SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System Review

SVS Prime Wireless Speaker System Review

Hi everybody, Carl here from Abt, and this
is the SVS prime speaker system and in this video we’re gonna go over the main features
of this setup and talk about some of the stuff that we really liked and some of the stuff
we didn’t like, although there’s not much of that. And at the end of the video we’ll give you
a sound test. This is a great looking pair of speakers. The piano black is really classy and gives
em a high end look and feel, however, they pick up fingerprints like crazy. So once you have them set where you want em,
clean em off and never touch them again. Just kidding. You can move em around, just have a microfiber
handy. And they’re fairly compact. The active speaker’s about ten and a quarter
inches tall, a little over six inches wide and about seven and a quarter inches deep. The passive speaker is the same height and
width, but it’s a little shallower. The passive speaker really doesn’t have
much going on in the way of connections, just the input for the cable coming from the active
speaker. The active speaker is where all the good stuff
happens. On the back here you’ve got all your main
connections. There’s a sub out if you’re looking for
more bass, and there’s some great options from SVS to help out with that. An analog rca input, optical in, three and
half millimeter analog input, ethernet input if you want a more steady connection, and
a usb input for firmware updates. You’re also gonna find buttons to set up
the wi-fi and bluetooth, as well as a toggle for switching from mono to stereo. The active speaker’s also where you’re
gonna plug in the power cable, which is the only one you need. The passive speaker doesn’t require its
own power connection, hence the term passive. And don’t forget, if you like what you see
here you can pick these up at our store here in Glenview, IL or online at Now, you can run all your sound directly through
the speakers using any of those inputs or bluetooth, but these are also Play-Fi enabled
speakers which means you can use the Play-Fi app. Play-fi isn’t my favorite audio app, but
it’s certainly come a long way since it was introduced several years ago. For anyone not familiar, it’s basically
a way to consolidate your audio apps and music into a single space for easy access and you
can control other Play-fi speakers throughout your home as well. But it’s the sound quality, and I guess
the speaker cabinets, where these speakers really shine. You get a good amount of bass and the mids
and highs sound clean and defined. And here’s what makes these sound so good:
they each have a 1 inch aluminum dome tweeter and a four and a half inch midrange driver. And driving those are dual, class D, power
amps that provide up to 200 watts total RMS power AND allow for discrete driver bi-amplification. So, if you hook em up to your TV to use in
place of the TVs speakers or a soundbar, you can use the provided 10 foot connection cord
to get better separation, which creates a wider soundstage than you’d find on anything
but a really high end soundbar. And if you’ve got a desk that’s big enough
to fit these, they also make a great pair of computer speakers. But you don’t have to use em for any of
that. You can just set em up in a room as a great
pair of stereo speakers. So as far as install goes, they’re pretty
versatile and definitely an improvement over lots of soundbars and standard computer speakers. Now, here’s that sound test we promised
you: So what’d you think? Are these speakers you’d put in your home? Let us know in the comments. As always, we appreciate you checking out
our video and don’t forget to subscribe so you get updates any time we upload new

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  1. The USB port on the back can actually be used as a charging port for your devices as well as a connection for the SVS Soundpath wireless subwoofer adapter. Thanks for watching!

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