Should you buy a new GPU/CPU right now? And winner of the signed AMD t-shirt! | The Full Nerd Ep. 58

Should you buy a new GPU/CPU right now? And winner of the signed AMD t-shirt! | The Full Nerd Ep. 58

do the Panther strikes again was man i
watch that so many times you know and I will say as a child the most
disappointing thing is there was never any Pink Panther cuz you’re like as a
kid alright you were there for the Pink Panther you like I didn’t care about
Inspector Clouseau it’s like we’re gonna have the cartoons dad yeah so it looks
like we’re on twitch and YouTube are we on one or just like we’re on favors I’m
calling that one one I don’t even know maybe that that could be Voight what
Wilson wait what’s the number the one with the monitor is one oh that’s one
yeah okay so that’s that’s Wilson that’s Voight hey oh I forgot my canteen I
better make this coffee lozen hey everybody Elena as is not here because
well San Francisco public transportation is everything you would expect of the
city of San Francisco and who knows when she’ll get here she might get here
tomorrow I think no it’s because it’s because you got mad after the last
episode that have heard she’s Bana yep and for being wrong wrong and so
many times he’s like whatever you know what I just all I can say as an older
person who’s had many modular power supplies yeah wait till you get that
pile of power supplies and cables that don’t match and you’ll be like damn
right speaking that what do we what are we talking about today today we are
talking about whether it is safe to buy a GPU and whether it is safe to buy a
CPU so Brad and I have no question I have combed the Internet we have done
our analysis to figure out whether it is safe for you to go out to day to day
that is it just gonna be a one-word answer and it’ll be a really short
episode CPAs are waiting for the t-shirts oh yeah oh and last thing is we
are going to be giving away the thread rapper t-shirt which I’ve been keeping
it hermetically sealed 7-eleven bag from Taipei and again I’m
going to show this baby off check this out
it is now what 10:30 for Pacific Daylight Time and this shirt you can
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you can excite I’m dropping it in the link in the frame and Adam is dropping a
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and dudettes signed by Lisa Sue and Jim I understand of AMD and I just realized
that’s why I didn’t have it and until a little bit later because then people can
still sign up for oh good good so yeah if you’re watching the podcast you
haven’t signed up as possibly to win eret rourou to says what about the the
topic about is it safe to buy Ram oh it’s never gonna be you know I just you
know I’m just Brad you’ve gone through a few of these we go through this every
once in a while yeah and it’s just a cycle it’s a cycle that comes back and
then you’ll just be like this is insane I can get 64 gigs for a hundred and
eighty dollars and then you know and then everybody will be like hey ddr5
coming to this one is it it wasn’t like it wasn’t proportionate wasn’t a gradual
ramp it was like Rams like the cost of gum and then it’s the cost of a Ferrari
yeah eighty like overnight yeah you basically want to make sure you’re you
know it’s coming maybe that’s the thing it’s just have an alert this should be
an alert like you want to get on before cuz usually these spikes in the last you
know the quarter maybe two ones that go on for a year the hard drive shortage is
bad you talk about shortages that was bad but we’re just talking here okay so
yeah so hello Facebook hello youtube and twitch they’re all here we got we’re all
here you know Phil we got many different things we got Elvis we got vinash we got
yeah we’ve got everybody they’re all here oh good I got to find my notes
where are my notes arc Cystic on to twitch says on this episode of the full
nerd Gordon is wrong again I’m always right even when I’m wrong I’m right I’ve
learned that from and Dragan Kurt’s here he says the the they say they love the
show yeah and I will of course be playing when thank you boom yeah you
know and I and I and I’m gonna let you know because we haven’t kicked us off
yet but I will be I have challenged Adam our facilities person Lewis and
freelancer his name is Willis we are gonna play a 1v3 match where they use
controllers and I use keyboard mouse and I what I’m afraid though is I I do think
we need to get they need a couple more people may be getting laying in there
maybe your cat and then they might be fair maybe and I think also if I drink
and maybe smoke cigarette I don’t actually smoke Duncans well I actually
play games then it might be fair so are we better kick yourself on everybody
yeah we should we should kick this off already
yes five eight yes in this episode of the full nerd I didn’t look at the guide
looking right now in this episode of the full nerd is it finally safe to buy a
GPU and CPU oh wait the mic system I cleared my
throat welcome to the full nerd episode 58
I’m your host chord mom with coast Brad charkas hello internet also with us but
not in her chair is Eleni cuz she is at the mercy of San Francisco public
transportation which by the way in the Bay Area public transit is the worst in
the world I mean it’s ridiculous I the BART station all of the escalators were
broken all of them and also an emphatic Marie who turned off the escalators is
wrong I know we really know what happened to Elena you got mad at at how
we kept saying you were wrong last week in the half a nerd and you you put her
on a band right yeah that’s it I well I you know I understand that Elena was
trying to catch the bus but she was using her controller I can’t inside no attorney could you
imagine like you’re in like a game and you’re running along you see this player
kind of like slow turning why you acting like a tank we need you in this game I’m
using controller uh-huh side note on on YouTube Christopher
Stevens as a that I did the intro better in the in the last episode I I did it
better you than you did this week you didn’t mess it up did you mess it up any
times I miss it if we both messed it up that was kind of the funny part of it
and also Adam as a controller player we and I I mentioned this earlier I’m gonna
do I’m gonna I have played I’ve challenged Adam Louise from our
office who’s in our facilities and Willis freelance video editor to a
Gordon v3 I like to call it ass-kicking contests or we will play a shooting game
and I will basically run around slaughtering them until they give up
realizing how bad controls are versus keyboard uh-huh yeah
then you’ll you’ll install a modular power supply or not modular power supply
and also what was the other thing we made fun of you for well you camera
until you yeah you will give up and go start like sorting out the modular power
supply cables or making braids out of them I do something I just just then
work well listen Gordon we have a question in the chat we have quite a few
people asking should they buy this GPU should they buy that GPU oh can you guys
Brad you know kid can you help we dive into that I think we forgot to mention
one other part of the show what oh the last thing you have I think
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tour tour t-shirt yeah also yep people are signing up as we speak
like I said it but the the link in the chat so do that if you haven’t done it
if you haven’t done it already and I think we’re gonna be giving away
that at the end we’re gonna announce that in about 45 no no in the meantime
though you’re gonna want to buy a GPU yeah I mean what better thing to do to
wait for the CPU shirt is to buy a GPU what actually you know or not yeah well
people are in the chatter saying a prices have never been better
bread is it a good time have definitely been variable but they’re as good as
they have been this year right now that’s for sure yeah I go ahead Brian
you go ahead you cannot is it awesomeness because I I did this
yesterday I went ahead and I you know I went to my favorite price tracker camel
camel camel they only do Amazon actually did a new egg at one point but
I guess that got pulled in I looked at the prices of cards cuz it’s like and
they’re they’re amazingly good but they are certainly not the best I mean like
everybody’s favorite that 1066 gig no average price is about 325 right yeah I
was looking I was looking this morning on new egg for the lowest prices for
different ones and I was the most affordable one decide from you know the
rare one that’s like mega deal for 24 hours is this cheap what starts around
294 six gig 1060 you know it’s amazing though cuz we’re we’re talking about how
awesome it is but the card air entering month seven with the great GPU crazy
well it’s over I mean the fever is over the spike looking at looking at all
these charts they go up and they just they climb for the moon and now that
we’re getting back to almost normal but what did that what did the 1066 gig come
out at 260 we’re really so yeah yeah Wow yeah so it’s still everything I was
looking across the board I went and I looked at every $100 plus GPU this
morning on new egg from Radeon and Nvidia both and they’re all still
selling for over the MSRP prices from these GPUs that launched two years ago
yeah Radeon much more so still you still you know the RX 570 is it’s supposed to
retail for 170 I believe is the MSRP for the baseline model but the cheapest ones
still 240 Nvidia prices are looking a little bit better a little bit closer to
MSRP but they’re still inflated compared to what they came out at two plus years
ago but what’s a wire radiance pricier what do you think is driving the higher
prices of that I would not be surprised people are still writing the mining
train even though it’s supposed to as it was a lot of people are you know they
use that whole little acronym hold on and whatever so I think a lot of people
are just still in on it do you think you could also speak to the supply of both
Vega and in Polaris parts I mean is it just
fairly limited it could be I mean the supply chain it chain is complicated in
murky who knows they’ve been making them they are available you can go buy them
they just they just cost a lot I was we were looking you were looking at the
camel camel camel stuff and sharing it and the Vegas 64 that you popped up yeah
remember Vegas 64 theoretically had a $500 MSRP at launch and it’s this one
literally never came close to that in his lifetime Welling from day one
through now so it’s the good news is I always say that the best time to replace
your computer hardware is when you need to if there’s a reason to like if your
graphics card won’t play battlefield one let’s say flat-out so you want to get a
GTX 1060 earlier this year if you had about 250 bucks to spend on a graphics
card you were screwed because GTX 10 60s were $400 but now even though prices are
still inflated depending on Radeon versus GeForce you can get in the
ballpark of what these things are supposed to sell for right well that’s a
good thing if you’ve been waiting so so if you had say you know a 660 that kind
of vintage is it time to look I mean those those are pretty elder elderly
parts at this point so yeah yeah that would be right and rough these days yeah
yeah I mean the cool thing is we’re starting to see sales on them too so if
you pay attention you just you know if you’re looking for graphics card to go
to new wake everyday on PC where we try to highlight some of the better deals
that we find you can find quick sales where these cards dip back below MSRP
certain models from certain vendors 24 hours 48 hours so you know you’re paying
attention you can actually get a card for a reasonable price these days
ARC’s is tech on the twitch said the he saw a deal for a 1066 gig for 220 there
you go yeah right yeah that’s that’s hard to pass up okay so I I like I think
a lot of people you know especially after there’s just
been huge price spikes you have this pent up demand does it make sense to
just rush out and get the first best deal or does it make sense that like
wait for prices get a little better or because I think the fear to get in now
is like you never know like there could be some other stupid cryptocurrency
thing that spikes everything back up yep again I think that really drives home to
the heart without saying where upgrade if you need to if you have a reason to
if you have if you can’t do what you want to do with your computer I wouldn’t
necessarily wait to see if there’s new graphics cards coming out from Nvidia
Radeon anytime soon at this point if you can find what you need for price you can
afford I would get it if you’ve been waiting out because prices have been
double what they happen because I would be shocked if a new and video generation
is in the near-term future I would be shocked if they’re not more expensive
than the GTX 10 series what’s at launch yeah that’s true right cuz I mean that’s
the other thing clearly there have been a lot of rumors of new g-force parts
coming out God knows when that’s gonna actually happen you know I imagine some
people go I want to wait for the next thing but yeah you’re right it’s not
kind of you’re not gonna get whatever replaces the 1066 cake for 220 bucks so
if you’re coming from even a 960 I mean at 962 a 1060 is a big step up don’t you
think I mean seriously especially if you’re if you’re you know
you have a newer monitor that’s higher res or something in your you’re playing
you know more triple-a titles that don’t need it
one thing interested I note in looking over Newegg this morning is that the
lower price cards are priced higher over MSRP than the more expensive cards so
you can find a lot of GTX 1080s which theoretically MSRP is $500 yeah you can
find a bunch of those for 480 or 490 bucks you can find a ton of gtx 980ti
MSRP but it’s when you get down to the 1060 you know the rx 580 the GT x 1050
TI that your cert you see like a $50 gap over what they should be
really what’s the opposite of what it kind of started as so what’s a 1050 TI
go for these days a hundred and ninety dollars I believe I saw this morning
which isn’t bad if you’re looking I mean it’s not gonna you know deliver all the
bells and whistles on ultra but that’s a still a pretty good gaming card yeah I
know but I mean I’m thinking back man you know a 1050 TI three months ago it
made no sense on youtube cyber clue is saying there personally waiting for the
used market to flood with all these mining cards is that an option what do
you think about that it is an option I’m always I’m always leery about buying
electronics secondhand I know a lot of people swear by it and live by it but
unless I know where it’s coming from especially if there is the potential for
it to have been ridden hard yeah I’m kind of leery of it if you’re gonna do
that make sure you get a good deal if the market does become flooded we use
cards and you can get one for half the price of what you would pay normally
then I mean the risk is obviously less yeah
I’d also pay very personally yeah I don’t like II like Sean accused yeah you
know is if there’s certain things yeah like I guess I’m okay with some
sometimes buying use if you get like a whole built machine um I think at least
you know it worked at one point or a Mossberg but I kind of wondered though
like if and I haven’t really paid too close attention to the warranties but if
some of the some of the event some of the vendors used to let the warranties
transfer to new owners so yeah right so if you can get a card from a company
that you know does cover warranty from if it’s been sold used then that’s and
yeah that’s that’s not much of a risk but I know that in the wake of the first
time that the Bitcoin craze came around so what was at the to 90 days 290x a lot
of those awesome warranties went away because of how many cards hit the use
market and got returned so okay that makes sense so don’t do it yeah I get it
I gotta say I would more so buy a used CPU right then a used GPU because they you
know it’s very nobody really has been running you know consumer CPU 24/7 had a
hundred percent or with a heavy load a lot of those use those use crypto cards
see they have just been they are probably all used up like they’re been
plenty stories anecdotal of course that they only last three or four months and
then kaput and then your money so smart miners probably tweaked it so that it
ran cooler in overclocked a memory but a lot of people who got in on this weren’t
necessarily the smart first wave if you know what I mean yeah they were the tail
the tail riders the ones you see the news story about where you know father
of seven down the street by the yes ten eighties to pay his rent for a month
yeah well uh friend of the friend of the show Kyle Bennett from heart OCP is here
with us on YouTube saying he would not buy use GPU at this point time unless
it’s somebody that he knew yeah and it’s doing to be good friends with
because you know you know one thing I don’t like to do and I’ll good examples
I don’t like to sell cars to friends or family as you know it always happens
it’s like I yeah I’m sorry the radiator went out you know it’s like I’m not
gonna cover it I you know I sold it to you and then you guys then you like you
feel bad man oh hey man yeah I was great but you know we had a problem the
transmission no that’s yeah that’s the used car sorry didn’t you feel bad I
just you know you feel bad about that for years you’ve used I think it depends
on price to like if you can get a 1060 in a month used for a hundred bucks as
opposed to 200 bucks or whatever yeah you might take a flyer on that if it’s
cheap enough yeah I have to try to see it working before you buy it yeah I mean
I could see like if you’re getting new box retail card for 220 on some super
great deal versus 180 for a card of questionable you know past then I was
forty bucks for a card that you know has a full warranty it’s worth it I don’t
for me I wouldn’t do it for my particular it means so unless of
course you’re buying it from your friend but I try to avoid that got me thinking
about it for used electronics I think I try to avoid things with moving parts
like things like CPUs SSDs I don’t mind so much the hard drives graphics card
stuff like that I’m more leery though yeah hard drives especially ready
because you don’t know drop that I got a warning though so there’s a lot of
rumors of a huge supply of you know we’ve read like I don’t know some
buildup of God knows how many geforce cards piling up for some reason these
visions of them piled up in a factory of you know current carts there were all
these stores earlier do you think that could be driving these lower prices now
or you would expect the prices to be even lower if there was like a warehouse
of 1070 cards sitting around that they just want to get rid of I think right
now I wouldn’t be surprised if they want to get rid of them and that’s why I’ve
seen some deals every now and again but they still want to make as much money as
possible so you know that they’re selling them at lower prices but I
wouldn’t expect the floodgates to open with Nvidia cards especially because
those haven’t typically gone on sale as deeply as Radeon cards have in the past
they’re kind of like in telling that they kind of you know the person doesn’t
get to go down to too much on those it’s just crazy because I was looking at Vega
56 and just one particular card came out at $1,000 it’s an MSI Vega 56 air boost 8 gig Doha
Keable and now it’s down to 5:19 I mean that card right $119 over MSRP theft
what that I mean I don’t understand why Radeon cards are so expensive now I just
don’t get it especially Vega which supposedly was not
everyone’s first pick for a cryptocurrency so I don’t get it still
wasn’t bad not when you made money no matter what but I just kind of wonder if
there is more supply of g-force and pretty tight supply of Vega still we
don’t know we’re just guessing yeah yep what
so uh would you say okay Brad your expert opinion I’m rolling 970 card it’s
a time for me to upgrade he still goes great okay so not so you think it would
wouldn’t be it wouldn’t make sense to go out buy it ten seventy at this point I wouldn’t it depends on the resolution
and again whether or not you can play the games that you want play the best
pizza yeah cuz that had a 3.5 gig controversy so if you’re playing at
1440p then memory constraints might be an issue at that point if you’re trying
to get the high textures if you run into that then yeah go get a 1070 but if
you’re still playing at 1080p in the games you’re playing or fine I wouldn’t
I wouldn’t even step foot because 10 seventies are still selling for slightly
over MSRP right now because I just sort of think of the decisions for you have a
lot of people they sort of go like I’ve been riding this old card prices are
down I just need to get a board something new just because the prices
are down and there’s dudes or fear that prices are gonna go up again that’s
usually the you know you want a horde right I mean for God’s sake I bought
blue two Bluetooth dongles just because they’re cheap I don’t know why like
they’re gonna be USB keys here for the same reason that logic makes sense for a
video card you know just it doesn’t like it especially doesn’t that was a one
generation example 972 1070 I think in general you don’t typically want to do
that anyway right although a 1070 the ten hundred series
cards from Nvidia was a big step over nine hundred twos but if you have an
older card it again it becomes a much more interesting decision is it still
playing the games you want to play or should you write go out and get an
upgrade you’re no fun Brad that’s why I heard you guys said the rumor episode
while I was out I’m not healthy and told on you guys I
would just I just sometimes you know you don’t even you don’t even need when you
you got the money it’s and if you’re you know a bad person like me and the
money’s just burning a hole in your pocket you want to go out and buy it
they want your permission to go buy a new video card right now Brad so it’s
like well Brad said it’s time to get one oh well uh you’re saying wait till it’s
practically your current card is not of serviceable and then start yeah I’m uh
you know I’m a family man I got kids graphics cards ain’t cheap when things
break true that’s when I get a new one Vignesh on YouTube is asking cr9 fury
still good oh wow I haven’t formally tested it in a while personally because
I haven’t done as much graphics crap testing this year as usual because there
has been a graphic but hanging out on the RMD forums if you look around there
a lot of people are still happy with it they say it starts to show its age in
some games and settings because of the four gigabytes of memory but in general
it’s still pretty good wait hold up hold up we have we have something happening
here in the studio yeah what’s up here yeah she’s here hi Elena what so what
bus number is it so we can complain on the meanie meanie website you know you
have an abusive relationship with your bus driver when you don’t even want to
narc them out you know that bus driver has power of life or death over you okay
the same bus driver oh sure yeah because you can see like if we went like oh I’m
sorry I forgot you didn’t grow up in San Francisco so this is a really standard
thing for San Francisco and everyone who grew up well no I’m saying we’re so your
your first bus the bus you’re thinking you’re gonna catch doesn’t come so you
wait and you wait and you wait and then the next three pass you by because
everyone else was waiting and waiting and waiting alongside you but they were
smart and they managed to like walk all the way back to like the starting point
or they are capable of that so then the fourth bus comes by and you like try to
squeeze yourself in there and you’re like this pressed up against the glass
and then you gotta tell the guy next to you like dude you’re tripping the sensor
like the door is not kind of closed and we’re not gonna move unless you like
squish it more so yeah it’s great Christopher Stephen on YouTube was
saying that you were actually out there signing up for the thread Ripper t-shirt give me I just said I I just gotta say
cuz like I was like I was this morning I think we’re just gonna go to the Muni
website and complain about the bus bus driver but then you know you’re right
because what’ll happen is we’ll complain and the next time you’re like waiting
there and the bus travel just drive back look at you mmm horrible like like you
know Park halfway down the block and you start running up which they got too much
power man I don’t remember a time when I actually ever knew the bus drivers that
did my routes like even if I should have at the same time yeah it was only
different oh really I don’t know them but I do know it’s Muni dude everyone’s
always got a sick day yeah those yeah we could talk to well although I could see
it so I’m last back in the city of San Francisco Muni bus drivers are allowed
like 15 days to just not show up and I don’t mean like sick days or vacation
Brad you’ve probably never heard this but no they actually have in their
contract I’m not gonna work today well okay you didn’t call it your boss
no no what no that’s an immediate fire in any place I’ve ever they have the
right to just simply like not show up I think it’s very strong the thing is is
that don’t get me wrong Muni drivers have a lot to crop a lot of crap they
have to put up with there are people who like literally yeah
people like trying to beat them up or stab some other thing so they got a
rough job yeah you know see I used to get I used to get really angry to think
that it’s just a ridiculous thing to like what why in the world would you
have a policy where you could just like not show up for a week two weeks like
what happened to Johnson you know nothing nothing he’s like nothing but I
realized though because if you’ve ever driven in the city of San Francisco if
you drove a bus in the city of San Francisco you would wonder like if you
didn’t have that like I’m not showing up tomorrow you would get out you would
just start like running Prius is over right you were just like that’s it I’m
going for it you just mashed an accelerator it’d be like speed you’d be
go down Market Street running other cars over because you would like you would go
nuts here now we’ve really gone off the rails here is it is it safe no I don’t
think the prices have yet to come down well I’m just saying we know that I’m
just saying though like the quote unquote sale prices that are being
advertised are the normal prices so that tells me that we haven’t completely seen
a drop back to normal yet just so you know Elena uses a special part on Newegg
anime and Amazon so where you can bargain like you like no 229 no my offer
is 150 well how’d you get that feature I found it there’s I mean I was so you
missed it I was selling Brad like if you were running like a 6 6 Series card
that’s a little old but if you were like something a little closer but if you say
a 970 and you have that fear we just went through like feels like six months
of hell right six months of hell you could not buy a graphics card yeah and
you just like you just want to get one because you’re just afraid they’re gonna
vanish again right I have another spike and you’ll be like how damn I should
have got that card when it was 230 or 250 I just don’t feel like we’re in a
spot where it’s gonna spike again Alice you guys really think something’s gonna
happen with cryptocurrency where everyone’s gonna just run out and buy
them again I don’t think it’s necessarily based on rational decisions
I mean people were like $1,600 for 10 atti
that’s not rational right that’s just well I will say though that camel camel
camel does have some weird price spikes in there so I wouldn’t go I wouldn’t
trust that a hundred percent to be accurate so because I think one of those
charts you showed me how something highest recorded I’m out was what 5.2 K
yeah you can I didn’t remove the extreme you know what it’s weird because Sam’s
people will list things on Amazon that are just stupidly overpriced of course
so because who knows maybe there’s one sucker cyber clue on YouTube really
wants me to ask you Elena which you purchase a used mind GPU for 50% below
MSRP 50% no 25% of the original price yet wait 50% below MSRP yeah
so we’re talking like what percent off yeah 50% off but it’s it was used for
mining naw I would only take that risk if it was like 30% of the original time
that’s like she’s bargaining right now with this card man during the risk
analysis of my head right because if that thing was mined hard that means
that it has a chance of failure but if I get at dirt cheap that I won’t care that
it dies or 50% I was saying earlier though because we were doing a
hypothetical discretions before you showed up when I and I said if you can
get a used 6 game by GTX 1060 for like a hundred bucks then it might be
worthwhile which if you think about it that’s you know 30 40 % I would push it
as high as one that you have to also think about $100 if you get some good
use out of it that still kind of sucks but all right but once you get into 150
I think that’s gonna hurt well so right now let’s assume most 1066
gigs or 250 right 250 to 280 start around 290 yeah so 150 50% I’d
take that bet I got I would take that bet wait Bret is that that’s not
necessary though that’s that’s market isn’t it
that’s what you’ll actually pay for MSRP would be below that right mr. P was 260
yeah yeah yeah holy smokes so you’re talking 130 bucks
I would take that deal if it’s used man it’s it’s worth the risk I think I mean
I I definitely would have a problem of like yeah I got 130 bucks if this thing
goes belly-up I’m basically stuck for six months with nothing that’s the
different situation then like when 130 to me that’s a decent roll the dice yeah
ever ever a lot of people in the chat say uh yeah you know that they’d
probably go for it yeah to finish up the GPU stuff because we’ve been running
long on that there there are plenty people saying to now is not a good time
to buy a video card why is that because the the 1100 series is coming out so
while you and your desk yeah the one I’m reviewing it’s in my phone we were
talking about earlier so to summarize the we basically think it’s it’s not
gonna be cheaper so whatever replaces a 1060 ain’t gonna be cheaper right so and
you got to remember the last few generations at least of Nvidia launches
they’ve been hard to find and more expensive than MSRP for at least a few
months after lunch a month or two and I would be shocked like I said earlier if
it’s cheaper than the previous generation MSRP at launch so I would
doubt you’ll be able to get your hands on one for a reasonable price reasonable
price anytime soon maybe if it does launch this month or next month or the
month after yeah Brad’s main argument is the trigger point for any upgrade should
be can you use a hard word that you have right now rather than doing what you
wanted you’re in yeah I totally agree with that
okay I mean if you’re happy with what you’re six sixty or whatever is you’re
running why replace it yeah that’s true I mean if you’re running a six sixty and
you’re playing you know dota what the hell white likes more than
warships their money world away sorry side note we had we had somebody in the
YouTube comments from I think it was last week’s episode saying that they
didn’t realize was a real thing they thought you were
just making it up like it was a dad joke version of like a reference to you world
like wow no no it’s real what are they called again I think it’s a MOBA is it I
forget mult multiple online battle arena okay I looked it up it’s a MOBA alright
do do you want to talk about CPUs yeah so here’s the thing so CPUs
I gotta argue that it’s a little different on CPUs so where as the
trigger point for doing an upgrade on a GPU it really comes down to can you use
it or not for games for games I think for CPU that is very important it’s like
yeah if your atom is not working idea I mean atom CPU not atom this podcast is
working yeah you wanna upgrade but I do think you never wanna is unlike a
graphics card which is universal I mean you can use it so there was a winner
what oh so I don’t know if you missed it pop-up I just appeared over breads no
right overs knows that us insert USB flash USB media detected I thought you
were fixing it on your nose sorry so but gee PU is is is universal it’s not it’s
not a built around a platform it’s not built around memory you could take good
Lord an ancient PCIe card and use it in today’s card so it’s not it’s not as
sort of time time to a chips at launch especially when you look at intel parts
where you’re kind of screwed like no one wants to be the last cpu in a socket
generally you don’t want to be like yeah I got I just bought a 7700 K and the
next week the 87 inch cake comes out and there’s no forward path right that
you’re just kind of screwed and that’s I think it’s it you do have to pay a lot
more attention to what’s coming out and whether it’s safe to buy or not I think
I don’t necessarily agree I think for a large part the same general practice
applies if you’re doing if it’s doing what you’re doing then you know save the
money and keep doing what you’re doing because like I had a 35 70 K forever
right and I didn’t know great because my
personal system to horizon I didn’t upgrade because I needed more CPU power
I wound up upgrading because of those chipset things because like when I was
trying to transfer media of a flash drives next tournament Orange it took
forever but that’s still it not doing what I wanted for what I wanted it to do
yeah but I mean all that is very much so whereas I think with graphics cards you
can sort of ignore a lot of that other stuff you don’t you don’t care about
chipsets you don’t care about all this stuff you don’t care about ddr5 with CPS
you do have to pay closer attention to it so like like again like that I think
yeah I still run good lord I saw her in a sandy bridge-e system so it kind of
sucks on a lot of things in the chips it’s serviceable I mean we have you know
we’ve got some people and in the chat on YouTube including many different things
says that they’re still using the overclocked 120 500k right yeah right so
yeah same thing if it works for you and you know you
don’t have PCIe III it doesn’t matter that much for graphics right there’s you
only have to set of six ports thank you Intel your USB 3 is just simply horrible
but it’s a great part right everything else around it it’s not a reason
necessarily to upgrade but if you need to upgrade further the other reasons
again so we still you still definitely I’m not saying ignore your actual needs
but I’m saying you do have to pay closer attention so again you don’t well in the
case of a chipset for certain families you can’t actually just get a slightly
newer used motherboard if you want to upgrade a little bit for a trip set yeah
I just don’t know if it’s really worth it though you know
well it’s interesting to hear this discussion just because one of the
things that I follow on reddit is the hardware swap so I read it and it’s just
fascinating to me how busy it is with activity there are a lot of people who
are still rocking like a 2500 K yeah and then they might go up to you know
3,500 K or they might switch out for a slightly newer motherboard so they’re
they’re upgrading but they’re kind of still staying relatively within that
same sphere because it’s doing enough for them and they’re just doing little
baby steps because I don’t want to make the full investment into that next jump
like huge jump so they buy a used CPU and they buy the combo they’ll buy a
usable warden sometimes it’s just one or the other really well I would still have
my 35 70 K if it wasn’t specific for the job that I do because I would get USB
keys with media movies and files and stuff on them and to plug them in
forever to plug them in the transfer them over and take forever so I mean the
35 70 Cal those are chips if you’re not plugging stuff in or streaming or doing
fancy things they still hold up great yeah but so yes they do they’re great
I’m not saying you but I’m saying you do have to pay closer attention
unlike GPUs I think it’s true I feel like both of you guys are saying the
same thing but just from different angles because Brad you’re saying that
you don’t need to upgrade unless everything’s work if everything’s
working for you as is and you’re saying just that there are more factors to
consider and it’s easier to encounter situation where you say man it’s the
great chip but it’s not doing what I need it to do because the chip sets too
old etc etc right so but again so what I’m saying is like yeah I have a 35 70 K
I just got a job editing video at home I need more cores then yes that would be
a reason to upgrade yeah yeah right that was actually a great time in general –
because chipsets are looking pretty good these days and VMI’s supports becoming
more common ddr4 is everywhere now so if you’re gonna if you have an upgrade in a
long time now’s a good time I don’t think there’s gonna be any imminent huge
changes right in the next year – I’m basically trying to artificially
construct something – so I can show some charts and of course me so I do have a
question before you show that chart did you really mean 2008 were you mean 2018
2008 so what I’m interesting I actually sorry actually
homework actually did homework nobody ever does I never do them show your math
I and I actually went out and looked at well let’s look at let’s look at all
intel major desktop processor launches since 2008 and when they come out do we
have the one by quarter or you can also do by uh yeah I’ve got either what do
you want why don’t we do by quarter cuz it less granular probably makes a lot
more sense all right one second so I basically
lumped in all of the major until launches although I did kind of double
up for sky like X but that’s only one ship these are all the major you know
desktop processor launches for Intel since 2008 so over ten years and there
we go so what you’re seeing basically in q1 over the last ten years Intel
launched for CPUs q2 ten CPUs so clearly middle the middle of the years where
Intel has historically like to launch chips and then q3 was five and then Q 4
is 4 so you know and I think this probably indicates that yeah we’re not
gonna you know there’s a lot of thought that there’s gonna be some new parts
there might be but I think generally they like to launch in June so we’ve all
ready for this back to school yeah yeah but you know there I do think right now
and in D they tend to also like to launch CPUs early part of the year April
so risin risin one risin to both came out in April thread Ripper came out last
September and looks like q4 for the new one maybe and I was well said q3 is it
q3 so 93 yeah q3 for thread Ripper 2nd gen and then Intel has said q4 for
high-end h EDT the 28 core part mystery thing so i yeah i definitely think for
desktop use for you know for 6 core and lower it’s probably probably okay for
both a little even 8 core i would say right now to buy you mean yeah cuz i
mean like i would say even like the 2700 x or whatever right now are you worried
about that rumored until a courtship well I think for AMD I think yeah I
think that we’ve seen all the MD desktop parts for the year probably so I think
it’s safe to 2700 X you know the two series but I do
think for high-end you know h EDT is like people like to call it these days
high-end desktop I I wouldn’t buy right now so it’s not it’s not it’s safe to
buy for desktop right for the most part except there may be a new Intel rumors
of a new Intel para who knows but I do think for a thread Ripper for whatever
the heck does and you chip Intel 28 core part is I wouldn’t buy because who knows
how that’s can influence prices on this high in parts that’s the main reason I
completely agree I think standard consumers people at home gamers card
turned the table right now I mean even the Intel like the 8700 K lunch last
fall but all the mainstream motherboards only launched you know a couple months
ago so I don’t think they’re gonna be refreshing coffee like anytime soon I
think for a consumer at all the cards are pretty much on the table for the
year and now if you’re looking at a potential upgrade now is a great time to
buy yeah because that’s definitely something different from GPU is a you
know when we’re talking about CPU we’re also talking about the chipset the
boards I know is everything everything around that so although you know that
and what’s interesting is I think sort of with GPUs we sort of expect prices
that always get better they haven’t this last cycle but I will say historically
for CPUs of course it’s been an Intel world it hasn’t historically been in an
AMD world prices for Intel CPUs ever get better they sort of come out and very
high because there’s very limited supply and then you know it takes a couple
months from the settle down and then they just sort of sit there forever I
was looking at one chart it just goes on for like two years at the same price I
think the desert horizon they stick to their prices because I remember even
back when AMD had their first real strong showing about what twelve years
ago 15 years ago can’t remember now Intel prices just kind of stuck where
they were even though you know they weren’t doing so great relative to the
Athlon parts yeah I went with a salon that because the prices were better yeah
but like even looking at I looked up a core i7 7700 K basically came out at
about 350 and January fourth I think probably whatever the
the numbers forward came out at 350 and basically at the end even today it’s
only about 314 bucks so that’s actually a little lower than I
expect it to be at you know general street price without any sales right
then it has historically because before I used to stick around like 3:30
yeah 3:30 yes he used to be them yeah price that they used to pick but they
sort of bumped up with newer chips that won’t be surprised at the 7700 K is a
unique situation because it was dropping price to compete against all the rise
and multi-core chips yeah a little bit now the now the six core coffee leak
chips it’s also the very last CPU that the highest NCP you could slot into Z
ones C z170 board right so that was that holds e 172 somebody really kind of
screwed everybody you pulled up the 6700 k2 and that was just a flat line yeah
it’s insane 50 or whatever it’s actually and this is the weird thing because you
look at the price of a 6700 K it’s 314 dollars today earth 334 for this one
chip that I was tracking yeah that’s more than it then a 7700 K which I gotta
say is a little weird this is this one yeah look at that
what’s up with us a3 it basically it’s it has not changed price in like it
feels like two years so what it hasn’t well I think that’s a little worried
about that it’s like who would buy that because if you’re putting it into z170
hell why not why not just but get a 77 jerk’ why why would you get a 6700 k at
this point so no higher clocks from KB Lake and you know I to me doesn’t make
any sense but I did notice one thing that in I do
like this do you have the 4770k chart that’s an insane chart and I just wanted
to know you only gave me 8720 totally you guys I’m gonna give this is the best
radio here sent us we’re slack over chart so we are basing on
what I’m doing is I’m handing Adam this chart and I looked at like okay what
happens to older what yeah this is what you get for saying I was wrong more
charts ah no it’s so 4770k right so we’re talking on 4th gen has well
everybody’s they love that CPU it’s just got and I have seen this historically
going way back to the penny of for the Pentium 3 days where you see the prices
of new Intel box if box chips they go up so basically this chart yeah so that
blue line shows because what happened is at a certain point you could no longer
get Haswell parts on Amazon so you can get them from Amazon
it basically clocked out at 360 bucks so you couldn’t buy them but the use use
you could buy them not use but you could buy them writing basically sitting on
somebody’s shelf they 440 bucks for for a has wall part at the end if you need
it you’re gonna pay it yeah you get in the blue line so the blue lines
basically shows four hundred and forty dollars for a house well part yeah the
red line is used because I just think wall use right because who the hell okay
then there’s a compelling reason to buy cues but even that is kind of still
sucky yeah used house well on Amazon was like
$210 so you know there are people who do not want to buy used parts right there’s
just they’re not comfortable with rolling dice on two hundred dollar deal
right so but look if you’re stuck with an older motherboard you got nothing
else to do but but who’s gonna buy a $440 CPU for that I just don’t get it
and still be if you’re happy with it would still probably be cheaper than
buying a new ya motherboards and motherboards and RAM yeah cuz Rams know
yeah yeah yeah so I just got paid four hundred and forty bucks and save $200
over upgrading mobile system yeah you definitely yeah cuz you’d be two hundred
dollars in RAM 150 on the motherboard 125 and then plus the CPU that is a
major price you know I mean that you what does it really get you you know so
it’s so I do think but my general guidance is yeah if there are no major
launches I think it’s probably okay to buy CP but still again as his
Brad night and Elena said and Adam you should definitely it should be use you
don’t if you have a twenty seven jerk a and it’s working great why I prayed it
right so pretty true but I think you’d be fine personally by a part right now
if you had to yeah we had to yes I mean if you have to kind of if you have to
you have to yeah I mean sometimes it breaks and sometimes you’re like I
really would like an MDOT to nvme drive you’re not gonna get that in your crappy
old Sandy Bridge oh and also hey unless yeah not a bit also like to security
shoot and there’s also security as well and and my my stock cooler doesn’t have
RGB and although speaking of Sandy Bridge and the specter meltdown patches
if you’re lucky enough to have an Intel board you may know not lucky enough to
have unintellible you have to have the Intel because I
went and looked around they did not update for other boards really I not all
of them Wow hit the jackpot well you happen to basically have a
motherboard my theory is you have a motherboard being used by an agency of
the US government I know you are gonna give us a sub date or will never buy any
of your so I got lucky I didn’t know but if you look at like sort of the
enthusiasts and Intel did make enthusiasts focus chipsets on for those
Sandy Bridge parts they didn’t get didn’t get inspector melt office
sometimes going cheap works out yeah you basically have a boring commercial
boards do that also has firewire support and believe the hardened I got it
really yes security badges wait I want to see are we there Morton things oh hey
yes the giveaway has ended Oh should we move on to announcing the winner we are
all right so thank you everyone for entering for this awesome giveaway and
before I announce the winner I will say that we have some awesome giveaways kind
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I can’t sign up jealousy you guys kids sign up does the same thing about
prohibiting kids do you have to be 13 or 18 to enter 18 for this general for our
giveaways yes 18 US and Canada – Quebec so anyway so it Gordon can I get a
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dates on the back that’s actually the days that they’re like going around and
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again at CES Las Vegas next year well I’m not sure why I said the Las Vegas
part so yeah that was fun that is Gordon’s signature addition to this
tradition Gordon you should sign the back there yeah I mean I’m fine with
signing the bag this is so cool because I gotta I need something to pick up the
dog poop in that’s like a scene from movie close-up
you know bag named poop what which movie any movie I’m just
saying my new next movie that I’m working on we are I am working on with
Netflix they’re turning this into a show I’m making that up of course because
yeah but Netflix will make anything I think at this point you could pitch them
on anything we should we really should pitch in you got pretty much it’s a show
about nothing where it’s a podcast and who convinced people to let us work and
pretend we’re working and we do nothing but talk about nothing hey that sounds
fun alright so you know we’ve got last
question no we’ve got like five minutes now some questions so chime in in the
YouTube and twitch and facebook chat and at me which is actually a lot easier
just at PC world so I can find the questions which we will be asking to you
guys right now in the meantime I do have that other one from Ken oh yeah yeah Ken
bethards hey yes he oneshot I’d like to know something about the 4k
monitor mentioned in the half nerd episode did it support freesync or
variable refresh rate over HDMI port because if it didn’t there was no
benefit to what was claimed they witness no playing on the one is making Adam and
Elena wrong why my readings like that is never underestimate the power of
suggestion he sounds like Ken is assuming it was he is correct that it
wasn’t working yeah oh well so when setting up small
battle and I said okay but yeah so dinner did it support the variable
refresh rate over HDMI so I just have one thing to say to that child please I
mean seriously guys I’m not gonna buy something if it’s not gonna work she
will return it here’s the way you know that I actually sprung for free sync
over HDMI there are very few out there and in
general if you’re looking for a 4k freesync monitor these days you can get
a really good one like a really nice one IPS not nothing extra on fancy for about
250 yonce on sale this one cost me 350 I’m on sale for some reason not it
doesn’t even have HDR support it doesn’t have anything else it just has that free
sync over HDMI feature so I paid almost $100 more actually a little more than $1
more so that I could play with all the devices that can support it in my house
nice and I’m freezing didn’t cost anything I’m G free there but free sync
doesn’t have supported to HDMI system beginning I believe right it wasn’t that
from the beginning but he’s been a couple of years okay yeah it’s just not
implemented much because most most the time it’s just over DisplayPort yeah so
it must be hdmi 2.0 whatever see more monitors now that Xbox is supporting it
that wouldn’t be surprised I would be surprised I would not be surprised to
see more I freesync HDMI monitors I hope so but there’s actually a very small
amount available in the marketplace right now this is one of the very few
available I just I don’t know why I wonder if they’re just moving towards
free sync to instead over HDMI yeah but that’s not free talk about that we
should talk about that someone shows I have thought some things to say I don’t
I would think most Xbox gamers plan to comment on their televisions anyway
right so it’s but there’s no free sync on TVs yeah as far as I know is actually
research communication 2.0 it’s the same thing 2.0 has free sync built-in yeah I
know yeah so free sync I forget if it was 2.0 or normal now but Samsung TVs a
bunch of Samsung TVs from this year now have free sync support okay the reason I
asked is because usually if it’s 2.0 if there’s a premium involved with it
there’s two point oh basically has HDR and HDR you can pay a bunch of RAM
that’s why well on this topic Fraggle odd is asking
why would you need freesync for basically a TV that only gets 60fps at
best I mean if you’re playing on Xbox one maximum to 60fps so maximum time so
you need that are there any 4k monitors that are doing 120 or 144 hurts the
g-sync HD are ones are going to there’s one other one from a Korean brand that
came out like a month ago that’s 144 Hertz 4k but in general 60 is where
you’re at I thought you’re kind of limited already
honestly variable refresh rate technology like free chicken g-sync work
best when you’re talking about lower frame rates because that’s when you’re
gonna see the smoothness difference more than anywhere else
yeah does it make a difference like if you notice because I mean definitely it
feels like mmm you know I know it was kind of throwing shade but console is
really 64 and second is not it’s never 60 writes O’s below that so it must help
right especially with the synced up so we didn’t get to do a lot of testing
with it because we’ve been so busy with other projects so we played a little bit
and that monitor is a little strange to be honest like it wasn’t recognized by
the Xbox one as a 4k panel unless I had already turned on free sync on the panel
and so I couldn’t actually test with it on or off which is what I wanted to do
to get you know kind of a you know control versus with free sync on so when
we were playing Gears of War 4 on there it looked really smooth but at the same
time Gears of War 4 it’s not the same game as it was when Hayden first played
it when it came out in the fall when it was a lot choppier they’ve been patching
it so I don’t know how much of that the smoothness is attributed to the patching
versus the actual freesync but overall it did look really smooth I didn’t see
any screen tearing not really much jaggies or anything like that so plus
all right more questions yeah we got a question from the the chat here we go a
hole weighing on youtubes asking how old are you Gordon Oh personal yeah
ask you know I would answer that but it would be a violation of our HR HR policy
here I think we’re not allowed to even talk about those kind of things I will
say I did enjoy the music an X I I really a bummed I missed I missed sir
mix-a-lot he played the County Fair I really so if you can understand that
reference you’ll understand you know played a County Fair well actually that
is actually the very sad thing is when I said oh my god sir mix-a-lot is playing
the County Fair that’s just like just like you just cuz you would think you
know sir mix would be set for life but I think a lot of you know performers do
like the tour they just like the tour county fairs I mean that’s the if you
can get what you can get you know over on Twitch and nigma tastic says is
anyone expecting Noctua to release a d16 with their new a series fans got a fan
question there those are I’m not is it to fans as I am other parts those are
the I believe the new fans with they really saw the charts with the wind
resistance and stuff to show how much quieter it is another one that has like
a dark model or something like that no they just released a bunch of
different dark forms but I hope so that’d be cool I’m just impressed you know
I’m just impressed by how far you know it’s like hardware vendors they always
pick like one thing that everybody focuses on like like the the innovation
with fans for PCs are just it’s insane right some of them is just marketing but
like the fans I saw at a Computex are like wow like you know triple blade kind
of things and they’ve really put just so much science has gone into these things
it’s nuts no like what not to announce these and I’m hoping them talking about
the right fans because again I don’t know
fan numbers off the top of my head as well as I do other parts they legit like
put out like a long like white paper style thing full of charts and airflow
from like the chief marketing or technical officer or something
explaining all this stuff nice yeah alright yeah here’s a good one from
Palestine Jenkins on YouTube any word on whether coffee like refresh we’ll work
on Z 370 I’m sorry I wasn’t paying attention any word on whether coffee like refresh
we’ll work on Z 370 gosh I don’t know you know I would hope I wouldn’t bet on
it I just because it’s it’s almost 50/50 with Intel you would hope that you know
what you’re referring to is a rumored ache or coffee like part that supposed
to come out and you would hope it would work on existing coffee like boards I
wouldn’t I would not put any money on that because with until they really just
they they have no problem saying there’s a new gives us a brand new chipset for
brand new CPU and yeah you may be probably will work with 8700 K but I
wouldn’t necessarily bet that you could take whatever this chip is there’s rumor
it’s a core I nine eighty ninety nine hundred K whatever it is yeah I I
wouldn’t I wouldn’t bet on it there’s you know there’s just as much chance as
it not working as it working because Intel I generally has in the past you
know of course the internet likes to think you know we screw you they
intentionally screws access I mean I’m taking a couple minutes I had a
conversation with an Intel person at Computex I don’t believe this is on
background or you know off the record but I was like look the internet thinks
you intentionally screw people because you come out with Z 370 that was
incompatible with KB Lake what’s up with that and I was like I I’ve long believed
that it’s because they’re so conservative they want to make sure
everything works and he was like he was like look I know everybody thinks that
we do this intentionally to make everybody angry but we don’t we actually
try to make everything work but there was really a different there was a
different pin out 487 turk’ than there was 477 jerk’ so
there was a change it may not it may have been find you know 95% of the time
but they said five percent they’re worried about so they they they did tell
me they honestly do not try to piss us all off intentionally I mean who
believes that I don’t know but you know it’s true you don’t have to be
intentional to upset somebody well you know you can sort of like I understand
people who have a right to be angry too because there’s nothing they don’t I’m
just saying you don’t have to be intentional but yeah I I don’t know I
really got to say there’s it’s a 50/50 chance that it will not work in your
years II through 74 yeah I would hope though that they would have built see
pre 70 because the whole thing with xiii 70 the reason they change it was because
of the new pinouts and because of the new power requirement so I would hope
that they would have had the forethought to plan for this a courtship when they
were building out XIII 70 plus like Gordon I wouldn’t put money on it
yeah because you don’t know I mean it could have been any pressure from rising
at the time and and I will say I’m gonna go back to ancient history Intel had a 9
25 X chipset for the very very high-end Pentium for 800 megahertz front side bus
and then they came out with a pinion 4 with a 1066 front side bus did not work
with the previous chipset so they came out with the 925 XE chipset and
motherboards that worked with one CPU so it does happen it’s happened in AMD as
well the original FX 51 was you know like a one-shot deal all right
FX 51 FX 53 that was it speaking of Intel Israel on YouTube is asking will
Jim Keller and Raja Kaduri bring new life to Intel you know III think that
was a big shake-up you know that that is a big shake-up for Intel’s culture to
bring up bringing people that work for the competition you know in ROG and Jim
Keller I was surprised they are like up there if you look at the list of
executives they are on the executive committee for Intel so it’s not like
they hired them and stuck them in some room somewhere there they’re up there so
they have real influence over Intel and I imagine they
there will actually be a change you’re not gonna see the immediately but I
think there will be an impact from it yeah you don’t bring in people like that
for to not have them have an impact you would hope unless you want to take them
off the market that only works in states that allow anti compete clauses though
right it’s like or contracts where you because
then that’s a strategic move and you’ve taken the chess pieces off the board
but California you can’t limit workers like that they can leave at any time so
if you put them in a back room and say we’re not gonna give any projects they
can just say I’m sorry I don’t want to be here and they can just go somewhere
else yeah they could but you know you’re in a in a room and you have a
comfortable life and you know you don’t know then you realize that’s all you’re
in a fake it’s all faked everything you’re working out does anything plug in
anything like how come I can access the internet mail for everybody else off we
don’t know we don’t know is there would that be just like cool cool it cruel
like in a movie kind of way where you know you get brought in they they hire
you just to take you your brains off the market from from helping competitors and
you think you’re doing something but you’re you’re in a completely fake part
of the company that does nothing like a shell company that doesn’t do anything
and in the end they just kill everything what’s I swear to God you know that’s
already happened before great movie hey Netflix yeah we expect
there we go idea all right couple questions t1 Merrik on twitch is asking if asrock
launched RX 580 right now doesn’t it mean that AMD cards won’t update in this
year to the 600 lineup I would be shocked if they did I said that when
they they rebranded the 500 series to the 500 X series to a couple months ago
it doesn’t look like there’s gonna be new Radeon cards this year
yeah isn’t the rumor like next year early next year I think that’s the road
map 7 a rumor right they’re like saying yeah I said 7 nanometre Vega for
workstation for this year so but you know I got to say that does not preclude
a 600 series car from AMD based on Polaris there’s nothing but is the exact same as
the rx 580 and 580 X but now it has the latest version of the gentleman Brad
Pardoner’s a partner yeah I just been naming stuff it’s just like come on have
some decency uh-huh and you know everybody does it everybody doesn’t
human psychology no but it’s also it’s very unfortunate gtx 940 ddr version
anyone and the last question is it’s a serious one I have one more Oh
once you do yours and we’ll finish on okay uh this is I want to get to it
because it was emailed to us the email so I don’t want to like leave these
people out is from Scott solicitor a long time first time a longtime listener
first-time quiz you’ve taught me a lot about pcs but Oh world of warships
reference yay no real I have a question for the show or would go and saying if
you ever did a build on this can I and should I build my own ass I know
Elena wants answer this I’m itching to build my first PC and recent GPU price
pikemen I was stuck buying a brand-name desktop when I needed a new machine to
spring move my pie-in-the-sky now she would have a small form-factor like the
pink one you recently built to fit into an Ikea Alex wall unit Senate forget
backup in media storage capabilities for both Mac and PC and in living room oh
yeah he needs he’s thinking maybe two drives maybe four if he needs two in the
room maybe could also possibly work as an HTP see you know box or gaming I
think you for gaming and not on a tight budget just want to get working with
some cool parts and build a PC that could be fun to tinker with but also
useful Linux a plus I mean I don’t think that the problem at all if you’re
building your own system oh and sorry last thing is would you build or just
buy a Synology or an RPI any any opinions I’ll take a first stab
at it but I think we all should chime in just that you know there’s a wealth of
opinions there so I actually looked up that IKEA wall unit just to get a sense
of how much space there is in the single cubby and it’s I think it worked out to
roughly like 13 by 15 by 13 so actually not a lot of space if you’re
living in a warmer climate and you know ventilation is a priority for you so if
if you live somewhere that just gets ungodly hot and you’re worried about the
lifespan of your system it may be better to just get a prebuilt Nast system which
tend to be very compact and you can you know actually get decent ventilation
around it outside of that I do think there’s something to be said for
building your own system because you can customize it any way that you want
we were talking after work yesterday and you were saying that you had four
different hats you’re gonna die on you know there’s one downside to an ass
dying on you which is they’re usually the operating systems of those are
usually based on Linux but there’s some kind of proprietary fork or you know
variant getting getting the data off of off the
disks from a dead nasty unit can be just a little bit extra work I’ve had people
do it friends of mine have you know retrieved data but if you’re running
instead say you know a normal system you know like a regular PC then data
recovery should be a lot easier and that that in Scenario yeah you know I agree
with you because I and I swear to god those they’re still in my closet because
I have not taken the weeks to figure out how to unspool data from a raid fire
proprietary Linux yeah ARM based OS so no III do think it’s I
said all use a great name I’ve heard nothing but great things about them I
think it’s a good idea but I do like the idea of building your own and rolling a
Linux there’s plenty of you know Linux you know Nass based OS is know builds
out there and if you use off-the-shelf parts something blows up it’s easy to
get those off-the-shelf parts right so that’s a big plus the problem with all
of the night you know three of them or Linux one was a Windows Home Server that
was going out and you know you just can’t get the parts for those things the
fans go out for them and it’s hard you’re not made to be serviceable yeah
even though they aren’t they do get left on 24/7 they’re not really using the
parts that are meant to sit in somebody’s you know desk under a desk
24/7 I will say degree time I jump in real quick about that
so if you build your own system you can also put in as much cooling as you want
just and how noisy you can influence that as well I have an ass unit that I
got and the fan itself is a standard size but it’s inserted in such a way
that I think I would actually have to take apart the whole freaking thing to
actually replace it and that thing is shrill it’s nice and crazy so I don’t
know if I’ll actually use that one it was this one was given to me and I was
gonna set it up for my parents and how I’m rethinking that kind of so loud my
mom would just ask me like no but as you get older you’re hearing kind of goes
that that high in frequency and I can tell you is from listening to your kids
be shrill so like your friends Julian’s you just learn to ignore everything huh
huh yeah it reverses it goes from them and hearing you to Brad knows so
wouldn’t you get older you’ll just ignore them huh slow down my mother this
is going down the street huh yeah shake does it bother you well yes that’s why
I’m saying slow down I just want chime in real quick and say at the end he says
he wants to get tinkering in a box so if you want to get if that’s one of the
goals that you want to go in there and build a PC I would recommend building
your own version I would recommend that over getting enough nast whatever the
thing is that that a little pink box the Silverstone Sugo SG 13 I have one right
behind and that thing only has space for I think 103 drives
yeah well 2.5 s and I think you can mount a head mount one 3.5 which is
where you get the big capacity so yeah so it has very limited storage options
so something that’s small in a in a PC case that’s not optimized to cram in as
much data as possible like an ounce boxes so if you really need a lot of
disks then it makes sense to buy a dedicated nas box I think as opposed to
building your own sounds like you’re looking for the small form-factor
he said maybe tuber or four but you but the one thing you could do is a
the solar stone does actually make a lot of sort of cases go check out the
Silversun website they actually have a bunch of cases that are designed to be
you know roll your own ass unit and they actually have you know you know drive
multiple drive bays you know a hot swap drive base all kinds of cool stuff they
you know they’re pricier but you know that’s probably a better purpose but
they just might be a little too big for where he may not he may have to
sacrifice unlike one of these you know criteria we might not be able to use the
calyx but he might be able to use the blerg right because every has got the
lured there’s a you and I’m lot somewhere right there should be an
umlaut over the K and the KA something the a probably a lurk oh wait okay last
question from Adam last question a serious one from cyber clue is there any
new updates on Nvidia’s new nd a scheme to muscle tech journalists or are you
guys already muzzled we’re not allowed to if we did sign NDA’s about anything
not necessarily in this case one of the terms is that is you’re not allowed to
talk about it so if we did sign it we couldn’t tell
you anyway in general we’re PC world were owned by a company called IDG it’s
a big huge corporate company we wouldn’t sign anything that we weren’t
comfortable with with having our lawyers or our actual full time corporate
lawyers look over stuff and make sure that it’s and everybody’s interests
we’re not screwed in any way and everything would be covered under
attorney-client privilege so we couldn’t talk about it anyway although there’s
this great scene from Apocalypse Now now I just will it goes in and they say
are we did you’re you’re an assassin v Special Forces and and then did you not
did you not execute this you know tax-collector quandary province and
Willard says I’ve never I’m unaware of any such operation nor would I be able
to talk about it if such operation did in fact exist I thought that was a great
scene from Apocalypse Now yeah but in general I’ve seen that
printed on the web and I think the Fuhrer is kind of out of proportion to
be honest if that some of the interpretations I’ve seen of that letter
that I’ve seen on the web seem to have been done by people who weren’t lawyers
and don’t understand the lawyers speaking some of it so that’s what I’m
gonna leave with that I can’t tell you whether or not we signed it I wouldn’t
tell you whether or not we signed it even if we didn’t because just in
general we don’t talk about what NDA is we sign don’t sign because they didn’t
get information from that – there’s also a great video that stiva gamers insisted
on this whole thing oh yeah that’s that’s worth the browse he talks to an
attorney about it so interviews a lawyer yet Andrews a
lawyer about it sorry if you’re interested that topic you should
definitely watch that video so cool with that let’s wrap it up are we gonna get
out of here cuz the air that was a depressing last question man I can’t
talk about this even if I did bring Apocalypse Now was a great movie it’s
like one of the greatest movies ever made nice check back next week for your
fix of PC talk in the full nerd for audio listeners there’ll be fewer charts
subscribe to us on iTunes please also review leave a review on iTunes and I
will make fewer charts that you can don’t have yeah you can’t see also you
can listen to us on Google Play or stitcher send questions and comments yes
we did just read them uh-huh and we did the full nerd at PC world calm
thanks for coming I’m Gordon I’m with Brad charkas adios Alain ee hi everyone
and Adam Patrick Murray will hit the kill switch congrats to Marvin for than
awesome shirt well contact you later everyone else have a good one

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    Don't buy used GPU's its not worth it.
    You know the thing about this waiting for new parts is this huge pile of money you can burn on your next machine.

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  3. Vega is a compute beast. That's why they're still overpriced. When it comes to crypto, compute is what counts the most.

  4. Thanks for the video. More than anything though, I'm at a stand still on buying a new cpu and/or gpu because of RAM. I game some, but also do some video editing and run a few VMs so I like having a good amount of RAM if possible. It hurts a little too much to upgrade at the moment.

  5. Stop doing the should you buy a gpu vids plz if you need one get one other wise why even do we need this question! Second you should be doing should you buy a console and answer … Hell No being that the darn things get replaced faster than pcs and keep rising in price with each new one that drops

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  8. 19:20 how often have you experienced a (non overclocked/overvolted) cpu or gpu die? Maybe the fan breaks down because it‘s a moving part. But the actual chip? I‘ve never seen stats on how it gets degraded by running at 100%

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  12. I'm rocking a 3GB gtx 1060 that I picked up for $155 in April. It had one bad fan and was used for mining. Been working as my main GPU for 3 months with no problems so far (I replaced the fan). Sure its life span may have taken a hit but I sold my Rx480 for $400 when pricing was great and needed something to pair with my AMD R5 1600. It should stay alive long enough for me to snag either Navi or next gen Nvidia.

  13. I always describe the upgrade path in 3 stages – 1) – Need – Upgrading to fulfill the workloads or demands of your software.2) – Greed – Want higher frame rates or more premium features to make things easier.3) – Have to – because its dead or a part of the hardware package is dead.Also I further break things down from there -0) – Environment – Desk and Chair – This is important as you can't really exceed your workspace capability otherwise you just end up with a miserable experience. Upgrading these is more user preference                                                               and the actual living situation you currently have.  1) – Ascetic & Fuctionality – Case and Form Factor – Cases have evolved from that Beige/Black dust box to a piece of furniture and a form of expression, from style to RGB. Size requirements are also an                                                                                             issue as you need to account for Cooling/Power needs and of course the intended use of said Computer. Upgrading these is mostly user preference. 2) – The Core – CPU/Mobo/RAM – This is a Core that you really need and should buy all together(due to high prices and returning defective warranty items) and defines the workloads you can handle as                                                             as the feature sets can determine how fast or interactivity with the PC is defined, in other words you need an IO set that fulfills your needs, a cheap itx board with 4 USB                                                             may not be enough for your needs. Upgrading is less than essential as Intel has proven a decade old Core is still good enough for a lot of folks. 5-10 years or major                                                             generational leaps or technological advances.3) – Video – GPU/Monitor – Should be bought together or kept in mind when buying each other, like take Freesync or Gsync into account, besides the Core this will be the most expensive part of the build                                                unless storage needs are severe. You typically want to buy within a bracket ie. budget, mainstream, or high end, you don't really want to buy a high end monitor to just have a                                                budget GPU powering it as the experience is severely out of balance, unless, you are making a compromise for budgeting reasons to later upgrade to something at the high                                                end or just as a stop gap between generations. Upgrading for a GPU is about 2-5 years depending on generation gaps, and the actual Power developments between                                                generations. Upgrading a monitor is tricky as right now standards are changing really fast and there are specific needs for different users like Color accuracy versus pixel                                                response and such as well you have leap and bound technologies like OLED micro led to consider. Honestly this can be the worst category between marketing crap and                                                constant technology changes it can get really expensive and you can still be buying something outdated the next day HDMI and DP as well as HDR standards will be agonizing.4) – Storage Solutions – NVME/Sata – SSD/Mechanical – Always buy more than what you need and always keep backups.5) – Cooling – Ensure it meets your needs, filters and such as well as you are capable of doing Maintenance, Air/AIO/Waterccooling. As long as it suits your needs its all that really matters. 6) – PSU – Buy more than what you need in the fact that you are at the best part of the efficiency curve of the power supply as after years they can degrade and settle a bit. Buy a good reputable brand                  with a good warranty. Sometimes it can be the root of any problems you are having without anything being wrong with the unit I have seen and heard people having problems with a 1080 Ti                  and certain power supplies.7) – Cables and Accessories – Fulfill your needs and the needs of your build. Mouse, keyboard, headset are more personal items but it is best to pick an ecosystem you like and stick with it as long as it                                                     meets your needs.

  14. 28 minutes in Alaina shows up and gets things on track!

    I do like Brad's outlook on upgrades. Don't do it unless your current hardware can't do what you want it to do.

    Sandybridge is still relevant for gaming CPUs. There is no real reason to upgrade for gaming. See i2600k vs i8700k at Hardware Canucks for compare. It's mostly about the GPU.

    The GPU depends on resolution of your monitor.
    If you have a GTX980 or 1060 6GB, R570-580 you are killing it at 1080p at Ultra settings. 970 and R9 290/390 are still good at 1080p. If you have a 6 or 7 series it's still doable at high or medium.
    1440p is fine with at 1070-1080, Vega 56-64.
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