Simple Usenet Tutorial

Simple Usenet Tutorial

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  1. so let me get this straight … first you gotta go buy giganews, then you gotta go buy another service (after you sign up). I guess search engines have to HIDE all the good stuff since………… the good old days of just getting a server are pretty much over…. Just go to pirates bay… no server, to buy… unlimited downloads… much better than this hope jumping services.

  2. Thank you sir ! Great beginner tutorial. Looking to stop using torrents and switch to Usenet and it seemed overwhelming.

  3. Usenet is a SCAM!!! The software is good but it advertises stuff it does not have available to get you to do the trial and it requires a credit card. I requested cancellation and got charged $99 the next morning. Yes, you need to call or email in order to cancel. That is the highest available subscription when the default is around $8 a month. Stay away from this shady company.

  4. this company don't like to talk to persons on the phone when i was on the trail i was told my wait time was 5 mins bull shit it was waited for an hr no response from these fuckers nothing great about these fuckers when i was trying to shut down my trail i got

    no response so these mother fuckers lucky they got a free 99 usd now from my .c card but that will be the first and last time they get money stay away from this company unless you like losing 99 usd

  5. This guide could potentially help by giving even more details! It's nice to have this to reference back to.

  6. Just a quick fire question – as it is currently 2015 … are these the tools that can still be  used? or are there newer/better/faster versions? (to the best of your knowledge of course). Thank you.

  7. Hehe found someone selling usenet server accounts on the cheap: goo.gljV2pqc

    Working pretty good as backups…

  8. Great tutorial, mate, thanks.

    As a noob, I´d really like to know which search providers are better, since I´ve already tried a few, including the one you mentioned, and I´m getting wildly different results. So, is there any search provider that is consistently bigger/better than the others? (I don´t mind paying if it´s truly worth it).

    Cheers man

  9. I'm not sure about SSL encryptions but feralhosting is an FTP torrent engine and there's the free program WinSCP that acts like Utorrent. feralhosting costs $16 U.S. The download rate for me is usually between 150-320KBs which is okay, but it's really the encryption that makes it worth the 50 cents a day. The last thing you want is an email from your ISP telling you that you're fucked. The software to download it to there server I use is rtorrent. Pretty complicated if you're not a tech head

  10. @Omar Altaee And what is the difrence with piratebay? I download from piratebay with 2 mb/s most of the time

  11. so what its the difference between rapidshare vip-file and this one cuz its more expensive and a little more complicate

  12. so i need to buy a service like newshosting then i need the other software wich its "free" then i would able to download its that right…btw recomend newsleecher its the cheapest but i dont know apparenty this one its like the 3rd party software or its the equivalent to giganews???

  13. @abena511 Hey, did you make sure to the settings page on SABnzbd and enter in the astraweb server info including your password and username?

  14. @QTR1008 No they shouldn't, usenet is very "secretive" and not too big, so not many people know about it. They even have a rule of "don't talk about usenet" to keep it quiet.

  15. @fb767 Hey if you search "Scorp 720p Ides of March" that's a great example. For a 650mb file it looks amazing on a 37inch TV. Obviously it's not true 720p but you'd be amazed with how good it looks

  16. @QTR1008 They have movies from every quality and era you can imagine, it's amazing really. Every movie I get is bluray quality.

  17. @QTR1008 They ALL store the same NZB files, so TheCubeNet will have the same files as Giganews, for example. Nzbmatrix, for one example, will work for all servers (as will all search websites).

  18. @QTR1008 Hey, sure I'll help you out, but out of the video which particular part do you need help in?

  19. @cunnol I don't think it's possible to encode 720P in 700mb, it was probably converted down. Otherwise I don't know, never heard of it. Mind giving me a link to an example so I can give you better answer?

  20. just moved to usenet as I was a fileserve user, disappointed as I can't find any 700mb 720p MKV movies, will use torrents for them though I'd rather not have to

  21. @nubianassassin I got the Black Friday special price – $6 per month unlimited. The $3 for 30GB sounds great to try it out!

  22. @christhemountain Eddie2u hit the nail on the head. The server is where all the info is actually located. In Torrenting you get multiple computer sending you parts of a files, but for Usenet you have all the info coming from one central location (the server).

  23. @Exascale Hey exascale, very sorry about replying so late. Are you still interested in getting this to work? Were you able to get it to work?

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