Setup Wars – Episode 94

Setup Wars – Episode 94

What’s up guys, it’s Ed from TechSource And welcome to setup wars episode 94, Where you submit your desk setup to get featured on the channel. If you want to participate, you know what to do, Make sure to watch the video linked down below. *Dramatic Voice* Let the setup wars begin. *EDM Music* If you guys are shopping around for your next game, Make sure to check out, Because they the cheapest CD keys available, for pretty much any game. I’ll drop a link to them down below if you want to check it out. Starting up the show, we got a very mellow and relaxing setup from Michael, He’s got a 27″ BenQ monitor hooked up on the wall Along with a pair of WaveMaster speakers up top, And a pretty cool galaxy mural as well. Oh yeah, and that joker poster on the other wall. I feel like adding any Heath Ledger joker poster in your room Automatically increases the badass level. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. So on the desk we got the Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, And Roccat Kone Pure mouse, Sitting on top of the Perixx mouse pad. And it appears he drilled a hole for both the wires, Nicely done. In addition to those speakers on the wall, He’s also using the popular HyperX Cloud II headset, Which is resting on a self made headphone stand. Which, honestly, just looks like a piece of wood And it looks good though, I’m not bashing it at all. I don’t know what that tiny robot thing is from, But it’s a nice little prop to your setup, Along with that wooden pencil holder next to your PC. Speaking of which, it’s packed with an i5-4590, And an EVGA GTX 1080. And finally, we got the cable management, No complaints at all, Everything is under control, I’m definitely loving the atmosphere of this setup, Job well done putting everything together, Thank you Micheal, for entering. I love it when I come across music production setups, It’s a nice change from the usual gaming and mac workstations, It’s interesting to see what music producers or mixers work with. So we got the 34″ ultrawide from Dell That’s sandwiched by a pair of Adam A7X speakers. And below that he’s got his MIDI, or Mydy, I don’t even know how you say that keyboard. Which is hooked up to the native instruments audio interface Can I just call it a piano keyboard? He’s also using the Corsair Strafe RGB keyboard, and Logitech G500 mouse. For gaming, he’s rocking the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 320s, Which are hanging under the desk. And for mixing music, he’s got the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pros, Which are sitting on a really cool headphone hanger, I’m not sure where that’s from, but if you guys figure it out, make sure to leave a link down below, I might pick that up for myself. He’s got some of his mixing gear on a desk adjacent to his setup, Like the DJ turn table, And mixer from Behringer. Along with a Rode NT1 microphone. The entire room also appears to be lightly padded with some acoustic foams. Cable management is spot on, Looks like the rack is holding up everything, And down here he’s got the PC that’s powering this entire setup, It’s equipped with an i7-4770k, And an R9 280X. That pretty much wraps up this entire setup, great work keeping everything so organized and clean, Thank you Nick, for entering. And number three, we have Roi with a pretty dope looking triple display setup. So, he’s rocking three 24″ Samsung monitors, That are sitting on a self made, custom built desk, Which he apparently 3D modeled. Wow. Under the desk on the right side, he’s got his PC sitting on a shelf, Which has an i7-3570k, And an EVGA GTX 970 By the way, props on coloring those SSDs to match the color scheme. For audio, he’s using Logitech Z443 speakers, And he also has the Logitech G930 wireless headset. I’m not sure about the wood color on those, Combined with the black and blue color scheme of the entire setup. To me it just doesn’t blend well together, But to each it’s own. He’s also using the Roccat ISKU FX gaming keyboard, And Logitech G502 spectrum mouse, And that’s pretty much it on the desk, other than a few rubik’s cube looking props Once again, in wood. Excellent work with cable management, Looks like the monitor cables are hooked up on the wall, And the rest of the cables are hidden neatly behind the backboard, In some sort of a rack. If you stayed consistent with the black and blue color scheme, I would have liked your setup even more, But regardless, it’s a badass setup nonetheless, Thank you Roi, for entering. Speaking of triple monitor setups, we got Scott next up, With three 24″ BenQ monitors, A Razer Blackwidow Ultimate keyboard, And a Razer Ouroboros mouse. The first thing that I noticed were not the monitors, but the two PS4s that he has behind his PC, Like, what possible reason would you need two of these stacked on each other? Is one of them defective or something? I guess that explains why you have six PS4 controllers too, heh. Anywho, the PC that’s pushing these pixels, Is powered by an Asus Strix 1070, And an i7-6700k. Cable management is pretty good, I mean there’s a rack holding up the power strip, And most of the cables. And the wires behind the PC are also wrapped together nicely, So I can’t complain. I also like that minifridge you got down there by the way. That’s pretty much it, A straightforward triple monitor setup, With a bunch of Star Wars posters and figurines on the shelf. Thank you Scott, for entering. Last but not least, we have a very interesting split setup from Thomas, Looks like he’s using the Acer X34 ultrawide, As his main monitor, And a smaller Acer version on the other side. I would guess for console gaming, but he doesn’t have a console, and it’s hooked up to the same PC. So, maybe he’s using it to watch videos or something, I honestly have no idea why he wouldn’t watch videos on his ultrawide, because that’s what I do. The keyboard is the Ducky Fire 69 Edition, And he’s paired that with the Cougar 700M mouse. Both of which are resting on the extended mouse pad from Corsair, And I will give you props for drilling that hole for cable management, I always love to see that. I also like how you positioned your Logitech Z506 speakers in all four corners of your desk, that’s pretty interesting. He does have a pair of Astro A50s, In the corner as well. The PC that’s powering this setup, Is a beast, It’s equipped with a 5960x, And an EVGA 1070 Superclocked Edition. And cable management, *stunned OCD amazement Holy shit, This guy took it to the next level, And mounted literally everything under the desk. We’re talking routers, powerstrips, and even his freakin’ subwoofer. *laughter That’s a bit extreme, but hey, look at how clean it looks. Bravo. A very clean and badass setup no doubt, thank you Thomas, for entering. So that is it for this episode of setup wars, As always, make sure you guys vote using the app down below, It’s completely free, and you guys can check out the real time votes, I’ll announce the winners on my social media platforms, Sometime next week, Actually on the weekend, Saturday, *chuckles Thank you so much for watching, *and me for putting in all these subtitles And I will see you, in the next video.

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  1. more than one ps4 and more than one monitor. More than likely it's so two people can play at once. wouldn't think that was hard to figure out. lol

  2. So if we don't want the NICE app we have to wait longer for our episodes? way to show your loyalty to your YouTube subscribers!!! THANKS!!

  3. I have an honest question, how triple monitors use 1 set of speakers, i want to build my own but cant figure it out its probably simple maybe an audio splitter, can any one help me out

  4. Ed, why do you promote G2A? it's quite illegal. The reason those keys are so cheap is because they are not legitimate (pirated)

  5. How is the subwoofer possibly attached to bottom of the table? Barring the use of super glue or some other permanent means.

  6. hey Ed!! i love Ur content and Ur channel! i have subscribed to u like a year ago and like all ur videos. even i have a tech channel and i do unboxing, reviews and techy stuff. maybe u can also check my channel out. hope to see u in my channel.

  7. Techsource, may I ask:is it ok for cable management to use black tape to hold the cables away from the ground and hidden behind the desk or that's a bad idea?(I know what you may recommend BUT Greece's shops doesn't have any of that and if we try to order from Amazon they will cost almost double just for shipping)

  8. Hey Ed, thanks for the props. Always enjoy your vids. Per setup#5 there's a typo for the Instagram name not that it matter. My instagram user name is 808mp5_

  9. Can someone tell me which video has a pc with a robot figurine inside the case? I think it was part of a setup wars… cant find it !!!!

  10. How long does it take for you to review my setup? And will I get a email letting me know when I'll bee on your show? If this info is posted somewhere I'm sorry I couldn't find it. 🙂

  11. The 2 ps4s are probably because of storage… he probably hasnt heard of external hard drives that can give 2tb and up on storage

  12. a little trick i used for my set up use a usb hub for the mouse mic keyboard and headset and run the mouse keyboard and mic cable under the mouse pad into the hub

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