The Internet of Things presents – Heat smart #LikeABosch

The Internet of Things presents – Heat smart #LikeABosch

What a ride!
like a Bosch Cold outside!
like a Bosch But my home knows!
like a Bosch When I’m close!
Like a Bosch It starts to heat
like a Bosch Love that beat!
like a Bosch Coffee black?
like a Bosch Welcome back!
like a Bosch Super smart!
like a Bosch Warms my heart!
like a Bosch What a blast.
like a Bosch Home at last.
like a Bosch Notice me.
like a Bosch IoT
like a Bosch IoT
like a Bosch IoT There’s nothing better than a warm welcome. Heat smart like a Bosch.

55 thoughts to “The Internet of Things presents – Heat smart #LikeABosch”

  1. I am Jigs and Fixture design engineer.
    Work at BOSCH is my dream
    Can anyone suggest me the things which I wants to follow to get BOSCH??

  2. Was thrilled when it was presented on floor… Amazing!! Amazing company amazing work culture.. amazing product… #proudboschler

  3. Cool video, I like it – but would like it even more if Bosch's components would be integrable to Apples Homekit. That's on my wish list.

  4. Gutes Video!
    Aber traurig das man heut zu Tage in die Videobeschreibung schreiben muss das bei dem Video die Tierschutzgesetze eingehalten wurden weil 2 Sekunden zwei Kaninchen im Bild waren 😔

  5. Dear commenters… The song basketball Jones is nice… Nice for highlighting the source of the music… Please keep listening to it.

    However, we don't sell music albums…. Bosch sells products…. properly engineered and totally customer friendly products.

    In a world full of piracy thinking a music to be stolen is normal… But hey… It's an advertisement… For a product…

  6. The second incredibly funny ad after Bosch Car Wipes with the Lama! Whoever they hired for their marketing, that guys completely owned it!!! Like a Bosch! P.S.: The number plate shows a "B" for Berlin, where the heck did they find an american lookin' neighbour hood in Germany?!? 😀

  7. I need so much time to realize… this company is german 😂 Grüße gehen raus an alle, die die deutsche Sprache beherrschen 😉

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