The best GPU for 1440p gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert

The best GPU for 1440p gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert

a PC world fans Adam here with GPU
expert Brad Turkish expert thank you on our weekly podcast the full nerd we
answer all sorts of questions you can ask the questions by going into our
discord or or showing up to the live show but for this one I want to focus on
a specific topic that people will ask a lot and it is what is the best GPU for
gaming at 1440p so this is actually a really interesting part of the market
because this is the part where prices really start to diverge yeah like in
1080p gaming you’re typically looking under $300 you know two to three hundred
dollar range when you start getting into 1440p gaming a lot of it depends a lot
more on your monitor speed your an aspect ratio stuff like that and prices
can start to quickly get out of hand like for this price point you’re
probably gonna start around the 350 dollar mark okay between the r-tx 2060
the original and the Radeon rx 5700 don’t buy the 2060
it has ray tracing which Nvidia has been ramping up and you know talking about
but the Radeon rx 5,700 from AMD is just a better card it’s faster it’s just as
power efficient it’s quiet it’s just way more worth it and the rate rates and
performance you get from the r-tx 2060 is not great so it’s not worth investing
in ray tracing at this level yet on our site on PC worldcom I maintain an
up-to-date list that I’ve been updating for years it’s gonna be updated for
years awesome all the link to in the description below
yeah graphics cards and we actually have the Radeon rx 5700 as our current
recommendation for 1440p gaming that’s at 60 frames per second you’re looking
to get on the monitor okay so most monitors are 60 Hertz once you start
getting up into 1440p like this you start to see some faster ones huh okay
yeah that was gonna be into my next question what about what about crazy
high you know frame rates that uh that some of these monitors enabled yes so
both of these cards have upgraded versions for 400 bucks you can get the
Radeon rx 5700 XT okay or nvidia z’ g4s r-tx 2060 super so a more super
version of the 2060 and it is the 2060 super has two more gigabytes of RAM so
it has eight gigabytes of RAM it’s a lot better for this resolution of gaming
this is where if you really want to get into rate racing if you really want to
buy into that like future-proofing if you think it’s gonna take off in the
next few years this is where you might consider jumping in the boat
skip the RT X 2060 consider the RT X 2060 super if you want ray-tracing
huh if you don’t know if you want retracing if you’re kinda on the fence
for the exact same price the Radeon rx 5700 XT gives you a lot more performance
Wow okay so like I said this is a question do you want more performance
now or the future turning of RT X in the future I wouldn’t even call it future
proofing I’d call it potential I always buy for what you’re doing now
never the future is never guaranteed well everything looks like ray-tracing
is gonna blow up all the dips I’ve talked to about it love it but it might
take longer than you think well in in the news recently somebody said that
you’d be crazy not to buy our DX card right now because it is the future so
that is you know kind of an internal battle that a lot of people are having
right now it is an AMD is countering it pretty well with the Radeon rx 5700 XT
actually because for 400 bucks in a lot of games it across the board beats
that’s 2060 super in performance obviously doesn’t have retracing but it
gets real close like single-digit percentage performance was with the $500
RTX 2070 super which is another good option for 1440p gaming um so you’re
getting a lot of the performance for $100 less you don’t get ray-tracing
interesting oh and what about crazy things like kind of I’ve seen at this
monitor resolution you start to get like white aspect ratios like a what is it
thirteen forty thirty four forty by you know 1440 yeah and those are actually
much more demanding than a standard 1440p because you have that many more
pixels to drive so if you do have a widescreen gaming monitor an ultra-wide
gaming monitor you might want to consider looking at
the 4k graphics card recommendations that we have later but if you’re going
to be buying one of these graphics cards and hoping to get an ultra wide graphic
an ultra wide monitor going well especially if it has a higher refresh
weight rate is when you’re gonna want to look at the 4k Upson’s but if assuming
it’s a 60 Hertz monitor which again the vast majority of monitors are I would
think if you stick to one of the higher-end cards the Radeon 5700 XT or
the 2070 super 2060 Super you’re gonna want to go for that rather than just to
make sure you have enough because nothing cents worse than spending 350
dollars on a graphics card it doesn’t do what you want and whatever how much you
spent on the monitor itself yeah he wants to be able to keep up so I asked
this in the 1080p version of this video but I’ll ask it again here what’s your
take on on things like the the different companies the different manufacturers
even the reference cards I know there’s a heated debate over the the Radeon
blower style fans versus the Dougal axial stuff I mean what’s your take on
that well in general unless you have a very
specific reason – mainly being you’re running for three or four graphics cards
or you have a very small form-factor case I advise avoiding blower style
coolers which have a single fan and then they use that single fan to shoot the
hot air out the back and instead getting a dual or tri-axial fan cooler with the
fan you know so they have two or three fans right in the shroud blows it back
into your case and then your normal case fans take it out the Radeon rx 5700
models they just recently launched and for the first month or so they were only
available in reference card blower style I was fortunate enough to be able to
benchmark and test a sapphire pulse Radeon rx 5700 which is for only a $10
more expensive than the reference version and it has a backplate it has
the dual axial fans it’s a lot quieter it’s a lot more efficient so in general
try to go for a custom cooler okay awesome and like you said earlier this
this article is going to be updated all the time correct yeah so you know I’ll
link to in the description below and you can tune in to the full nerd every
subscribe to us on youtube subscribe to it on any of the podcast platforms but
thank you for being here and ask answering these questions with me Brad
any time yeah and thank you we will see you later

100 thoughts to “The best GPU for 1440p gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert”

  1. Yeah cool, the 5700 and the 5700XT do great in 1080 and 1440p. Yes better than the 2060. But who would want to buy it? AMD drivers and software and terrible and cause instabilities in your system. I know because I’ve had 2 systems: one intel and one AMD for the last 5 years. Things like shadow play and the nivida GeForce experience center have to be considered when making the purchase. If you are a person who doesn’t care about software, recording your games or optimizing settings then you can get the 5700. But if you want to do even the slightest game sharing (like streaming) you want nivida. Also the 2070 is $400 and sometimes you can get it with a rebate. Also used market the 1080ti goes for between $350-450 and gives far better performance for the price

  2. As of right now Ray tracing isn't worth it with this gen. Maybe next gen will be better the cards will be further improved upon.

  3. Wow there is so much wrong with this. 😂 Pls get your facts right before sharing guys because now you can be just confusing and misinforming people who maybe aren't as tech savvy. So do it right the first time so everyone can know the right information. Don't use confusing terminology if you trying to simplify stuff. And actually help your subscribers out by giving them the correct information.

  4. This has been the perfect video I have been searching for. Took me 2 weeks to find it. But you finally made my purchase final. Thank you both!

  5. i should have waited for the 5700 xt and the 2070 super… instead I got a vega 64 which – at the time because it had a discoutn – was the obvious choice… Woud I have waited approx half a year longer, I might have gotten a slightly better deal. But you always whine about your choices afterwards, so just b e content with what you heave… FOMO can kill your fun, trust me.

  6. The problem with the 2060 Super is that while it has RTX, it isn't powerful enough to run games with RTX on. Especially if you're talking about future games.

  7. honestly, RTX isn't and shouldn't be directed at gaming until the tech is more mature. It's more for content creators (3D animators) Simply because the performance hit just makes it no more than a gimmick as far as gaming's concerned. While for creators it's a huge boon being able to render higher quality stuff at a faster rate. Down the line when they can get it to work without tanking performance as much as it does (depending on game and card) then it'll be worth it.

  8. Idk how everyone isn't having mad issues with the 5700 and 5700 xt cards.. I've had like 5 different cards of these and every single one of them had driver issues and full system instability and constant crashes, put in an nvidia card not had an issue since.

  9. Rx 5700 has really bad stuttering issues. I just bought the MSI "mech" version. Terrible stutter with high FPS. I traded it in for a 2070…butter smooth.

  10. This should be titled "The Best 1440p Graphics Card, If You Don't Have The Money To Buy The Best 1440p Graphics Card!" …

  11. Only experts are those on the Hall of Fame when overclocking records. Buildzoid and Der8auer is a good channel as well 👌

  12. Nothing says sell out more than recommending higher priced items with just as good performance for the question asked as older cards for cheaper prices.

  13. I'm using a Vega 64 LC with 1440p/144Hz (can't hit 144fps but satisfy with 95/110fps), no worries for this year

  14. You recommended the 2060 super for ray tracing even though it can't run shit with ray tracing on…??? Wtf… do you just not know much about PC hardware and just reading barely the basic info available from the product description on the boxes or what? Also have you never heard of 1080p 240hz??? Lol. These dudes are clueless sorry to say. Ultra wide is not much more demanding over standard 16:9 as added horizontal pixels doesnt really press GPU's much at all which is why multiple displays typically dont add much stress on a gpu. It's the vertical pixels that add a ton of stress when also adding horizontal pixels… these dudes are legit clueless. If you're building a small form factor case then you actually do want a blower style fan as you really do not want hot air being dumped into the small case as airflow is usually a struggle in those cases.

  15. DON'T TAKE THIS ADVICE. Who is this mythical group that buy £350 – £500 GPUs for 1440p and want 60Hz? You are talking about mid-higher end GPUs paired with an entry level monitor. Whilst it's true most monitors are 60Hz still, these aren't the same people who are willing to spend £350 + for a GPU – they're different markets. PCWorld please employ tech guys, not salesmen who write. Average users would be bullshit'd by apparent knowledge and conned into a regretful purchase, but gamers(you know, the people who actually intend to buy higher end GPU) will be laughing at how out of touch these guys are with modern gaming. Your salesmen here will have cost you sales. We all want 4k on "Ultra" @ 240Hz, but we know we can't realistically have that, and be even slightly competitive, so we drop settings for performance for fluidity. We don't want to deliberately nerf our FPS to scrape by at 60Hz unless there is no other option. But with Variable-Sync or 120Hz/144Hz costing no more than 60Hz, why would you go to a higher 1440p setup but ignore the monitor. Any 14yo online gamer could tell you this, and where the industry is heading.

  16. This is the era of 1440 p, not 4k nor raytracing. Yes they can be done, but at 60 fps or so, it doesn't cut it these days. 120hz min for me from now on.

  17. Cyberpunk 2077 will support Ray Tracing so I'm going to upgrade my GTX 980 Ti to a RTX card. I'm presently looking at the EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER for my 2560 x 1440 144 Hz monitor. I watched some videos on YouTube showing Ray Tracing in-game and it's beautiful.

  18. If I want to play with 1440p can I scale down to 1080p easily when I want more frames?

    About to buy a 144hz 1440p screen but want the option to get max frames in games like apex ledgends 🙂

  19. On the fence right now whether I favor the AIB 5700's or the 2070S. 5700 has the most value for money but the 2070S brings the horsepower and tech of ray-tracing however the cost begins to be the inhibiting factor and cost-per-frame only gets worse. The 5700 XT is cheaper and is often on par with or marginally better! However I believe AMD are at work on their own version of ray-tracing…so watch this space? The updates made to the 1st generation RTX cards is satisfactory however their top 3 cards are stupidly priced. Why they need 3 cards at that price level beats me.. With the tail-wind AMD have from the increase in sales and market share by their CPUs and their implementation (contracts) with next-gen consoles and hardware manufacturers AMD are setting themselves up very well to pump $$ into R&D. Lisa Su rocks!

  20. I never go for redeon. Im sorry but its 2019 and those redeon graphics card still look like shit. Sure you can safe a few bucks but if one are serious of building a legit gaming PC, why do a "budget" built. Go Nvidia or nothing at all.

  21. I have a 1080 on 1440p 144hz upgrading to a 2080ti when they price them right, hoping AMD will release their high end cards, now is a really bad time to buy a high end card tbh

  22. 2070 super get my vote for best 1440p GPU in terms of performance, RX-5700XT the best price to performance. Anything above the 2070 super and you're moving into 4k territory, and although while yes, better GPU's will be even better at 1440p (2080 super and beyond), the 2070 super still peaks out framerates at ultra to such a degree, that buying something even better becomes a hard sell when you start to consider just how much more those cards cost. You won't be upset with an RX-5700XT or 2070 super, and your wallet will be better off.

  23. I honestly think higher refresh rates look better and provide a better gaming experience than higher resolutions. I don't plan on going 4k till it's possible at 120hz, the hardware just isn't really capable and won't be for a few years. 1440p seems like a stop gap.

  24. Rtx 2080 is perfect. I get 90-120 FPS in every game maxed out at 1440. The 2080 ti only gets about 10-20 FPS more and it costs about $600 more so I think 2080 is the best for the price. 60fps doesn’t really cut it for pc gaming

  25. I would say the 1070Ti. or even the 1070. also other great cards for 1440p are Vega 56. Vega 64, RX 590, Radeon 5700, GTX 1080, RTX 2060 (and the super one), GTX 1660Ti and the super version of that card

  26. you want my advice? buy a card thats a bit overkill so it ll keep you good for a year or 3. you can save in those 3 years for potential upgrades. and if you dont need them upgrades after 3 years, continue to save for another year thats when you def need an upgrade.

    dont buy future proof shit because that shit is bullshit. there is no futureproof system.

  27. What about 2560x1080p ultrawide resolution with high frame rate
    what’s your opinion there
    What gpu will i need because i am thinking about getting
    rtx 2060 or rx 5700
    or even 2060 super os 5700xt

  28. So basically, this guy is just wants us to only buy AMD, got it…. on to another more subjective non AMD ad video with realistic out-view of gpus

  29. Ummm im sry but the 2060 is much closer to the rx5700 then your saying your saying much mire much better not true at all its very slightly better very slightly buddy you really are just high on the rx5700 its a great card yes but the 2060 ia right there with it the rx 5700 in my experience gets mabye 8fps more on average in most gamesit can be higher it can be lower its not this huge difference and thr super version matches the numbers of the rx5700 so again you saying its better then that with performance and is so called faster just isnt right

  30. For me, Rx 5700 XT or RTX 2070 Super for 1440p Gaming. Spending can quickly get out of control with these components. Best of luck. Cheers

  31. One thing that kind of contradicts future proofing a little. Is if you just buy something that suits you for now. The price of what you wanted will be a lot cheaper in 2 to 3 years.

  32. I’d be recommending a Red Devil if going the AMD route or a 2060/2070 super. NVIDIA tends to be the better bet for features and stability, but the Red Devil is a brilliant card with very good thermals.

  33. I have a 1070 ASUS I don’t want to game at 144Hz but 60 Hz is ok for me I bought the new LG 850 ultra gear 27 inch 1440p nano ips monitor . Is this ok ?

  34. Will my lenovo y740 can handle 60fps+ 1440p gaming if connected to 27" 144hz 1440p freesync monitor?
    i7 9750h
    RTX 2060
    144hz Gsync
    16gb ddr4 2666mhz
    512gb SSD

  35. Buy an RTX today for play games (3 or 4 games…) with RayTracing in 1440p ? it's impossible to maintain 60fps… so why buy an RTX… This first generation of RTX is not intersting for the RayTracing, RTX3000 maybe more but futur RX5800/5900 maybe more too.
    Today the best solution is RX5700XT for sure.

  36. Buy an RTX today for play games (3 or 4 games…) with RayTracing in 1440p ? it's impossible to maintain 60fps… so why buy an RTX… This first generation of RTX is not intersting, RTX3000 maybe more but futur RX5800/5900 maybe more too.
    Today the best solution is RX5700XT for sure.

  37. HELP!!! i am looking for 1440P monitor i got Ryzen 5 3600 ( aftermarket cooler added ) MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX – 2x8gb ballistic sport 3200 – Sapphire Nitro+ RX 5700 XT i aim to play ultra on most games good fps and competitive on skyhigh fps with lower settings

  38. That guy knows what he's talking about. But the rtx 2060 super is close to 400 dollars in my country and the rx 5700 is itself more expensive. The xt model costs 500 dollars over here. So I made the jump to rtx 2060 super zotac.. Mini

  39. Im thinking of getting the Samsung 32×10 120hz 49 inch ultrawide monitor

    As its 3840×1200 (2x 27" 1920×1200 monitors side by side in the same panel effectively) what is the best choice for driving something like with some headroom for its 120hz refresh rate?

    I have an 8086k with a water cooled 1080Ti so that should be ok, but am planning to build an AMD 3600 machine so the GPU would be for that assuming that CPU wouldnt become a bottleneck

  40. seriously if ray tracing becomes a big thing the rtx cards will be outdated by then and probably will be getting a new card anyway.

  41. Can someone help me !
    I cant choose between a 1080p 240hz or a 1440p 144hz i love to play games more competitively like (CSGO, Fortnite, Pubg, LoL…)

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