6 thoughts to “Test Keyboard Accessibility using the Firefox Accessibility Inspector”

  1. As always you are doing an excellent job recording these tips videos! Shame, product owners usually skip a11y as an unnecessary cost and source of deployment delays. I was wondering if you know of any video, possibly featuring disabled people, which would sort of materialize disability and make it not an abstract problem. I think saying that we shouldn't care about those people because there are very few of them is a rude thing to say by a web app product manager and linking to such a video would easily put such an unfair person to shame. We should try to show that the people with disabilities (with whole range of severity) do exist around us and they need to be able to use web and we are making harm to them in various ways, such as: removing focus rings, not providing aria attributes, accepting low contrast design or sprinkling the page with too much animation.

  2. Could devtools turn on accessibility features automatically when I open the Accessibility panel, and turn them off automatically when I close devtools? I think that would be a good way to automate this.

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