The Great Gay Wedding Cake Controversy | We the Internet TV

The Great Gay Wedding Cake Controversy | We the Internet TV

Recently, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the case of a Christian baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. And that reminded me: holy sh**, I’m getting married this year. Yes, a woman has agreed to marry this. And I can’t wait for our wedding day, because that’s when I get to kiss her for the first time. Oh yeah! All those engagement photos with our foreheads touching, those are foreplay. Fore-head play. The Masterpiece Cakeshop case doesn’t really relate to us. We’re not planning a gay wedding. Although if you ask my groomsmen, all weddings are pretty gay. But, we can totally relate to the stress the gay couple was going through when they were planning their big day! A married friend described planning your wedding as a crisis that you and your partner willingly agree to go through. That’s why I remind myself, “I agreed to this!” as I fight the urge to take those little lavender twigs that will look so cute in our centerpieces, and jam them through my eyes. No Lou, you can’t do that! You need your eyes for your wedding day, so you can look upon your beautiful bride. It’s a crisis, but it’s a crisis with a happy ending. Although I think happy endings are still illegal in most states. Not sure if the Supreme Court has ruled on that yet. But in the cake case, it’s not at all clear whether it will end well for the happy couple, or that it should. It all comes down to one of the most complicated wrinkles in our Constitution. The moment when one person’s First Amendment right to free association crashes – or ‘wedding crashes’ – another person’s Fourteenth Amendment right not to be discriminated against. As constitutional law professor Eugene Volokh puts it, “the Supreme Court is determining when there is a constitutional right to discriminate, whether under the free speech clause, free exercise clause, the right to intimate association, or otherwise.” I’ll leave those arguments to more knowledgeable people, the types of people my fiancee should probably be marrying. Because the biggest question on my mind is: do you really want someone to be part of your wedding who doesn’t want to be part of your wedding? Come on, we all know the moment of the ceremony when the officiate asks, “If any of you have a reason why these two should not be married, speak now, or forever hold your peace.” Picture a dude in the back of the room raising his hand, “Uh yeah man, uh, I don’t think they should be married.” “And you are?” “I’m the baker! And the government made me bake that cake. So if I were you, I wouldn’t eat that cake.” Why would we give our money to someone who so vehemently disagrees with our way of life? I wouldn’t even rent a tux from a guy after he said Pierce Brosnan was the best Bond. It’s Barry Nelson. Fight me. My wedding is eight months away, guys. And, oh yeah, it’s already a crisis. Even without having to get into a national debate about whether or not our cake is protected by the Civil Rights Act of 1964! No, we won’t be having that debate, because we’ve decided not to have a cake! Easy! Besides, every wedding we’ve been to, one thing’s for sure: no one eats the cake. It’s a waste of money. Gay or straight. So, how do you think the Supreme Court is going to rule in this case? But more importantly, what song should we add to our Spotify wedding playlist? Let us know in the comments! (singing) Workin’ on my moves…

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  1. If you denied purchasing a service due to the buyer being gay I believe you are wrong. However, if the service promotes something you are against I can understand. In other words, if it is just a big wedding cake for a gay wedding then do it. If it’s a big wedding cake with dicks all over I can understand turning down the service.

  2. If the baker refused their business because they were gay, then that's discrimination. However, something tells me that this was hardly a neutral cake they were asking for. And something also tells me that if a straight couple had asked for a gay cake, they would have been refused, too. And so long as the baker never advertised gay themed cakes, there really shouldn't be any grounds for complaint.

  3. The bottomline… No one eats the cake. I had one bite of mine and that was all. It was for looks and that was it.

  4. The "Speak Now" clause in weddings is not actually asking if a person disagrees with the couple's choice to marry, it's publicly asking if anyone is aware of a canon law reason they cannot marry – like they're close relatives or already married to other people.

    Technically, at every gay wedding one should stand up and announce that you have come to know that both parties are actually dudes. Or they should excise the Speak Now bit.

  5. Welp… I guess your argument should righteously be applied to those individuals that participated in sit-ins during Good Ole Jim Crow too “They don’t want to serve black people so blacks shouldn’t want to eat there”… okay 👌🏿

  6. If you want a business to go out of business. Don’t shop there and convince others not to shop their (but with an honest opinion).

    Don’t slander and use the government to do it.

  7. Uh, sorry Charlie, but you got this way wrong. There is NO wrinkle in the Constitution that causes any discrepancy between the 1st Amendment and the 14th, because the 14th Amendment does NOT give any citizen the right to force another citizen to provide a good or service. In fact, in addition to the 1st Amendment, the 14th Amendment will protect the baker against his would-be aggressors.

  8. "The government made me bake that cake. So, if I were you I wouldn't eat that cake." My point exactly. Why mess with people who serve you food? Also, find another baker. Also, also, a PRIVATELY owned business in a free-market system has the right to serve or refuse service to anyone for any reason.

  9. I’ll bake the dam cake!!!! Goooooooiieeee! Geeeessshhhhh! I’m so sick of this looney tune bullshit!!!! Give me the money and I’ll
    Send the dam cake through Fedex!

  10. My math indicates I'm late on my well wishes but please accept them anyway. And I so hope you decided for a cake & that it was delicious & politics free. Felicitations! 🥂🎉

  11. I remember looking for an apartment/house for rent for my husband and I. I had to go by myself for the interview. I told the lady my husband was from Mexico at some point in the conversation. She went on this tangent about how she's "rented to Mexicans before and they all like to drink and this was a quiet place with a lot of older folks, so no loud Mexican music parties." I was just like, 😮. Um, no thanks. I politely excused myself at the time, but why on earth would I give her money for an application, let alone rent for the next 12 months? I wouldn't put change in the gumball machine in the office after that.

    But you know what? Thank God for freedom of speech. If we didn't have it, she may have been too afraid to open her stupid mouth and we would have given her at least $50 and up to $7250!

    That all being said, this case was nothing like that. The man has religious convictions. Convictions I share. He was upfront and polite about those convictions and even gave them references to other bakers. He didn't make snide comments about them or demean them in any way. He simply stood by his beliefs that marriage is between a man and a woman, which is what Obama (along with the vast majority) believed until 2012. It has nothing to do with discrimination and everything to do with believing God doesn't make stupid rules. Statistics on families bear this out.

    Why would these people want a cake made by someone who they have deemed hateful? They don't. They want to make a statement. They want to force their ideology on the masses with the iron fist of the government. Thank God they lost because a loss of rights for one is a loss of rights for all.

  12. Why would you want to support a business that hates you? Also, the gay couple that did this, specifically tried to find a shop that wouldn't bake them a cake, for attention/publicity.

  13. The reality is the couple targeted that cake maker since there were plenty of other choices of willing cake makers to make that cake. If you look into this case you'll see it was targeted as a test case to go to the supreme court. Imagine a gay hairdresser who reused to cut your hair. It's not like there are 20 others waiting to do it. Should we have the freedom to serve or must we use our skills for someone is the essential case since realize a business that does that loses that business so they pay a personal cost. Maybe if there were a case with a single baker in a small out of the way town, say in Alaska, it might make sense but in reality that gay couple were just being assholes. Put this another way: It's ok to be gay but no it is not ok to be an asshole. They are neither victims, nor good people, but merely assholes. We are free to be assholes but should the law enforce our ability to be assholes? If I were to go to their wedding I would get them a bag of dog shit as a gift as fitting for their wedding. They could be rude to refuse that gift, but it's the thought that counts.

    Yes, I do have plenty of gay people I have known including friends. So their being gay is irrelevant to me. I would not gift those gay people with bags of shit, only this couple. It is not about 'homophobia' but rather should someone be able to target a business and demand service or does a business have a right to refuse service and the gay rights agenda is specifically targeting set a precedent to use the courts, rather than legislation to adjudicate this. They are thus being manipulative. This is not about a happy couple, or their wedding but rather an agenda and targeted campaign behind the scenes who cherry picked this case.

    Go look up Rosa Parks and the history of that. She was not the first, and was selected because she had a chance to go to the surpreme court and another case only went to the state level. Her case was cherry picked yet it is her you know as the 'seminal historical figure'. She needs to get in line behind the 6 or 7 others who did the same exact thing. Go look it up if you did not know that and you'll learn a bit about the actual reality of how these things really work.

  14. I wish a story about a Muslim bakery refusing service to a gay couple went mainstream. I wanna see how everyone reacts, but like that story would ever get reported.

  15. What this guy left out.
    1. The gay couple sought out Christian bakeries.
    2. Some Christian bakeries even accepted to make the cake
    3. They wanted the cake to be penis shaped and covered in penis, etc.
    4. They continued until they found a Christian bakery that refused to make a cake.
    These people actively sought victimization. They wanted to make an example out of the bakery. Why didn't this guy mention this? This is a shill sub.

  16. I run a business. I never turn down anyone business. However, I wouldn’t work for an abortion clinic. My choice. Sue me.

  17. Wait… the same people who say that the Baker should be forced to bake the cake are the same people who say that "social media websites are owned by people who can decide who is allowed to use the site and who is not"… just saying. Doesnt sounds like they actually care about morals, more so just their agenda.

  18. There is a bakery in the same town who will only make cakes for LBGYT. Why weren't they prosecuted for the same reasons? Double standard anyone?

  19. The gay couple looking for oppression. They drove out of their way past many other bakeries to single out this guy. Laughable that they lost, go to a Muslim bakery.

  20. everyone discriminates otherwise we'll be forced to have sex with anyone demanding sex, and that baker was willing to sell them cakes, he just didn't want to be part of their gay whatever

    these liberal lunatics only consider feelings if the feelings benefits them

  21. Whenever a leftist douche defends monopolistic and authoritarian social media megacorporations, like Facebook and Twitter censoring speech because, "they are a private company" I always point out this case.
    If it wasn't for double standards, the leftist wouldn't have any standards at all.

  22. I did enjoy all of Hollywood loosing their minds over this. You know, a group of artist who get to choose what roles they take to express their art. Hmmmmm

  23. Why is it okay for Muslim bakers to not make a wedding cake for gay weddings but not okay for Christian bakers?

  24. I live in Colorado. We only have one bakery in the entire state so that’s why so many same sex couples go to this guy and every few months we have to go through this gay ass debate.

  25. I think the important thing that people tend to miss when it comes to cases like this is the baker didn't refuse to serve the couple an already made cake, he just refused to make a custom cake. The same when it came to the pizza place that was asked to cater a gay wedding; they refused the cater, but they would still offer carry out orders to the couple.

  26. It is extemely simple, let the free market decide and let any business keep the right to refuse service, unless they are utility or monopolies.

  27. The problem here is how meaningful is this decision. Apparently the Supreme Court doesn’t want the result of this case to have precedent. In other words, Baker is not equal to health care provider or loan officer.

  28. However, if the shop owner feels the need to discriminate against members of the public on the basis of his chosen beliefs, he should advertise this on his shop door with a list of folk he doesn’t wish to do business with – to avoid embarrassment and misunderstandings. He is, after all, running a business that is supposedly open to everyone. After someone enters the store only to be told that serving them is against the shop owners beliefs, makes for very awkward circumstances. On the other hand, the baker could just keep his religious beliefs to himself and get on with serving his clients without applying his judgement of worthiness. His religiosity my be protected by the Constitution, but all of us have an absolute right to be free of other peoples’ religions. Mr bakerman must remember that the community’s respect for his rights is incumbent on him respecting the rest of the community, especially when it comes to refusal of service on the basis of his very personal beliefs for which he is answerable when he inflicts them on other people in directed and consequential ways.

  29. It's not about gay marriage. It's not even about the cake. It's about forcing your ideology on someone else whether they like it or not.

  30. The cake shop refused to make a PERSONALIZED cake with a gay message not the cake itself!! The “couple” didn’t really care until a lawyer heard and got involved and saw $$$.

  31. Well the truth is business owners have the right to refuse service to any customer the only reason this is blown out of proportion that's because the fact that they're gay if the cake happened to be for a KKK member no one would have thought twice about them refusing service to the KKK member and it wouldn't even be where it's at now in court

  32. Left, google and Facebook are private company. They can dictate who the services.

    Also Left. Small local baker. We demand you make our cake. If you do not. We will us the boot heel government to force you.

  33. No one should be forced to bake a gay wedding cake. The man has a right to his religious freedom. Why don’t those two ass pirates just go to a different bakery? Are they going to force a Muslim to do it it, NO ! Just go elsewhere butt nuts.

  34. Any business has the right to refuse service, go find a business that is willing to contribute to your……..union and leave businesses alone who don;t want to be apart of the degradation of morals……….I would not expect the baker to make a Nazi celebration cake either as he does not agree with the theology.

  35. Most people forget that the Constitution applies to laws the government can pass. Not the individual. While it is sad some people are bigoted and downright stupid, they have a right to freedom. Autonomy. The government can no more dictate how you feel than anyone else can. Nor can they force you to do labor. I believe we have a 13th amendment preventing that.

  36. I think this couple just wanted a bunch of money so they targeted a Christian baker. I mean why else would you go to someone who thinks your lifestyle is an abomination to make a cake for whats supposed to be the most important day of your life.

  37. Do they ever do the if " anybody objects to this union" thing anywhere? I been to alot of weddings(pretty much all catholic) and never heard it. I'm seriously just wondering not trying to take a shot a the video.

  38. A business has the right to refuse service to anybody for any reason. The solution is simple – go to a different baker. There is someone out there who will do it. Why would you want to do business somewhere you arent respected anyway? Stand up for yourself instead of trying to force your world view.

  39. I think the constitutional issue at play is whether or not you can be forced, as a private citizen, to provide commercial services for another. The general consensus is no.

  40. This was pretty gay – straight guy educating people on gay marriage services – dad jokes, or just lame jokes. You should have gotten a straight acting gay to do this video for you.

  41. Given the nature of this whole event, and the way it was handled, I can only see it as a publicity stunt designed to perpetrate an agenda and nothing more. I’m all for homosexuals being able to live their lives just like any other person (because they’re ordinary people themselves) but I also don’t think any group of people has the right to deny a business their right to deny service to any customer they see fit.

  42. Ok. This is too far! I liked your videos and all, but this kind of thinking is just wrong. Barry Nelson!? Really!?

  43. The baker has the right to refuse them service due to his beliefs and then deal with the consequences of being known as a bigot and lose clients.

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