TeamViewer | Disable “Lock Remote Computer” on Mac

TeamViewer | Disable “Lock Remote Computer” on Mac

white’s up YouTube white beani guy here
and today I’m going to show you how to disable your teamviewers lock remote
computer on your Mac you see when you don’t share your password to your kids
and you’re miles away from them all you need is a TeamViewer have remotely
connect to their computer and type in the password in their behalf and voila
they are connected unfortunately when you disconnect your session or close
your TeamViewer their computer will also be locked again and you need to key in
the password again or stay on line for them to be logged in now in Windows
there is a settings to disable this to set lock remote computer to never
but for Mac it seems like this setting is not present on that same location as
Windows good thing is it’s even much easier to find see how it’s done so I’m
in my macbook now and I’ve just opened TeamViewer
and let me just connect to my kids computer just double click this just set
to connect remotely and it’s now connecting and and as you can see this
is the windows login page so I need to key in the password here enter I’m going
I’m in to Windows then they can use the computer but when I want to do something
I need to close this window right here either by clicking this X icon or this
red X icon button so if I do and connect back again then you can see that it was locked
again that means they cannot access the computer each time I close this
TeamViewer let me login back again and try closing using this icon here and
connect back and again it’s locked so what should so
what’d you do to get this to work if we check our TeamViewer preferences and go
to advanced advanced settings for connecting to other computers there is
no option similar to Windows for example let me show you TeamViewer in this computer and we’re in
the advanced setting and for Windows you can see that there is an option here
that says lock remote computer and by default it is set to automatic you just
need to select never to get it done but for macbook it seems it seems like you
cannot even sorry so we are on the same page wait we are in advanced settings for
connections to other computers if we check mac’s preferences or settings for
TeamViewer it also says advanced settings for connections to other
computers but this lock remote computer is not part of that preference so where
did the TeamViewer developer place this settings well the
good thing is it’s even much easier to find and I’ll show it right now I’ll
show you so if we can see this icon has this small lock icon here and I also did
some research and I couldn’t find and an answer to my question so I did
some tweaking myself actually it’s not working it’s just it’s more of a
familiarization of what works on TeamViewer so I I happen to pass by this
icon here that says actions and I saw something about… that says locked
computer where there are another sub option that says… show and lock on
session and so if you can see this one is checked and if I click this notice
what happens to this lock icon check it out if I click this lock on session and
that small lock icon is gone and if we go back here
the check is also not showing it means this is not selected and if we close it
and connect back again and we’re back not in the windows
lobbies login screen that means it worked if I close this one and connect
back again I’m still sent back to the desktop
of the windows not on the windows logged in so the complete is this it’s not a
lock remote computer it’s locked on a session in so it’s a different term so
if we check this back again that icon will show below you close to this
TeamViewer and connect back again it will be sent to table in those login
screen there you go so that’s it guys hope this video have
helped you in some way and if you do just give this video a thumbs up and
much better if you could subscribe thank you so much for watching this is white beanie guy
white’s out

4 thoughts to “TeamViewer | Disable “Lock Remote Computer” on Mac”

  1. Hi
    If some one remote my computer through team viewer and they lock my computer so in this situation that can access my computer files please help
    My computer was hacked by team viewer and now is locked

  2. Before this I don’t know of this app but today some one told me we are from sky and you have internet speed problem so we will sort it out and ask me download this app so after that my pc is lock I am very upset need help

  3. very informative clear and concise thank you for the tuturial i learned something new today salamat po ng madami poh.

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