The best GPU for 1080p gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert

The best GPU for 1080p gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert

a PC world fans Adam here with resident
GPU expert Brad charkas on our weekly podcast the full nerd we get a lot of
questions and you can get in your questions during a live show or in our
discord but for this video I kind of want to cover something that people ask
a lot and that is people who just want to know hands down what is the best GPU
that you can buy right now if you’re gaming at 1080p what’s what’s your take
on this before we even start I just want to say that I really like that question
because you asked me around the display resolution and that’s something that a
lot of people don’t consider when they’re buying graphics cards you 100%
want to tailor it around whatever your monitor is capable of because it’s real
easy to spend a lot of money on a graphics card that you will never see in
the actual performance on your monitor so you got a mine we’re just gonna do a
quick overview here I have a very long article in PC worldcom that you can go
and see more in-depth things if you want I will link to in the description the go
to our current Editors Choice Award winner you know our current
recommendation for 1080p gaming is in videos GeForce GTX 1660 okay yep its GTX
not RTX so it won’t have any of the fancy ray tracing technologies that you
might have heard about in the news and playing games and stuff but it takes all
kinds of but for 1080p gaming it’ll give you over 60 frames per second which is
the golden standard for PC gaming at 60 frames 60 Hertz monitors which is just
standard vast majority people in the world running 1080p 60 Hertz monitor
right sweeps gigabytes ram plenty of future-proof it’s just good to go so
you’re saying for almost the majority of gamers out there which are pretty much
on 1080p 60 monitors the GTX 1660 is gonna be enough for them or is it gonna
be a little bit of a future proof there’s enough of a future proof in
there you’ll be able to keep everything on all true right now and play it and
hit 60 frames per second it’s good it’s what you want games always get more
demanding as time goes on this will last you a good few years okay so yeah like I
said as 6 gigabytes of RAM it’s good to go Nvidia now supports AMD
freesync monitors so if you have one of those many monitors that you buy these
days just kind of have freesync baked in so you can get adaptive sync gaming
which basically synchronizes the graphics card in the monitor to
eliminate stuttering so Nvidia cards worth of pre sync and gsync monitors so
okay that’s awesome and what if what if you’re somebody who has a 1080p panel
that does a higher refresh rate is this still gonna be good for that or yes well
if it would still be fine it would be fine for it but if you have a higher
refresh rate if you’re looking at like 120 Hertz 144 Hertz and around there
those a little more common you might want to consider jumping up to the 16 60
TI so the same card but with the TI at the end it’s just a faster graphics card
it does much better at maxing out those faster monitors if you’re really wanted
to pick it you could also jump up to an RT X 2060 but those costs 350 sometimes
you can find a little bit cheaper it’s a bit overkill unless you need every
single possible frame and what’s your take on going and buying a 16 60 because
obviously there’s a different ton of different manufacturers there’s even
Nvidia makes reference cards like how do you pick between the different
manufacturers or are all 1660s created equal or they’re not all created equal
typically custom coolers the more you spend the better it is typically it
varies it depends Nvidia actually Nvidia actually doesn’t make a reference card
of the 1600 C so that only mistake that right now okay I had no idea in general
the big guys are typically good MSI gigabyte a soos they do solid work EVGA
is a good brand that focuses specifically on Nvidia products and they
have good warranties I like to recommend people go EVGA but a lot of these
graphics cards are good I would recommend getting that dual axial blower
so with two or three fans unless you have a very small PC you’d want to get a
blower style card which has a single fan and shoots all the hot air out of the
back okay that’s all and and this is all the kind of information you get into
your article like like Brad said if you want to dive deeper into this subject
and for more up-to-date things because this is just as of this
time that we’re recording so but you’re updating this thing constantly as things
come out right yep I do whenever there’s any news when there’s any new reviews
I’d keep this up to date and keep it up to date for years it’s good to go it
also includes information about AMD’s Radeon rx5 75 80 and 590 mm which are
very compelling 1080p graphics cards as well they’re not quite as powerful as in
videos options but they have tremendous value proposition because they are much
cheaper and you can start playing 1080p gaming with medium to high settings for
about a hundred and thirty dollars that’s pretty cheap with the rx 570
about 180 bucks so get you 60 frames per second in medium high some Ultra
settings with the rx 580 they’re good options you can find them on sale a lot
so and in the past they’ve had good bundles with games great so maybe even
save a little work off of that so it’s a good option yeah and yeah like I said
before you know we talk about all this kind of stuff on the full alert so
definitely be sure to tune in weekly for that or subscribe on youtube on anywhere
you listen to a podcast but thanks for answering this a perennial question that
a lot of people have funny time I love to help alright and thank you we will
see you later

93 thoughts to “The best GPU for 1080p gaming? (September 2019) | Ask a PC expert”

  1. (1080p 144hz, 1070 ,1060ti, minimum and max setting easy ), (60hz even my girl's rx 460 4gb low mid settings running all games.) .

  2. The reason I ditched my GTX 1080 and got an RTX 2080 Ti? VR. Improving visual fidelity in VR requires supersampling, but nothing kills your framerate faster. I aim for about 300% SS for my Vive Pro (2880 x 1600 x 3), and it takes tremendous power. Couldn't justify it otherwise.

  3. I use a 1080p 120mhz monitor with a rtx2070. I find I get alot of screen tearing. The screen tearing goes away of I use alot of post processing and anti aliasing, with an enb l and 4k and 8k texture mods. I also run at 1440p then downscale to 1080p. I still get screen tearing unless their are lots of characters or effects on screen. Is my card just running to fast? I've tried to turn sync on and off and tried different types of anti aliasing but still I hey screen tearing. What am I overlooking?

  4. This is wrong, for 1080p 60hz the r580 wins in price performance. Or even 570. 1660 is overpriced, at least here it starts at 230€

  5. Everyone in the comments needs to chill. Of course you can buy better stuff used, but as far as new these guys are right. I think the 1660ti is the best bet for both high quality and high frame rate 1080p gaming. Has tons of life in it along with the GDDR6 memory.

  6. Or just buy an used Vega 56 for $200 or less and live happy for many years… Thats 25% more performance for less money.

  7. Everyone is Complaining that there is no mention of AMD in this vid. If You read the article, his Rebuttle is that at the price point, the RX 590 is the same price but the 1660 Is faster. And as for the RX 5700, Everything you said was in the article.

  8. Rx 570 gang thats the minimum you need, Radeon 5700 is luxury for 1080p gaming, rest of the cards don't bother about it unless and until you find it on sale which is very good deal.

  9. I wonder if anyone shouting in the comments actually watched the video until the end… the value propositions of the competing options are all discussed there (based on US pricing).

  10. I would recommend a 2070 super or a vega 56… you experts neglect the fact that some modern 1080p games will only reach >80 fps on max settings…

  11. Well, given that I'm currently playing through Control, the best 1080p GPU is a 2080ti, because that's the highest res I can set without getting fps drops!!!

  12. Lol! That means my 1070 TI @768p Is "futureproof" @ ULTRA for another 3 YEARS, AT THE VERY LEAST!!! 😜😜😜

  13. Right now 580 is enough for 1080/60 high for majority of the games. The exceptions are Metro and other high demanding new games. 1660 is overpriced. And if you step into the 300 teritory then go for 5700.

  14. Here in Australia 1660ti is $429 so if i was to buy a new GPU ill prob go for RTX2070 or 2080 and that's not going to happen

  15. I appreciate the updated thread at PC World and this video. I'm currently one of the worst Apex Legends players in the known universe, at the ripe age of 50 and playing on a GTX 970 with 1920 x 1200 at 60hz (Dell U2410). I'm looking to upgrade the monitor to a higher refresh rate and it's good to know we don't have to get the best GPU on the market to make a significant difference.
    (It's so true how we sometimes get the best and never actually utilize it depending on the rest of our hardware, needs, etc.)

  16. You really Don't use your monitor to choose your graphics card, you want to make sure you can hit at least 60 FPS (high settings) on games you want to play, and I would hardly call the 1660 "future proof"

  17. Realistically, having a higher end GPU now with a 1080p monitor at 60hz isn’t a complete waste. You’re technically future proofing further, it’s not like generational wise their has been big jumps except for Pascal. Just buy what you feel comfortable spending as you may see yourself buying a higher end monitor and wishing you had more.

  18. Best 1080p gaming GPU? 2080 Ti… with RT on. Oh snap!

    Not getting a new gpu until RTX 2.0. My 1060 is good enough for 1080p 60 until then.

  19. 1660 barely averages just above 60 fps on The Witcher 3 so no way is it future proof when there're games like Cyberpunk coming out. I would've helped people save money by saying go for the 1660 Ti smh. Pay 30 more and get 30 fps more on all games. That's literally a no-brainer. Or the Vega 56 for AMD lovers.

  20. If you are going to talk about high refresh why not bring up the cpu as well? If you are rocking say a 1660 with an i3 or ryzen 3 1st gen or something its not going to happen. I have a gtx 1080 and Ryzen 1700 and don't always hit 144 fps which my monitor is capable of because my cpu just doesn't have the clock speed for it. I typically cap out around 110 during game play.

  21. 2:02 The 1660 no-Ti will last a few years(2-3?) for all games on Ultra 60fps @1080p?
    This is interesting. I was looking at the Ti variant but if you're very confident about the non-Ti being able to Ultra all future games at 60 fps at this resolution I would love to save some money : )

  22. Alright, so, let me understand this. If I play CS:GO on my 120Hz monitor…and my GPU is putting out 250 fps (according to Riva Tuner), my monitor is actually not showing me 250 fps? It is only showing me the max cap on my monitor @120 fps? Do I have that right?

  23. I bought an EVGA 1660 XC Ultra for $220. Not only does it outperform my Sapphire pulse 8gb RX 580, which is also an awesome card, but it is way quieter. If you’re looking for great and quiet 1080p gaming, the 1660 is the way to go. And at $220, I won’t feel bad upgrading in a year after AMD releases all of its new cards.

  24. IS THIS VIDEO SPONSORED BY NVIDIA ? GTX 1660 ? WHEN THE VEGA IS 25%-35% BETTER IN MOST GAMES YET LESS THAN 10% MORE TO BUY BRAND NEW (£20 more than the cheapest 1660) so for the price of you and a mate going to macdonalds for a meal you get a far far better gpu ,really gets my goat when SO-CALLED tech experts talk rubbish to their subscribers
    the real deal is under $500 your better off buying an amd gpu which has much better cost per frame than nvidia

  25. The difference in performance between the 1660 and the RX 590 is minimal, but the RX 590 is cheaper, you can save ~$30.

  26. Why does Adam keep saying Brad "CHARCUS"? i dont see a R. 😂😂😂 Brad real humble to not correct him and do a take 2.

  27. I don't understand why they aren't more focused on AMD's options. They are a better value entirely. Look up a channel called Tech Deals if you want to actually learn about this stuff.

  28. rtx 2060 for 1080p with ray tracing (veryplayable) but id go for 5700 if you have cash to spare ….i dont like the polaris and pascal cards

  29. I have an RX 470 paired with an i7-4790 non-K and let me say that this thing runs MOST games I play on 1080p over 60 fps, with high settings going over 80-90 going as high as 💯( I go high preset because I want more fps but mostly because the ultra settings hurt my eyes like from Mass Effect Andromeda and Far Cry Primal/5) bought it 3 years ago 200 dollars, no regrets!

  30. I'm really surprised my home country seems to be the only one in the world where we actually pay for electricity, seeing all these AMD recommendations. I don't like Nvidia's pricing, but if you live in Europe, count in power consumption and keep the card for more than 2 years and use it for a few hours daily, there is no AMD card cheaper than Nvidia's alternatives.

  31. gtx 1650 and rx 570 can run most AAA games at 1080P 60fps with high settings. Even at ultra, those two cards can maintain frame rate around 30-35fps very playable! Those only cost around $150. Those are true budget 1080P card. The pixel fillrate handle resolution. gtx 1650 has like 50gpixel/sec and rx 570 is 40gpixel/sec. Even PS4 can run games at 1080P . PS4 only has 25gpixel/sec. So gtx 1650 and rx 570 are much more capable at handling higher resolutions. You can even play older games at 4k without compromising performance.

  32. Nah man. 1660ti or 1070ti. Techdealz explains this great….and he is right. In my opinion. Great topic though 👍

  33. So basically i have 1080p monitor that supports 165 hz and im buying the zotac 1660 6gb gpu will that be able to do it for 165 hz?

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