Setup Wars – Episode 152 (ft Pirate Gamer)

Setup Wars – Episode 152 (ft Pirate Gamer)

Alright guys, i’m excited to check out and see how the new season of setup wars… music I appreciate it you guys, giving me the chance to try something new But the people have spoken. Obviously, the new format sucks

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  1. I think my setup is pretty average. I have a fold-out desk with a dresser put together to make a corner desk type thing. Arctics three headset with a styrofoam mannequin head as a stand, as well as some unbranded USB speakers. My PC is prebuilt HP with, Intel Core i5-7400, with 8 GBs ram I believe, and NVIDIA GTX 1060. I also use an Xbox one x with the standard controller. For a mic I just use a blue yeti, for the keybord, I am using a very standard membrane keyboard that came with the pc. As for the Mouse and mousepad, I am using a 15 dollar ombar mouse and a five-dollar pad. other then that I have no RGB lights, rather I spent my money on manga and anime figures and an Alexa dot. For the moniter, I use a 23-inch Asus monitor, at 1080p 60 hertz. With a selling point of a 1 ms response time (surprisingly I only bought it for 120 dollars). Finally, for cable mangemnt, I basically plopped it all on a small fold-out computer table, or just left it hanging out. Soon here though I'm building two desks as well as getting some RGB lighting, some more anime figures, and a 30 dollar keyboard. Its getting better I guess.

  2. That feeling when ur setup is worse than these but still better than Worst setups so you cant get 100$ ;d

  3. BRUH I LIVED BY THE THIRD GUY. IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW. There was a house by me that always had a pirate flag exactly like that in the window. When the flag wasnt on the window there was that exact spraypaint on the wall and there was LED colors on the wall. Wtf

  4. All these people got money from hell, while I’m over here stuck with a prebuilt 2015 ibuypower🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. I'm confused I have a 1060 6gb and I know that only has one hdmi port but these monitors are only vga and hdmi so how I'm talking bout Logan's setup btw

  6. i am thinking of getting a dell xps tower for my setup and i like streaming and gaming it has pretty good specs but tell me other pcs that are maybe cheaper and better

  7. I have a 10 years OLD dell potato lAptop with a case …….Every part of my device is not working but my laptop runs and work slowly slowly

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