What’s up guys, Lew here
back with another video. And today I am genuinely excited. Not that I’m not normally genuinely excited, but today, it’s another level. We’re taking it up a notch, and the reason is because this thing in front of me. The Optimus Popularis keyboard. Is something I wanted to get my hands on since I first heard of about it, which was quite a while ago. This is a keyboard, in which every single key
is actually a display. Whoa! You can program this keyboard for whatever you want! Now this thing is not cheap. If you click the link in the description, don’t be appalled. Here you can see it’s configured with like… Glowing pink keys, it can be like… any number of 260,000 colors. Now this will work on Windows, Mac
and of course, it just uses USB. (EXCLAIMS) Whoa. It’s kinda heavy. I mean, they just look clear at this point. You can’t really make out the displays
underneath them. So, it has the USB, but then it has a separate power port there. Let’s see if we could make that out. Look at that. (WHOOPS) Here’s the power brick and international adapters. Okay. UK, Europe, This guy always gets me going,
I don’t– So, that just fits in there like that.
That’s it, that easy. Jack. We need power, my friend. Oh, it’s coming to life! I got the displays on now,
I don’t know if you guys can make that out It’s so damn bright in here. There is literally a display beneath every single key. Wow, it’s working straight away too. Okay, so, I finally figured out this app. Essentially what it is, is like there’s a few pre-loaded layers in there. This entire display in the middle here, it’s showing me some, like… Some data. Essentially,
my free memory, my free space, my network traffic; up and down,
in and out. CPU usage percentage,
the media keys show up in the top section here. Where things get more intense is when you start looking at the Adobe layer, like Photoshop.
Look at that, look what happens when I turn the Photoshop group on. You know, the magic wand over here,
zoom tool, stamp tool. Whatever you might use is now default into the entire keyboard space. Look at this. World of Warcraft (LAUGHTER) Look at that, I don’t know anything
about World of Warcraft but looks like, I don’t know, potions, or magic, or… They even have where you can like,
import an image and then map that image, visually,
across the keys. That’s insane. The shift button immediately capitalizes everything. Ohh, let’s say I just want to change my command key, right? Maybe I want it to look a little different, some pictures in here, some options. The Apple logo. How about that? Let me put like, one of the YouTube thumbs. (LAUGHTER) It’s a thumb from one of our videos! See your Gmail unread,
message count in there. I suppose the idea here is you’re gonna set your thing up, you’re really gonna spend some time modifying it. And then, get it the way you like and then you probably won’t have to– be making too many mods after the fact. It’s just really crazy to think about your keyboard
as this consistently, modifiable thing. At least to this level here. (TYPING)
“I want to watch more Unbox Therapy.” I mean, like, I’m no Mavis Beacon,
you have to really hit the keys. You know what I mean? These are shallow, key presses, right? And the keys don’t actually stick up too much
from the actual surface. Codes, Math, functions, images, special symbols
and so on to infinity. You ever described a keyboard using the word “infinity” before? It’s not gonna be for everyone,
it’s insanely expensive. But it’s a piece of tech that you just don’t see everyday. Every. Single. Key. Is a configurable display. Let that percolate. It’s what you’re in now, welcome to Art Class.


  1. 4 issues:

    – Keys suck (triggers, design etc)
    – The half a centimeter thick glossy glass in between the key and the images looks ugly AF
    – The keys WILL get burnt in with time, as they are static most of the time, unlike a computer screen or a phone screen
    – And the price, considering all of the above

    The concept however, is what every keyboard should be in the future! I for one has been longing for something like it for decades now, as I use multiple languages and constantly have to switch. It also suck to learn Colemak or any other layout, and then frequently use it, if the keys don't reflect the characters (and especially the special characters).

  2. One should be able to configure a "custom" keyboard layout in "Mind" using a "standard" keyboard than using a "non-standard" keyboard. Once you get used to the "non-standard" keyboard, you get crippled on a standard keyboard.

  3. What about the Type I power plug gets him going? it's a healthy compromise between the cheapness of Type A/B, with the safety features of Type G

  4. better to buy a nice a Huawei T5 10" tablet (or similar) and program it to be a Really useful app-context specific interface
    Use svelte js as dev platform or red-lang or find some existing app-toolkit

  5. Студия Артемия Лебедева, здесь должен был быть Русский комментарий.

  6. I dunno, I think most people are touch typing and not looking at the keyboard when using software shortcut keys so it's a bit of a waste really. Especially playing games… Who would look away from the game to press action buttons?

  7. Almost 2020 and this old sort of tech still isn't standard, it's ridiculous
    and we wonder why aliens don't visit us snorts But we have all those great big companies lording about and telling us to "think different" and all that when they can't innovate for shit nowadays x''''D

  8. well get a cheap android tablet and use app to make screen of tablet as a keyboard for your computer. can be done over bluetooth also and a lot cheaper

  9. More une essary crap…spend hours setting it up alot of hours, days, weeks to get it just right…then there will be a fkn stupid update that wipes it all out somya can start alllll over….GTFOH

  10. I've never understood the point of having a display on a keyboard. Maybe it's just me, but I'm currently running Arch Linux with i3 window manager and LightDM, so everything I do revolves around the keyboard. The only time I find myself ever touching my mouse is if I need to move a window independently, or if I simply lose track and need to get back to my "space" again. Having the illuminated data all over the keyboard just seems overkill when I already have everything that is being displayed on my keyboard displayed on my topbar (shown on my monitor).

    Cool product, nonetheless. I'm sure it would have a better use case for somebody who finds themself looking at their keys more frequently.

  11. lol oh look optimus no longer exists and every keyboard they created is now not working. Also their switches were garbage.

  12. Really needed to hear more about the keyswitches, Chryrosran had a earlier copy and found them absolutely abominable x)

  13. It's just a giant Elgato… :)))

    We have displays with virtual keyboards, so why not keyboards with displays? 😐

    2:48 Whoa, mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew the shift button could do that??? :O

  14. I'm a programmer and a gamer at the same time. I Really respect them for coming up with something like this. Setting up a milestone for future keyboards.

  15. My experiment consisted of a few matches cut and glued together into a 2×2 grid (that I dipped in varnish for added strength) with some slithers of balloons stretched around so that the edges of sqaures of clear plastic that fit in the grid can be glued to them… The lid of a 100g tub of backy provided easily workable, thick and clear enough pastic…. worked OK but was stronger with the corners of the keys cut a tiny bit with one band supporting the key underneath, one on top…. Works OK but you need the bands stretched vertically with non-staggered (ortholinear) keys.. The tiny 4 key grid I used was glued to the screen protector on the phone with a tiny bit of rubber solution glue that rubbed off afterwards, no problem… Obviously not a great typing experience but it is is better than your average dirt cheap bluetooth mini keyboard… tested on a 10 inch tablet with 17mm keys with 19mm spacing including the frame… It's just not quite good enough visibility or robustness but the real weakness was it had a sticky feel, lack of travel and no click – but it's probably worth a manfuacturer making one properly (surprised they haven't)…. The frame will need to be made out of thin strong metal covered in rubber.. the elastic bands holding the keys cover about 1.5mm either side and the frame blocks about the same top and bottom so you get about a 12 or 13mm central viewable area… Doesn't quite look quite right as the image is a few mm lower than the key top but it doesn't look too wrong either….. I broke the prototype quite easily tidying up too quickly while a bit drunk… how it got on the floor I don't know!

  16. this is kind of shitty keyboard btw, on of my mates does have it and it's sucks, there's no software support for it for a long time and looks like it would never been provided cause Artemy Lebedev now cares more about gaining money with his "designs" which are soooo damn bad that u might think that's an irony (but it's not)

  17. For your knowledge, the electrical adapter of do not know where it is used, is in some countries of Latin America.
    (one more grain of knowledge ☺)

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