The Best Keyboard… Now Even Better?

The Best Keyboard… Now Even Better?

You may have heard of these guys before.
They’re called daskeyboard. In fact I think I recall that I’ve done videos on
various daskeyboards in the past but they’ve got something new that they’re
bringing to the game now if you’re unfamiliar with them, they do mechanical
keyboards that are legendary *taps cardboard box* They’re like Mavis Beacon’s best friend *awkward silence* Mavis Beacon reference? She taught you how to type as a kid.
*more tapping* Home row? I still don’t type properly No I’m like picking and pecking. Anyway what I noticed that didn’t exist on my previous daskeyboard is now white back lighting.
It’s called the Prime 13 high-performance mechanical keyboard. The ultimate experience for badasses and they wrote it right on the box.
It’s kind of aggressive. Now you can get it with other switches
if you prefer MX blue or so on Anodized aluminum top panel for improved
durability. That’s cool Full n-key rollover faster for gaming or
typing USB port right on it And a keycap puller to remove keys,
to place keys and so on Legends in the keyboard game and they got the newest, they got the
latest and they got the greatest Here’s what we’re looking at. My understanding
is the top deck is now completely aluminum which I’m pretty pumped for. Jack, you’ve got a daskeyboard on your desk right now. They’re not messing around.
This up here Yes, that’s aluminum. It’s black
but it’s kind of got like a luminescence to it like it’s picking up the light a
little bit and almost looking kind of gray Clicky but there’s no like switch click *clickety clack* I mean if that’s the noise that turns you on You got it here. They went for the
traditional feet on there. I kinda like that. I think you might switch to this one. You probably wanna switch to this one Well I don’t know if you can or not.
I might switch to this. Braided cable in here.
Now it terminates into two USB cables. Gold-plated, pretty nice and the reason
for that is you do have another USB port here. Now it’s only USB 2.0 and
I guess it could have been nice for those 3.0 but that should work
for at least charging up your phone, connecting a USB thumb drive, etc.
It’s nice to have an extra one right on your desktop. So that’s all fine and dandy Lou.
But what about the new features and functions? What about the backlight? So let’s dim
some lights here and watch this baby glow Boom! Comes to life which is really
nice white backlighting as you can see Now there are levels to it you can
control that up here via the f keys you see they sort of utilized the side
of the keys along top to show you the different functions available, from
volume, the media buttons over here for play pause next and so on and then
controls for the brightness of the backlight whether you want it on or
don’t want it on I mean why would you want a backlit
keyboard? I guess it’s pretty obvious you’re in a dimly lit environment or you
just want more contrast on the keys when you’re working at night. What I like about daskeyboard is it’s a little bit understated When they do something it’s
like, yeah, we get it you want to game, alright We want to give
you the mechanical key switches We know you’re a power user but we’re not going
to go over the top with it You can have a nice white backlight, pick your key
switches and end up with something a little more subtle but still functional The new Prime 13 daskeyboard I don’t know if it’s the first backlit
version but it’s the first one that I’ve seen and I think it’s just a little
tweak on something that’s already really good Like I said this one is on Jack’s
desk right now while the old version of it

100 thoughts to “The Best Keyboard… Now Even Better?”

  1. All these Razer and RGB fans complaining. Some people don't like that stuff and just want a nice minimalist keyboard with a high build quality.

  2. Alright the best keyboard that has yet to be made should have:
    Replaceble Cherry MX Switches (pull them out and replace them for like another type)
    RGB backlighting
    Dedicated media keys
    Macro keys
    GOOD software
    Windows lock key
    Numpad (Never understood how you would live without it… You need it for certain games)
    Removable wristrest

  3. why the fuck would i get this shitty keyboard when i can get a real badass keyboard like a corsair

  4. I prefer the Das Keyboard 4 Ultimate, Because it has USB 3, and the volume knob. Also media playback, if you care about those.
    The only thing that is better about this keyboard than the older versions, is the backlight, and the braided USB cable.

    Also you don't get the legendary ruler on this version.

  5. I went up to Mc Donalds and I bought a big mac I took a bite of the burger but the burger bit me back I went up to the counter and said whats the deal and they slaped me in the face with a happy meal dah dah dah dah dah I'm lovin it

  6. The first version of DasKeyboard offers bigger keys/bigger spacings between the keys, which I find useful. (touch-typer using customized key layout with unmarked/blank key version of DasKeyboard, as the standard keys are going to be often mislabeled for me anyway) Out of all the keyboards that I own, there is only one that offers more space and it comes off an ancient PC XT clone I once owned.

  7. and just as i mention a das keyboard on one of your videos, i see this. They make some of the best keyboards i've ever touched.

  8. I'm not sure if a mechanical keyboard will really help my typing speed. And for all the haters out there: this is not a gaming keyboard, but more of a typist's keyboard, or one for people that do a lot of typing for their work.

    but anyway, I type between 75 and 85 wpm, but I want to get over 100 wpm. I have a basic Logitech with the common soft dome switch keys. I always feel like I need to strike the key to feel confident that it's going to register the input. But when I do a quick combo of keys in a burst, I can feel the springy response without having to nail the keys all the way down. This also depends on what key combination I'm doing. So I'm not sure if a mechanical will really make a difference in my speed.

  9. Wow. At 0:07 It shows "The Ultimate Experiences for Bad asses." I am having a touch time typing with my new HP keyboard as my typing speed dropped by 5%. When the keys become loose I can type fast.

  10. Just get a cheap cherry blue switch keyboard and some pbt key caps and you’ll have pretty much the same thing

  11. Very very true these are by far the best keyboards on the market, the typing experience is just unmatched and its just so addictive

  12. No dedicated media keys, only usb 2.0 instead of usb 3.0 (don't use a usb thumbdrive with usb 2.0 if you don't want very slow transfer speeds), two usb cables that could have been one: I don't recommend this keyboard. Get the Das keyboard 4 pro or ultimate.

  13. My favourite keyboard is the Logitech classic 300. Even though it's membrane it can hold it's own against a mechanical after 8 years of use. And it's compatible with everything! It's selling point was wii compatibility, a console that's very picky in terms of keyboards. It works with all consoles with usb ports built in, so ps2. And all the way up to now with the switch, ps4 pro, and xbox one x. My only gripe about it is that it has no volume dial.

  14. The ideal one would one that's mechanical, with a built trackpad and point and backlit. That doesnt look like a teenagers coloring book, with all those retarded pimp colors. Something like this one, but offer back light and track pad.

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