Summit1G Trolls GIRL GAMERS on Sea of Thieves | Hilarious | Twitch Clip

Summit1G Trolls GIRL GAMERS on Sea of Thieves | Hilarious | Twitch Clip

Oh maybe this guy pulling on a sword on the ship still did you have enough money in your cart she's leaving not going smoke technician dark moths aether war yeah I heard you guys needed a 1/4 oh what's that noise I hate when it sucks for me you gotta like bucket you ship all the time it's awful okay well I hear something yeah mom I heard you I heard you I'll come and get the sandwich later we want it not the sandwiches no man don't make me come up there no Charlie's not gonna help you on this one Danny you know how to make a sandwich you're a mom you been a mom for like ten years oh my gosh Justin come with into my headphones I'm sorry yeah that's embarrassing okay Jesse can you go her mom make a meatloaf sandwich please it's getting ridiculous we've been waiting for two hours man I'm hungry I did my homework already you can't starve me because I don't do my homework mom we don't have school tomorrow mom it's Friday I can't read you're saying these things dad's not gonna be happy to get home I'm gonna kill him oh my god I have no idea what this noise is so ridiculous I'm so sorry guys I know I know we're on a mission right now my mom's just freaking out dude she's starving us it's insane but they call Protective Services ah she says she's getting a family she says she's gonna bring it where nobody's got a freak out anymore right we just start it has gold hoarders under way I apologize – freakin moms man I can't wait so I'm older and I'm way cooler okay you might be going crazy what am I going crazy yes you might be going crazy I think you are going crazy hey yo what up hey yo what up what's going on yeah yeah hop on this here boat let's go for a ride yeah yeah just hop right on man we could team up we can go get some missions done it's gonna be fantastic chests are everywhere man dude but you bring your shovel you gotta have the shovel man see this your map they got X's we go find the X's we shovel up some shit we bring it back we make that dough homey have no idea yeah you hear my soundcloud she is fired my soundcloud fired go check it out slash fire ease bzees I'm sorry I got nothing on that one I yeah mad dude's mom's freaking out he had to leave he had to leave James James had to leave for a little while cause his mom's not making him food it's getting ridiculous I don't know I don't know when he's gonna be back to you these skeletons they're coming for that ass though you don't saying we got we got to do something pull out the sword han spicy's argue everybody thank you for the subs dudes oh we stopped I think he's on his way back right now he's gonna be he's gonna come back into the team and we're gonna handle these skeletons all right don't even stress it I don't know why you're tripping right now man he's common dude I vouch for ya man I feel the same way dude I feel the same way I remember her middle school dude some girl asked me to dance and she was just messing with me man her friends over there gave me this chick and I didn't even get to get close to her you know I had my hands really far away the whole time and everything be respectful it was embarrassing man I understand hold on let me get some mushy right there yeah this is about to be a fun ride man oh you know you know what I mean shit yeah he's bringing back the chest right now soon as soon as he starts bringing more chest we're gonna be good the problem is he thought he didn't meet a shovel he didn't even know how to bring the shovel our you know I mean it was crazy I was trying to teach him how to dig the floor and he just couldn't do it man he was pulling out his violin and shit yeah yeah he's almost back man I told you I vouch for him I vouch for him he's on his way alright I'll stop now surprise motherfucker oh you here – sunrise motherfucker all rise motherfucker the king is back yeah there's a problem here boys lady miss it's been a pleasure listening to you I was on your ship the whole time there was never you hearing voices only my voice now you're only gonna hear one more thing after that that's that right there you got a hole you got a couple of holes in your ship we need help boom oh hello there hello there I had to kill you I'm so very sorry GG boys it was a pleasure hanging out on your ship hey man you gotta rig it back to your ship dude it's about to go down sinking hurry up I'll wait for you yeah go scary scary that's all she wrote thanks for the content

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  2. These videos are hilarious. I've been wanting to play this game just because of this guy. Finally got windows 10 so gonna try it out.

  3. So …. Trolling and shit talking and alike is bad in social places like forums and likes of facebook, but its perfectly fine to get peopje mad and demoralised in video games ?

    What a wank.

  4. He's literally talking to her and she still thinks she's going crazy like has she never had an in game conversation. Dumb bitch

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