Simple Programmer Success Story: From $30/hour To $300/hour (Developer Salary)

Simple Programmer Success Story: From $30/hour To $300/hour (Developer Salary)

Hey, what’s up? John Sonmez here from I thought I’d read another success story. I’ve been doing a few of these success stories. Maybe we can put together a success store
playlist for those of you that are interested in hearing people’s success stories as more
and more of them are coming in. It’s kind of funny because I’ve been doing
this really like doing the two or three videos a day and really like change the focus of
this channel maybe like—I guess it was about three years ago. That’s about how long it takes to really like
really hit success that you got to stick with things long enough. This is from Andreja, I believe, and he says,
“Hey, John. First off, I wanted to tell you. You have been a huge inspiration over the
past few years on and off of my journey from being a nobody to a somebody in my career. In 2013, sometime around the spring/early
summer, I was an IT network engineer who had been pushing the boundaries on my career development. Fail off and fail hard, learn off and grow,
overcome and succeed my previous self every single day. However, I had fallen into a slump after two
years of trying to break into Microsoft, my dream company. The cloud was a very new concept and it felt
like a moment in time that given the right skill, attitude, perseverance and hint of
luck would become my own great journey. All I needed was that foot in the door. I did what anyone out of the community of
college with an IT degree in network and server administration would do. Find jobs, get experience, hop off and certify
like a madman. I remember just simply saying why you should
fake it until you make it in May of 2013.” We’ll link to that videos of old video of
faking it until you make it. “Then I kept consuming learning from and leveraging
your content to shape my own reality, and it worked. I was on freaking fire brother. October 2013 after four interviews and endless
nights and weekends and weekdays of trainings, studying, learning, failing, rinse and repeat,
I was extended an offer at Microsoft with Azure Cloud.” Nice. That’s cool. All right. “Ever since I kept to the lessons learned
from your channel, hit the freaking gym, lost the weight, became the best version of myself
and, you guessed it, faked it until I made it. After four years at Microsoft with three promotions
and a lot of fascinating world-changing projects at my helm, I left for a senior role in another
cloud company with direct reports in all including a large field of impact for the company in
many new exciting adventures to come. In 2011,”—listen to this one guys. “In 2011, I made $13 an hour. In 2013, I made $45 an hour and now, well,
shit, man, my total comp is just shy of 300K. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel real. P.S. Not a software developer but a long-lost brother
from IT networking and security data center world, which is insanely good news. I want to thank you directly and personally. Please keep doing what you’re doing. Inspire these kids who are just starting out
or the folks starting their third careers. I faked it, I made it and I kept diving right
back into the river to get wet. It turns out the things I faked, I forced
into becoming a reality both for myself and the world around me. You rock, man. Keep up the amazing work. Sincerely, AJ.” Thanks, AJ. I appreciate your email. You know, I just wanted to read this email
as a brag, of course, but also just because like this is one of those things that I talk
about all the time. It’s just how your reality can change. It’s awesome what AJ has been able to do here
to go from $13 an hour to $45 an hour to $300,000 plus a year. Something that he couldn’t even have imagined
before, but he did it because—I don’t know like—I mean he talked about obviously
a huge amount of work ethic, but what probably changed things more than anything else and
I think AJ would agree was this change of reality, of believing it, of that fake it
until you make it. Is it that you’re faking it until you make
it, is that why you’re making it or is it because you’re suddenly believing. You’re acting as if the things were possible
and you’re changing your viewpoint. Once you believe that something is possible,
once you start going after that thing and you start operating with that premise, with
already believing that you’ve made it, with already believing that what you want to become,
that change in mindset, that shift in reality, makes things a reality. You literally have the power to shape your
reality. I think that’s something that AJ discovered
in his life, and it’s still amazing. It still amazes me of my own ability to shape
my reality, how my life has changed over the last seven years. I did this video. I guess it’s been eight years now and you
can check that video out of you’re interested in my own changes in my life. It still amazes me, how much power we have. I also am amazed or I wonder a lot of times
about how much that I don’t even recognize that I have now, like how much of my own reality
am I trapped in right now that I don’t even see what true reality is. I don’t even realize what is still possible
for me that I’m limiting myself. You got to realize that you’re limiting yourself,
that you’re limiting your own beliefs that what you think is impossible is quite possible
because you have the ability to shape reality. I’m actually going to point to a book here
that I think is worth reading. I’ve talked about this book before. It’s probably my top pick of book. It’s called Man’s Search—As a Man Thinketh
and this is by James Allen. It’s a really old book. You should definitely check out this book. It’s a very short book as you can see, but
this has the mindset. This book is all about the idea how what you
believe and what you think shapes and alters your reality. A very, very powerful concept. Something I would highly recommend that you
read. If you want to have success like AJ, this
book can help you to do it. Obviously, continue watching videos on this
channel. Thanks again, AJ. Thanks for sharing your story. If you’ve got to share a story to share, make
sure you can email me at [email protected] I dug in a lot of these stories. I do read not all of them on the air, but
I will try to read your stories, especially if it’s a good one and you’re really highlighting
how the content here has helped you to achieve success in your life. Thanks again, AJ, and congrats man. That’s awesome. I’m glad to hear your story. All right. If you haven’t subscribed already, click
that Subscribe button below. Click the bell so you don’t miss any videos. I’ll talk to you next time. Take care.

16 thoughts to “Simple Programmer Success Story: From $30/hour To $300/hour (Developer Salary)”

  1. not gonna lie but listening to this got me thinking I'd be happy just making 30 an hour… i make 10 a hour and got two roomates… trying to breaking into programming so… not trying to be negative… but… yeah… I dont see how making 30 an hour is bad… kind of pisses me off when you try to goto college and you've tried twice and it seems like nothing works out for you.

  2. Idk if I 100% agree with fake it til make it only because some people may take it as acting like knowing a lot when they don't or lying. I prefer to think of it as putting placeholders on the things someone can't do or say today like they may not be an expert at a technology now but learn and use it everyday, it's good to think of yourself as the expert soon though because you've made that choice and if you've done it today you can everyday

  3. Id like more background into that. Like okay he studied hard and now makes much more as a programmer, but what was the journey that took him there? As far as i know, most good programmers make around 100k, so 300k is hard to understand, even if he is really good. Sounds like he found a really good paying position and the study time he put it helped him land that job. But beyond saying i worked my butt off, there isnt much else to go off of.

  4. I make about $40 an hour at 24. I made $8 an hour about 3.5 years ago. Alot of work and dedication. Definitely a mindset thing. You want something so bad you just believe it will come.

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