Software Sathyabhama Part 02 || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Software Sathyabhama Part 02 || Satyabhama || Tamada Media

Many of you requested us to make
part two of ‘Software Satyabhama’, so, here it is. If you haven’t seen the first part yet,
the link is in the description. Do watch it. Lord, see to it
everything goes smoothly today. Here is Software Satyabhama.
– Do we even need her here? – No, we don’t. Hey, guys! Though the deadline is three days away,
owing to client’s pressure, we’ll have to finish it today. If you’ve anything to add, go ahead. Remedial pujas need to be done. A man in my village built his home against the Vastu rules.
In no time, he went bankrupt and killed himself right there. ‘She talks of bad Vastu
and makes me nervous.’ ‘She is hell bent on turning this office into a temple.’
Satyabhama, I’m busy right now. Raise your point later. What’s wrong?
– I got late to work because I went to the temple as it is the month of Kartika.
I don’t know how I can ward off this evil eye. You know, you can ward off eveil eye by donating
black sesame seeds at Lord Shiva’s temple on Saturday. Is it? Then we’ll go to the temple tomorrow?
– Sure. Now, don’t cry. What in the world? I’ve to talk to her. I’ve to talk to her.
Excuse me.. Sorry, I have..
– A boyfriend. – What? Finally, done with the Skype call.
Wonder how these foreigners speak English so fluently. Wonder what cheat codes they use to speak English so well.
Anyways, English is their language, so, they’ll be fluent in it just like the way I’m fluent in Telugu.
Foreigners would botch up Telugu if they are to speak in it. ‘I’m feeling too drowsy.
I’ll take a break.’ Why am I not getting this?
– I get a feeling she solved the problem. Hell, no. Impossible.
– There is no harm in checking her work. Shit! What’s happening?
There seems to be some error. ‘What has happened to this?
Why doesn’t this do anything?’ Guys! So many errors in codes?
Who is the reason behind this? Like always, Satyabhama.
– Check the clause. I made a blunder by letting you in this project.
Project would’ve got executed had you not been on it. Girls like you bring lot of losses to the firm. What’s the matter?
– I’ve no idea about this coding error. – Take their help. No! I don’t talk to guys.
– Come on! Don’t you have any friends? So, are we friends now?
– I’m telling you this all as I consider you my friend. She has moved to an MNC in Bangalore.
Wonder when I will. Plan something for the weekend, guys.
– We thought the village belle is naive, but she is smart. That’s why I love her.
– We messed her code up. Yet, she solved it by all herself. Hey, guys! – Hi, sir.
– Because of you guys, the project got done on time. No, sir, because of Satyabhama
the project got finished on time. Good job. Congrats and sorry.
– Thank you, sir. The problem with IT firms is that people
in the backend face a lot of pressure. Please, don’t mind what I said in the afternoon. Good luck.
– Thank you, sir. You really solved the error? I don’t believe.
Be frank and tell me, who solved it? After working hard and scoring good grades
at schools and colleges, I finally landed a job in the city. Here, not only am I not getting used to the city,
I’m also being laughed at for my country side habits. To top it, I’m now being accused
of things like these. Help girls like me if you can,
but do not discourage us. How you’re treated by people depends on how you treat people.
You may think I’m naive for being a village girl. But I like being a village girl,
so what’s wrong? She knows we messed up with her code.
Still, she never complained and solved it by herself. Despite all that, you still go and taunt her?
It is so wrong. You need to change. Satyabhama..
I’m very sorry. I always thought you’re dumb as you’re from a village.
Only now I realised place has nothing to do with talent. I’m very sorry for being rude to you.
I’m so thankful to you for your help. Please, forgive me.
– If you do something good, people will appreciate you. And if you do something wrong, they’ll forget the good you did.
But don’t worry, I’m not one of them. Hi! Like you saw, in any field, freshers would face problems.
So, rather than teasing them, help them out. If you liked this video,
do like, share and subscribe to Satyabhama.

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