Stop Making Me Defend Donald Trump! | We The Internet TV

Stop Making Me Defend Donald Trump! | We The Internet TV

[JENNY] So China just approved for Xi to be president for life, and Trump says "maybe we have to give that a shot someday." [BILL] Like, enough is enough.
How do people ignore that? [GARY] I'm pretty sure he was joking. [BILL] Joking about being president for life? [GARY] Yeah. If you listen to the audio, everybody's laughing. They're clearly in on the joke. [JENNY] Okay, I'm sorry. Do you like Donald Trump? [GARY] No, I actually think there's a lot wrong with the guy, it's just that this happens not to be one of those things. [JENNY] I cannot believe I work with a Trump supporter. [GARY] What? [BILL] Let's get out of here, Jenny. [GARY] I voted for Hillary! (music) [LANA] Did you hear about this? [GARY] What did he do? [LANA] Donald Trump banned an entire religion. [GARY] What?!
[LANA] Yeah. [STEVE] Yeah, it's the Muslim ban, so I guess Trump is banning all Muslims from coming here. [LANA] He's probably gonna kick out the ones that are already here [GARY] Actually, it's not a ban against all Muslims. The travel ban is against seven Muslim majority countries [GARY] Yeah, but unemployment's at 4.1%. Trump isn't shutting down Meals on Wheels. Only 3% of their budget comes from the federal program. No Mom, I agree with what he said about Donald Trump, I just don't think it's appropriate to say that at Aretha Franklin's funeral. [LANA] Are you serious, Gary? [GARY] Oh, I don't agree with it. It's like, if you're so concerned about terrorism, then why isn't Saudi Arabia on the list too, right? [STEVE] Why the f**k are you defending Trump? [GARY] I'm not defending him, you guys are just misrepresenting him. [GARY] Trump is not as bad as Hitler. [DOCTOR] Okay. [GARY] Who put this here? And who took my lunch? [GARY] Actually, LGBT categories have never been on the census, so no, Trump isn't removing them. [DAVE] How much are the Russians paying you comrade? [LANA] Wait until he comes to our place of business and starts collecting our Muslims and getting rid of them too. [GARY] Hatem and Ali are American citizens. [LANA] And that makes it okay? [GARY] What? No! [STEVE] Holy s**t.
[LANA] Oh my god. [STEVE] I didn't know you were a white supremacist, Gary. You know, this isn't even our floor, let's just get the f**k off. [GARY] Look, he didn't fire Tillerson on Twitter. Tillerson already knew, Trump just leaked the information onto Twitter. Please stop making me defend Donald Trump! [ROBBER] Where's your tiki torch, Pepe? [GARY] God dammit. (gunshot) [TRUMP] On the campaign I called it: "The forgotten man and the forgotten woman." Well, you're not forgotten anymore. Thank you Gary, my biggest defender. [LOU] Hey, I'm Lou Perez with We The Internet TV. We're the channel that makes fun of everyone, including you. Yeah, you! I see you, you're next! And you'll never see it coming. Unless you subscribe to our channel, in which case, you'll totally see it coming… Paul… Melissa… Dad…

21 thoughts to “Stop Making Me Defend Donald Trump! | We The Internet TV”

  1. Was trump recruiting victims for epstein through trump's modeling agency and was trump helping epstein traffic underage girls around the world through trump hotels?

    MAGA = Molesting Adolescent Guys/Girls Again

    GOP = Grand Old Pedophiles

    Remember that trump shutdown his mar-a-lago club to throw his buddy epstein a private party where it was just trump, epstein, and 28 young girls. Would trump shutdown his club for someone he wasn't in bed with?

  2. I am a Trump supporter, and the shit i get from Normies is baffling, i just calmy debunk all their talking point, theey geet sooo mad. now i sit alone at lunch…. the tolerant left xx.

  3. The right: "Trumps tears cure cancer!!"
    The left: "Trump eats infants for breakfast!!"

    Me: Du fuk is wrong with people?

  4. There is no travel ban it's a three month delay period where a visa check is done. Obamas' was six months on two countries Libya and Iraq. Jimmy Carter had a travel ban in Iran maybe this is where the Medias' confusion came from.

  5. OMG I lost friends and family because of this ….lunatic attitude of abandoning rational discourse and lack of adherence to REALITY. I am liberal but have now been called alt right and nazi. Yeah way to go left wing lunatic fringe taking over what was once a sane position and mutating it into an abomination.

  6. As a indepentent voter who voted for Hillary I can say this is spot on. Its because people get their news from social media. Trump hating news gets clicks and most "journalists" seem to be activist with an agenda. You have to do your own research.

  7. Tim Poole sent me here from his video on Omar's latest tweet. What a gift horse that woman is for God Emperor Trump.

  8. It seems funny and ridiculous, but this is a real thing, and I am not a trump supporter either, but the reasons people choose to hate him are unfounded and preposterous.

  9. This actually is real. My friend keeps bringing things up trump related and whenever I respond with hey that’s not true he says you don’t wanna talk about policies with me or I’ll have to stop being ur friend. The only thing I said was that we don’t have concentration camps on our border. And apparently I’m the one with my head 4 ft in the ground

  10. Left wingers should be forced to watch this. As in strapped to chairs with their eyes propped open like in Clockwork Orange if that's what it takes. We should spam this at every left wing pundit and their fan base until we force them to acknowledge it.

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