Steljes Audio NS3 Review – Quality BT Speakers

Steljes Audio NS3 Review – Quality BT Speakers

hey guys so I have a speaker review here
in fact the first on the channel the first audio review now these are 245
watt RMS speakers from Dteljes audio that’s a British company they’ve got
nine seem to me to drive as you can see on the front here I’ve got the tweeters
there at the top and the size of them is pretty good so you can see it’s
reasonably compact they’ve got a bit of weight to them and the build quality is
excellent really really solid and I do like it so they’ve got rubber feet on
the bottom and overall excellent no complaints at all with the build of
these speakers now they retail for 199 pounds approximately off Amazon and if
you have a look at the back here we’ve got plenty of input so we’ve got your
RCA Zurn you’ve got line in it even has sub out because obviously these kind of
drivers at nine centimeters you’re not going to have huge amounts of bass but
there it is pretty good the bass that it does produce it doesn’t seem to drowning
up and mids either which can be quite common on these smaller speakers we’ve
also got optical M which is great for getting that really high-quality sound
into this and then of course a USB port on here now this port sadly is just for
charging and an only outputs one amp I would have liked to have seen at least
two and I also would have liked to have seen perhaps some basic file support
from that USB port on there so imagine you could go along and get a USB
pendrive plug it in with some mp3s and it would just start automatically going
through them and let you then control it now this controller is required to get
the most out of it of course because you need it to tweak the bass and treble I
would have liked dials on perhaps say the front of one of the speakers would
have been handy we’ve only got a dial there for volume that is it you can see
down the bottom there is a status LED so that will light up blue and flash when
you’re connecting with a Bluetooth to pair it up it’s very easy just like any
other Bluetooth device so you need us to swap through your inputs again I feel
that could have put a button on here perhaps to cycle through your inputs
from RCA’s line in optical and Bluetooth so inside the box you get a little
instruction manual here which is just a quick overview of everything now we get
a UK power okay gyro power cable 3.5 to 3.5 millimeter
cable as well so you can connect up your mobile phone directly into that input
it’s got there we also get some cables here so this is to connect up the other
speaker this cable which is reasonably long so you can separate those speakers
for good stereo separation and the connectors of course with that too so
you need a screwdriver to screw in the cable and it’s also four rubber feet
deal which I don’t really know what those will be used for because there’s
rubber feet on the speaker’s themselves and then we get the remote controller
here so it’s actually a lot heavier than it looks it’s made out of metal the back
of it now to speak about the sound quality we get out of these it’s really
not bad at all considering the size of these now as I said before like the base
doesn’t tend to be too overpowering which is great a lot of this because
we’ll kind of go real heavy-handed approach on this not here they haven’t
done that of course you can tone up the base or then tweak it down or the
control so mid sound good and depending on what kind of your tracks you’re
playing on this overall the speaker’s they do output some really good sound
I’ve given them their break in time I’ve actually been using these for a week now
at home and just brought them in here to the studio and really impress with them
but they are lacking a little in one area to me and that is the tribbles it
doesn’t seem to be as powerful as it could be the two tweeters that they have
selected here to use I feel that people that perhaps like rock tracks and they
like a bit of treble and also some basis will be disappointed a little bit with
the output so I feel it just should have a little more thereof of the high ends
as lacking those tweeters so that’s one year of criticism from me now of course
it’s going to come down to personal preference but overall to me these do
sound fantastic so really great speakers here but enough talk let’s have a little
listen to them Hey get down okay so overall these are great sounding
speakers they just lack a little bit in the treble department so it could be a
little bit better as I mentioned at the start there before those samples
that’s just my real only area of criticism the other thing is they could
have perhaps put a button on here for input and then dials to control the bass
so they retail for about a hundred and ninety-nine pounds and I feel yeah the
sound quality does it live up to that price yes just I mean no it is very good
don’t get me wrong here they sound fantastic these speakers just if it had
that treble I’d be a little bit more happier they’ve got plenty of options
when it comes to inputs which is great to see I mean your Bluetooth optical in
RCA’s line in that is all brilliant but I would have liked a button to be able
to cycle through that just in case you didn’t have the little controller on you
or that 2025 spec very wet flat on you but they tend to last for a while so it
shouldn’t be too bad with that so yes the build quality you gain
premium great speakers and you girl would have liked to have seen a basic
mp3 file system but I know that’s not the focus of these speakers here so I
can’t really criticize them too much for that it’s great to have that option that
we can at least charge things for example you’ve got your mobile phone
hooked up or a player and you can plug it in with us being keep that all
charged up so hopefully I will catch you back in the channel with maybe more
audio reviews depends on how this one goes oh it could check out more speakers
more kid phones and thank you so much for watching bye for now

20 thoughts to “Steljes Audio NS3 Review – Quality BT Speakers”

  1. BloodMoney was a great Amiga game with awesome in game music. I love it that you used that as test music for these speakers. Can you use the music of Turrican 2 next time, another awesome Amiga game with excellent music? :).
    Thanks for the review by the way!

  2. Nicely done. How about some real music? I am pretty sure you could play some Tchaikovsky I believe his copyrights are dead and most orchestra's won't care….just kidding. These do sound good and yeah, being a rock fanatic and liking the screaming guitar, well, treble is where the music is at.

  3. Are there some great budget Bluetooth speaker? I get a $25 JBL GO but imo it's bass is lacking (due to size). I don't mind extra weight and size if it means extra bass

  4. I miss your branded t-shirt 😂 I like the direction is taking your channel, not only chinese gizmos any more…

    ..speaking of which, are you going to review ZTE Axon M? 😅

  5. Thanks for the review. I don't like the sound of them, definately lacking trebles, too expensive for this kind of sound which doesn't feel crystal clear.

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