The BIGGEST Mini Gaming PC – Bolt X

The BIGGEST Mini Gaming PC – Bolt X

Nearly two years ago we asked, if there was a place in the market for pre-built, compact gaming PCs like the digital storm bolt three and I guess given the rise of machines like the Corsair one And MSI’s Trident Well it’s safe to say that yes, yes there is. So When Digital Storm called us up and offered to ship us their new Bolt-X For an exclusive early look How could we say no? ♪ (LTT theme) ♪ Cooler Masters 25th anniversary edition Cosmos 2 Features a unique dual curved temperd glass side panel Check it out now! at the link below From the outside the bolt X is pretty similar to the bolt 3 we reviewed back in 2015 It retains the clear, edge to edge acrylic side panel The strange placement of ventilation holes on the other side panel and the separate upper panel where the 240 millimetre cooling radiator hides Like the Bolt 3, the Bolt X is available in both the brushed aluminium fingerprint magnet finish of our older unit, and the shiny, exotic paint finish of our Bolt X Digital Storm also lifted up the base of the case providing a little more clearance for air intake on the bottom. One odd thing that you
might have noticed by now is that there is no front i/o, not even a power switch
to accompany the RGB Front logo no digital storm instead opted to put it on
the side aesthetically this clean look works really well for us but the option
for a front optical drive is also gone and whether cables sticking out the
front or out the side is best really depends on your desk layout but enough
boring stuff let’s get inside it’s impossible to miss the immaculately run
custom sleeves power cables and all hardline water cooling setup
with red dyed liquid to match the exterior our unit has both the CPU [says GPU] and
video card water cooled which ended up giving us a bit of a surprise when we
fired up our benchmarks more on that later but it’s also available in a less
expensive CPU only config. There is no question that hardline looks great (mwah)
but as a tinkerer if I was buying a Bolt X I might not configure it this way for a couple of reasons flexible tubing
doesn’t look as good I know but it gives you quick and easy access for
troubleshooting or upgrades while hardline requires you to dismantle the
whole loop in order to get at virtually anything other than the ran and drives
one saving grace with this particular machine though is that as long as you’re
careful about it you actually could probably pull the whole assembly out
through the top panel so unlike the main gear Omen X with hardline you could swap
a failed component like a motherboard without a plumbing certificate from the
local community college but we still think that the happy medium is hardline
for the CPU only for easy graphics card upgrades in the future or soft tubing
all around if you want the extra performance. And on that subject there’s
plenty of that our, asus rog Strix v2 7 TI gaming is equipped with an intel core
i7 7700(hundred)K and 32 gigs of DDR4 3,000 ram and as for the GPU well that’s my
friends is what a water-cooled GeForce GTX 1080 Ti looks like and the whole
thing is running off a [lien Lee] 750 watt 80 + Platinum modular power supply. So
then it should come as no surprise that even without the 5 gigahertz factory
overclock option our Bolt X killed our 1080p gaming test suite but what might
be surprising is just how well it killed it we gathered all of these
jobs at stock speeds for both the CPU and GPU meaning that the performance
difference over our testbench here was purely driven by the efficiency of
digital storms hydraluxe water cooling loop no part of our system ever dropped
from max turbo which was totally why I should have named my son max turbo
anyway sorry even synthetic tests including a
combined load of fur mark and i-264 didn’t manage to make it throttle which
is great result in a doomsday scenario for any unified cooler and it doesn’t
really get terribly loud while gaming either with the fan spinning up to a
light bush under normal loads and only really ramping up higher when under
those synthetic loads I mentioned before we wanted to give you accurate numbers
for the noise levels but unfortunately the studio is presently a construction
zone so yeah that’s, that’s not happening. But bottom line is it worth the price
tag well it’s tough to say not because we don’t have the results or because
we’re waffling on making a recommendation it’s actually because we
don’t have a price tag yet, Digital Storm won’t be releasing the Bolt X to the
public for another couple of months and while the preliminary pricing that
they’ve given us says it will be starting at fifteen hundred US dollars
their starting configuration for the Bolt 3 at that price suggests that a
Bolt X as shown here will cost a pretty penny more than that. But maybe that’s
the point what, you’ll be getting with the Bolt X is a machine that
absolutely crushes it in terms of performance and with Headroom for some
overclocking thanks to its excellent cooling setup it is far from the
smallest gaming rig we’ve ever seen it’s even bigger than the last generation
bolt but it’s still not unreasonable so if you’ve got the cash and you want a
water-cooled gaming rig done right I think the Bolt X has got you covered.
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100 thoughts to “The BIGGEST Mini Gaming PC – Bolt X”

  1. Is this build good? Too much? Too little? This is my first time with this and im not trying to reach too much above $2,000. I just want to play games like GTA V and Battlefield 1 at 1080p. (Sorry if I'm spamming; just trying to get some feedback).

  2. hey Linus, please test the ASUS M80CJ its a mini gaming PC made for VR. please like for Linus attention thanks!

  3. Human eye can't see more than 24 fps and everyone who saw and commented THE SRUGGLE IS REAL are alien lizard people!

  4. nice scratch on the side and i love how you didnt take any time to clean it. best part of hd close up is having to view your apathy

  5. I have no idea how to build and know nothing about pc specs but I do have disposable income , is this pc good for gaming and streaming ?

  6. Why is there a block (that says Digital Storm) on top of the PSU fan? Is it an air channel? Also, when she takes the lid off the top of the case, what is that on top of the fans? Another radiator or a dust filter?

  7. Any suggestions for a sub $1000 pre built gaming rig? Don’t care about RGB, Size, Noise or looks. I just want any functioning gaming rig I can give myself as a Christmas gift that won’t kill my wallet

  8. I Cant trust what you say because you shill so hard its almost nonstop. Leave the sales pitch to the commercials because it takes any sense of unbiased you think you have away.

  9. I really like the review, I might have to look at buying one of these in 2 years (that is when I am planning on life-cycling out my current rig).

  10. WTF is up with these companies not selling the case?

    I wanna just buy the thing, sell off all the parts, and then swap my own in. I feel like thye just want to force me to go through the interim process of selling all their shit off.

  11. Here in September 2018 I’m purchasing mine with an i7 8086k at 5ghz with 32gb 3000mhz ram and a 2080ti, all hardline watercooled

  12. Their Bolt X is a great marketing tool with the hardline water cooling. But all their hard line is straight tubing with no bends which is MUCH easier to do yourself than it looks and you'd save a ton of money that way too.

  13. Why not just invert the screw stand-offs, and attach the motherboard from the back-side, so it can be pulled out and worked on without moving any of the cooling hardware.

  14. These guys make some really sick looking systems. But damn are they expensive. If you go to their website, their systems start at reasonable prices, but they don't come with much of the fancy stuff you see in the marketing images for anywhere near the price they start at. I just speced one out with a 9700K, 32GB 3200 memory, 1TB SATA SSD, 500 GB M.2 SSD, GTX 2080Ti, full water cooling for GPU and CPU, hard tubing with clear fluid, 550W PSU, mini ITX mobo and premium paint job for $4,928. While the system would be incredible, no doubt, the price is still just absurd when you could build the same spec system for half that without all the fancy cooling and still probably get very close to the same performance. That said, if you have money to spend and you want a bad-ass gaming computer, these guys make some pretty sick gaming computers. You can also make your build a little more reasonable and thus a little more affordable. But you're still going to be paying a pretty large premium. I got the build down to $3k with flex tubing, switching to a 2070, going with 16GB RAM and changing up storage options. Not too bad I guess considering you can overclock the heck out of the CPU and GPU. Also not bad considering gaming laptops can cost $3k…

  15. I just bought one and I put a thermometer inside the machine to see how hot it gets. By inside I mean the ambient temp inside the case. I'm aware I can monitor core and mobo temps with software but I'm liquid cooling my CPU and video card so the ambient temp inside the case can affect the performance of liquid cooling (I'm thinking)… I'm consistently getting 100-105 F temps on the inside of the case when under load and about 79-80 F when idle (internet browsing and such). My CPU temps reach 80 Celsius under load, about 175 F, and around 38-40 C when idle… That can't be good, can it?

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