Silicon Valley: Season 6 | Official Trailer | HBO

Silicon Valley: Season 6 | Official Trailer | HBO

This is just a game.
Pretty standard stuff. Until I turn on the microphone. -Would you like some pizza?
-(SCREEN PINGS) -Money perverts everything.
-(SCREEN PINGS) At this point, I can stand
to be a little perverted. Oh! Uh, kittens! Puppies!
United Nations! I will help you by building
an internet that is of the people,
by the people, and for the people,
so help me God. (APPLAUSE) Way to punch Big Tech
in the dick! The new Hooli will be
significantly smaller, and we need to reduce costs. GAVIN BELSON: What is going on? Why is their logo
bigger than ours? We need to fix this. (GASPS) A man offered us
a billion dollars. MONICA HALL:
We cannot take his money. These guys executed people
in soccer stadiums. To our future endeavors
What was that? Ugh, the birds.
They’re attracted to the trees. So sometimes, they…
What are you gonna do? JARED DUNN:
Pied Piper isn’t the same
company that I signed up for. She has different needs now. We are in the middle
of a shitstorm. All I wanted to do
was be a golden millionaire. A millionaire that gets peed on? I can see you making half that
happen. I think we’re even more fucked
than you are. This may be a chance
to help each other out. -What do you say?
-Isn’t it obvious? I say… No! Fuck no! Hey, Richard. Did you order
4,000 pounds of beef? Bolt the doors. The others
can’t help us now. We could all go to prison. Enjoy the injunction. -(RETCHES)
-(SCREAMS) You little, little bitch! I– I’m sorry, Jared. I– Hey, hey! This is a place
of business– -Oh, my God.
-I pump lead! Peckerwood motherfucker! -What is this?
-Russfest. It’s gonna be like Burning Man, except I’m gonna make
a fuck-ton of money. So… Earning Man? I literally love you,
you spooky fuck. So are we in?

100 thoughts to “Silicon Valley: Season 6 | Official Trailer | HBO”

  1. You can get rid of Erlich and the show goes on but without Jared there would be no Silicon Valley! Best character on the whole show.

  2. I'm very sad that this series ends
    This series taught me a lot and was very motivation and inspiring to me
    HBO,Please reconsideration and continue this series
    Because it's obvious that many people like me would like this series to continue

  3. One scene random on youtube about this show i knew nothing about, 4 days later i torrented all 5 seasons and then binge watched it within a week. No regrets.

  4. I'm going to miss Silicon Valley SO much! If I could, I would happily trade all of Game of Thrones for more Silicon Valley.

  5. Hillarious, cant wait to finaly see Season 6 🙂
    If Hendricks does not look a little bit like Zuckerberg, then i dont know 🙂 Great Actors !

  6. So excited and sad to the final season of this show! Iam gonna miss this show so much! This show is my inspiration to become a developer and land a job in the tech industry!

  7. I love that Richard have the guts to work together with his biggest enemy Gavin. AGAIN! He really loves his company. 😍

  8. It's a shame this show went down hill. It was brilliant for the first few seasons.

    Now, SJW writers inserting their SJW messages into the script. Tragic.

  9. If I laughed this hard during the trailer, I may end up hospitalized when the series starts. Sucks it's the last,and only 7 or 8 episodes,but I'd rather that than watch it become an unfunny shell of it's self

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