Steam Game Festival – TOP 10 BEST NEW OBSCURE Indie Games

Steam Game Festival – TOP 10 BEST NEW OBSCURE Indie Games

with the cancellation of many of this
year’s leading industry events the steam game festival has returned to help
promote indie game developers who have lost the opportunity to demo at such
shows as III and GDC the festival runs until March 23rd and features more than
40 games in its roster some are well-known such as recompile carrion and
spirit Farah however in this video were highlighting ten of some of the most
obscure games which all have free demo as you can play right up until March
23rd before we crack on though let’s begin this rundown with a few honorable
mentions looking likely to come out later in the year Haven features a
couple having escaped from their homeworld having landed on what seems to
be a human free planet the developers have jokingly described Haven as being a
game that revolves around talking drinking wine and kissing although it’s
also coming with an exploration and JRPG style combat system the second of our
honorable mentions duster is a Wild West rogue light where you experience the
life and journey of a cowboy heading out west towards Californian gold now we
really like the sound of how you’re free to play this as you find it with all
guns blazing or perhaps taking a more laid-back approach using sneak and
stealth we’re also quite taken with dusters blend of humor and it’s slated
to come out in late 2021 the last of our honorable mentions for this spring steam
festival say no more sees you play as an intern at a company run by some truly
horrible and arrogant people where you’ll get to face off against the
office bullies inspire your fellow employees and destroy the evil company
from within say no more should be out at some point
later in the year with those honorable mentions now all taken care of let’s
jump straight into the top 10 up first and at number 10 Rajee an ancient epic
first popped onto the radar back at the GDC in 2017 and we’ve had hands-on time
with it a couple of times since it’s an action combat based platformer featuring
a girl chosen by the gods to fight a horde of demons who’ve invaded her human
rail a place where too many people have
become lazy and people have also forgotten their old ways of alchemy
during the demons initial onslaught Raji’s brother was also taken hostage
and having been chosen by the gods and given their powers it’s all down to Raj
you to save not only her brother but the whole of humanity
simply put we love the look of Raji and how it seems to be a mix of Prince of
Persia style of gameplay with the added combat sections having once more played
the demo just before pulling this countdown together the combat just
worked so well with the melee attacks feeling firm and meaty all the while
with the ranged assaults also offering accurate and an enjoyable way to see
away the demons – also just so very pretty to look at with every aspect of
the game combining hand-painted textures all rendered in 3d which adds to the
overall Sheen Raji and ancient epic is expected to come out in q2 of this year
and while you can only play the demo right now on the PC we understand it’s
also coming to all of the usual consoles if like me you’ve ever tinkered with
some homebrew and wondered what it might be like to scale such a distillery up a
little then hundred days should very much be on your wish list as you can
probably guess this one is a winemaking sim with the aim being to make money
from the sale of your wines and then expand your vineyard into something
bigger as you’d expect before you’re able to say Cheers or your local
equivalent you need to select your soil keep the vines free of weeds before
harvesting squashing the grapes fermenting the juice and then bottle
them for sale we met the developers of a hundred days
in London last year and it’s clear from their passion about winemaking and
wanting to demystify the process and in doing so make such knowledge more
accessible well that’s a worthy aim and if we learn even the tiniest bit about
wine making and tasting well that’s all fine by us as for the launch date
well the Steam homepage says it’s coming soon coming in at number eight Hmong cage is
a puzzle game that’s based upon the perspective change cause-and-effect
mechanic similar to the features used in such classics as vignettes and gorgoa
when these games work they have a huge power to make you feel so damn clever
and figuring them out and this is very much in evidence here this puzzler has
what’s called a locked off perspective with a single focus of a cube as you
play the cube surface acts as a diorama where you’re able to zoom in and out on
the surface and with doing so interact with objects having done this you can
make connections from scene to scene to solve the various puzzles it’s very
clever a joy to look at and incredibly satisfying to play if you like yourself
a bit of Harvest Moon or stardew valley garden story is well worth taking a
closer look at as could perhaps be expected at its core Garden story as a
social sim with it also being an RPG adventure where you play as a sword
welding little grape as you help out your neighbors solve puzzles make new
friends all the while generally trying to keep your little place of the world
free from the horror that’s known as the rot all of this is also super cute with
a demo offering what the developers of gardens story called a concentrated
slice of what the full game will offer we actually really just enjoy pottering
around and generally letting time pass us by as we meet and get to know some of
the other adorable looking characters this could be a fine little gem within
the farming genre with a few twists here and there and make it just that little
bit different garden story is marked for a spring release
it’s a good job you showed up when you did things were starting to get a little
dicey up here on my own at number six and coming out this April 23rd filament
is another puzzle game we wanted to share and like the earlier monk age it
can make you feel so damn smart when things fall into place however in places
though it does have the power to be just that little bit vexing filament has you
playing the role of an astronaut stranded aboard a spaceship with you
guiding a small robot like bulb I the filament through rooms where you need to
wrap a cable around various objects and in doing so this opens up the next room
while simple enough at first the demo shows how ingenious filament actually is
with it taking a simple puzzle premise and gradually adding more and more
iterations around it there’s also great-looking 3d art style
at play here which reminds us a little of portal alongside the puzzle sections
you’ve also the chance to explore the spaceship or you can go about finding
more info about the crew and the story overall now there’s great potential with
filament and we eagerly await its full release next month moving on into the
top five we have Evans remains which comes to steam PlayStation 4 the switch
and Xbox one on June the 11th part mystery part puzzler and part adventure
game like all of the games in this showcase it’s demo is available to play
by way of Steam for free until March 23rd with its story around the search
for a missing boy it’s the logic platform based puzzles this game offers
which has us wanting to share it with you just like filament some of these
puzzles are devilishly tricky with their solutions based upon at times two or
more different mechanics all of which you’ll have been introduced to unlearned
in the early sections of the game there’s also a deafness of skill within
the platforming and while this isn’t one of the most accessible games on the list
for those without such skills there’s also a fine story going on here and
based on the demo alone Evans remains as plenty going on for us
to want to see more of it when it’s out some point in the summer and at number four we have a whole
astern iment which is honestly a delightful looking 3d action party game
for up to eight players where you can compete across numerous modes it’s super
easy to play with it using a one-button mechanic where your character uses an
air cannon to release a column of air which is used to push away an opponent
help you move across slippery surfaces or even for chucking projectiles across
the maps described by the developers as being charmingly chaotic it really is
with a full version coming out this May and while there is a tournament mode
it’s the local and online multiplayer action that has us wanted to see more
this is fun it’s silly it’s also very brilliant at number three and in
development since 2015 Elden path of the Forgotten reminds us
all here again indie gaming of something you might have seen from a multi loading
game on your c64 or other classic 16 and 8-bit platforms it’s best to describe
this as a medieval RPG with it having roots in eldritch horror and to be
honest with you all we’re thinking the pixel artwork here is genuinely stunning
with its depictions of violence and gore being right up there with the best of
them it’s also pretty done dark and as others have already commented it has the
ability to make you feel decidedly uncomfortable combat which is technical
and at times ruthless is also that little bit different with an emphasis on
parrying and counter strikes Elden path of the Forgotten has no firm
release date although it’s one well worth adding to what’s probably an
already lengthy wish list onwards and to the runner-up a game have
spent a decent amount of time with already and having spoken with the
developer at such events as egx in London we really hope you pick up and
play the demo stuffed full with British humour Lord winklebottom investigates
has you players of pipe smoking giraffe who happens to be the best and most
gifted detective of the age naturally you have an assistant and in this case
it’s played by doctor from pull your hippopotamus companion
it’s a point-and-click puzzle adventure which has you finding clues from
conversations and also picking up and collecting items you find during your
in-game travels each of the characters and backdrops a hand painted and the
story perhaps naturally given the theme draws its comparisons from the novels of
Sherlock Holmes all of this comes from a single developer Charlotte Sutherland
whose previously worked for the likes of EA and rare Lord winklebottom
investigates is expected out late this summer and all come to home PCs and all
of the current generations consoles are number one game to play for free in this
Steam Spring Festival is chicory a colorful tale which comes from the
people who also brought us one the song and Celeste chicory is all about a dog
called Pizza who happens to come across the renowned brush of the so called
chicory a martyr artist who simply vanished in mysterious circumstances the
brush can give color to what’s normally a dull and drab world around you and
with its pastel colors and hues and whimsical puzzles to solve
we weren’t sugarcoat how much fun and how much we’ve enjoyed playing this demo
and getting to know some of the characters in the game there’s a few
sections in the demo that are truly surprising with the game shifting in
tone and temperament without really being aware such changes we’re about to
happen to say more would spoil such things although if you do pick up the
demo we think you’ll experience the same sort of feelings
chicory a colorful tale is coming out possibly next year and it’s to be
published by the always reliable folks at Finn G if you only choose to play one
game in the Steam Spring Fest or perhaps make it chicory a colorful
tale many thanks for watching and if you
enjoyed the video please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel
which really helps us grow and share such goodness with many others if you’ve
been playing a plan to pick up any of the demos let us know in the comments
likewise if you’ve played any of the other games in the Spring Festival
particularly some of the lesser well-known titles on that all the best
and we look forward to seeing you all again here soon for more get indie
gaming videos

36 thoughts to “Steam Game Festival – TOP 10 BEST NEW OBSCURE Indie Games”

  1. The Steam Game Festival is back with more than 40 indie game demos to play for free. Here are our Top 10 picks of those you might not have heard about. Cheers!

  2. My absolute #1 is Superliminal
    #2 Carrion
    #3 Röki
    #4 Recompile
    #5 Raji: An Ancient Epic

    Already tried all of them besides Superliminal because it has no demo and is only on epic. And I actually haven't tried all of the ones from the Festival so probably some other ones like Spiritfarer would have earned a better place in this list.

  3. So far, besides the games you mentioned, I'm digging Eldest Souls (thought it's pretty brutal) and Going Under. Thanks for a great video!

  4. Sweet. Just yesterday downloaded Chicory´s demo. By the makers of Wandersong, and it notes. Seems to be in the way of the same lovely wholesomes of the former.

    Did you got to see the Day of the Dev video with Tim Schaffer yesterday? Some really interesting games rolling in there as well. Interesting new logo and merch, I wonder what´s the concept behind it.

  5. I've already played Carrion and Spiritfarer. While Carrion is bloody brutal, the Spiritfarer is one of the cutest games I've played in a while. I'll also try some from your list 🙂

  6. Got to feel so much for the smaller devs. Not just in not being able to demo their games but also all of the business meetings and such that won't happen. Thanks again for the coverage.

  7. One word – Haven. Been anticipating this game since God knows when and already played 10+ hrs demo 😂 Loved it to bits and the new version of the demo has additional features, including touching opening movie! Thank you so much for this video!

  8. A suggestion: the title of each game starts before your review, it would be good to see the name as a overlay on the top left or right corner as a followup while watching the video so we dont miss it. thanks

  9. Thanks to your video I played a bunch of these games and I added the following the my wishlist after playing their demo: Evan's remains, Spiritfarer, A space for the unbound and Haven. Also played Eldest souls, Garden story and Elden path of the forgotten but it was not what I had expected from the trailers unfortunetely. I know they're still in developpment but their gameplay felt quite rusty and I had high expectations for Eldest souls but really the controls need to be more responsive and dynamic imo.

  10. I'm more partial to 3D games (really, I'm still looking for games that would remind me of Legacy of Kain, as that was my formative non-RTS gaming experience and so my absolutely biggest source of Nostalgia).

    So my Spring Festival list for the weekend includes Recompile, and Hazel sky, as well as Superliminal (for that 1st person puzzl-y goodness); Raji: An Ancient Epic (it's been on my wishlist for ages), and We Are the Caretakers, a post-apoc "eco-strategy" set in futuristic Africa that feels somewhat X-COM-y.

    It's great that there's such variety of games for any taste, though. Might also check out Moncage thanks to this video.

  11. I'm so excited for Raji an ancient epic
    I'm from india and seeing a game based on indian culture makes me really happy ..we don't see such games often.

  12. Tried Neverinth out of pure curiosity. Dark Souls style gameplay with a slight twist. Combined with Roguelite elements and a procedurally generated dungeon, it looks like a decent time sink. With some more polish and tweaks to the leveling system, it looks to be one of the better indies I've seen in quite some time. Awesome list, like always!

  13. Elden looks a little like Hyper Light Drifter but darker. Wishlisted. Chiccory looks cute and innovative, and devs have earned trust. Wishlisted. Filament… worth keeping an eye on, depending on the quality of the writing. Wishlisted. And so the existential-dread-inducing length of my wishlist got even longer yet again.

  14. I really wish you guys could deliver more reviews instead of providing us list with titles that might be fun to play.

    My suggestion: make a top 10 list of games that you actually played last month and tell us why you'd like to play the game.

  15. I played eleven of these free demos this week. My full ranked list, for anyone who cares to explore:

    1. Moncage – Absolutely the most ingenious game I’ve played so far this young year. Couldn’t be further up my alley. No better “a-ha!” moments in a game recently.
    2. Spiritfarer – Buttery smooth to play, and endlessly warm and charming to look at. Loved it.
    3. Filament – I didn’t finish this demo, because I couldn’t figure out one of the puzzles. I still find it brilliant, and can’t wait to dig into the full version upon release.
    4. Liberated – Noir-soaked sneaky shooting, with a comic book aesthetic. Super-slick presentation.
    5. Carrion – The controls took some getting used to, and I can see this wearing out its welcome, unless there are unrevealed play mechanics in store. But it sure makes for a fun demo.
    6. Raji: An Ancient Epic – A beautiful, Prince of Persia styled action-platformer drawing from Indian folklore. The combat was a bit mashy, but I really loved clambering about the environments.
    7. Roki – Very short demo, but still dangled enough before my eyes to charm and tantalize me.
    8. Evan's Remains – Another scant demo, but I’m intrigued by the story teased here, enough to still look forward to it.
    9. Haven – Gorgeous to look at, and the writing is sharp. I still felt I was fighting the controls for most of it, and it didn’t really grab me with this small gameplay slice.
    10. Hazel Sky – There’s almost nothing to this demo. I laughed out loud when the “Thanks for playing the demo!” appeared onscreen, just as I was thinking the demo was about to kick into gear.
    11. Divisadero – The controls for dialogue are clumsy, and the objectives are ill-defined if at all. Which is a shame, since I like the look of the game.

  16. Check out Liberated and A Space for the Unbound!! Both seem very promising.
    So grateful for this festival during a mandated quarantine in my area

  17. Thanks for featuring my game! (Elden Path of the Forgotten) Hit me up on twitter if your interested in do another feature (Oneratdylan)

  18. I feel in love with Haven, but some of the games you didn't mentioned that I liked were Heavenly bodies, Röki, Resolutiion, When the Past was Around, A space for the unbound, Superliminal, We should talk, Mystic Pillars and of course Spritifarer, Carrion and Recompile that I think they are the famous ones. I enjoyed very much this "virtual GDC" and as a follower of your channel I feel very pleased to have the opportunity to play some of the games you show us, thank you for your work. (From your list I played and like Raji, Moncage, Filament and Chiccory)

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