Standing Desk – Unboxing and Review AIMEZO 3

Standing Desk – Unboxing and Review AIMEZO 3

hi thanks for stopping by and this video
I m gonna unbox and review the AImezo 3 standing desk hope you enjoy it as you
can see this is the box by big also if you see the quantity this this section
which is basically the perception when you put the tabletop it’s adjustable
up to 2 meters and it’s very heavy very very robust so this is one of the legs
it’s pretty heavy and it’s got a connection which I assume is gonna be
connected to the controller and it’s got three different legs inside
this is where all two legs are going to be connected to and that’s the power
that’s it it is where the controller the remote is gonna be connected to that’s a power cable which is an
American plug UK but I think I’ve got one of these anyway so if you don’t live in the US and given up these cable you can actually get just one of this you
can find this everywhere where, on Amazon online you can find these in electronic stores as
well that’s it that’s pretty much it guys so guys this is what the box what’s
the size is huge box you’ve got these two I believe these are two mount then
you have the support table top which is extendable you can extend that I’m
talking a 1.80 under 90 centimeters or two meters I think then these are the
feet these are pranks vs 10 people likes inside so you got it down and now I really appreciate did they put
this in the box but this is just so basically these crews that are using on
the instructions has 16 pieces but actually they give you 17 appreciate
that in case you lose one very nice there’s a little touch but it means a
lot and it’s it guys this is how looks and
think the last two parts the powered box and the control that would be screwed
into the tabletop so I’m gonna just use my old tabletop from Ikea as very cheap
for the moment to just work and then in a future I’m gonna buy it probably a
desk and I can use the same legs for that so that’s pretty much it so this is
what I’m at at the moment I’ve got this like flow desk almost and I’ve got this
chair and I’ve got this situation here so I would have to then put my my table
now there and then I’m gonna use that board even though is quite cheap one but
it would work for now and a larger one so I can get the big screen on top of it
as well so I’ll now try to assembly you see these notes here I’m gonna
remove them I just gotta put the desk on top of my new legs and the same so in
this little tiny space I have to fit all these things learn to be tidy not like
me alright that’s it guys so that’s the that’s desk I’m gonna be
with you in a same just screw this in all right guys I fixed my table top with
the legs and now I’m just trying the remote so just plug it in this is the
very first time I’m trying it with you so let’s see how it works so if I try
now they were talking about some sort of a Auto calibration because the two motor
should calibrate themselves so I’m gonna try just move our nice instruction I
take what they say okay it says to press the Chevron now shaft here let’s see
what happen to a reset when I’m just looks like is working now was just a
matter of pressing to choose Chevron together at the same time for a few
seconds and I was working now I just I should hear a sound it’s just supposed
to do so the remote has two Chevron’s to go up and down you also an LED display
measures the height by inches and near the memory buttons you have a hold down
the memory button until the LED blinks and then you just push one of these four
positions to memorize your height and that’s the way to memorize a new height
and have four different positions I eventually got rid of the old tabletop
and bought a new one from Ikea these measures 160 by 80 centimeters it’s not
as thick as the previous one but it’s quite robust and it’s perfect for my 30
inch cinema display I also tried to keep the desk as clean as possible and got
rid of unnecessary items hi I hope you enjoyed the video and if you’re
interested in getting one of these please check the links in the
description below ask you very soon bye

10 thoughts to “Standing Desk – Unboxing and Review AIMEZO 3”

  1. Thanks for your review! I'm thinking of purchasing a frame by the same manufacturer. Just a quick question, what's the thickness of your desktop? I have a desktop from Ikea that is thinner than what they recommend, 0.60 inches as opposed to 0.75 inches. Thanks!

  2. Great video, my friend! Do you have any comments (pros/cons) you would like to share about this desk, having now used it for 6 months?

  3. How long do you hold the two chevrons together to initialise? Nothing seems to be happening with mine. No noise at all. Thanks

  4. Thanks for the video! Do you think the desk would be fairly easy to disassemble & then reassemble if moving house? Thinking of having a set-up like yours with a IKEA table top but bit put off by the weight when moving house.

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