The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet - Tales From the Internet

The Most Mysterious Song on the Internet – Tales From the Internet

today I'm gonna tell you the story of the most mysterious song on the internet and I normally wouldn't play an entire song for you you know cuz I don't want to get my whole channel shut down with a copyright strike but I don't think that's much of a risk here because no one knows where this song came from people have been looking for it for decades and no one has come forth to claim it I mean if someone did come forward with a copyright claim it would basically solve this whole mystery but without further ado here is the most mysterious song on the Internet I really like this song like even in the process of me doing the research on this video it kept on getting stuck in my head I mean thinking about it now as I record this it's a very 80s post-punk vibe makes you think of joy division or Depeche Mode and things like that but what exactly is it and where to come from and today's episode of tales are mean I'm gonna go into everything we know about it so far this video is sponsored by 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user who said it sounded like a Greek band called Metro decay but it definitely wasn't them it would seem as though the search came to an abrupt unceremonious and over a decade ago but a few days before me recording this video I was contacted by an Instagram user named Bruno kundo who brought this to my attention hey Justin you probably don't check Instagram DM is on here but I don't have slash used Twitter and figured you won't respond to a formal email so I'll stick to this recently I found a reddit post that caught my attention here it talks about a song that the okie and his / her friend found about a nobody knows anything about and doesn't show up in Shazam or anything like that and nobody really knows who made it or anything about it I thought it would be perfect for your tales from the internet series similar to Gita sand the Land of Oz story all the best and there was a post linked by a redditor named gab Gaskins the most mysterious song on the Internet I've posted about this many times you aren't rented but I've never received any real information about it and no one has been able to identify what song is that it's been 13 years of searching and so far no information has been discovered do you recommend something for me to do it would be great if some youtuber did some video investigating this mystery after all many people are looking for this song if you were interested in this mystery please read the description of the video to learn more thank you and if you look at GAD Gaskins posted sure you see that he's been searching for this song constantly on reddit for the past two months and in an interview with tone-deaf magazine gab Gaskins identified as Gabriel Vieira notes that he's been searching for the song for years redditor Gabriel Vieira has been conducting a search for the track for a number of years now explaining that their search dates back to 2006 when several people descended upon and formed look for help identifying mysterious song at that time it was common for many people to ask informs about unknown songs even because it was a time when many still used cassette tapes especially tapes from decades ago they explained many of these songs were discovered after a while but only this has never been discovered not even an information no one knows the band that sings this song no one knows what country the band is no one knows what year it is certainly the 80s and unfortunately the full song has never been released and in Gabriel's Youtube upload of the song he shares what little information he's come across in his years of looking into it a friends of mine nico from dead wax records was looking for this song a while ago and I became interested too unfortunately I do not have the full song I do not know the nationality of the band and I do not know if they are singing in English although it seems that the song is sung in English I'm not sure if the band is British American Russian German French etc what makes it difficult to identify this song is that the software and websites that have the function of identifying songs for example Shazam does not recognize this song that is this means that the band is an independent band that may be recorded the song on a cassette tape and never released it or if it was released it was by an independent label listening to the song we can notice that the band is formed by singer drummer guitar player one guitar player two bass player and a keyboard player well that's something that we can't confirm 100% probably the title of the song is like the wind but that's another thing we cannot confirm it because the origin of the song is unknown I do not know where it came from but for it to be online surely someone put it on the Internet the most acceptable hypothesis is that the song was broadcast by some radio station and someone recorded it in the 1980s apparently this song is mono it means that maybe the song was captured from a radio station or some TV in the 1980s I discovered that when I removed the central channel of this and the track was completely empty this happens only with mono recordings although we have no creep proof this is true it is most likely that is we have two possibilities someone recorded this from some radio broadcast or this song may have been taken from some demo tape recorded by the band which perhaps a local band that never got famous or never released anything officially there is another possibility I posted about it in several communities on reddit and several people told me that they would have heard this song before in some horror movie probably some b-movie but I have no idea this is true but we would have to add it to our investigation I downloaded the audio from the 2011 video posted by we dou f uh and I realized that the audio waves are practically at low volume this suggests that this may actually have come from some television or some radio broadcast because it was taken from some demo tapes surely the audio would be very loud I already used the advanced search method in discogs the largest database of rare / independent music on the internet searching for the title like the wind but unfortunately I did not find anything about this song that is it means that maybe the title of the song is not like the wind as some people commented in this video there is a possibility of the singers talking flyaway found away there are several possibilities but we will not know which one will be right there is also the possibility of the singer actually speaking like the wind but the true title may be something totally out of context with the lyrics of the song there is also another possibility the title may be like the wind but I have not found anything on discogs because the song is so rare that it was not even released by anyone independently I really do not know which way to go I really want to find this song but there are many possibilities to be examined which makes the search much more harder the description in the video also contains Gabriel's guests as to what the lyrics actually are as well as a list of bands that have been ruled and at first it seemed like the recent couple months of Gabriel going extra hard trying to find this song we're turning up fruitless but in July after he made the subreddit the mysterious song perhaps some of the best leads in all the years spent searching this song have emerged it was this post by Gabriel that triggered a lot of the new information that emerged here I will be documenting the information obtained about this song the song was probably uploaded for the first time on march 18th 2007 in spirit of radio CA the user is called blue and he says it was recorded from some German radio station between 1982 and 1984 the metadata of the archive says that the title of the song is check it in and check it out but how the uploader said it was reported from a radio station so it can't be confirmed the metadata dates the audio in 1984 it's possible that the band is German but we can't confirm it the salt case of an unknown song in 2003 2013 the song on the roof by Johan Lyndell was taken from a German radio station – and the artist is Swedish so that's another thing we'll need to consider but 99% sure the artist is European unfortunately there are no ways to find out the real name of the user blue otherwise we could get more information from that person such as the full song and more information about what else was recorded on the tape and also the name of the station from where the song was recorded if you know how to help us please comment here or contact me thank you well you know how Gabriel said that it would be impossible to dig up information about the user blue well another user called new accounts proved him wrong hey I tried to find out more about blue and here's a German forum where he was also searching this song in 2007 he says he most probably recorded from the ndr – radio station seems his name is Anton and he's probably from Bremen here in some other thread he says his home radio station is Bremen for another thread he says that he used to listen to ndr 1 /n dr 2 radio station when there was a show music for young people new for me around 13:30 many new bands were introduced there that's all I managed to find good luck with your search but I guess that wasn't enough for new accounts because shortly Abdi he returned with more information this time he had found the identity of the DJ who hosted music for young people hmm here's some other guy Paul Baskerville starting in 1982 Baskerville got its own weekly slot in the daily programme music for young people which ran on ndr 1 in this program he presented currents often completely unknown music from fields of punk independent new wave and related art styles since he is British maybe this is why he played a song with English lyrics so at this point I think it's safe to say that Paul Baskerville is almost definitely the man who played this song on the radio and with this knowledge and mind Gabriel decided to reach out to him now that we have discovered the person who posted this song for the first time on the Internet we have been able to track other messages from that user in other forums his name possibly being Anton he possibly lives in Germany in Bremen Anton says he recorded this song from a German radio station called ndr and a program called music for young people music version around 13:30 many new bands were introduced there so looking for this radio and this program we were able to find out who was responsible for his program currently he is writing a music column for the weekly paper Freitag and he's broadcast two weekly show Nach Club on ng our info on Saturday night Paul Baskerville is married and has a daughter he lives in Hamburg I did not find any other way to contact him but through Facebook I sent him a message but I think he will not respond after all his profile seems to be abandoned I must thank very much the redditor new accounts helped me a lot with this information we are almost at the end of the mystery we just need Paul's answer so hopefully Paul responds to Gabriel's message although because the Facebook appears abandoned it's unlikely that he will but that being said I think this is the key lead and breaking open this mystery although I think it's unlikely that Paul Baskerville will remember off the top of his head the name of the artist that he played all the way back in 1982 through 1984 although he might and that would be awesome he would still know about the radio stations record-keeping and if those records still exist and where they might be if those records do turn up it'll take a little bit of digging but the name of that song and artists are in there so I will keep you updated on whether or not Paul responds and if the song is identified until then thanks for watching it if you liked this video you'll probably also like my video about Neutral Milk Hotel matter 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  1. Paul answered me, he said he don't remember the song, because at that time he had A LOT of bands to broadcast. He gave me a email address of a person that archives his broadcasts on cassette and I sent a message to her. I'm just waiting for an answer!

  2. Full song has been found and posted on the subreddit but the name of the song and artist is unknown still

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  4. The song sounds so familiar I collect a lot of rare 80's digital lps from the past I have lots of albums but I can't pinpoint this one that's why I said ask 80zforever he might know

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