36 thoughts to “Social Media Marketing — How it Affects Your Business”

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  7. You did a great job accurately copying all the data from my video. You know what they say about imitation…..

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  9. Social media is one of the best marketing platforms to engage and interact with your customers. If you're not using this opportunity, you might be falling behind your competition.

  10. Social media marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to reach, connect and build strong relationships with their customers. Nice video!

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  12. Hello sbr, wonderful presentation. I'd like to share this video with my colleagues but I'm concerned about the accuracy of the statistics, as there are no links in your description that indicate a source. Can you tell me where you found these statistics, please so I can share this video?

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  14. It simple, businesses today cannot survive without the help of social media. It’s clearly the fastest, cheaper, and easiest way to build your brand.

  15. THanks for the video, guys! #SocialMediaForBusiness  is a must but you have to understand what you're doing before you jump in. 
    Jamie I
    All Points PR — #ChicagoPRAgency  

  16. Agree! Social media is rapidly growing as a another source of marketing so business owner should use this as an edge to market their business

  17. We can’t deny that social media is here to stay. The world is practically run by social media platforms today, which also means that business owners should take advantage of this trend so that their businesses won’t get left behind.

  18. I have seen the same exact presentation on other youtube videos, this is where the information came from , http://www.pewinternet.org/fact-sheets/social-networking-fact-sheet/

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  20. If you want to get more clients and leads for your business, you should call help from social media marketers. They can help you create more powerful online marketing decisions.

  21. Great….this video has "0" dislikes because the dislike button has been deactivated. This video is garbage and has nothing to do with how social media affects business. If I just wanted statistics I would have looked up an infographic. For a company that is focusing on social media, you would think they would understand the importance of the human element. Have statistics read to me by the "weather channel" guy, is not my idea of effective social media strategy. 

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