Suck Less at Keyboards #1: How to play Heart of the Sunrise (Yes) & In the Cage (Genesis) solo

Suck Less at Keyboards #1: How to play Heart of the Sunrise (Yes) & In the Cage (Genesis) solo

I get a lot of requests to do a tutorial
…requests to do… requests… red leather yellow leather red leather yellow leather lip balm crumb crisp coating I get a lot of people asking me to do a tutorial on how to play two very challenging riffs. The first is from “Heart of the Sunrise” by Yes. It’s the 5/4 break that goes like
this. And the second is from Genesis “In the Cage”. It’s that blazing-fast arpeggiated thingamabob that goes… Now on first listen you’d probably hear that, look at it, and go wow I could never play that. And if you were to use conventional 1-2-3-4-5 fingering, you’re right, you wouldn’t be
able to play that because you get all twisted up. The key to playing these
riffs is using a technique which I like to call “the Sleestak bounce” meaning you only need 3 fingers to play all those notes. In fact you should just use 3 fingers because it’s economical for these particular riffs. And to prove this point… Look what I’m gonna do… I’m gonna duct-tape… these 2 worthless… meat sausages… to my… ham-fisted mitt… to prove… that you only need 3 fingers to play these riffs. Now… all right… The first one, let’s go with “Heart of
the Sunrise”. The notes are… Eb, Db, D, Ab, Gb, G, Eb, Bb. And then it repeats and then goes in the other direction. I’ll let you figure that out. Here’s the fingering. You gotta get this right; there’s no other way on earth to play this… 3rd finger on Eb, 2nd finger on Db, thumb goes underneath
to the D natural, and you bounce, you Sleestak bounce off your thumb to the next hand position which is the same thing… a fourth up: Ab 3rd finger, Gb 2nd finger, thumb underneath to the G natural, and you bounce up to the Eb 3rd finger and Bb 2nd finger, and then you repeat going down again. So let’s do that, slow motion, and pick up speed: 3-2-1-3-2-1-3-2 3-2-1-3-2-1-3-1 Okay? My stretch is a little off because some nincompoop put
duct tape on my hand. I highly recommend that you don’t do this if you’re gonna be playing a prog show, man. But just for the sake of illustration. Now let’s do “In the Cage” Genesis. Similar technique, the Sleestak bounce, where you use only 3 fingers and you use your your crossover to shift hand positions. The notes here are:
Bb, Gb, F, Gb… but here look at this… you would think that you use your 2nd finger because it’s sitting right there. Oh it’s so tempting you just…
you want it DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT MAN You cross over with your 3rd finger, 3 on the Gb which launches your–which bounces your hand to the next hand position. And now 2nd finger on Eb, B 1st finger, 2nd finger on the Bb, and then bounce you back up to here. So let’s let’s do this again. I’ll call out the finger names: 3-2-1-3-2-1-2-1 Right? Although in this latter case I do recommend, if you’ve got one, using
your 4th finger because it makes the stretch easier. But, you know, if you really are a Sleestak from the Pleistocene era with 3 fingers, hey I’m not judging man You can do this with 3 fingers. So. Right. So that does it for this tutorial. Join me in a later one when, guess what… we take the duct tape off… and we witness… the full firepower… of this fully operational… battle station! See ya then.

6 thoughts to “Suck Less at Keyboards #1: How to play Heart of the Sunrise (Yes) & In the Cage (Genesis) solo”

  1. Dude this is amazing! And I love the title of your series "Suck less at keyboards" it leaves nothing to the imagination, this is so well done and it's perfect 4 anybody who plays keyboards and has seen even one episode of Land of the Lost, not to mention yet another use 4 quacker rapper

  2. I lost it when you brought out the tape, lol. Very interesting and cool video! I would love to see more videos in this style. Thanks!

  3. Not only is this amazingly done…you made me laugh..I remember watching "Land of the Lost" & the oh so scary Sleestack & this is sad..I actually remember one of the actor's name "Wesley Eure"..not sure of spelling!  I truly am real…I hope I can do magic for you!!  Suzanne

  4. Haha – love this. You've made me want to play keyboards to try this. Amazing accomplishment! Also nice use of dogs. Very smart as they work for free.

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