The Chosen One’s Return – Animator vs. Animation Shorts – Episode 2

The Chosen One’s Return – Animator vs. Animation Shorts – Episode 2

[continuing from AVA Shorts: E1] The Second Coming: Gah! *HNNNGGGG* any ideas guys? *HHNNNGG x 4* Red: nope. The Second Coming: if I can just… get… ViraBot: don’t bother. SC: oh no… HELP!
PLEASE! [Explosion] *OOF* ViraBot: WHAT NOW?!?! [awed silence] [Portal appears from smoke] SC: Huh?! What is… The Chosen One: Ah, Alan. My old ‘friend’. After all these years… SC: You look… strangely familiar. The Chosen One: Virabot, your time here… …is over. ViraBot: Bring it on, toothpick. TCO: INSOLENT BUG Virabot: OW [Epic fighting=D] [throwing knives shwing] [Epic fighting continues] GAH TCO: Oww… TCO: that’s not good. TCO: ARRGG ViraBot: gg you suck TCO: You… TCO: will… TCO: NOT… TCO: …SUCCEED! TCO: gggrrrrrrrr [laser] ViraBot: Yipe! TCO: I’VE GOT YOU NOW! [flames] TCO: YOU’RE FINISHED ViraBot: finished…? …or… START-ed! TCO: What?! why, you little… SHOW YOURSELF [HIT x1] [HIT x2] [HIT x3] combo breaker!
[HIT x1] TCO: Now you’v- [Error] [Error]
[Error] .
[Error] .
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[Error] all
solved ViraBot: *distant laughing* ViraBot: You… ViraBot: Can’t… ViraBot: Fight… ViraBot: Me… ViraBot: …NOW! ViraBot: HA…. ViraBot: HA….HA… ViraBot: HA….HA…HA! *deep breath* [Big Nom] ViraBot: NOW DIE! SC: What!?! Aw gees… uhh… SC: TAKE THAT … ..! .!! !!! ViraBot: uhh… ViraBot: uhhhhhhh… ViraBot: o dats bad BE- -GONE ViraBot: What are you… WHAT!?! I’LL K- SC: Wha-? SC: WOAH! SC: WHAT. ViraBot: Wah! [the beatdown] [tornado] [tornado and lightning] [tornado, lightning, and fire] [tornado, lightning, fire and lasers] [K.O.] [Virabot.exe has become unresponsive] [such fast] SC: Dude… TCO: …? SC: That… SC: That was… SC: THAT WAS GODLY Yellow: WE ARE NOT WORTHY Blue: We owe you our lives! Green: I AM ALSO NOT WORTHY Red: NEVER HAS A STICKMAN SO POW- Second Coming: Ummm… What? [portal appears from WIFI symbol] *silent respect* SC: WOAH! Did he just SUMMON that?!? Yellow: Yolo? SC: Yolo. All: *enters portal* [the end] Hey guys, thanks for watching. Hope you guys enjoyed it So I have some announcements to make but first I wanted to tell you guys something.
[stay until the end I’m putting a funny thing there] I know a lot of you guys are interested in pursuing your passion and making a living off of it instead of having a normal job like everyone else and now it’s a lot easier than ever to do that because of the internet. You can actually have a professional level of skill in your passion thanks to being able to just learn anything you want online. that leads me to telling you about this exciting partnership I have with Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community with thousands of classes in design, Business, technology, and all kinds of other fields. So if you’ve ever thought of getting into something creative for example, like animation, illustration, or photography, skill sure has a ton of courses on all of those things and If you have the premium membership you get unlimited access to all the classes and it’s more affordable than most learning platforms since the annual subscription is less than ten dollars a month one class that I personally recommend is “stand out and make money on YouTube” by professional youtuber Jazza if anyone is thinking of becoming a youtuber this is the course to watch because he has actual experience taking a channel from nothing to 3 million subscribers and Has many more strategies to get there than I could ever give you So the first 500 people to sign up using my link will get the first 2 months of premium membership for free So go to (a-l-a-n, b-e-c-k-e-r) or go to link in the description So I want to thank Skillshare for sponsoring this video and now I want to talk about the next video So I’m finally going to be making animation vs League of Legends and it’s gonna take a little bit longer than my usual videos We’re aiming to finish it and release it in December. So don’t be surprised if you don’t see anything from me in November We’re just taking some extra time to make something extra special for you guys I’m partnering with Hyun and some other really amazing talented animators who specialize in league stuff So if you don’t want to miss it, make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications And in the meantime follow me on Instagram I update that much more often than my YouTube and you get to see more of my day-to-day life stuff. Alright, Thanks for watching. Enjoy a skill share and I’ll see you guys in the next video [Alan gets the loops now as he is god and loops are food for the gods] [commits yeeted] (Givin’ them ann-E-Mators credit) BUT WAIT. DID YOU SEE THE CHOSEN ONE TURN INVISIBLE? DID YOU KNOW THAT ALAN WORKS SO HARD ON THESE THAT IT DOESN’T MATTER BECAUSE IT’S GREAT ANYWAY?

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  2. This was astounding! I've been a huge fan of the ava series and this blew my mind out of the park! Thank you so much Alan for this masterpiece, I can see all the hard work you put into this 🙂

  3. Me: Oh no god no, A VIRUS!?!
    Oh wait i heard about this new app

    downloads the app (The Chosen One Anti Virus Protector app)

    my friend comes up

    My friend: OH, i know that app!
    Its a lifesaver!

    what my friend means is that how the app destroys the virus, is that The Chosen One comes up and he will do what he did in this video and destroy the virus

    so you can also watch them fight 😉

    Me: O_o

    The end


  4. 2:43 :😮
    2:47 : WHAT IS THAT!?!?!😮
    2:51 :oh OH OHHHH OH OHH OH😮 ahahahah OH OH!!!!! 😨🤯😵😱🤯🤯🤯🤯

  5. Visualization of Viewers,Object Shows Chosen One and Virabot.

    Imagine the object show Battle For Dream Island being the Chosen One and Virabot is you Viewers.

    You're giving Chosen some swords that are demands for the episode.

    And when you struck Chosen with some spikes,they'll probably ignore your demands and strike back with content that it deletes even your YouTube Account!

  6. Wait isn’t the chosen one the orange stick figure you can see on the episode animator vs animation IV so is he from a different dimension

  7. The principal at one of my schools played this at the end the the school year and all of the school was screaming and cheering

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