Standing Desk Converter Review Mecor

Standing Desk Converter Review Mecor

And all I’ve got to do is grab this and
raise it up hey there pantry pizza people welcome to
Sony’s reviews today on Tony’s reviews I’m going to be unboxing an item that is
good for an office or even a home office setting and what I’m unboxing today is a
sit-stand desktop workstation and I wanted to show you the box before I open
it because this is brand new and I ordered this from Amazon this is
something I’ve been really excited about because I’ve wanted a stand-up
workstation for quite a while I sit at a desk quite a bit in the past few years
some of the health conscious entities have said that it’s not good for you to
sit down all day so if you want to sit down you’ll be able to sit down if you
want to stand up you’ll be able to stand up so I think that sounds like a good
thing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time as a matter of fact I even
tried to adjust my cubicle at work so I could stand up or sit down and I
couldn’t get it to just correctly and this sit stand desktop workstation is
sold by a company called lagrima and the brand of this is met core and if you’re
interested in ordering one of these there’ll be a link in the description
and I’ll also have a link in the comments if you’re interested in getting
one of these do not eat this I repeat do not eat this
I came with this big piece right here which is very super heavy-duty and I can
tell this is made out of some really quality material it’s got a pretty nice
little screwdriver that comes with it you see right here comes with these
little doohickeys that have screws and right here this one’s a little bit loose
but a lot of people say I have some screws loose don’t even have this thing
put together yet but there’s a button and I just want to push it let’s see
what happens hydraulics those are some heavy-duty
hydraulics aha so this thing is gonna come up for you and this is technically
called a standing desk converter and right there you’ll see the name-brand of
this thing it’s a met core so let’s get that last piece on there okay so I’ve pretty much got this mech
or sit and stand desktop assembled I’ve got these little two pieces left there
the little pieces they got clips and 3m backing and I figured out they’re
actually not really part of the desk itself and the functionality of it their
attachments that you can put on in case you’re using like a mouse or some other
wired instrument and you can put these on here so that the cables don’t get in
the way of the operation here and I’m not gonna put them on because I don’t
actually use a wired mouse or anything and I’ll probably just be using this for
my laptop and I’ve got an actual a steno TV wireless pin mouse that I use and
that’s what I’ll be using when I use this desktop and I also have an Apple
iPad I’ll be using with this desktop as well and also just be using this as my
desktop in general I love the sit and stand combination now that I’ve got it
assembled I’ve got all the stickers off of it and we’re going to test it out
with a couple of devices it’s got this little lip right here and I couldn’t
figure out what it was for and after I looked at the instructions I realized
it’s actually to put an iPad in so you can brace your iPad if you just want to
put your phone in there you’re gonna rest your phone there while you’re
watching something maybe Arthur Fonzarelli used to say welcome to my
office whenever he was going into the bathroom and here at tony’s reviews i
say welcome to my office when we’re going into the kitchen
got my iPad on here my laptop computer and I’ve got the keyboard right here on
the keyboard surface that I use for my iPad and I’ve actually got my little
optical mouse here that’s wireless and this is an As Seen on TV product that
I’ve done a review for in case you would like to know so this is all in the
sitting position right now right so I can sit here and I could use my iPad and
type comfortably if I don’t want to use the iPad I’ve got my laptop here and I
can use it right here so that’s pretty nice but I’ve also got another option
now right I’m sitting but if I want to stand in work I can do that as well you
know it’s just like being at work or whatever you know and that a lot of fun
but seriously right now if I want to stand up and just get a little bit of
you know get my leg stretched out a little bit you know and maybe I just
want to stand and work I can do that now and all I’ve got to do is grab this and
raise it up and it’s very it’s got a really nice gentle race to it I didn’t
really have to control that that much it actually was going up that slow so your
steps gonna be safe on this so I’ll just show you again real quick we got it down
got locked into place and just to show you how gentle this thing is I’ll push
the button and it’s raising up but I’m actually you know pulling just a little
bit just to get it up a little bit higher and that just lets you know that
this isn’t gonna fling all your stuff off whenever you’re you know some of the
stuffs expensive so it lets you know it’s not gonna fling the stuff off
whenever you know you gotta raise it up to stand okay so now I’m gonna stand up
and use this I love this I have to say real quick I love this immediately
whenever I stood up I just thought how comfortable this is this is so nice I’ve
got my keyboard here I’ve got my iPad here and I’ve got my laptop here so if I
want to use my laptop I just set it right here type away I set it up here
type away got my iPad here I can use my keyboard on it this is really really
nice the set up is just awesome and super comfortable I wish I would have
this at my old office anyway folks I just think this is a really neat product
this is something that’s really really cool something I’ve wanted for a long
time and now I’ve one here my house so guys I wanted to
share this with you when I unboxed it and here we are looking at it right now
it is super super awesome this thing works great if you have back pain or
something you need to stand up this is perfect if you have pain in your legs or
something like that you just need to stand up this is something that’s great
if you just want to exercise a little bit or just not sit sit down all the
time if you just want a healthier working environment this is the thing
for you this thing is awesome and it adjusts like that so if I want to go
back to sitting down boom that’s it if I want to go to standing it’s that easy
it’s all right here for me and I can adjust it as high as I need it or as low
as I need it I hope you enjoyed this video today of the review of the MEC or
sit and stand desk top if you did enjoy the video please remember to Like
subscribe comment and share I want to thank you so much for watching and God
bless you

49 thoughts to “Standing Desk Converter Review Mecor”

  1. Am I really first? Lol
    Just saw you on Pusa… and now I am here.
    Looking forward to this review.
    I have worked in an office where they had ergonomic everything. I still needed to get the heck out. Lol.
    I like doo hickies
    That little line, I believe is for the cooling fans that sit under your laptop, to anchor them there. That is what I use mine for….

    Mm, nice. I like the ease and softness of that raise.
    Excellent upload.

  2. Thanks for another awesome review Tony, you are the best when it comes to comedy and product reviews 😎 I will never stop saying that cuz I mean it you are the best.

  3. Mate I've used one of these and they are awesome. Really comfortable to work with. Wouldn't mind one my place. Im building a studio and that would be ideal. Nice review man. Cheers😀

  4. Thanks, Tony, I have been looking at these desks for a little while now… Nice one. Keep up the great work brother.

  5. Tony I've always wanted this. Editing for hours my legs bother me. Thanks for sharing bro. Somehow when I build something there are always extra parts left. Is it just me lol?

  6. WOW Tony that's amazing… I know someone who could really use that in his office. I'll send them the link he always has sore backs working. In his office chair and he would like to stand while working. This is an amazing product you are showing right now. There are many people who work in offices with sore, backs and. This would help them to stand once in a while and then lower again. If they want to sit number one product review of the year this is what I think. “Amazing”

  7. I love it!!! I also like the idea of it coming with a tool so you don't have to go searching for one!! I might have to talk my husband into getting one

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  9. I'm watching rigjt now ….but i can tell you right now .. I need this. I need a small place so i can set my tripods in front of me and film. This would be perfect!

  10. Standing Desk Converter ,i'm gonna show this to my husband he might need it , yes do not eat silica lol

  11. Hi thank you very much for coming to my live and for your nice greetings, I hope to see you followed by my space, with affection; Rose of Spain

  12. I need this desk converter 🙂 A good product! Thanks for the review. Like! New supporter. See you around 🙂

  13. Interesting Tony. Those sit/stand desks are getting frowned upon here due to the various pinch points and the weight on them (and not being secure) if you move them wrong.

  14. awesome review, I have been considering a standing adjustable desk…. my issue is I have 2 large monitors I work on durring the day, so I am unsure how they would fit on that surface.

  15. Thank you for posting this!! Ive seen it advertised and wondered if it really works…your channel rocks

  16. Sit and stand cool.. Ipad puts in the slot as well as the cellphone.. Office in the kitchen.. Best place.. Cool gadgets.. Sit or stand and work… Cool.. Raise up the desk..

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