Seagate Laptop Drive with Stuck Heads

Hi everybody This is Kevin again and And here we have a Seagate laptop
drive and the heads are stuck to the platters – commonly called “stiction”. And what it’s doing is preventing the drive from spinning up. And if you listen closely to the drive whenever it has this type of failure you’ll hear a very light buzzing sound. [continuously repeating short buzz sounds] Ok and here you can see we have the drive opened. And the heads are just barely out of the load/unload ramp here and they’re stuck to the platters. The hopeful fix for it would be to just spin the platter up and then to move the heads back to the load/unload ramp and you would hope that the drive would
function after that. If the heads are indeed bad, then the heads would need to be replaced in a clean environment. And from then you would go to make your clone of the drive and recover the data.

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