The Laymen React To The Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers)

The Laymen React To The Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers)

okay first this is all spoilers okay all spoilers all the time you don't want spoilers don't watch this video and hey onto the rest okay everyone so the big question okay we're gonna figure this out through the whole episode what season eight better than the room okay that is the question and we put to you today we just finished the final final episode okay and what's it on Foxtel yes and it was interesting to say the least right I think I think Emilia Clarke sums it up bists are you happy with how things ended bad season ever Jon Snow that sounded our best if you could describe the season finale of Game of Thrones in one word how would you drop this is post drop everybody alright so we've been both watching Game of Thrones last ten years everyone watching Game of Thrones okay if you don't watch Game of Thrones you're a loser okay so let's face it we've all been waiting for that moment we figure out who is on the throne now first question did you like the last episode of the season I will say that this last episode was far better than the preceding like three episodes yeah which were catastrophes and I would say that this actually I feel landed in the right place for the series yeah I feel like this was a good ending and I would say that it was just the preceding season that fucked this up and had you spent another 12 episodes getting to this point it could have been a ten CSRA 10 episode kind of correct or twelve episodes six of them wasn't enough I do think that yeah I was satisfied with this ending but I think it comes back to pacing the whole season anus was completely cooked when it comes to pacing and to get to this cut and to get to the chorus cooked to get to this part now it's like it robs the satisfaction of what we all could have felt correct sure I would say look in terms of this episode there were some cringe moments so for example or in Johnny Lana stars go to the red keep oh I'm gonna look around oh I might go check out know how to combs oh there's a wall blocked off here I might go through that little hole yeah oh what's going on down here there's some rubble oh here's my brother's hair oh there it is brutal thought I would have found it gigantic space of King's Landing he just has to go there like come on that was lazy riding it was the most ever that the imagery of them lying in the rubble kind of saved it I guess but all in all it was cringy as fuck then what was the other cringefest that we saw I think the krint the biggest cringe that after that was when John was like when when Tyrion was like would you have killed all those people and Jon's like I don't know maybe I would have slaughtered innocent yeah maybe that's in my character to do that I don't know man I'm so I'm so torn right now you know he was such a cock so bad the whole season leading up to this moment Jon didn't do fuck all he was the main character that pretty much took over after season one you slowly but surely understood that he was going to be the protagonist right up into this moment season eight he didn't do anything if we look at the night king battle he didn't do anything if we look at the actual Battle of King's Landing he didn't do anything it's kind of good that he didn't come back finally and do something neither and killed that scene there I was like I was so worried because I've been so disappointed with the write the scene where Daenerys and Danny Daenerys are in the throne room and they're like you know confessing love or whatever I was like oh god no please no please no because the writing has been so bad the season I was like and as we were watching it I said to Sam I said while they were kissing I said she better get a fucking knife to the back right now I'm gonna be pissed and all of a sudden I saw him kiss her I literally wanted God so I miss the knife and then I looked back I was like yes that was the waiter that was the way to end it in the throne room and then they told dragon thing like melting the throne great imagery kind of what we wanted to see really yeah and like the choosing of the king okay the choosing of the key I was so weird I was weird but I'm kind of glad that is brand because I mean he kind of did rock up like you know you haven't done anything well my work is done here didn't I this kind of rocks up you know in the kind of works because he's like oh I've been planning this all along yeah sure you have brand by anyone else I love the curry of him back of there of the uncle standing up I think I'll be bestest King sounds like sit down bitch disappointed with the branch is purely for the same reason I was disappointed with the eye with aya killing the night king okay I had nothing to do with the night king story at all like nothing I'm not saying she couldn't she could alright not going down that because she's a woman the master assassin trained eight season do it she can do it but it's like they didn't stop to think about whether she should do yes and she shouldn't have done it cuz it lacked a satisfying oof hmm and I do believe bran becoming King lacks the same warmth when he spent his whole time over the wall just become a three-eyed Raven Turner in the Battle of Winterfell he was just flying around doing random bird things yeah everyone was doing the fighting he's just sitting in his chair staring in the distance and they're like what a big king he's like fucking finally that's what I've been here the whole time for I wasn't gonna do anything I just wanted you to make me king I think that kind of sucks the whole message there was in fact you know he is going to be king because you know he's there he's the one of course that doesn't want to leave so I get that whole thing but I think that anyone else in that could yeah like it feels like such a colossal journey someone needs to sit in that place that was slightly you know that stepped back the whole time throughout this season that wasn't in fact shedding blood and shit he's kind of you know the highest I guess out of all the other characters in terms of who would take that I agree I agree look I'm not super unhappy not like angry if they've made like you know Podrick plays the King I'd be like listen okay no but you know sighs I wanna see it yeah I wouldn't want it sands arena like also how she's like by the way we're gonna be independent I was expecting brand to show his Kingsman nurse there Kingsman s I was expecting him to be like listen bitch no we're all gonna be together you can be a queen of Winterfell but listen the rest of us are all going to be together didn't do that yeah I think I think that that's the kind of storyline that could have stretched on for a whole season that tension between them but obviously they needed to wrap things up so everyone around that counter was like alright we all have to swear fealty to this new king but I guess you don't have to you know yeah no I mean that was wrapped up quickly but I do like the way that the Starks ultimately this is a happy ending can I say because basically the Starks ruling everything you've got like John ruling beyond the wall you've got Sansa ruling the north you've got brand ruling the south and you kind of get the sense that I is ruling the Seas explore spin-off territory but are you by the way I see that episode is like what what are you doing these days I don't like Jon Snow and it just cuts back to Gendry every now and then yeah to sipping wine so looking at a picture like Wolverine I feel like I look at this and go well I feel jon snow's story didn't wrap up exactly what I wear I would have liked he was the one that kind of look you know going back to the wall I feel like there was such a journey away from there to return to that I just would have liked to see something else I would have liked him to be the hand of the king that would have been I think the way the end of the keyword because John's life is defined by his honor and his duty and he had to betray that in that moment and so now he sort of lives as the queen Slayer ostracized having paid that price you know so there was no glory in his like his act of treason so to speak there was a consequence to it and I actually personally like that and I think if John was sitting on the throne at the end of all this we'd be rolling her eyes saying it's so cliche I wouldn't have minded Johnna throne if John could have died in a good way as well we probably would've been okay with that I thought the dinosaur the dragon glad he didn't kind of wait to see the dragon just kind of fly away into nothingness well you did say that you like that fair enough but I kind of would have liked to see him because he's also Targaryen kind of a dragon bend the knee to John kind of thing and though it's ooh fantasy too cleeshay either way I would say that you know I was deaf I definitely enjoyed this episode despite the few cringe moments I enjoyed this episode overall and I do feel it landed in the right place in an authentic way I don't think it redeemed the season and in fact there's a graph which how about you see the graph oh my god like the IMDB ratings tract over thing and there's the other picture where the horse here we see the picture of the horse okay we'll find it I'll send you a link to it it'll be the thumbnail yeah basically I feel like this episode did not redeem that season but I do feel like it was a good solid finish to Game of Thrones overall and if you had spent another ten episodes twelve episodes getting to this point and like putting the breadcrumbs along the way and closing things out properly we all remember this really well and it's just a really bad case of terribly rushed television I think that you know if you look at season eight there was only two or three episodes that really dropped the ball the rest of it had that kind of pacing like the second episode in the first episode had a really great pacing yeah the battle after the winter Phil also had you know good pacing so I think that if you really weigh up the whole season I still think it's a bit of a meme talk about all in all I think that this probably redeems it in a lot of people's minds that this is in fact good and it ended strong and they're probably gonna forgive the one or two episodes that really made it feel like a total mean so I look at this and go kind of job well done still because the whole entirety of the whole eight seasons now feels like it has the ending that most people would have one day Andy must be like had such a crappy month because even like the promise it gets better guys that it was just we fucking hate you man like spitting them hate mail it wasn't gonna be a Sopranos ending where like you know you know and I get what they were trying to do like they want the characters to live on in The Sopranos but in this it needed a definitive ending and it and it is delivered I'm not sure about brands but bran being on the high council either no ways like I'm the master of coin now so God right again he completely betrayed to EURion and everyone he just was working for money he was not supposed to be on the highest powers of like the world I mean there was there was a deal where he would get higher gardening stuff and that's fine but it just it just seemed really kind of token like oh we need to close our bran story oh I know let's put him on the High Council I think that the proximally ounces everyone everyone's story on that High Council was driven by morals and I really feel like everyone was wanting to protect the realm except from just wanna get paid Ron Ron that's it fine he just didn't care and the whole I feel like the whole reason that scene was to show that everyone came from different corners all wanting to serve the realm and he was like hey by the way I've got paid let's just continue doing the best job ever did by the way we need more brothels yeah that's going Thrones Season eight and in fact that's Game of Thrones finished now there's five more spin-offs that are being worked on let us know in the comments below what your opinions are yes no spoilers we can discuss it with you know the ending in the comments guys okay don't in game oh fuck it and we'll end with this awesome photo that we found that we wanted to use in the thumbnail but we can't and because it would spoil everything but it's a great photo

24 thoughts to “The Laymen React To The Game of Thrones Finale (Spoilers)”

  1. "I liked the imagery of the throne melting"

    Ah Sam, you fell for the old "LoOk GuYs We pUt In a MeTaPhOr, We'Re sMaRt!"

  2. I was hoping drogon would try to burn Jon, and then Jon because he's targaryen lives through the fire and then drogon basically accepts him as the new master.

  3. I think this ending was totally stupid. Jon was the true heir, I get that when he killed Denerys he was locked because most of people didnt know about him. But common, great council should start their meeting with hey guys we have a true king in the prison. Denerys was an usurper and at the end a someone that should be considered as war criminal and they should admit that Jon murder was right because of her war crimes against humanity. So they break rules that lasted for years but at the same time let Sansa rule the north because thats a tradition. And at the end the make this thief and murderer a master over coin and have no problem with it while Jon has been sent to Wall.

  4. Casual viewers defending D&D shock value: what are you expecting? a happy ending? this is game of thrones.

    D&D: gives a happy ending to everyone except Dany.

  5. i think they did this with George R.R. Martin's ok. everyone's crushing disappointment will blow up his finale's book sales beyond what sales it might have made otherwise. by making the finale so hysterically bad, the audience will be chomping at the bit for his finale.

  6. Season 8 should have been all about the war with the night King and Danny slowly losing her mind. Season 9 should have been created to deal with Danny's descent into madness.. …. But bran on the throne….. And jon going to the wall (that was destroyed by an undead dragon yet miraculously rebuilt in this episode) to join a night's watch that no longer has a purpose, it was the worse ending ever

  7. I personally think that Bran didn't want to be king, but knew if he played a figurehead king, Tryion would rule and run everything and Jon would be safe in the north and the Unsullied and Dothraki would leave peacfully, but in fact Tyrion is essentially king and Bran is the Master of Whispers with his little birds watching everything.

  8. (Sigh) man.. i wanted a Dragon rider fight. But nooo Reaghal had to die. What the hell man. It would've been awesome to see Jon and Danny fight eachother on dragons to fight for the throne.. (sigh) oh well what do you guys think?

  9. The remaining active Starks got the ending they wanted back from the beginning
    Jon: Is now ranging beyond The Wall
    Sansa: To rule as queen
    Arya: ADVENTURE!
    How they got there is the problem though. Oh well, it's an ending.

  10. Brann is the biggest villain of all…he knew everything that was going to happen and didn't warn anyone cause he knew they would make him king. Think about it.

  11. Jon needed to be king. You can't bring a character back from the dead and have his parentage be the best kept secret in the seven kingdoms for absolutely no purpose.

    He also was in fact the rightful heir. At the very least they should have given him the crown and he should have turned it down perhaps giving it to Bran.

  12. When I bought the incognito mode pullover from the merch store it said premium pull in the drop-down bar. 10/10 boys

  13. Bronn getting into the small council was the biggest eyeroll moment of the episode for me. Even more than bran becoming king. Just barf.

  14. @2:23 WTF did you guys even pay attention at all?? In the previous episode Tyrion told him exactly where to take Cersei to escape so of course he knew where to go, smh.

  15. All hail grey worm, master of teleportation!
    srsly, during Jon's walk to Dany he ported in front of him only so he was able to look mean at Jon…^^

  16. im annoyed it ended with danny dying lol i wanted to see world conquerment happen, i think you guys are missing the mark, i was dissapointed i wanted more, the brothel thing was a call back to little finger master of coin and brothel

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