The Expert: IT Support (Short Comedy Sketch)

The Expert: IT Support (Short Comedy Sketch)

I’m leaving early today.
Have a look at these slides, I’ve marked down a few notes. Could you, please, implement them and print out handouts for tomorrow’s progress meeting? 25 copies should do it. Wait, wait! Could you email me the original file you used for this? Sorry, gotta rush. Oh, you know that video I showed you earlier? Add that to the printouts as well. Thanks! Add video to printouts?.. Welcome to the automated IT support centre. Our menu has recently changed. Please, listen to all the options before selecting. We are sorry for the inconvenience. For e-mail related issues, please press 1. For printing related issues, please press 2. For server related issues, please press 3. For database related issues, please press 4. For intranet related issues, please press 29. For website related issues, please press 30. You can now choose an option from our menu. In your own words, please describe the issue you are experiencing with printing. I’m unable to — You can start speaking now. I’m unable to connect — I’m unable to connect to the 5th floor printer. I think it might — Are you looking to request access to the 5th floor printer? No, I have access to it, it just appears to be offline. Answering yes or no, are you looking to request access to the 5th floor printer? No. In order to request access to the 5th floor printer, please send an e-mail to IT support quoting your employee number and system ID. All your enquiries are very important to us, so we will get back to you in 48 hours. I. Already. Have access to it. It just — We’re very happy that we have solved your problem. We strive to satisfy our customers, so your feedback is very important. You haven’t solved my problem! Would you mind answering a few short questions? On a scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied are you with the services you have received? You have answered 10. Thank you. Would you recommend — YES!!! Welcome to the IT support centre — You hear that? I did it! Access this! Excuse me? Who’s this? Can I help you? Is that you Anderson? Wrong number! For wireless network related issues, please press 8. If you have received an email that asks you to look at the attachment, but there is no attachment, please press 13. If you cannot find a file on your crowded desktop, please press 17. If technology is just not doing what you want it to do, please press 22. If you’re having trouble with that thing, you know, which you need, the one that you’ve always used, please press 26. We have added your e-mail address to our mailing list. Every now and then we send out newsletters with our latest offers, as well as offers from carefully selected 3rd parties. This doesn’t happen too often. We promise.

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  2. This is not just inter-office. It is now the default phone-line protocol of a huge number of consumer complaint/support departments. Of course the system is deliberately designed to stonewall people, to obfuscate, to delay and to wear everyone down. Very nicely done video and well directed.

  3. Expert = the guy who can do anything, defying the laws of physics and economics to drive some profit the for the company. He can do it all, especially if given half the time he needs to actually do it. It's sad how true this is, seen plenty of instances where bosses view us technical guys (IT, programmers, engineers, etc.) as people who can magically turn their half-formed ideas into reality. And the strange thing is that I know a a couple of people that can actually do it, somehow complying with every weird, senseless request. Baffles me sometimes…

  4. In Germany my phone Carrier tells you to speak out the issue and if it somehow works 80% of options after answering for 15 minutes tell u to fuq off and go to a store which tells u to call support if you wanna support tell in every scenario business business money money and it will redirect you to business part which will redirect you to the correct one … thanks O2

  5. Most funny about helpdesk is that people actually don't realise that their problems are not as much important as they think, so in fact they are not actually allowed to connect with real technical support in the first place 😀 Yes Helpdesk, you are there to keep users on hold while real support is working. Thank you.

  6. I swear a god!!! I want to meet all those PIGS!!! Who creates this kind of "options" when your calling, i would bite the shit out of them. I swear!!! Those lazy pigs!! Hhhhh

  7. Thanks for these sketches. I have shared them in the office, hopefully, they find them excruciatingly true yet entertaining too.

  8. This is extremely hilarious. 🤣 Very well done, keen observations! The other episodes are great, too. 👍🏻

  9. It would've been fun if, because of the red ink incident on the first episode, The Expert carried a red pen (instead of the blue one he in this video)so he can explain the matter again should he ever need to xD

  10. I would be tempted not to smack the guy that printed out a powerpoint presentation and handwrote corrections.

  11. This is not a joke – it is a real situation in big companies. One day it was too much – I wrote a leave note and never return into this big stinky garbage of office kick-off meetings, brain storm meeting, useless but beautiful presentations in Power Point.

  12. Welcome to the automated IT support centre.
    Have you tried turning it off and on?
    Thank you for calling the automated IT support centre.

  13. I damn near had a panic attack when they shot a close up of the phone. It's the exact same one we use at work. Avaya. I want to pull that thing out of the wall, take it to a field, and beat the shit out of it Office Space style everytime it rings.

  14. I cannot get enough
    of this kind of comedy
    ( The office space )
    You damn near killed me
    These are the comedies or should I say the impression of natural normal life
    I hate
    them fucking moments
    And I thank you
    above all
    For your awareness
    These are issues to be fixed
    because they can literally drive us fucking insane
    But I love your kind of comedy
    Keep them rolling
    since they're the best
    Matt matt

  15. Took 3 weeks for them to fix the printer on the floor. All they had to do was swap the ink cartradge but as a mechanic I did not have the authorization to access the particular supply drawer and the "technical training" required to be allowed to replace the cartridges.

  16. The only thing I get from this is the white guy at the very first part is an asshole. You ask people to help you but don't even state it properly. I don't care whether it is a comedy skit or what. Don't be an asshole to your co-worker or worker

  17. You forgot when they are currently unable to take your call due to high incoming traffic so they ask that you please stay on the line until the next available representative is able to take your call while they play low quality 90's point-n-click adventure music or extremely loud classical music that is intermittently interrupted by a voice that makes you jump to be ready to answer, but really it's just a pre-recording that tells you should please continue to wait as the next available representative will be on the line with you shortly, but actually it's just a lie because it's a 45 minute long hold time, and by the time the representative actually answers you've already programmed yourself to ignore anything coming out of the phone, so you keep waiting until you notice the voice shouting very loudly to you on the other end… and then the call gets cut off, but you're on a private line, so they can't call you back and you have to do it again.

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