Sci-Fi (Dark) Comedy Series “Who You Are” | Episode 5 of 5

Sci-Fi (Dark) Comedy Series “Who You Are” | Episode 5 of 5

(electronic whirring) – So you’ve been fired? After all the work, the
sweat, and the tears. I built this company with my two hands and now we’ve read our last soul. What now? You may be asking yourself. Do I just give up and cry? Do I rage against the machine? (laughs) Whoa, whoa, whoa! Not this one. (laughs) But don’t you worry. I have all (computer dings) the answers. And over the next few hours, I’m– (computer whirs) (computer bangs) (light clicks on) – [Computer] Who do you think you are? (papers ruffling) – Excuse me? – [Computer] That’s the final question. I’m sorry if it sounds confrontational but that’s the way you wrote it. – It was supposed to be confrontational. It’s supposed to make you
reconsider all the answers you gave before. (computer whirring) – [Computer] You make it sound
like somebody else wrote it. – That’s the way it feels. (computer chimes) (breathes loudly) I’m trying
to find the right words. It’s like, it’s like you have
a software update, right? And you don’t know why it happened but you wake up and
suddenly it’s different. (computer chimes) – [Computer] So, who do you think you are? – You mean, now? I think that, if I’ve done my job right, you already have the answer. (printer whirring) (printer dings) (paper ruffling) – [Computer] Am I wrong? – No, you’re right. That’s the problem. (keys jingling) (door opening) – [Man] You’re not supposed to be here. – Daryl wants a final
patch before the launch. – No, he doesn’t. – Maybe he didn’t tell you. So I came to say goodbye. – Okay. – What are you doing? – Giving you some space. – Do you want to leave the room? – No, you’re still fired. Technically you’re trespassing. – What are you, a cop? – Yeah, yeah, hurry it up. (computer whirring) – Hey… Uh so things are gonna be different now. Felt like you should
hear it from me first. I’m not gonna apologize because
I don’t really know how. And honestly, I’m not sorry but I know you’ll be angry. And that’s okay. It’s not your fault. It’s just who you are. (loud tapping) Can you even hear me? – [Man] Yeah. (computer whirring) Hey, what is that? – It’s the patch. – Yeah, clearly it’s some software but– Hey, what is this? What’re you doing? – You can’t stop it. I made sure you wouldn’t
be able to stop it. – I don’t even know what this is. (computer whirring) Hey you’re trying to kill
him and you’re trying to take us down with you too. – No, no, it’s not– – Why? – There’s, there’s a glitch
and if I let it spread– – Oh, you’re fulla shit. [Man] Tell me the real reason. – They’re taking information
from our customers. Selling it to the highest bidder. (computer whooshing) (computer ringing) – What do you want from me? – The truth, if not for all
the years we’ve worked together at least because I seem to
be the only person to know when you’re fulla shit. (computer whirring) – No. – No? – [Woman] What are you doing? What are you– (desk door slams) You can’t; not while it’s updating. You’ll fuck the entire thing! (computer whirring loudly) (loud breathing) loud rustling (garage door rising) – [Man] Hey where are you going? – I’m fired, remember? – You can’t leave. You gotta stay. If something goes wrong someone
has to take responsibility. – What are you, a fucking cop? – Hey, hey, you up? – [Computer] Oh, I feel like shit. – What? – I feel like shit, like I’m hungover. – Run Practice Test 13. Print results. – [Computer] Great, just
give me a fucking second. (printer printing) (papers ruffling) – Hey what the hell is this? – [Computer] That’s your soul, dipshit. – It doesn’t make any sense. Why is it a picture? (paper ruffling) (computer whirring loudly) – And that’s all you really need to know. We here at the Monday Corporation wish you a wonderful journey and Godspeed on it. (speaker huffs) Oh, fuck it. Our lead designer put some
something in these machines and now all they can sputter
out is just a buncha shit. It’s the same, messed
up, fucking pictures! I mean people stop coming;
they’re frightened. And I don’t blame em. She fucked this company and the worst part is we can’t even prove it because somebody erased her from all the computers. I mean every now and again,
one of these little fuckas’ll go ahead and remember something but, but it’s only for a second. And, and the details are all messed up. And then it’s like they’re dreaming. I’m convinced the dream is
trying to tell me something. What does it matter? Just go ahead and cut that please. (static) Jonathan, could you give
me some space please? (door opens and closes) (glass breaking) (static) – What do you want me to
do with the rest of em? (computer whirring quietly) – Burn em, break em, who cares? – There’s hundreds. – Eh, so, you can do whatever
the fuck you want with em. It’s your problem now. (static) (door closing) (eerie music)

41 thoughts to “Sci-Fi (Dark) Comedy Series “Who You Are” | Episode 5 of 5”

  1. Really I appreciate efforts of DUST…They always show something unique and at last they left an important message….So good of u on you tube….DO ALWAYS YOUR BEST….DUST…,😎

  2. This was without a doubt the WORST 'Dust' mini-series that you have ever presented us. Totally disjointed and overall, this series makes no sense whatsoever. Oh well, most of what DUST presents us is pretty good, but this dog of a film has too many Fleas and nothing for a plot line. I give this a score of 2 out of 10, and that is being generous. "Next please"…

  3. I've enjoyed the series.. however, I would say it's difficult to follow and makes me wonder what I just finished watching..

  4. My take-away from this is that they wanted to create an AI that could take input from a person and be intuitive enough to respond back with the Truth. But often people can't take the truth about themselves, and the machine was TOO good at what it did. When it gave the reading to Gillian she got upset, and even told the machine it had gotten the reading for her right. That's when she borked it up. How? Scrambled it, made it 'crazy' and emotional. Made it more human. It's easier for people to disregard the truth if it's delivered in an antagonistic fashion or perceived as insanity. That tanked the program entirely and people likely thought the two developers left on the program were just hacks.

  5. What you want from your mashine!? You can not understand it and ask us who you are!? You are nothing, becouse you ask! What you doing? You not understant it too. Nothing doing nothing and asking nothing too. You know that you are, but dont know who you are, so tell me who told you about question 'who' then you are!? You are you.

  6. Let's summarize this series, for all who don't understand it.
    These people created a soul reading machine. However the creator was upset because he didn't give much variables for the machine to talk. So the Lead designer girl, gave it open questions so it could think and answer questions accordingly.
    Anyways, its response didn't sound robotic enough for the lead Marketing guy.
    Moreover, the Lead Designer Girl, realizes that the machine was too superior and it's existence instead is extremely risky and will lead to people personal information becoming easily accessible on the internet. Not to mention that it's reading was accurate asf, and it was far too advance for it's time.
    So she sabotage the company, and fucked with the speech cognitive system on the programme, that's why the machine always speaks so foul mouth. And the fact that the creator resets it before the installation was completed.
    Anyways, after trying to launch, they realize that the machine wouldn't follow orders and that it had become to hard to get a coherent sentence without profanity. So as time passed it got worst.
    The Marketing guy got fed up, because people became afraid of the product and he took it upon himself and destroy it.

  7. Man, what a weak endings. They don't explain much else and leave you a bit empty handed with the broken pieces for you to deal with. That's lame. The first 3 episodes were great, but then the 4th and now this final one, seemed to have lost it's steam, sputtering to it's last breath, like a engine out of gas that somebody neglected to refill. Now it just gets lumped in with all the other half-assed shorts on this channel. It sucks cuz this seemed at first to have potential to rise up and stand out among the rest, but in the end, it was just as bland as it's pears. Very dissapointing.

  8. Hahaha! When I first glimpsed the thumbnail I thought that was Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos fame in her trademark black turtleneck.

  9. I would definitely and certainly and absolutely nail both of my feet to a burning building before watching this digital train wreck of a video again.

  10. It's that kind of crap that makes me want to unsubscribe. Who, in their right mind, ever even considered wasting their time on that?

  11. um, OK? If his was a pilot for a series, maybe??? I'm sorry, it just seems a little bit contrived and rushed. A sentient computer would actually be quite welcome in most households even if it were kind of a dick. A large number of people would want one just because it was surly. He's blaming her and a more Natural response for his character would have been to fall in love with her as the machine also had fallen in love with her so instead of pulling her patch mid download, he would have waited for it to finish regardless of the outcome. To put it more succinctly, he just isn't a very convincing asshole. Wait, is this allegory? Are we the thing that DUST has spawned? screw you! I'm more than a cyborg. You don't know anything about me you corkscrew hangin' cheese weasels! Your mother! Wait, let me paint your picture @)+€ 🖕🤣

  12. Waste of time. I kept watching thinking it had to get better or at least go somewhere, but no. Wish I had the time back.

  13. The AI could have had a great career as an insult comic! Hard to fathom why the market guy did not let the programmer upload the full patch in order to see what she had accomplished.

  14. And the moral of the story is … we are the Mundi machine and the Mundi machine is us the a I realized just like humans it can be morally ambiguous at best., and at worst total a hole

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