well, I’ve been at the doctor’s today because I have got, like, a bump but they said the pregnancy test said no, negative. So they were like we’ll test you to see if you’ve got a cyst or anything. Right. Okay. And what have we got? – A little girl.
– A little girl! Well, she looks nice and pink and happy Just keep her covered up. Most important thing is keeping her warm for the time being, all right? Yes, alright. Has your placenta come out? Yeah, it’s right here. Right. Okay, so So this is all a bit of a shock, then, isn’t it? What were you doing here ? For a Harry Potter convention that we were at. Yeah Well we were. Right. Mother: You’re gonna like your Harry Potter, aren’t you? Okeydokey. Right. Okay, let’s have this little one’s cord. We’ll get ever…pardon? She looks really white. It’s all right. She’ll start to pink up. Don’t worry. She’s lovely and pink. – Let’s keep her wrapped up.
– Yeah Let me pick this back up. Just watch your step because there’s loads of blood on the floor, okay? I’m really sorry. You’re gonna have blood everywhere. Staff: It’s alright, don’t worry about it. Let’s get you sat down and comfortable. Stacey, do you want me to ring Tom? Let’s have a good look at it. – Are you in any pain?
– A little. Are you? Been in pain all day as well. So I’m just gonna clip this. [baby cries] Just cut this cord So like I said, the important thing is keeping her nice and warm now so we’re gonna wrap her up in some nice blankets. Get a little hat on her head. Yeah, let’s – come here, sweet Okay, you keep a nice look on – oh, she’s a cutie I’m just gonna keep doing this blood pressure. Okay, Stacy, so… Hermione? We’ll go with that? Stick with the Harry Potter theme. You can ring him in a minute, let’s get you sorted out first. We just need to make sure everything’s all right. She took a pregnancy test this morning. She took a pregnancy test and they’ve all said negative But then just before the crew got there she went “Oh, Stacey it’s a little ginger.” – How old was she?
– 25. Had no idea. Could you imagine that, though? Like me, at 25. Me, now – well, 26 Luckily she’s in a hotel and so she’s got like, towels everywhere. Well, she won’t even have, like, a nappy. – Nothing.
– Not a bottle, or… She had no problem medically? Not a cold, or…? I’m not being funny, but when I was – there was absolutely no mistaking that I was pregnant. Literally, what happened. I was like a potato.

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  1. Paramedics : are you in pain
    Stacey : A little
    My Doc : are you in pain?
    Me: are you in blindness.

  2. 🌸 this is actually quite common at times especially if woman is on pills and antibiotics or something disturbs the protection
    The pill suppresses the pregnant symptoms

    First saw this sort of thing in a documentary about this issue

  3. A cyst?!!! This is a rich country at its worse! Money OUR tax money for war & destruction indirectly causing this country destruction

  4. Shes like the pregnancy test said negative. Here comes the baby. Well that was unexpected, just like something out of Harry Potter!

  5. I don't believe any of this bull shit in a pregnancy by nine months You look pregnant and the baby moves u can feel that you have a moving baby inside. She probably went once Early and never went back. How do I not know ur 9 months pregnant. No monthly menstrual cycle. U get bigger. The baby moves.🙄

  6. My utmost admiration to the both ladies for staying calm with that such (for me) daunting situation.
    When my friend had given birth I barely breath on our way to hospital (despite of the fact that she was also calm. ) and when we arrived at the emergency only then I realized I was bare foot. I do hope next time my panic attack won't let me forget to check wether I am fully clothed or not before attending upon emergency.

  7. This happens more often than people would think. Same thing happened to a friend but she delivered the baby boy in her house, not a hotel.

  8. How do you go to hospital. They test you and say no baby then you get to the hotel and go to in labor. If a hospital cant tell a 9 month pregnant woman she is pregnant that hospital should be under review.

  9. She should be called Ginny considering she's a ginger and all. Glad to see the mom looks so well. She looks like she hasn't given birth at all.

  10. Oh, it was a ginger girl born at a Harry Pottery convention, and she WASN'T named Ginny? I'm a bit sad about this, but overall happy that mother and baby are healthy!

  11. Dear Stacey,
    you are awesome! Just giving birth to your little girl and say sorry for the blood. I wish you and your little family just the best! Loving greetings from Germany! 💖

  12. I just wanna say the baby cry is so cute. when a baby use to screaming high pitch crying, she just cry a little and it sound very gentle cry.

  13. This is a joke:
    Rebecca: You have a daughter with Stacy
    Tom: No, I have a baby with Jessica
    Rebecca: Wait who's Jessica?!
    Tom: My wife.😅
    Tom: Tell Stacy i love her!!
    Rebecca: Your the worst father ever.

  14. The comments are hilarious 😂 like where have you all been all my life? All these comments are funny. I couldn’t even focus on the video


  16. Ok – so I’ve seen this several times with people who use THC – I wonder ehat else contributes to this phenomenon?

  17. What a brave couple of women…I feel sorry for the trauma they endured, but I would be seeing a different Dr. and taking that precious "tumor" in for a visit. Tough ladies for sure.

  18. I know this is a dumb thing but I don’t think the hotel employee should be there because that is personal and he has no right to stay and watch

  19. Wow! Poor woman is apologising for making a mess on the bathroom floor. How could the GP miss a full term pregnancy, they obviously didn't feel her stomach or do a physical exam?

  20. Life hack, if theres no firefighter station around u, go 2 a police station basically the same thing.😉

  21. I’m wondering that since she had went to the doc that very day, that her hcg levels dropped because she was going in labor. I know your hcg levels drop before a miscarriage and that you’ll get a neg. result.

  22. how did she not know she was pregnant? was she still getting her period every month? im so confused how does this happen O:

  23. Ok but the medic (is that the right term?) was so sweet and funny. Like when he said to call her Hermoine and stick with the Harry Potter theme 😂. So sweet!

  24. Does the BBC just have random camera crews set up in emergency vehicles and first responder centers and hotel rooms just in case this happens?

    Well done, you lot!

  25. Thats bullshit. U know when you’re pregnant. You feel the baby kicks And everything. Your hormones change. I’ve been pregnant I know what it’s like. So sorry but I don’t believe this. I hate when women says they didn’t know they were pregnant until they gave birth. You did know !! You feel the baby in your belly ! His moves and everything

  26. I cant change my name on youtube its been 4 months over 90 days but it wont let me change it if you can help please reply

    Edit: the reson i commented on this video is cause i clicked a random video

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  28. Shit I’m noisy i wish that the EMT would have let us see what he was doin. But I would have been just like Stacey confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ & apologizing to the staff. My heart goes out to that young lady because AINT nothing like u not knowing that u prego!!!

  29. Wait for a clinician with extra skills? What skills pray? Women working in the fields in Africa etep off to the side and give birth, strap their babies to them and go back to work! No midwives and no clinician! The paramedics are completely capable.

  30. She is surprisingly calm for this situation, like it’s happened before and she knows what to say. I am not the one, ABABYJUSTCAMEOUTMYVAGINA GET HERE NOWW.

  31. I realize this is likely the most excitement the hotel clerk has seen ever, but he needs to get out, and shut the door! Sneezing in the open doorway. So gross. The girl was so calm, and apologizing to the oaf. I was screaming at him for her.

  32. Holy shit .. I really wants a baby
    I have been watching baby videos for 2 hours
    Any girl want to help me to make a baby with me

  33. The fact she just had a baby in the hotel bathroom! And she didn’t know she was pregnant it’s was a huge surprise for her 🙏🏼 amen and aww she apologizing for the mess in the hotel bathroom

  34. Poor thing just gave birth having no idea she was even pregnant and is apologizing for the mess.❤️ Also she stood up so soon after delivering a baby. What a champ

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