Scarlet Spear Guide: Murex Raids, Condrix & Flotilla Relay Progression – Warframe Explained

Scarlet Spear Guide: Murex Raids, Condrix & Flotilla Relay Progression – Warframe Explained

Operation Scarlet Spear is live on PC with
consoles receiving the update soon. The Operation will end on the 21st of April
at 2pm eastern time for PC players. To play the operation you’ll need to be
at least mastery rank 3 and that’s the only requirement, from there travel to the scarlet
spear flotilla located on earth via navigation. This option will also be available in the
railjacks navigation panel. From there talk to little duck, after talking,
go to her shop, and purchase the op link for 1,000 credits. It should automatically be placed into a gear
slot in your gear wheel but if you want to change its position, go to the gear wheel
in the arsenal and do so. With the op link acquired a few things about
the flotilla need to be noted. When selecting the flotilla it will display
multiple instances and this is important. The operation works in waves with each wave
having 2 hours & 50 minutes of uptime with 10 minutes of downtime. Each flotilla has different progress for these
waves based on player progression as shown, Instance 9 has made 75 out of 100 ships retreat
whereas Instance 20 has only made 17 retreat and so on. When the event enters downtime, the Flotilla’s
will state busy as shown. When you select a flotilla and are in it,
the player can check the progress via the holograms near little duck. Murex Driven away is the main progression
and is tied to the Railjack Missions. When a flotilla reaches 100 Murex Driven away,
the flotilla missions will close. Under that information the hologram displays
the amount of squads in Ground & Railjack Missions and the hosts of these missions are
shared on the left & right. Players on the flotilla can provide Op Link
Reinforcements to Earth Missions via the right terminal as shown and they can also be sent
to Railjack mission via the left terminal. Doing so costs 75,000 credits and a message
will be displayed to both players to indicate support has been sent & received. Players can customize their Warframe loadouts
via this blue terminal on the left of the hologram and players can customize their Railjack
via the yellow terminal. Little duck offers unique items from her shop
and in order to purchase them you’ll need scarlet credits acquired from either the ground
team missions or Railjack missions for this event. The items include a blueprint for Stance Forma,
The Basmu Sentient Weapon & the Ceti Lacera. She also offers the Ballroom Simulacrum, Clan
Sigils of Different States, Orbiter Decorations and Arcanes, More Arcanes will be added to
her shop as the operation continues. More Scarlet Credits can be earned but that’ll
be touched on at the end of the video. With that information shared, you’re ready
to play. If you want to engage in the Ground team Warframe
gameplay loop, walk to the terminal on the right of the flotilla as shown and this will
start the mission, if you’re playing on public, there is matchmaking. The ground team loop is simple, launch in
and make your way to the marked position where a Condrix will drop down and spawn sentient
enemies. When the Condrix opens itself to you indicated
by a blue orb, sentients will start spawning, you’ll need to shoot that giant blue orb. When you damage it enough the Condrix will
close and you’ll need to kill any remaining sentient units in the area. Repeat the aforementioned process 2 more times
and when the Condrix’s health is depleted you’ll need to kill the sentients in the
area, and drop using your gear wheel the op link. When the op link is deployed and defended,
throughout its progression a total of 3 Kill codes will be generated and sent to players
undergoing the Railjack missions of this event, helping them progress. All players in the mission can place their
op link during this phase to speed up the process. The Op Link will retain its health state throughout
the mission and each Condrix scanned. Each Op Link Defended & Kill code sent will
also increase your Scarlet Spear point reward for the mission and a chart has been displayed
on screen that shows how many points you’ll receive per Condrix & kill code sent. You’ll need to defend the op link for some
time and the Condrix will retreat, where you’ll then need to move to another marked location
and repeat the process again. Extraction will be available after 3 Condrix
Scans and a total of 17 Condrix’s can be scanned per mission as DE capped the limit. Players will also need to extract if their
teams Op Links were destroyed. As for the Railjack Missions, they can be
accessed by the yellow terminal on the left of the flotilla, as shown, these missions
are titled, Murex Raid. These missions will place you into your Railjack
and as of recording there is no Matchmaking. When you start you’ll need to take the beacon
shown at the top of your screen when driving to one of the ships titled Murex while defending
it from sentient fighters. Your pilot weapons will be disabled while
towing the beacon. When at the ship you’ll need to enter the
murex and make your way to the Kill code activation point. When at this point activate your op link,
with any squad mates who entered with you doing the same and protect the op links from
sentient fire. The more op links enabled the faster the progress. While defending, Kill codes will be sent by
players in the Ground missions that will enable you to progress. Once 9 Kill codes have been activated the
squad will be sent back to the Railjack where the process of collecting and defending a
beacon while moving to another murex repeats. As with the Ground team each kill code used
& murex retreated will increase your scarlet credit reward upon returning to the Flotilla. A maximum of 5 Murex ships can be completed
per mission. On top of the missions & items from Little
Ducks shop, players can earn emblems by reaching certain point scores on a single flotilla
for each mission type. These emblems will be acquired when the flotilla
you’ve selected, reaches 100 murex ships retreated and the 3 hour up time concludes. The Scarlet Spear Condrix emblem is acquired
by completing ground missions & the Murex Emblem is acquired by completion Railjack
missions. Both missions have the same point requirement:
earning 1000 points will net you the rank 1 emblems, 3000 points will net you the Rank
2 emblems and 5000 points will get you the rank 3 emblems. You can check your flotilla score by going
to the terminals showed on screen. The Ground Team mission is on the right side
& the Railjack Mission scores are on the left side. As stated earlier, each of ranks of said emblem
will grant you scarlet credits when acquired at the point 100 murex ships retreat & the
uptime concludes. Rank 1 emblems will get the player an extra
2,000 credits, Rank 2 Emblems will get the player 6,000 credits & the rank 3 emblem will
get the player an extra 10,000 credits. Players can also acquire the Operation Scarlet
Spear Emblem just by playing the missions and having their scores accumulate past the
milestones. The operation scarlet spear emblem score requirements
do not need to be met in a single run. The Rank 1 emblem requires 10,000 points,
Rank 2 requires 30,000 points & the rank 3 emblem requires an accumulative score of 50,000. Lastly for the operation: DE has stated that
exploiters will receive account restrictions.

15 thoughts to “Scarlet Spear Guide: Murex Raids, Condrix & Flotilla Relay Progression – Warframe Explained”

  1. Thank you for this video, half of this isnt explained in game lmao. Grind looks painful. Might skip this event unless rates change

  2. Initial Thoughts:
    I kind of enjoy the loop for Condrix's but it's going to get tedious & old very quickly which is a shame.

    Murex Raids are essentially Ground Assaults but with the Sentient tileset and flying from point A to B, rinse & repeat.

    Scarlet Credit counts from missions are abyssmal compared to shop item costs and having the Ranks mentioned at the end of the video provide bulk amounts every 3 hours helps but that is explained NOWHERE in game and even on the forum post it was hard to comprehend.

    Squad Link is now Operation Link & it isn't what was shown at Tennocon. It doesn't feel like we're linked outside of X player sent kill code. This is from a solo player perspective and from what I've heard about Clans & friends, it's currently a shitshow trying to squad up due to the seperate Flotilla progress.

  3. there actually is matchmaking for the railjack side, but only for people that dont have a railjack yet, i had a couple of people join me, but its pretty uncommon

  4. I got matchmade the first time into a railjack mission but, the second time, it spawned me into a railjack alone, despite me not having built my own railjack.

  5. Do you get the victory pay outs for each side of the operation? That is, if you get rank 3 for the RJ and rank 3 for ground, do you get 20k? If so, is this reasonable to obtain?

  6. super pathetic that they get to threat players with punishments for their wrongdoings on making sure the game is played as they intend. lame asf. besides, if theres anything that can be fun about these mindless events is actually getting to break them

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