SD-548B Sunding Bicycle Computer/Speedometer/Odometer from China (Unboxing and Video Review)

SD-548B Sunding Bicycle Computer/Speedometer/Odometer from China (Unboxing and Video Review)

Hi, there! Valerian here and I am unboxing a cycling
computer from TinyDeal. Here are the parts: the magnet, the shims, the sensor and the mounting shoe. And this is the main computer. Here is the bike computer set up and ready. The
magnet has been attached to a spoke. The sensor–to the fork. And the mounting shoe including the computer
are on the handlebar. Let’s check out the features. On top is a speedometer. The clock. Odometer or overall distance. The trip distance. Maximal speed. Average speed. Moving time of the trip. Here is the scan mode. That’s it. Thank you so much for watching!

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  1. Those are NOT shims ! more like attaching straps !! shims are small sections of material inserted between to level or tighten!! (like book to level chair is technically a "shim")

  2. I appreciate the feedback like yours. Also, I have just realized that I wrongly pronounced the words 'speedometer' and 'odometer'. Lesson learned. 🙂

  3. You have such "good attitude" ask me any question ANYTIME big or small question ! if you need to show me put in on utube! I will always answer!

  4. Thanks in advance, Mr. Mortimer. I will record more videos for YouTube. Please PM me a reserve contact–your email address would be great.

  5. if you have facebook i am stephen paul mortimer or you can use "stephenmortimer845" for inbox type message on youtube

  6. Bought this bike computer for $5.43. After 2+ month of using I can say that it is quite reliable, super simple, and great for this amount of money.

  7. So far I have noticed just one downside of this cycling odometer: sometimes it miscalculates the maximal speed and displays unrealistic numbers such as 87.8 and 95.4 km/h.

  8. I also made a video about this bicycle computer. I have the same one. I had some trouble with faulty speed values. But I think it had to do with too big distance between the magnet and the sensor. BTW You sound exactly like BORAT Funny !!

    I paid about 5$ for my bicycle computer including shipping. Very cheap.

  9. ok so how did you set this piece of crap up? comes with no instructions. how do you set the sensor correctly? what values did you use? yes its cheep you get what you pay for no instructions no nothing. your video was almost useless, in fact many of your reply's are corrections for what you did wrong. and borat isn't necessarily a compliment. does anyone have a factual video on this pos?

  10. ok I have figured my 1st odometer setting tire diameter for a 29" tire is 2286 MM im confused what is the second odometer setting value supposed to be? I've compared the speedometer with my gps unit and it seems its about the same plus minus 1 mph. I need the odometer to be accurate im more interested in distance measurement. and this is why buying cheep isn't always the way to buy. no updates for a 29er tire? this in theory should be easy to set this thing up, but to do it the exact way for it to be done is up to people here.
    when i say crap i compare to going to a store here in the usa you buy a product it has instructions, when you buy china knock offs thats what they left out to make it cheeper. so what good is a product you dont know how to use.  it was $4.00 for the unit,  how much time did it cost to look this up watch your video , reply to you, get a non answer, reply again   how much is that worth to you?.  if there is a next time ill buy from a local store and have it working in minutes. not days. the true slammer is Borat has to tell me how this works, lol….. please no more video, if you have an answer just an e-mail will do thanks.

  11. forgot to mention the tire markings are   29x52x52      another marking is 52-622 its a 2.1" wide tire not that it matters.

  12. hey dude..
    i just starting to coment for ask what the value for wheel 26*1.95 .. but u already answer 2067.. so tq for feedback with those coment to u..
    i just bought this RM30. but no manual.. nice video.. loud n clear

  13. I bought one of these. I can't seem to find the auto on/off function. It is set to automatic. Does yours have?

  14. I bought this computer but the menu system of the computer is in Chinese. How do I change it to English?

    In fact, the paper manual is also all in Chinese. Where can I get an English version of the manual?

  15. I got this from amazon for under £6 you can change km to mph, has trip distance and reset, time, timer, average speed and max speed. If you want a standard speedo this exceeds your expectations also comes in a variety of different colours

  16. I have a cycle computer on my bike. I wanted to see the cycle computer on a bike ride. Wait. There is a video on a ride!

  17. Incredibly low price for this unit. I suppose this is a good alternative for those people who don't want to spend several hundred dollars for a Garmin or Wahoo, etc.

  18. I've just updated purchase links in the description box down below the video. Buy from there–it is cheap!

  19. For people looking for instructions on how to set up this bike computer, go here (2 mirrors):

  20. Bro i have bought the same cycle computer like u nd now its showing the speed in m/hr how to change it to km/hr? plz help

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