The Best Affordable iPad Keyboard Case – Inateck Keyboard Case Review

The Best Affordable iPad Keyboard Case – Inateck Keyboard Case Review

Hey it’s Chris and today we were taking
a look at a keyboard case. Two weeks ago inateck reached out to me and asked if
I’d like to review their third gen keyboard case for the iPad pro.
Visually you can tell straight away that this isn’t the thinnest or lightest case.
In fact, it’s actually got quite a bit of weight to it, but it packs a lot of
protection for your iPad. Getting the iPad into the case was as simple as
placing it in one end and popping the other sides over the corners. Once in, it
feels very sturdy. The kickstand has a lot of tension on it so i didn’t have
any issues propping it up or worrying about it being knocked over. It’s also
fully adjustable in terms of its angle so if you prefer it more upright or
flatter, that’s completely up to you, it’ll hold the weight of the iPad. The
case also has this handy little slot for your Apple pencil and speaking of the
Apple pencil you’re still able to fully charge your pencil with the case
attached. Now let’s talk about the keyboard the keys feel great they’re
nice and clicky and from my short time with it very responsive, there is a good
amount of travel and many of the function keys are extremely useful
within iOS there include a home button, search, brightness, on-screen keyboard,
select all, copy, paste, cut, media keys, and even a lock button, and on top of all
that there’s also a handy little wrist rest which makes typing a lot more
comfortable. Another feature is that you can actually detach the keyboard from
the case but I’ll talk about that more shortly. One thing I’d like to say is
when you couple this keyboard case with a good bluetooth mouse you have one hell
of a set up and now with mouse support in iPad OS it makes using a
keyboard even better. Now back to that detachable keyboard, when I remove the
keyboard from this case I instantly lose the protection covering a screen. So, this
is a bit of a negative. Another issue is the case provides full protection around
the USB C port which makes using any clip on USB C dock unusable without an
extension cable and finally, this keyboard is charged using micro USB
which is a bit confusing, it might be a cost issue which allows the case to be
so cheap as it is designed for the latest generation of iPad pro with USB
C, I think it is a missed opportunity. Fortunately, you can pick up some of
these USB C to microUSB cables for cheap on Amazon and they’re the perfect
length, I’ll leave a link in the description to this if you want to pick
one up. So that’s it! If you’re looking for a solid protective case with a good
quality keyboard, then look no further. Once again thank you to Inateck for
sending this over for review, and if you like this video, feel free to like,
comment, and subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. how many gramms is only the case? and it would have been nice if u could have shown the 30 degree angle and also try typing on it to see if it somehow collapses..otherwise good video

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