The Original Apple Computer “Apple I” in 1976.

The Original Apple Computer “Apple I” in 1976.

This is the original Apple Computer, named
as “Apple I”. It was released by the Apple Computer Company in 1976. “Apple I” computers were designed and hand-built
by Steve Wozniak, a friend of Steve Jobs. It was demonstrated in July 1976 at the Homebrew
Computer Club in Palo Alto, California The owner of the computer store “Byte Shop”
was impressed by what he saw and promised to buy 50 fully assembled computers. The Apple 1 went on sale in July 1976 at a
price of US$666.66 About 200 units were produced. Apple I computers contributed significantly
to the microcomputer revolution. The Apple I was a fully assembled circuit
board containing more than 60 chips. However, to make a working computer, users still had
to add a case, power supply transformers, power switch, ASCII keyboard, and composite
video display. This is the Introductory advertisement for
the Apple I Computer. Steve Wozniak built the Apple I to run BASIC,
so games could be programmed and played on it. It was a game machine for the most part. It had 6502 Microprocessor and 8KB RAM. The peripheral equipment such as power pack,
keyboard, monitor and cassette recorder had to be obtained personally
by the user. And, Apple I computer production was discontinued
in September 1977. Right now, only few Apple 1 computers are
available in working condition. So, they are selling at very high price through auctions.

36 thoughts to “The Original Apple Computer “Apple I” in 1976.”

  1. Very cool. Funny price though. $666.66 the devil's machine haha. When I was a kid we had one of the first TI (Texas Instruments) PCs most of the software ran off solid state cartridges similar to those used on home video game systems of the time, the unit was contained inside the keyboard and connected to you colour CRT T.V. via an R.F. switch again similar to video game systems. You could write programs in basic and store them via an audio cassette recorder like the Apple shown here. The Apple Computer Company offerd Atari 50% Proffitt to sell their computers, Atari declined the offer that Apple had proposed only because they thought it was fair since the computer was made from Atari components. 

  2. Wow, for something is primitive for today's standard. No wonder that Apple I is called to be a marvel. Seems more advanced than I thought it'll be.

  3. notice the apple logo has a bite out of an apple, could this be related to the first sin in the garden of Eden?

  4. Why the hell would they want to sell the computer for $666.66? They probably would have gotten more sales if they made it a different number.

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